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It Was Dark

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2011 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; MF; mum; wrap; bdsm; breathplay; cbt; electroplay; femdom; first; kidnap; oral; susp; reluct; XX

It is dark, inky black unseeable dark, no light at all.

Try as I might I could not move. I seemed to be wrapped in something sticky. Something cold and very tight held me in its embrace. I could wriggle my whole body, however my hands felt like they had been molded to my thighs and my legs and feet were bound together as though they were in one piece.

My mouth was full of something. I tried to spit it out, it was held firmly in place and would not move. I need to swallow as the thing in my mouth was making me gag. Swallowing was impossible, what ever is in my mouth was too big. It is soft and tastes of rubber and almost fills my mouth. I tried to talk and only a faint mumf is all the sound I can make. Unbelievably I seemed to be gagged.

Then I realized there are plugs in my ears and I can hear very little at all. In fact mostly I can just hear me. Not me speaking, that is impossible, just my heart starting to race and the wheeze of my breath as it flows in and out through a small tube in mouth. I can feel the cool air jet flowing onto the back of my dry throat.

What is wrong with my nose?

It’s blocked, flattened onto my face; I faintly smell plastic but nothing else.

Where the hell am I? What has happened to me? I started to panic. Have I been in an accident? I tried to remember. What had I been doing? Ah yes I was going to a party on Saturday afternoon to meet some people who I met on an internet dating service. I vaguely remembered getting there. It was at that night club. I remember thinking that it was a strange venue as the get know you party was in the afternoon. I can’t remember what happened after that. In fact I can’t remember the party at all! My memory is just hazy, fuzzy it just fades away after I arrived.

The panic is making it hard to breath. My lungs are burning from lack of air and I am feeling dizzy and faint. Calm down Peter you are still alive. Calm down.

It took some time before my panic subsided and my breathing returned to normal. Normal that was a funny way to put it. I am sucking air through a small tube with my ability to breathe restricted by whatever holds me in its tight embrace.

“Calm, calm stay calm and look at this logically” I told my self. I did not feel logical, I felt trapped. Tightly irreversibly trapped. Panic again. “I must not panic”. There has to be a logical reason for all this.
Ok, ok let’s look at what I can sense maybe I can figure out what is going on.

I’ll start at my feet and work up.

Feet, I can feel them; they are tightly bound to one another as are my legs and thighs. Toes, I can feel them and wriggle them but not much. My feet seem to be pointed. I can’t straighten them. Could it be bandages that I am wrapped in? No it feels clingy like plastic, like kitchen wrap. Now why would I be wrapped in cling wrap? Silly idea, that can’t be right. Why would anybody wrap me in cling wrap?

But that is what it felt like. Calm Peter calm, you coming up with ridiculous ideas. Calm down, think logically. OK OK I was up to my legs.

I can bend them but not separate them. They are tightly wrapped together. No, not quite together something is in between them something soft holding them apart. Something with a soft squishy plastic feel about it.

My thighs are the same bound together. My hips are also tightly bound. My penis tightly bound as well. My anus, shit there is something up my anus I thought I just needed to go, but its not that, there is something up there and it is hanging out between my thighs.

I have never had anything up there, what have they done to me? They, again they, somebody has done this to me!! Why? Who the hell are they? How did I get here?

I am panicking again. Calm down!! I am struggling to breathe. I can’t seem to take a full breath. I suddenly realize why, my stomach and my chest are tightly bound. They can’t expand. I can only take little shallow breaths. More panic they are trying to kill me suffocate me. No, no calm down if they wanted to kill you, you would be dead.

I am on my back I can feel a padded something under me. I can’t sit up; what ever I am on I am bound tightly to it.

I feel like I am a captive! Fear rises in me like a dark evil cloud floating up from deep within. If I am a captive, why? What are they going to do with me? Am I ever going to be released, to be free or am I to be like this for ever?

