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It Was Dark Part 6: Revenge

by Xplaspete

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© Copyright 2012 - Xplaspete - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; M/f; catsuit; spandex; gag; locks; diapers; wrap; cocoon; slave; emb; blackmail; switch; cons/reluct; X

continued from part 5

Part 6: Revenge

I had spent Sunday night in tight self imposed bondage mummified in the Sleepsack. It was sensual to be held in that tight embrace and exciting to know I may not be able to escape. Yes I know that’s not true. I had the box cutter the right way round this time so I could have cut my way out. However it felt like I could not escape.

That thought went around and around in my head. How could I make escape harder. Then I remembered something about ice locks where you use a lock to hold you and freeze the key in an ice block. Then you have to wait while the key defrosts before you can escape. I could not see how to do that with the Sleepsack.

I had thought of mummifying myself in pallet wrap. I still had some rolls left from my humiliation at the BDSM club. I did wrap most of my body on Sunday afternoon, but how do you wrap your arms up by yourself? The mummification was both sensually, sexually satisfying and frustrating in that I was still free to release myself anytime.

I had by now taken to wearing the Catsuit most of the time. I liked the look and feel of it. It was whilst admiring myself in the mirror that I noticed the zip pulls and how they could be locked. Ah now that is an idea. I can lock myself in the Catsuit and put the key in a block of ice in the freezer. That way I am locked in and can’t get out until at least some time after I take the key out of the freezer.

I need some locks. I also need to go and get some food. I start to get changed, can’t go out in the Catsuit. I am halfway through changing when I notice the spare pair of plastic bloomers. Am I courageous enough or foolish another to go out wearing them under my clothes?

NO can’t do that somebody will notice. The plastic will make a crinkling noise and give the game away. But they don’t seem to have made any noise. I pick them up. The plastic bag they are in crinkles but they don’t. What are they made of? They look like PVC but they are very flexible. Read the bag stupid. Polyurethane, Ultra flex it says, long lasting, rustle free, very flexible and unobtrusive.

On they go. Ups better go to the toilet first I can’t stand at the urinal in these.

Eventually I make it out the door. My first trip out since the disaster on Friday when I lost my job, probably for good. That brought up a whole heap of emotions that I had suppressed all weekend. Emotions I now realised I have buried in the bondage. Tied them down, mummified them so they could not get out.

I still don’t want to think of what to do next or face those emotions yet. Off to the shops.

I returned later with enough food for the week, an adequate supply of booze and 4 small but strong padlocks. Small, but I was told unbreakable except by an angle grinder, which is a bit hard to use behind your back.

One of the neighbours, a right busybody, asked why I wasn’t at work I fobbed them of with a story about taking some holidays and being home for a while and needing some time alone to work on a project. She was also a gossip so the whole street would know not to disturb me.

On with the Catsuit, I did remember to put on a diaper and the plastic pants. I could be in here awhile. I pulled the zipper into the right place to lock it and carefully closed one of the padlocks. I was walking to the freezer when I felt a draft down below and realised I had to lock that end of the zipper as well. Easily fixed, then the keys went into a large plastic takeaway food container and into the freezer.

I busied my self putting the food away and cleaning up the house all the time with a strange intense feeling of excitement. I HAD LOCKED MYSELF IN A CATSUIT. I was not getting out any time soon. The excitement almost made me wet my pants. I was actually in the toilet before I remembered I could not go that way. Oh shit I will have to hang on.

I put the ball gag and the blindfold on and lay on the bed in the dark to experience some sensory deprivation. I must have dozed off

I was startled awake by the phone ringing. The land line, I don’t use it except for an internet connection much preferring to use the company’s mobile. The ex company mobile that I did not have any more.

I went to leap up to get the phone and found I could not see. I flicked off the blindfold and reached for the phone only to remember I could not speak. I was struggling with the gag’s straps just as the phone stopped ringing. Shit! Who was that? Who even knows my landline number?

Fully awake now and angry at having been disturbed I made my way to the toilet, reached behind me to undo the zip and found a small padlock. Damn I had forgotten about that. Do I pee my pants or hold on until I can get the key.

The phone rings again. I pick it up. “Hello.” I bellow.

It is John my ex boss. “I just found out what happened” he said

“It is all a big mistake”

I say nothing. There was nothing to say

“We may be able to fix it, but it will take some time.” “One of the top executives is involved.” “In the mean time you are on extended paid leave, but nobody knows that except Ms Ringburg and me.”

