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Island of Rebirth

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2012 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; mum; wrap; burial; transform; latex; bond; bandage; cocoon; sleepsack; cons; X

Somewhere within the world's oceans, there is an undiscovered island. To try and find this island is a futile endeavor, for it is too well hidden, and cannot be found, even with modern technology.

Then again, some aren't sure if this island is of the earth, or if it exists on a separate plain of existence.

The island itself is not very big, for it is roughly the size of Hawaiian island, Maui. It is a pleasant land, where the air is constantly warm enough that one can walk around naked and feel comfortable. When it rains, there is always ample time to find shelter, but if you want to stay outside, that's not a problem, for the rain is warm, and never cold.

There are no animals on the island, no annoying insects or dangerous jungle creatures. The only sounds you'll hear as you walk through the jungles and forests are the trees slowly moving back and forth, and the soft breeze blowing through them.

What is perhaps most interesting is that the island is in a state of constant twilight. It is never quite fully night, yet never fully day. More often then not, you'll be walking around, with the stars providing light. Yet, even in the darkness, there are no terrors to be found on this island, and nothing to fear. You cannot be hurt, nor can you be killed, even if you were to fall off a cliff.

The island has not changed since when the first people came here, long ago. Yet, the island does not have a permanent population, for the residents come and go. How long they stay varies; some stay for a few weeks, others a few years, and some stay for decades.

The main factor is the others you meet here.

With no airports, boats, trains or roads, it seems impossible to find this place, and yet everyone does arrive, eventually. But they don't arrive by their own conscious effort. All travel arrangements are apparently made and prepared, and when someone arrives, it is not via boat, plane, or even canoe.

They arrive in the ground.

When someone arrives at the Island of Rebirth, others go to meet them. They travel into the jungles and the forests, until they arrive at a gravesite. There, they take shovels, and dig into the earth, until they find a coffin. Taking that coffin, they remove it and open it up, finding a mummy inside, tightly wrapped. Removing the mummy, they remove the wrappings, until they at last reveal the newest arrival to the island. How old this individual will be varies. Some are young or in middle age, others old. But that does not matter, for within a few days, everyone will either age, or reverse in age, until they are all 35, in the peak of life and health.

When the individual first awakens from their slumber, they are inevitably confused, wondering where they are. The last thing they remember is dying, either by accident, or of disease, or old age. But they are helped by the island's friendly and peaceful inhabitants, who explain what is going on. They have arrived on the Island of Rebirth.

They are given warm robes to wear, though at any time they can change into whatever clothing they'd like. What distinguishes the residents of this island is that they are all made of up of kinky people; individuals who enjoyed the sensual arts of sex and intimacy, who enjoyed playing and the arts of restraint. Therefore, virtually all the people wear all manner of kinky clothes; everything from rubber to neoprene, to latex and fishnet stockings.

On this island, with its calming, peaceful atmosphere, there is an aura of acceptance that everyone shares, where you are free to be yourself.

After the initial shock and surprise at being retrieved from their grave, the individual will sleep for a while, and then wake up to find themselves at age 35. From here, they can explore, and it isn't long before they find other kinky individuals like themselves.

So, naturally, they start to play.

All manner of kinky games are played across the island; anything and everything is acceptable, for with the risk of injury or death gone, people are finally free to indulge in their deepest fantasies, and will find many willing partners who will gladly share the experience.

If you walk into one part of the forest, you'll find several people in straightjackets, dangling upside down from tree branches. Continue on to the large lake, and you'll find others turned into inflatable pool toys, and floating around. If you were to dive under the surface, you'd find many at the bottom, their arms tied behind them, and their legs shackled to concrete blocks. And yet, all would be willing participants, knowing that they cannot be hurt or feel pain.

Eventually, by desire or curiosity, you would join them in their play, trying all manner of situations out, seeking what excites you best.

But as time goes on, and the playtimes continue, a pattern inevitably emerges: Everyone starts to seek out relationships with another, seeking constant company in each others presence; and here the true purpose of the island is revealed.

The Island of Rebirth may seem like a never-ending playground for the kinky and the sexual, but in fact, it is actually a chance to create a relationship with someone, a chance to find the individual who you want to share your life with. It could be someone you let slip away, or someone who perished long ago.

When two individuals find each other, and start a relationship, the next phase of the island starts. For when they start to share each other's company, and to forge a bond of compassion, enjoyment, love, and mutual respect, the two no longer stay at the age of 35. They start to age, though aging is slow on the island.

