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It all went well

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; wrap; bandages; cocoon; toys; insert; intubate; sarcophagus; entombed; sealed; machine; stuck; cons/nc; XX

I now knew my way around the airport, at the other side of the customs barrier was Dawn, Toran's personal driver who he had sent to pick me up, she asked about my trip and lead me to the car and we were soon speeding out of the airport complex heading towards Toran's ranch.

At the Ranch I was greeted by Toran he swept me off my feet, it felt good being picked up and held to his powerful arms and almost smothered by a long lingering kiss, soon we were settled in the main house eating a light snack. Toran asked me to come and see his latest mummy project he had built in one of his outbuildings. We finished the drinks and made our way out to the out-building, this was his pride and jo,y he'd had workmen working round the clock to finish the project before I arrived, we had discussed what was needed on my last trip. Toran had met me over the net and our affair had blossomed from there. He was a fairly wealthy man and enjoyed helping my fantasy's come to life, he really had taken to my love of mummification and promised me this time would be the best ever.

We entered the building it had all been done out in an Egyptian theme it looked fantastic, he had done away with the first Sarcophagus and had replaced it with a new one built out of South American Teak. It was fantastic it had carvings all over it depicting Egyptian life; the lid was extremely heavy and was lifted electrically by a hoist. The body board which was also carved out of teak, which I was to be bound to was made from a mould of my body taken on my last visit. "When can I try it?" I asked eagerly, Toran replied, "In the morning after a night of lovemaking."

The follow morning Toran was first up, by the time I wandered down breakfast was being prepared; as soon as the meal was finished we went out to the building that contained our Egyptian scene. I was only dressed in shorts and top as I knew they would soon be removed, we entered the building and were followed in by Dawn, she was a very well built and well-proportioned woman. Toran explained she was here to prepare me as he had sent her on a course since my last visit to learn the correct ways of binding and preparing a mummy and all the preparation that goes with it. 

Toran explained the new sarcophagus was his design, once I was placed inside the sarcophagus a mask very similar to the mask worn by Tutankhamun would be placed over my mummified head and as it was pressed down a seal would be made with a built-in section in the lower sarcophagus sealing around the neck with a second seal made from the finest silicon rubber, this would seal in my head from the outside world and lock firmly into position. Air would then be fed in from a special respirator type ventilator that would take over my breathing and regulate the rate of breathing to the ideal for my condition. The complete inside temperature would be thermostatically controlled and taken to the temperature found in a sarcophagus in the great pyramid. And once the heavy lid was lowered into position twelve crystal bolts would be inserted through holes in the lid and locking it in position against an airtight silicon seal.

The walls of the Sarcophagus were eight-inch thick with a lead inner lining built-in so no moisture could enter. And as a final line of defence should anyone try to get into the sarcophagus the crystal bolts had to be taken out in a special sequence or small charges built into the sides would be set off fetching an auto locking device that made removal of the lid impossible so I can rest assured no one would interfere with me.

Toran had thought of everything I could see no problems at all, we decided to start right away. First Dawn came in dressed as an Egyptian hand-maiden, her clothes were almost transparent showing off her well endowed body, she undressed me then washed my body in holy waters that had been transported that day from Egypt. I was then massaged with special perfumed oils it was almost hypnotizing, the scent of the oils and soft music playing in the background from unseen speakers. I was fed several tablets and given a drink of Nile water laced with a mild anaesthetic solution, the tablets were to slow down my metabolism, and the drink was to calm me and to forestall any panic attacks. I was really enjoying what was happening to me as I had complete trust in Toran and knew he would not do anything to hurt me and had gone to phenomenal expense to help me achieve my fantasy.

Dawn now led me to the trestles holding the teak body board, I was laid out on the board it was so relaxing the board fitted every crevice of my body, several Amulets imported from Egypt to protect the mummy were to be bound within the binding, they were a sort of good luck charm used in those far off days. Dawn now started at my feet binding with real Egyptian bandage also imported specially for this job, special pads were placed between my feet and legs to stop the skin touching as the bindings crept up my body. On reaching the top of my legs an ivory amulet, well greased was slipped into my vagina, a small push rod pushed it just that bit further into me allowing my lips to close and be sealed with soft adhesive tape. 