“Ms Ringburg needs to apologise and to talk to you urgently in person. She is on her way to your place. She should be there in about 20 minutes.” “I know your are probably very upset, but please talk to her.” “She has made a huge mistake and needs to fix it.”

I was stunned. I did not know what to say. I just nodded my head.

“Peter are you there?”

“Eh yes. Ok” I mumbled.

“It will all work out Ok. I have to go” and he rang off.

What did all that mean? I know some of it was a mistake, but some of it wasn’t. That was me in the blue Catsuit even if the other photo was not me or was it?

Then I came to my senses. Shit here I am locked in that same blue Catsuit and she was only 15 minutes away!

I fumbled in the freezer to get that now frozen solid iceblock out. The one with both keys frozen prominently in the middle of it.

Shit this will take forever to defrost. Water, hot water that will do it. In the kitchen sink it went. Hot tap on full. No time, put the plug in fill the sink with hot water. Race up stairs, hide everything in the closet, and find my clothes and race back downstairs to see how the keys are going.

Slowly is the answer. More hot water more panic. I can not let her find me like this. God it takes such along time for ice to melt. But finally it is done with a few minutes to spare.

I reach behind me to undo the top lock. I struggle to get the key in the key hole. It is so awkward to work behind you back at neck height. I can’t get it to go in. Fuck what now. I drop the key; no keys there are two of them. I pick them up and try again. Wrong key, but at last the right key fits and turns and I am free.

I am just struggling into my clothes when her car turns into my driveway.

The Catsuit and that bloody diaper, I have got to hide it. I stuff them into the freezer at least she won’t see them there. I hope freezing it won’t harm the Catsuit.

The door bell rings. I take a deep breath and then another to calm myself and open the door.

Ms Ringburg sort of smiles at me and makes to come in. I am standing in the way not sure I want her in my house.

“Oh sorry. May I come in” she blurts. Her normal, haughty, icy demeanour is somehow cracked.

I stand aside and reluctantly let her past and gestured to the lounge room.

We both sit in frosty silence.

“I uh … sorry. I don’t quite know where to begin. There may have been a mistake made.”

I don’t say a word leaving her to suffer in silence.

“The pictures, they were not of you.” “Sorry I jumped to a conclusion based on what I thought was sound knowledge.” ‘It was something I was told by somebody else I trusted.” “They got it all mixed up.” She babbled.

“What were you told about me” I demanded.

“I can’t tell you. It involves others.” “They would lose their jobs if I tell you.”

Somewhere there I realised her job was also on the line.

“I have already lost mine thanks to you.” My anger yells out.

“Sorry, sorry.” I will do what I can to get it back, however it will take time.”

“I don’t have time!”  “I am unemployed and probably unemployable right fucking NOW Thanks to you.”

She was visibly wilting under the strain.
“I WANT TO KNOW what is going on or I will take this right to the top.”

‘You can’t do that, that’s where the problem is on the 39th floor.”

She was not just nervous she was scared stiff. You could smell the fear.

Her fear made me calm down. I had her and I needed to at least pretend to help her.

“What’s your name?” I asked gently.

She looked at me in stunned silence.

“Your first name?”

“Oh I never use it. Too many people mispronounce it and in my language it means …thorn bush…”

“And how would you translate it?”

“If I had to it would be …Rose...”

That hit me like a bombshell. Could she be my tormenter Rose?

“See you don’t like it” She shyly said.

“I does it suits you.” I said trying to cover up my feelings. “May I call you Rose?”

‘”I suppose …so.”

“Well Rose we have a problem.”

“You have destroyed my career, indeed my whole life and I feel very much like getting my revenge and destroying yours.”

I let that hang for a while as I watched the fear flow over her. There was something else as well. She was somehow emotionally involved with somebody in this story, who was it?

“Or do we work together for mutual benefit?”

She relaxed a bit.

“I would prefer to do it the easy way.” She whispered.

“Ok then I need to know what is going on”

She was starting to panic.

“I can’t.” she sobbed.

“You are going to have to because just now I am in control.”

She flinched. I don’t think she had ever been subject to anybodies power.

I was amazed at my self. I had never unleashed my power before! Suddenly I felt radically different. Maybe that righteous anger was working for me.

She sort of smiled at me, resigned to her fate.

