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Julie's Mummification

by Subgamble

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© Copyright 2005 - Subgamble - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/f; bond; rope; susp; bdsm; whip; cane; torment; piercing; brand; glue; wrap; bandages; resin; encased; stuck; sold; denial; climax; cons/nc; XXX

Note this story contains scenes of explicit sex and violence. If stories containing descriptions of explicit sex, torture and sexual violence offend you go elsewhere and read the comic pages of the paper. This is complete fantasy and all characters are fictional.

To the reader this story was written for a specific person if you want to experience the real terror of the victim you will have to put yourself in her place. I did not do that because the person for whom this was written would be experiencing the terror of the situation

Julie, Diana and Wanda shared a house. Diana and Wanda had finished their graduate degrees. Julie was just about to finish her MA in literature. She was looking forward to having the summer off to rest and relax before starting her job at a large publishing company in the same town. Wanda and Diana were fitness nuts. They both worked as clothes designers having majored in home economics. Diana and Wanda were knock out beauties. They were hit on all the time by men wanting their attention. However their interests were not men, but each other and Julie. When it came to looks, Julie was no slouch she was beautiful. Just not quite in the class with Wanda and Diana.

The three women also loved bondage, discipline and domination. Often they would play a game of poker and the loser would be the bondage slave and victim of the other two for the evening and night. Julie had a fascination with being wrapped in bondage as a complete mummy. Wanda and Diana were not interested. The bondage paddling and a little nipple torture was good enough for them, either giving or receiving. Occasionally Suzanne would join them for their games. Suzanne had a master’s degree in Nursing and was lab supervisor at the hospital. When she joined the games the two losers became the slaves of the other two.

The three women had a long term lease on the house. They had signed a ten year lease in order to get a good deal on the rent. They could do pretty much as they wished with the house. They had the basement redesigned as a dungeon. It was not a complete dungeon but had enough devices and implements to inflict a large amount of pain. There was a cage and a cell, a pillory, St. Andrews Cross, a bondage table, many rings anchored to the floor and walls and several ropes and chains hanging from the ceiling.

After the loser(s) had been determined by the poker game, they would be captured wrists bound behind back and taken to the dungeon. There they would be punished, forced to serve and be used by the winners in any way they wished. Then the losers would be uncomfortably bound and left for the night. The winners would go upstairs to the bedroom and spend the night making love. The loser(s) were always fixed in a way that they could not climax and had to spend a very frustrating night.

This Saturday Suzanne joined the three for their poker game. Wanda and Diana easily won the game that evening. Quickly Julie and Suzanne were bound and taken to the basement. Suzanne was stripped and bound to the bondage table. She was strapped down in a way that she couldn’t move. Julie was taken over and her head and wrists were quickly locked in the pillory. Julie’s legs were spread wide and locked in wood.

Wands went over to Suzanne and clipped her nipples with 2 vicious nipple clamps. Suzanne yelled, “Aieeeeyeeeee, noooooooo, eeeeeee, we never use those clips they hurt too much.”

“Shut up you’re my slave for the night I can do what I wish with you. Diana and I have decided that we haven’t been serious enough about punishing our slaves.”

Wanda fastened a thin cord to the two nipple clips connecting them to each other. She dropped a rope from the ceiling and attached it to the center of the cord fastened to Suzanne’s nipples. Wanda pulled the rope coming down from the ceiling tight. This caused Suzanne’s breasts to be pulled up in the air and the clips to bite even harder into her nipples. “Nooooooooo! This is too much.”

“Go ahead and yell I like to hear it. This basement is entirely under ground and we have no neighbors. No one will hear you.”

Wanda fastened two more of the clips to Suzanne’s pussy lips. Wanda attached cords to the clamps on either side of Suzanne’s pussy pulled them tight and tied them off at the bottom of the bondage table. This elicited another loud yowl and screech from Suzanne.

“Good! I have one more thing to do and then you can rest for awhile.”

Wanda got another clip and this clip had little jaws and a stronger spring. Wanda fingered Suzanne’s clit until it was a nice round bud and snapped the clip on it. “Achhhhhhhhhhh!” Suzanne’s yell was more animal than human.