A full blown panic erupts with in me. I struggle and squirm but the wrap holds me tight in its embrace. I can’t breath I am suffocating and sliding into a dark abyss. Passing out, when suddenly I am touched, a hand flows down my body them smacks me sharply in the balls. Fuck that hurts. The hand again stoking my penis whilst another strokes my chest and focuses on my nipples. My penis is getting excited but the wrap won’t let it grow. It is stuck tight in the plastic, wrapped firmly in place.

Vibrations subtle at first, then growing, flow through my sensitive body exciting it and making it move uncontrollably. Shit they are coming from my anus. That thing up my backside is a vibrator and powerful one at that. It is cycling, growing stronger with each cycle, exciting me more and more. My penis is struggling to rise through the wrap, but is still tightly bound. Frustration has replaced fear. An overwhelming need to come is overpowering me.

Sharp stabbing pain in my left nipple startles me then hits my right nipple. It is like rows of needles rolling over me and stabbing into me. Then the same happens to my penis. OW fuck that hurts. The pain is intense on my already sensitive penis. The needles stab up and down my penis, seeming to roll over me in waves. Then they concentrate on the head of my penis and I scream into the gag in my mouth.

Ever increasing vibrations rack my backside and my penis is throbbing when a cool breeze hit first one then both of my nipples startling me. What now? What now is a tight searing pain in my right nipple followed immediately by the other one. Something is biting into them and gripping them tightly. What ever it is is also pulling on them. It is pulling them through the wrap so they are standing up erect in the cool air.

Snip, zip, rip and cold air flows around my penis which shrinks in the cool air then realizes it is free and springs erect to the stimulation of the vibrator up my rear. A cold oily slippery hand grips it, squeezes none too gently, and begins to work up and down the shaft. If she keeps that up I am going to come in no time flat. SHE, SHE I realize with a start it’s a women’s hand. A woman has ME as HER captive. No way. Well yes her way. She has me under HER control, totally under HER control.

Mean time I am rapidly building up to a totally out of control orgasm.

I am close, very close when I find I can’t breathe. My lungs are empty and the air tube is blocked. Got to breathe, got to come, can’t breathe, every thing is going grey, only not dark gray, but a blinding light gray. There are fireworks in my eyes and in my head, I’m COMING, COMING, COMING, FUCK exploding expanding pulsing throbbing COMING my head pounding as I feel myself falling into a bottomless black hole. Down and down I go falling and disappearing into the distance, away, away, away.


I am a wake again. It feels different I’m lying face down but I am not on anything. I wriggle and I move like I am floating, disorientate I’m not sure what’s happening. When I try to move I can wriggle but much less than before. Any movement sets of other movements, up, down, sideways, round and round rotating, spinning, a sense of flying but trapped not free. Shit what have they done to me now?

Something is holding me straight. It seems to be holding me up. I can feel nothing touching me but the wrap. Just the wrap. This is worse than before. Then at least I had something under me something I could relate to something solid to cling to to maintain my sanity. Now that is gone and I felt lost flying, disorientated in black nothingness.

Nothing, I feel nothing, nothing to see except black, nothing to hear or to smell, nothing to stimulate my senses not a thing to keep me sane. No sense of anything except the wrap that held me tightly in its clingy grasp. I am hot and sweaty feeling somehow dirty and used but also relaxed and exhausted.

I lay there for what felt like forever, it could have been minutes or a day there was no way to tell. Strangely I am not hungry or thirsty any more and I have no sense of needing the toilet. Why is that? I had vague memories that I had needed to go. When was that?

A touch, I am sure I felt a touch somebody touched me touched my penis gently stroked it. Was it my imagination it’s not there now?

Again this time I jerk at a sudden unexpected squeeze. Then there is a sharp searing stabbing pain in first one nipple and the other one. I feel blood rushing in the pain growing in intensity then slowly excruciatingly slowly it dies away to nothing.

It’s a long time to feel nothing. Oh how I ache to feel. To feel anything. But there is nothing to feel except the wrap for a long long time.

AH AH FUCK that hurts, sharp stabbing stinging pain all along my penis then my nipples then nothing. I wait in anticipation and wait and wait. Nothing happens. Nothing at all, there isn’t any sense of anything at all.