But during that time of aging, they continue to explore each other, and to know each other better. There is constant play, and games, and indulging their fantasies. And age is not as great a deal on the island as it is normally. For with no stress, or unhealthy foods, or sloth, each individual ages well, and gracefully, remaining active and well even when they reach the age of 70, or even 90, and still playing. The younger residents of the island do not discriminate against their elders, and treat them like equals.

Thus, in so many ways, the island is a paradise for all.

Eventually, however, there comes a time when a couple has to decide if the relationship is working out. Sometimes this can be decided in only a matter of days or weeks, while for others, years are needed. But eventually, the moment comes where the two, having been given the chance to share their new lives, have to choose whether to continue or to realize that the relationship won't work out.

If the relationship does not succeed, then a process begins. The two individuals, realizing that the relationship will not work, mutually agree to part ways, but this is a peaceful process. There are no accusations thrown, no angry divorce proceedings, and no hurt feelings. They both separate on good terms, knowing that both of them will eventually find the special individual who is right for them.

When the separation is complete, the two are taken back into the forests and the jungle, and there, they are buried once more, returned to the grave. But again, this is not a sad process, but a necessary step for both of them. For they have aged during the relationship, and now it is time to be reborn, to have a clean start, so that both can start fresh.

Therefore, each individual is first allowed to wear whatever clothing they wish; generally this is a tight body glove that gives warmth and protection. Over this, the individual is mummified, wrapped and sealed tightly within multiple layers of soft bandages, which are wrapped around their bodies until the individual can no longer move, or even wiggle.

Once sealed inside their comfortable cocoon, the individual is carefully put into a tight sleep sack, which is then zipped shut, laced down, and buckled tightly. A hood is placed over the bandaged head, and also buckled down and laced, ensuring that the individual is completely sealed in tightly, ensuring that they cannot escape.

But the individual, sealed away, does not want to. There is a sense of calm and acceptance throughout the process, of knowing that this is what has to be done. The bondage and restraint, while excessive, is like the cocoon that encloses the caterpillar: It has to be sealed away before it can be reborn.

Once the individual is completely restrained, they are gently lowered into their coffin, which is soft and lined with pillows. The lid is put on, and locked, sealing the occupant in.

The coffin is then lowered into the grave, six feet deep, and covered with earth once again, burying the individual into their private, quiet grave.

For a month, both individuals are left in the earth, where they sleep in their graves, safe and protected.

When the month is over, the graves are once again dug up, and the coffins removed. They are opened, and the mummified individual is removed from the sleepsack and unwrapped. And when the last bandages are removed, the individual is once again 35, rested, and reborn, ready to start their new lives once more.

Thus, the process continues for every resident of the island.

But when the time comes that a relationship has reached the decision point, more often then not, both agree that this is what they want, and that, in sharing their play, and their time with each other, they have found the individual they want to be with, a different process begins.

The couple, now content with each other, and delighted at the idea of staying together, are taken to the far edge of the island, to what is dubbed the sacred graves. Here, the colors among the plants and leaves are move vivid and intense, and there is a lighter, more joyous feel in the air.

This is where couples are buried together.

The process is much like if the two had decided to separate. They are dressed in whatever they wish to wear, and then are wrapped up and mummified, their embalmers going steadily, but gently.

This time however, the process is different, for while their bodies are wrapped up and sealed away, the couple's faces are left unwrapped. And once both are wrapped, legs and arms sealed away and immobile, the couple is then placed together, face to face, and their two bodies wrapped together as one, so that they may be together, and face each other.

When the process is complete, they are taken and placed in an extra-wide coffin, where they are belted down. The lid is placed on and nailed shut, and then they are lowered into the bright green earth, and the grave is covered and filled.

And with that, the joyous burial is complete.

Once a couple is buried, they are left in peace within the sacred ground. Exactly what happens, none of the island's residents know. When they return to the sacred ground a month later, they find the grave site gone, and the coffin placed on top of the earth, empty. But no one is sad, for while they don't know what happened to the couple, they sense that the two have moved on to something bigger, and greater, beyond the island.

But they are glad for the couple, and are not envious, for one day, they will take the journey, when the time is right.

Until that time though, the others will remain on the island, playing and experimenting, seeking out the individual with whom they will share a loving relationship. Inevitably, there will be some relationships that will not work out, and they will have to be buried and reborn.

But the day will come when they find that special someone; and they too, will leave the Island of Rebirth.


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