While Wanda was working on Suzanne, Diana was doing much the same thing to Julie. Clips were fastened to Julie’s nipples and tied to the floor. The same thing was done to her pussy lips and clit. By the time Diana stood back to admire her work Julie was emitting a long constant moan. Diana said, “Wanda come over here and help me. She is too comfortable. Wanda and Diana released Julie’s wrists from the stocks and closed them back on her neck. They tied Julie’s wrists tightly behind her back and used a rope from a ceiling pulley to force her arms high up in the air over her back. Suzanne looked over at Julie. Even though she was hurting she saw that Julie was in an even worse situation than she.

Diana said, “All of this has gotten me hot. Which do you want mouth or strap on?”

“I think I want to use a mouth.”

“Good! I was hoping you would say that. I’m in the mood to screw a tight hole with a dildo.”

Wanda headed for the bondage table and Diana opened a drawer and pulled out a 6” medium sized black dildo. Diana took the dildo over to Julie and said, “Get this good and wet or it will go in dry.” Julie obediently covered the dildo with her saliva. Diana strapped the 6” black dildo on and was sure that the little knob on the end of it was against her clit. She slowly penetrated Julie’s ass with the Dildo until it was all the way in.

Meanwhile Suzanne was tonguing Wanda to climax. Diana began to ram the dildo in and out of Julie’s ass really hard. In short order both Wanda and Diana emitted sounds from the pleasure of their climaxes.

When Wanda climbed off of Suzanne, she said, “This has tired me, I need a drink. Why don’t we go upstairs, have a drink and make slow passionate love.”

“Good idea.”

Julie said, “What about us don’t we get our pleasure?”

Wanda said, “You two are our slaves for the night. You should be seen and not heard.”

Hearing this Suzanne said, “Please I have to get off.”

Diana said, “Enough of that. Gags will stop you two from complaining.”

Diana went over to a drawer and came back with 2 ball gags. She handed one to Wanda. Quickly Julie’s and Suzanne’s words were cut off by the ball gags strapped tightly in their mouths.

Wanda and Diana headed for the stairs, just before they started up, Wanda, said, “Girls get a good rest you’re going to need it. When we come back you’ll each get your whipping.”

Wanda and Diana left leaving Suzanne and Julie in their painful condition. After the woman left all Suzanne and Julie could do was struggle in their bonds and try to relieve some of their pains. Every once in a while either Julie or Suzanne would give out with a loud yell or screech. Nothing but a weak, “Mphhhheee!” escaped through their gags.

Wanda and Diana went up stairs, relaxed, had a couple of drinks while they watched TV. After they finished their second drink they went to bed and very slowly brought each other to the peak teasing and denying final release. Finally both of their bodies shuddered in a long powerful climax. After they were sated they slept about an hour.

Diana and Wanda awakened and fixed coffee to wake them up. Wanda said, “This will give us some energy. We have to wake up or we won’t be able to give Julie and Suzanne a proper whipping.”

“Yes I want some energy. I’m feeling like a real sadist this evening. I think instead of the usual paddling we should give both of them a full body whipping, front and back.”

“Good Idea! I think the more we do this the more dominant and sadistic I’m becoming.”

Diana replied, “Me too. Have you noticed that every time we manage to win we do more and more to the victims?

“Yes it’s too bad we can’t have them as permanent slaves.”

Diana and Wanda finished their coffee and headed for the basement. Wanda said, “Wake up you two it’s time for your whipping.” At this Suzanne and Julie struggled in their bondage causing the clips to hurt until they were exhausted and could only remain there held in place by their bonds.

The 2 women came over and took all of the clips off of Julie. Unlocked her from the rack and moved her to the center of the room. Julie was too weak to resist soon she was strung up to the ceiling with her wrists high in the air and her legs spread far apart to rings anchored in the floor. Wanda and Diana each got a cane out of a brine filled tin. They came over to Julie. Wanda stood a little to one side behind Julie. Diana did the same thing on the other side of her. Craaakk, Slaaaaash, two red hot brands burned their way across Julie’s ass cheeks. Julie struggled and jerked in her bonds trying to avoid the fiery wheals burning their way across her ass cheeks. Wanda & Diana delivered many more cuts to Julie’s ass. When they finished the canes were too tattered to be of any use and Julie’s ass was a bright purple. Wanda and Diana sat down to rest. They each sipped a cool drink from the well stocked little refrigerator in the dungeon. Julie looked longingly at the drink. Diana said, “Don’t think you’re going to get anything to drink. You’re nothing but a slave. You only get food and drink as your mistress wishes.”