The bindings carried on up the body, a gold life sign amulet was placed on my stomach and a second pressed under my left breast as a guardian of the heart, Pads were placed against my body so the arms did not touch the body then bound in place. Dawn had reached my neck, which she bound firmly but not tightly to the board below, now I was basically immobilised but completely relaxed, I suppose mainly due to the anaesthetic drink. Now Dawn picked up a half inch diameter tube about fifteen inches long, this was fed down my left nostril through the nasal cavity, then gently fed down the pharynx through the larynx (or voice box) till it reaches the junction in the bronchi were it divides off into each lung, A second tube entered my right nostril and followed the same path stopping at the same point.

I gagged a couple of times during this procedure but due to Dawn's gentle methods and calming voice both tubes were soon in place. Now she picked up half of a disk it was made from a mould of the inside of my mouth on my last visit, this was slipped in my mouth and under my tongue, she told me to hold my tongue still as she now slipped in the top half into my open mouth, in this section were four dull points that rested on the tongue and down the centre from front to back was a round passage way, She closed my mouth the dull points pressed firmly into the soft flesh of my tongue holding it firmly in place, so there was no fear of me chocking on my tongue.

My eyes were opened and packed with Vaseline, the idea of the Vaseline was to dull the feeling of eye movement then two pads were placed over the eyes. The ears were now treated the same to help blank out sound. A tube similar to a snorkel mouthpiece was placed between my lips; Dawn now bandaged the complete head. Several more layers of bandages were applied to the complete body so all that showed was the two tubes from the nostrils and just showing the top of the mouth piece, it was a bit heavy going breathing as with the progressive layers of bandage had constricted my breathing.

She looked over to Toran who was watching and over seeing the mummification take place. "She is ready now to be interned."

Toran nodded, the electric hoist was connected to the body board and it was hoisted silently upwards then lowered into the sarcophagus. Jenny was struggling to breathe as the tablets were beginning to slow down her metabolism; also the effect of the anaesthetised drink was wearing off. Once the body board with Jenny was lowered into position inside the sarcophagus, Dawn picked up the gold death mask and drew three tubes from within the mask these were connected to the two tubes from her nostrils and the third was plugged into the mouthpiece. Now Jenny was having to draw breath down long tubes breathing was now even more difficult, her heart rate was beginning to climb it looked as if she was about to make the supreme sacrifice.

Dawn now pressed the death mask down into position over the bandaged head, there was a distinct click as it locked firmly into position sealing Jenny's head completely. Jenny was faintly aware of the mask locking into position, breathing was now all most impossible, in her mind she knew it would only be minutes till she could breath no more. Now the mask was in position Toran switched on the respirator hidden in another part of the building, instantly Jenny's breathing was being done for her, relief swept over her, the breathing being computer controlled realized she was short of air and speeded up the breathing cycle till her she steadied and all her vital sign's returned to normal. Then the process of slowing her down started, Jenny was aware a machine was breathing for her and noticed it was slowing down bit by bit but now all the panic had gone it was now all relaxed and peaceful after the panic of the past few minutes the machine had now taken over her breathing. 

Now the lid to the sarcophagus was lowered into position pressing firmly on the seal in effect making a perfect air tight seal, the twelve securing crystal bolts were pressed into position one at a time around the top of the lid, there was a click as the locking sequence activated, now the air pressure was lowered inside causing the lid to be lowered pressing harder on the seal causing a second set of electronic locks to activate, securing the lid against any attempt by any one to break in. Jenny was now drifting in and out of sleep and had all ready lost all account of time sealed in her dream world. Dawn now set every thing in motion for the evening, Toran decided to call it a night and departed for the ranch. Jenny was now alone except for Dawn.

