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I Think I'm Starting to Like This...

by Upper Hand

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© Copyright 2013 - Upper Hand - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; pantyhose; glue; wrap; cocoon; tease; tickle; tape; sex; climax; cons; X

“Hey come here, I have a suprise for you.”

You grab me by the wrist, pull me up the stairs practically. I’m trying to keep up but you’re way too excited. You tell me to lay on the bed.

“Close your eyes silly.”

You pull off my shirt, my pants, lightly tickle me as you remove my briefs - my manhood is standing aptly at attention already, making you laugh a bit. You leave the bed, and I try to sneak a look, but you’re far too smart and yell for me to keep my eyes closed. Which of course I obey, because I’m far too entertained by you in a dominant mood.

I feel your hands grab my foot - silky smooth fabric is being put up my legs, and before I know it, you have my entire bottom half pantyhose clad.

“Wow. Wow. You really do like that don’t you. Now keep your eyes closed and slink down a bit on the bed…”

I feel you get on the bed, the weight rocking me back and forth (also making my johnny bounce a bit in its erect state, which you notice with glee) and next thing I know your foot is covering my mouth.

“Quiet you. I want to keep you hushed up for a while - my foot will do for now, but I’m a kind soul. Look now ya little slut.”

I look up, there’s a roll of duct tape in one of your hands and a tube of super glue in the other.

“Which one do you want?”

I try to pull away to answer, but you doggedly keep on muting my talking with dissatisfied tutting.

“Stay still now. Just gesture with your eyes.”

I look frantically at the duct tape, trying to communicate that I want the silver bonds to be used to gag me.

“Oh the super glue, that’s what you want right?”

“Mmm-mm, Noommm muh muuh aaeee”

“That’s what I thought, the super glue. You see, I know that you knew I was against it - but when I really thought about it, this way I get to keep you quiet AND I get to make you kiss me.”

Next thing I know, you have mounted me, holding my arms down with your legs.

“Now be still, or I’ll glue your eyes shut first,” you threaten.

You lean in close by my ear “Let me know if this is gonna be a problem, two hums and three hums is still on!”

But now you’re back to your former self, and next thing I know my lips are sealed shut. You softly kiss my lips, legitimately pleased that you can have me quiet and still enjoy my lips, and then you get off the bed.

“Hm?” I inquire.

“Stay down slut, I’ve still got more for you.”

You walk out of the room to return quite immediately with rolls of vet wrap.

My grunts say no, but my eyes quite obviously speak to my excitement.

You have me stand up to wrap my upper torso, crossing my arms over my chest like a mummy. You sit me down on the bed with my legs dangling so you can get good purchase on my lower half, and by this point, I’m noticing what you have left unwrapped - everything in the middle. You also put small towels in between my joints so that they don’t die from being compressed together … which makes me pretty excited, because it shows you want to keep me in here for an extended period of time.

“Ah there we go, how do you like that now? Do you like yourself as a mummy?”


“Tell me again.” You lean close, letting your breath tickle my ear.

“Myeehh Missresss.”

For the first time you allow me to address you that way. As you pull up slowly, the moment is electric - you yourself wondering how the moment should play out, me unable to affect a single thing.

First you go to my feet, and tickle them - you love the way it makes me squirm, and you actually are enjoying the beet red look it produces on my face. You can’t help but notice that this helplessness does seem to be doing wonders for my erection, which is still rock hard.

“I’m sorry, I’m quite too bored of this … Let’s make this interesting. For me, that is.”

You produce some medical tape. You go for my cock, first slapping it with a vicious slap that makes me flinch (“Oh so you do like that do you…”) then yanking it with force that surprises me. Carefully, you wrap one ball away from my body so it’s red and pushed away, likewise you do the next, then finally you wrap the base of my shaft. By the end of it, my penis is a tight package, and I know exactly what you have in store.

“How does it feel to not be able to cum? That I could do anything [you lick me] I [you suck the head] want [you bite with a playful amount of energy, making me buck a little] and you still can’t cum? How does it feel?” Your hand is merciless, finding every square inch of my penis to caress.

“Ihh feess gooh mmiiisssess.”

“I thought so! Fantastic. Well, I appreciate your services, but now, I’m afraid, I really only have one use for you…”

You slowly start to lower yourself onto me. There’s nothing quite like the moment when you first have me enter you - my cock is so engorged from the moment and its bindings that it’s never felt larger to you. It slides in like it was meant to be, and you slowly start grinding, working, gyrating your hips to bring yourself closer and closer to orgasm. When the moment comes, and you feel yourself tipping to the edge, you rush forward, covering my nose with your hand, putting all your weight on me - something about knowing how complete your control is over me makes the orgasm that much more intense. You collapse on me, exhausted, and lay there for what seems like an eternity. It’s really more like five minutes, but eventually you wake up from your microdream and notice me frustratedly eyeing you.

“Oh, you want this undone? Let’s do that. I don’t want my little toy cock getting gangrene now do I…”

My frustration only grows when I realize that you’re simply unwrapping my penis, not getting me off.

“Let’s just stay like this shall we … you can be my cuddle pillow for the day. I should just steal your car keys. Keep you here as long as I like!”

The next hour is relaxing. You turn on the TV again, and within ten minutes I’ve (almost) forgotten how horny I am. You behave yourself for the first episode, but then - when we start the next, you start getting distracted. You entertain yourself by suddenly groping and grasping my cock, bringing it to an erection - and just leaving it there. You wrap your legs around me, letting our warmths mingle together till the house feels as warm as the day is rainy. You also occasionally pinch my nose, acting as if it were a normal occurrence, and looking over just enough to see the look in my eyes of absolute frustrated pleasure. Or is it pleasurable frustration?

And you start to notice a very subtle but significant change - these freaky things you do for your boyfriend, you start to enjoy it yourself. It’s as if my entire body is your play thing, for you to do whatever you want. The feeling makes you wet, it makes you want to ride me for all your worth. And it hits you that you completely could. You could ride me as many times as you want, because hell I’m not going anywhere.

Eventually you get up and look at me. You assume a straddling position once more, running your hand over the contours of my breasts beneath their wrappings, looking at me with the definition of sex eyes.

“We have two choices here. I could cowgirl you into orgasm, and make this the best fucking sex you’ve ever had. Or …” and here you run through everything that’s possible - slathering icy hot on my penis, watching me wriggle in the slow burning, oh so pleasurable pain; rubbing ice along me and following up wherever you ice with your mouth’s attention after freshly sipping hot chocolate; tickling every inch of my body that you know is oh so sensitive; playing with my breath more because you know I enjoy it so much (but now you’re starting to get wet at the thought of seeing me struggle); or even just licking and sucking and prodding my cock with your mouth until you have me sweating and shaking like you’re some hell-sent succubus, “we could just keep having more fun.”

You love the look in my eye when I realize that this isn’t really a question.



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