Julie hung in her bonds with her ass on fire. Wanda and Diana got up and came over with 2 short, thin, vicious looking quirts. Diana said, “Tit or thigh!”

“I think tit then thigh for me. After I do a breast and you do a thigh we’ll switch.”

Wanda began to lash Julie’s left tit with the quirt. The quirt bit into the sensitive flesh. The breast was becoming marked with bright red and purple welts. Meanwhile Diana was lashing her quirt into Julie’s right thigh. She was careful to burn a red line completely around Julie’s right thigh just below where it joined her body. Both women continued to whip Julie until her thigh and breast was completely covered with red and purple lines. The women switched places and soon Julie’s other tit and thigh looked the same.

Wanda and Diana went over to the cabinet and came back with 2” wide thick rubber straps that had holes in them. They came over and Wanda lashed the belt into Julie’s abdomen while Diana did the same to her back. When they finished Julie’s body was red and purple from her neck to her knees. When they finished with Julie they tightly hogtied her and dropped a rope from the ceiling and tied it to the rope connecting Julie’s wrists to her ankles. The rope was pulled up until Julie’s chest and knees were just off of the floor. This forced her body into a tight uncomfortable bow.

Diana and Wanda whipped Suzanne as they had Julie. Soon Suzanne was bound in a buck and gag position. Pole was run under Suzanne’s knees. Suzanne’s arms were run under the pole and her wrists securely bound on top of her ankles. A chain was fastened to the bar so it would not come out from under Suzanne’s legs. Diana fastened a chain around Suzanne’s waist and pulled her waist tight against the pole and locked the chain. Wanda and Diana left Julie hogtied and Suzanne in the buck and gag position for the night. Suzanne and Julie were not gagged. Wanda said, “They can talk if they have the energy”. Julie didn’t know it at the time. It would have been much better for her if she would have been gagged.

During the long night, Julie and Suzanne talked. They comforted and soothed each other. Later the talk turned to bondage and torture. It was a long night. They had covered all the torture and bondage topics in which they were interested. Then Julie told Suzanne how much she wanted to be mummified. Suzanne had always been interested in the subject and had studied a great deal about it. Suzanne thought, “Here is a chance for me to put everything I have learned about mummifying a person to use.”

The next morning the two women were released. Julie and Suzanne swore they would get revenge the next time they had Wanda and Diana as slaves. It took several months. Finally Julie and Suzanne won and repaid Wanda and Diana in spades. Meanwhile Suzanne had told Diana and Wanda about Julie’s desire to be mummified. She was disappointed when the two said they had known about that for years. The women continued to ply their games over the next year. Every time Suzanne and Julie were the losers, the talk turned to mummification before the night was over. Suzanne had been working on Diana and Wanda the entire time. Finally they agreed that they would help Suzanne mummify Julie.

Whenever they had time the three women plotted as to how they would capture Julie and get her mummified. Suzanne saw a special advertisement for a mummy form-coffin in one of the catalogs. It was expensive but the three could afford it. There were several choices of characters that could be etched into the outside of the form. Since Suzanne was going to use a form of mummification practiced by the meso American cultures, she chose the coffin form that had Mayan characters on the outside of it. Several times over the last months Suzanne had taken Julie aside several times and showed her an outline of how the early American cultures mummified their royalty. Suzanne asked Julie if she liked that method of mummification several different times. Julie was hesitant. She was not sure about the nipple rings, the clit rings and the sewed lips. Suzanne tried to convince Julie that those things would not be done to her. All the time packages and items kept arriving at the house. The other 3 women were able to keep Julie from knowing what was being packed away in the closets of the dungeon, the attic and anywhere else where Julie would not find them.

Julie would be finishing her degree in mid May after that Julie would have no obligation until the first of September. Suzanne wanted Julie’s mummification to be as close to the original as possible. To do that it would take a period of two weeks or so before Julie would be ready to enter the mummy form and be sealed in place. Wanda, Diana and Suzanne only let on to Julie that she was to be wrapped as a mummy for a long weekend. However they had other plans. Julie was constantly assured by the three women that they would not use all of the procedures outlined in the article about Central American mummification.