Now with Toran's departure Dawn walked over to the Sarcophagus eyeing it jealously, Jenny was coming between her and Toran, she reached out gripping one of the Crystal bolts and gave it a twist, instantly a safety procedure came into effect the computer thought someone was trying to break in and instigated emergency lock down procedure to protect its precious content, sealing from the inside the charge was set off causing hardened pins to blast into the teak, in effect nailing the lid to the box below from the inside, then as an after thought as Dawn decided to leave she switched off the respirator muttering under her breath, "Well bitch you will soon be a real mummy!" and left locking the building behind her.

Jenny's breathing instantly stopped as the machine was switched off she was jolted back to the real world, she was sucking against a dead end, no air was available suffocation was now immanent. The situation was now critical as her heart rate climbed; perspiration instantly appeared on her bandaged body as she fought for non-existent air, the supreme sacrifice was almost upon her. But what Dawn had not done was to switch off the computer that watched over Jenny, this now realized its charge was in mortal danger and was suffocating. Instantly going into emergency mode setting into effect a by-pass procedure, lights flashed on the consul, the hard drive was now running at maximum to by-pass the switch and restart the Respirator. It took only about one minute and the respirator kicked into life pumping in cool refreshing air to the stricken being trapped inside, then cooling her body and again slowing down her metabolism and generally calming her down allowing her to drift off into a undisturbed sleep once more.

Next morning Toran entered the building and despaired at what he saw, a red emergency light was flashing warning, an attempted illegal shut down of the respirator had been attempted last night and the computer had taken action to protect its charge. Toran jumped up on the sarcophagus to start removing the crystal bolts but instantly saw one had been tampered with causing the internal lock down to be activated. Toran attached the hook on the winch and attempted to rip off the lid by activating the winch, after a lot of groaning the sparks flew from the overloaded motor and all went quiet. Toran picked up his mobile and phoned the designer of the set up. "Hi Rob, its Toran here we have a major problem get your arse over here now!"

Within twenty minutes Rob's helicopter clattered down just outside the Building, Rob jumped out and raced into the building and straight over to the computer ignoring Toran's frantic ramblings, after about five hours of frantic programming a hiss was heard from the Sarcophagus. As the electric hoist was now burnt out, the two men lifted the lid throwing it to one side, Jenny's mummified body was man handled by the two men out and down on to the trestles below. Soon all the dressings were cut off exposing Jenny's naked body, as the eye pads were removed she came round smiled and commented, "Well that seemed to go without a hitch didn't it!"

At that moment the wail of a police siren could be heard approaching, the car drew up outside, Toran left Jenny who was getting dressed and Rob who was still playing with the computer. Outside the local police chief, a personal friend of Toran's was helping Dawn out of the car, as she stood to face Toran he noticed she was handcuffed. Toran had asked the chief to find and fetch her back; the chief gave Toran the keys to the cuffs, smiled and said, "Have fun friend and any time I can help just ask."

Then he got in the car and departed, Toran led Dawn into the outbuilding undoing the cuffs and ordered her to strip, within a few minutes she stood nude quivering in fear as to what was going to happen next. Rob had filled Jenny in on what Dawn had done to her and now Dawn was returned to face the music.

Toran ordered her to lie on the body board, Jenny knew what to do next, she prepared Dawn for mummification then wrapped her in the bandages that held her a few minutes ago, the same tubes were inserted into her body. Dawn was now lifted into the sarcophagus. Next the death mask was fitted sealing in her head Jenny commented, "I like that name Death mask I think it is appropriate this time!" The heavy teak lid was placed in position new crystal bolts were fitted there was a hiss as the lid locked down the computer now took over all Dawn's vitals.

Toran looked up at Jenny and asked her how long Dawn will be left imprisoned, Jenny smiled picking up a short metal rod then smashed off one of the crystal bolts initiating the emergency lock down procedure, Jenny grinned, "I think she may become a feature around here for some time to come."


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