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It's a Wrap!

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2004 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; domme; saran; wrap; cocoon; breathplay; bag; cons/nc; XX


Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. It's a Wrap! by Unknown F/m; D/s; latex; domme; saran; wrap; cocoon; breathplay; bag; cons/nc; XX  

He nervously walked up the stone steps to the large Victorian house clutching the letter tightly in his hand. "Be here a 1pm and don't be late", it said in bold gold lettering.

As his finger touched the doorbell the door swung open and a powerful woman clad head to toe in tight black rubber beckoned him in through the front door and shut it behind him and slid the lock too. He had a feeling that he would never she the light of day in a long time, perhaps ever again, he began to wish he had never answered the ad for the model now.

"Come this way", she said in a commanding voice as she walked into the front room. He stepped into the front room and before him lay a large four poster bed and something that looked like a massage table.

"Take your clothes off", she commanded staring down at him, her long golden hair tied up in a ponytail running through a hole in her rubber hood.

He did as he was told and started to undress. The women walked round him eyeing him up inspecting him. "Yes she said you will make a good mummy to photograph you have the right body for this".

"Thanks" he said nervously

The women went over to the drawer and came back with a large roll of cling film.

"Open your legs", she said sternly, "I need to do each limb separately".

She started on his left leg by his ankle and wound the film round to the top of his thigh and started on the other leg working her way down.

"Put your legs together" she snapped, the proceeded to bind both legs together began.

He was getting unsettled now and feeling as if he should have never have come here. She then passed the film over his groin, past his growing erection held tight to his stomach, wrapping all the time up to his armpits.

"Put your arms down by your side", she said. He did as he was told and put his arms down by his side, then she proceeded to wrap them to his body, he was beginning to sweat as the plastic film got tighter. She had now wrapped the entire roll of film round his body and up to his neck.

She stood back admiring her work, he could smell the latex in the air. She turned her back and picked up a narrow roll of film.

"Now I need you to be a real mummy, so I am going to wrap your head"

"What", he said but it was already too late, she was wrapping his head, round and round the film went encasing his head tightly in the plastic leaving only a small air hole.

When he thought she had finished, through the misty plastic film her could just make out her standing in front of him, the roll in her hand.

"Now", she said, "Lets see how long you can last without air!"

What was she on? He thought and with that she wrapped some film around his face covering his only source of air.

He struggled to breathe sucking widely at the film, only a few microns separating him between a few precious lungs full of air.

She sat on the bed facing him and laughing as he gasped for air, god she loved this it made her so horny to watch him struggle for air, desperately trying to draw some life saving air inside his burning lungs. She wouldn't let him go just yet though as she had many more plans for him she thought as she made a small air hole for him to breathe. 

She walked away to the cupboard, the victim gasping and wheezing as he drew fresh air into his body. She came back with a small latex bag in her hand.

"Let's see how much air this bag holds shall we?"

She giggled as she pulled the bag down over his head and sealed it shut around his neck and whispered into his ear.

"I have so many ideas to try out on you so please don't disappoint me and suffocate, well not just yet anyway!"

And with that she left him lying on the bed and sat opposite in her leather chair and watched as the bag pulsated with air breath.


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