Julie finished her degree and the three women went to a local bar and celebrated. Julie, unaware of what was planned, drank more than she should have. She was a little tipsy and had to be supported by Diana and Wanda as they walked home. When they got home Diana suggested they have a nightcap. She made sure that Julie got a very strong drink. Before Julie finished her drink she was out on the couch.

Part II

Julie awakened she wasn’t sure where she was. She tried to move and found her neck was locked in a collar Julie felt the chain and followed the chain until she found where it was secured to a heavy iron ring in the wall. Julie then realized she was chained to the wall in the dungeon cell. She thought, “That’s strange we didn’t schedule any play sessions. The victim always knows in advance when she is going to be put in the dungeon. Oh well they must have a game for me to play and will let me out of here during the day.”

The light came on and Julie saw Wanda come into the room. “Hi, glad to see you’re awake. We have decided to give you a graduation present. We’re going to see that you get to experience something you’ve always wanted us to do for you. We’re going to mummify you for a few days”. At the sound of those words, Julie became really hot. However she was still hesitant. “I’m not sure I want to do that right now. Can’t we put it off until a later date?”

“No you’ve been after us to make you into a mummy for years. We’re going to do it for you as your graduation present. You’re locked in the cell and chained to the wall. There is now no escape for you. Your fate is sealed. You will become a living mummy.”

Diana and Suzanne joined Wanda. Diana said, “Yes maybe after a few days of being mummified you’ll decide you don’t like it and will shut up.”

Suzanne chimed in “Yes when we were at the Mercy of Diana and Wanda you told me you wanted to be a mummy for a long weekend. You are going to become exactly that.”

“No I… don’t want to do that I… I’ve changed my mind.”

“Ha Ha, as of now you have no choice.”

Suzanne continued “You remember that article I showed you about Central American mummies. We’ve decided to do you that way. In fact in keeping with historical accuracy as we know it, you’re going to go through the entire process.”

“Remember when the ruler died all of his immediate family, officials and palace workers were mummified with him. There were 3 levels of mummification. It took one week to prepare palace workers. It took two weeks to prepare palace officials and a little longer for immediate family members. We have decided you will get the immediate family treatment. If you remember that is a period of torture to cleanse the body of your sins. A period of cleansing the body to make sure there is no mold left to destroy the mummy and a period of preparation to wrap the mummy and seal it in the form. You’ll be glad to know we have a mummy form in which to put our new mummy. It is complete with appropriate Mayan hieroglyphics. Were going to let you rest in your cell and we’ll begin the process of preparing our mummy tomorrow.”

Julie was left alone in her cell and felt the weight of the heavy collar and chain pulling on her neck and holding her firmly to the wall. The more she thought about becoming a helpless mummy the more turned on she became. Still she thought about everything that had been done to prepare royal family members to be mummified. Surely they didn’t intend doing everything to her that was listed in the article. Some the tortures and some of the preparations were down right gruesome. Julie wasn’t sure she could stand them. Julie struggled against the collar and chain. It was no use the collar was locked tight about her neck. It and the chain were solid steel. The chain was anchored to the wall with a steel plate and 4 large bolts. Even if Julie could escape she could not get out of the cell with the heavy iron bars and solid lock.

Julie was brought a good meal which was pushed through a grate in the cell door and left for the night. Julie spent a night where sleep came and went. She wanted to be mummified at the same time she was afraid. If they would just subject her to being mummified and forget the rest of the program, Julie would have been more turned on than afraid. There was nothing she could do about her situation but eat her meal and lie in her cell held by the heavy collar and chain. Maybe at some point she would have a chance to escape what was planned for her.

Bright and early the next morning Wanda, Tanya and Suzanne appeared out side of Julie’s cell. Tanya had in her hand a modified taser with darts. She told Julie, “Back up to the bars so I can lock your wrists behind your back in these Chalet Cuffs. If you don’t I’ll zap you with this taser. It isn’t powerful enough to knock you out. It will immobilize you long enough for me to get these Chalet Cuffs locked on your wrists.”