“Ok I will tell you. Please don’t tell anybody, at least not until I can investigate further. Her life may be at stake!”

“Whose life?”

“Lillian’s. The girl in the photo.”     “She worked for me. We got to be friends… no more than friends.” “She had funny tastes.” “She liked BDSM it turned her on.” I think she got in with the wrong people.”

“Something has happened to her she just disappeared.”

“Didn’t you go to the police?”

“I did then the letter turned up at work. It was her signature.” “She could have been talking about me when she said she had problems with somebody at work, so I let it all drop. But it did not feel right.”

“Then somebody from upstairs called me.” “They had overheard part of a conversation in which your name came up and later they had come across the photos.” They knew it was Lillian and they assumed it was you.”

“I was terribly distressed by what was happening to Lillian I had to get at the person doing it, it looked to be you.”

“Then this morning I got another call from upstairs.”

“She was not at all sure it was you.” “She thinks it may be her boss and she is very scared!” “He knows the photos are missing, but he does not know who took them or where they are.”

“I need some time to find her and get her safe.” “Please?” she begged. There were tears in her eyes.

Lillian obviously meant a lot to her. But in some strange way.

Then it hit me.

“You’re into BDSM as well aren’t you?”


“Yes, yes, Ok. I am the Domme she is my sub and I love her.” It all came out in one huge sob.

Shit she could well be my Rose, my tormentor!

“Ok, Ok.” I needed time to think.

“Here is what I am prepared to do.” “I will help you find Lillian.”

She was all ears.

“I will give you time to sort this out. But there is a catch.”

“I don’t like what you have done to me.”

“I want some revenge.”

 “For the next month you are to be my submissive, you will do exactly what I want you to do. You will look after me hand and foot.”

“It will be our secret.” “Take it or leave it.”

She burst into tears. “I can’t do that I am a Domme.”

However I could see she was going to do it to save her lover.

“We are starting tonight. Now.” I told her in my most dominant tone.

“Yes master” she choked out.

“You may go home to get whatever you need for tomorrow and pick up some takeaway on your way back. You will be staying here for now.”

“Oh and bring your favourite BDSM toys with you.”

“Yes master.” She bowed her head and left.

It was only later I realised I was getting revenge on my ex as well.


When she returned, Rose seemed resigned to her fate. She brought two large bags with her. One just for her clothes. The other looked much more interesting.

She served the food and the wine she had thoughtfully brought. I let her eat with me, but only after she had served me.

I did not quite know what to do. What does a Domme do especially a brand new one?

I got her to give me a massage. She was quite good at it. I made her do it in the nude so I could feel her body on mine. I could feel her flinching at first as our bodies made contact. Later she relaxed and started to enjoy it.

I told her to go and stand in the corner of the bedroom facing the wall. I needed time to think about what to do tonight. I was very, very new at this domination business.

The simplest idea I could come up with was to mummify her and make her sleep in the same bed with me. I thought she would probably accept that and it got around the awkward thoughts I was having about sex with her. The way I was feeling that could well amount to rape.

I did not tell her what I was going to do, only that she would be safe. I pulled her over near the bed, put the blindfold on her, felt her tense with fear or was it anticipation and asked her to hold her arms out by her sides.

I gently wrapped the pallet wrap around her left arm. I don’t know what she was thinking. She was gently shaking. Had she ever been mummified before? Did she know what was happening to her?

I wrapped her legs individually. She flinched when I touched her crotch. I took the wrap up her body, over her shoulders and back down to her waist.

I told her to lower her arms to her sides and bring her feet together. Then I wrapped the wrap tightly around her arms 3 times up and down until any chance she had of freeing her arms was gone.

I left her standing there. Seemingly alone, in silence whilst I got the ball gag. “Open.”

“What” she said startled.

The ball slid easily into her mouth, the straps tight around her head.

“Mummfff” She mumbled. I don’t think she likes gags.

I pushed. She fell helplessly back onto the bed.

She screamed into the gag. Not much came out. Not enough for the neighbours to hear.

She tried to kick out. I quickly place a couple of turns of wrap around her feet, which stopped that. Then I finished the wrap up her legs.

She was dangling off the bed so I lifted her fully onto the bed.

Now what? Well it was late so I climbed into bed alongside her. Snuggled up to her, rubbed my naked body on hers, ran my hands down her sides and felt her shudder. Pulled the covers over us and settled back to enjoy a good night with my new sub.



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