A touch, a touch on my right nipple a wet sloppy touch as a mouth closes over it and sucks it in then bites it OUCH. Spits it out, then moves to the other side. Ouch again as my nipples leap to attention only to be ignored. She has moved to my penis gently licking its head then swallowing it whole. It also is suddenly erect and I can’t stop myself trying to move with her as she pulls him in and out in a relentless way. He is fully erect now when she stops and blows cold air on him. Fucking frustration again I am so near and yet so far.

I need not have worried. She is going to take me all the way again. She just stopped to start up that vibrator again. This time straight on to a very high setting as she turns my air supply on to a non existent setting. This time at least I have some air in my lungs not that that helps much as I am rapidly using it all up as my excitement surges to a dramatic climax even bigger than the last. My head feels as if it is going to explode. But it wasn’t my head it is my whole body exploding in a monumental orgasm that seemed to have no end.

I passed out long before it is finished, down again into that blindingly black, black abyss.


I awake to somebody prodding me just below the ribs. As soon as I moved water, warm sugary water trickled into my mouth and I struggled to swallow it. Greedily swallow it as I am very thirsty. My head aches as does most of my body which is exhausted, stiff and still very tightly bound.

The water stops flowing long before I have had enough. Then I started to move, rotating, swaying, bouncing, back and forth until I am feeling quite sick. Then suddenly it stops and for a long while I am back to nothing. Stuck in a dark, quiet senseless place for who knows how long.

It seemed like ages have passed since anything has happened and I am beginning to hallucinate. I keep drifting of into strange places in my mind. Places I know don’t exist; it is just that I am in them so they must. Hours may have pasted as I drift in the dark.

FUCK I jerk back to consciousness as jolt of electricity stabs in to my penis followed by more shocks that are even stronger. The intensity grows and I force a scream into the gag and struggle to breathe. They move and my nipples erupt in fire as my whole body jerks and jumps within the wrap.

On and on and on it goes until I can take no more. They are hitting my nipples and my penis together now. It is just too much. IT’S TOO FUCKING MUCH. All I remember is a last frantic scream as the pain explodes all over me and I fall again into oblivion.


Hands strong powerful hands are touching me all over my body massaging the stiffness and residual pain away. At first I cringe and try to get away, which is impossible. I am in their power. Literally in their hands, so I let them do what they will and let them touch me. I relax and start to drift off.

OW a sudden sharp stabbing pain in my left buttock brings me back but not for long. I can feel it spreading through me taking away my consciousness as I slip gently into the black abyss again.


Sun early morning sun awakens me. It is shining in my eyes. Its cold and I am shivering. I'm shivering because I am in the nude. Nude in the back seat of my car. What the? Where am I? I sit up to find the car is parked in a park close to where I live. There are joggers running in the park. I am in the nude in a public place!!

Clothes where are my clothes? There are none to be seen. I panic I have got to get the hell out of here. I can’t be seen like this. Then I realize the keys are in the ignition. I slink unseen into the driver’s seat and scrunching down as far as I can to drive home. Luckily I can drive straight into the garage then walk unseen into the house.

I go to get out shaking from the experience when I see the note. 

“We had a ball with your mummification. Thank you. Your things are in the boot. There are some nice photos on your phone for you. We kept a copy just so we can remember the fun we had. Love Rose”

Rose that was the lady I was supposed to meet!

I don’t know what to do. Part of me feels angry, appalled that I have been kidnapped and badly abused. The other part has never felt so alive and wants more, much more!!!

I raced inside and send her an email wanting to tell her off in no uncertain terms but instead I asked for more.

“Not a valid email address was all my computer had to say.”

Shit was all I could say. FUCKING SHIT. So much for internet dating.

Then a thought strikes me like thunder “If that is what mummification is like I need to be done again like right now.”

In desperation there is always goggle. Back to the computer maybe I can find Rose again as well?

Holy shit its Monday! I should be at work. How many days did they have me?




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