Julie saw she had no choice but to back up to the cell bars. She did want to experience the painful electrifying zap she would feel from the taser. Soon Julie’s wrists were pinioned together behind her back, as if they were one by the Chalet Cuffs.

Wanda opened the cell and unlocked Julie’s neck from the collar and chain. Soon the heavy iron collar was replaced by a leather collar and leash. Wanda led Julie out to the center of the room. Julie’s ankles were spread so far apart that Julie thought her pussy was going to split wide open and anchored to rings in the floor. Then Wanda unlocked Julie’s wrists and tied ropes tightly around each of Julie’s wrists. Julie’s wrist ropes ran over pulleys high on the ceiling well out to each side of Julie’s body. Tanya and Suzanne each pulled on one of Julie’s wrist ropes until Julie thought her arms were going to be pulled out of her shoulders. The 2 women tied the ropes off to rings on the walls. Julie’s body was tautly stretched with the very tips of her toes barely touching the floor.

Suzanne stood back and said, “Julie as you know we talked about the way some of the Meso American cultures prepared their mummies. We’ve decided to subject you to the full treatment that immediate family members received when the ruling monarch died. As you know you will undergo 3 periods of preparation before you are mummified. You’ll be glad to know that the mummy form in which you will be sealed has all of the Mayan hieroglyphics that were on mummy cases which have been uncovered by archaeologists. We had 2 choices when we purchased your mummy form. We could have bought either model M107A or model M107X. Apparently the company has had many requests from customers who want to mummify persons for short periods of time. The form for short term mummification is model M107A. There are also customers who want to be permanently mummified after they pass on. Model M107X is for the customers who eventually want to be permanently mummified after death. Once the locking pins are put in place on model M107X they can not be removed. In addition the entire form and pins are made of a kind of case hardened steel that is very hard to be drilled or cut. It would take several months to cut through that steel, even with an atomic torch. You’ll be glad to know we ordered the model M107A for you. It is for short term mummification and even if the pins are accidentally locked they can be drilled out in a few hours.”

Tanya and Wanda then chimed in together. “As you know, the first part of mummy preparation for immediate members was a period of painful torture to drive out any evil demons that may have inhabited their bodies. It was believed that a long period of severe, painful torture would drive any evil spirits from their bodies. This torture process is the part that we’re going to love. Julie, the longer we have played our little games the more we have realized that we’re turning into real sadists. We’re going to love making sure that there are no evil demons left inhabiting your body when we mummify you.”

It was hard for Julie to concentrate on what Suzanne and later Wanda and Tanya had said. It felt as if her body was being split down the middle and her limbs being pulled from her body. Julie was already in real pain and beginning to moan. She was not sure what the three women had in mind for her. She knew it would not be pleasant for her.

Suzanne said, “Julie it is prescribed that for the first day of torture you be strung up as you now are. Then receive three full body whipping sessions by three different persons. Tanya, Wanda and I are going to be the three people that whip you. There is a definite pattern that is to be followed when each of us whips your body. You will hang there for 12 hours. Every 4 hours one of us will give you a full body whipping in the prescribed way. You will not be gagged during this torture session. It is believed that if you yell and scream from the pain it will allow the evil demons to more easily escape your body. I will come back in 4 hours to give you your first whipping session. Tanya and Wanda will watch as I describe what is to be done to you. Then at 4 hour intervals they will repeat the process with a different implement as prescribed by the translated rituals.”

Suzanne continued, “It was believed that by hanging there and in pain that it would make any evil demons in your body uneasy. Then the pain from the whippings will drive some of them from your body. Now hang there and enjoy being helpless. You’re painful session of torture has just begun.

The three women left Julie hanging in her ropes with her body painfully stretched taut. Julie yelled and screamed at the three women as they left. All her yelling did was to cause her throat to become raw. Julie thought, “God! I’m in pain. How am I going to be able to stand hanging here for 12 hours while I have to endure three full body whipping sessions?” Soon all Julie could do was feel the pain that was cursing through her body and moan.

Julie heard voices. Suzanne returned followed by Tanya and Wanda. Suzanne went over to a bench and selected a wide strap with holes in it. Suzanne said, “Tanya and Wanda it is very important that each of the three whipping sessions be done in this manner. We will start with Julie’s back. It is also important that every square inch of skin be whipped at least once. You will notice that I am using a relatively wide strap with holes in it. The holes will cause deep purple marks to appear in Julie’s flesh. Tanya you will use a whip that will be similar to a quifu or knout. It will consist of 7 ropes tied together in a knot at the handle and with 7 knots in each of the ropes. When you whip Julie with it all of the knots should come in contact with Julie’s skin with each lash of the whip to her body. Wanda you will use a whip that will consist of 2 long thin leather strands. It will look like the long tongue of a snake. The whip is long enough it should whip around Julie’s body picking up speed as it encircles her body and biting hard into her skin. You must be sure to cover every square inch of her body with that whip. Now pay attention and watch how Julie should be properly whipped.”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: A quifu consisted of many strands of rope with knots spaced at intervals along each rope. It was used by the Incas as method of keeping track of records.

Suzanne shook out the strap until it was straight and dangling at her side. She held the strap out to the side and swished it hard into Julie’s back just below her shoulder blades. Immediately a wide pink strip appeared across Julie’s back just below her shoulder blades. There was a regular pattern of purple spots in the pink strip. Suzanne made sure that every square centimeter of flesh on Julie’s back from her shoulders to her ass cheeks was pink and covered with a pattern of purple spots. By this time Julie could only emit a long wailing moan.

Suzanne surveyed her work and said, “Notice how I have all of Julie’s back turned pink and covered with purple spots. Tanya when you whip Julie with the leather knout, the knots will leave black and blue spots on Julie’s body. You must be sure that all of Julie’s flesh has red stripes and complete pattern of black and blue marks all over it. Wanda you will not have to be so particular you will just have to cover all of Julie’s body with welts from your whip of the forked tongue. Now I am ready to do Julie’s ass cheeks. Notice how they should be whipped as hard as they can. Julie is very lucky she has well padded ass cheeks and we can really lay into them with our punishment whips.”

Suzanne stood back and swung the strap as hard as she could wield it. As Suzanne’s muscles were well developed the strap crashed into Julie’s left ass cheek with a resounding THAWK! that echoed throughout the dungeon. Suzanne waited, watched and gave a satisfied smirk as she saw a wide deep purple welt spread across Julie’s ass cheek. The purple welt had deep blue purple spots in a regular predictable pattern within it. SLASH! Suzanne delivered a blow to Julie’s right ass cheek. The strap slashed across Julie’s ass even harder the second time if that was possible. “Aieeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhh, noooooo! Pleasssssse! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Finally Suzanne got the response she was expecting from Julie and leered evilly at her. Suzanne quickly covered both of Julie’s ass cheeks with purple stripes and deep blue spots.

Suzanne gave Tanya and Wanda some more instructions. “I am ready to do the backs of Julie’s thighs and the backs of her calves. We can’t hit as hard there. If I hit Julie’s thighs and calves as hard as I did her ass cheeks I will do real damage to them. I don’t want that to happen. I do want to see her thighs and calves become covered with pink welts and deep red or lightly purple spots.”

While Suzanne was talking, Julie continually emitted a long keening inhuman wail. Suzanne lashed the back of Julie’s right thigh until it was a bring pink speckled with spots of deep red or light purple. Suzanne gave Julie’s left thigh the same treatment and then methodically worked over the backs of Julie’s calves at a slow pace. When Suzanne paused for a rest the entire backside of Julie’s body was covered with welts and spots. Not one square inch of white flesh remained.

Suzanne said, “Now I am ready to do the front of Julie’s body. Notice I will not whip her breasts nor will I whip her pussy. They will receive special attention after Julie’s entire body has been whipped.”

Suzanne began lashing the front of Julie’s body with the strap. Tanya and Wanda noticed that Julie was no longer making much noise or struggling very much. She was just hanging rather limply in her bonds absorbing the punishment from Suzanne’s strap. Quickly the front of Julie’s upper body was red and spotted. The fronts of Julie’s thighs received the same treatment from Suzanne’s lashes. Suzanne colored the outsides of Julie’s thighs and calves red.

“Now I am ready to do the insides of her thighs. The insides of Julie’s thighs should be given a similar treatment as I did to her ass cheeks. The insides of her thighs must be whipped as hard as possible.”

Suzanne lashed the strap hard into the inside of Julie’s left thigh. Even though Julie was totally exhausted from her whipping she let out a quiet Unnnnnh! When the strap bit into her thigh, Suzanne painted both of the insides of Julie’s thighs purple with deep blue colored spots.

“Now I am ready to do her breasts and pussy. Note I will not use the strap nor will you two use the same whips on Julie’s breasts and pussy that were used on the rest of her body. It seemed that the ancient culture’s believed there were 12 different kinds of evil demons that could reside in the human body. Therefore Julie’s breasts will receive 12 hard blows with a special whip as will her pussy.”

Suzanne went over to the wall and came back with a hard heavy rope that was about 6 feet long. The rope had a heavy knot tied in the end of it. The knot had been made even harder by some sort of substance in which it had been dipped. The substance had dried leaving the knot covered by a hard resin.

“At the end of each whipping we will use this rope on Julie’s nipples and pussy. Notice I will stand back and measure the distance. Then each of Julie’s nipples will receive 6 blows of the knot as hard as they can be hit with it.”

Suzanne stood back, measured the distance and swung the rope as hard as she could. There was a very loud SPLAT! As the knot slammed into Julie’s left nipple scoring a perfect hit. Just before the knot drilled into Julie’s pussy there was a slight pop indicating that the knot had exceeded the velocity of the speed of sound. This caused Julie to give out with a loud screech that slowly died to a sigh. Suzanne delivered six blows of the knot as hard as she could to each of Julie’s nipples. All Julie could do was give out a mild sigh each time the knot slammed into one of her nipples.

“Now I’m ready to do her pussy. If this is done correctly the knot should bite into Julie’s clit 12 times.”

Again Suzanne stood back and measured the distance. She brought the knot up as hard as she could scoring a perfect hit and driving the knot deep into Julie’s clit. This did get a response from Julie. The howl that came out of her mouth was of so high a pitch that the three women had to hold their hands over their ears. Wanda and Tanya would have sworn they heard a mild crack as the knot drove into Julie’s pussy and clit. Suzanne had caused the velocity of the knot to exceed the speed of sound. As Suzanne mercilessly drove the knot 11 more times into Julie’s clit the high pitched moan continued. Tanya and Wanda didn’t know how Suzanne could stand to listen to it. They both had to hold their hands over their ears.

Suzanne finished and said, “Now each of you will use your whip on Julie’s body as I did the strap. You must be more careful than I was with the strap. Those whips can cut flesh. We do not want that. I few drops of blood on her here and there is ok but we do not want any large cuts that could become infected. At the end of the whipping session each of you will use the knotted rope on Julie’s nipples and clit as I did. Let’s go relax and in four hours one of you can do your thing to Julie with your whip and the rope. Then in 8 hours the other of you can do the same thing with your whip and the rope. I wish I could do it. However it is specified that the 3 whippings must be delivered by 3 different people.”

The 3 women left the dungeon leaving Julie hanging limply in her ropes emitting one low never ending sigh.

As she was left hanging limply in her bonds, Julie had not thoughts. Gradually she was able to take in short breaths of air. As Julie was able to breath a little more deeply thoughts began to return to her mind. Julie first thought, “God! That almost killed me. How can I stand two more of these horrible vicious whipping sessions? Damn! That hurt.”

Julie struggled in her bonds. She could only wiggle a little as most of her strength had been sapped by the whipping and had not returned. Julie was beginning to recover a little and thought, “Maybe in a little while I struggle with these ropes and possibly free myself.” Julie was finally almost able to take a full breath. Before Julie could take a really full breath of air, the door to the dungeon opened and Tanya came into the dungeon. Julie thought, “OH! No! Four hours can not have passed that fast.”

Without a word Tanya went over picked up the Knout and began to lash Julie’s back with it. Tanya gave Julie’s body the same treatment with the knout that Suzanne had with the strap. Tanya delivered the 6 blows with the knot to each of Julie’s nipples and the 12 to her pussy and clit. Tanya managed to bury the knot at the end of the rope even more deeply into Julie’s clit than did Suzanne. Tanya left Julie again hanging limply in her bonds barely able to breathe.

Julie was just being able to move a little when she saw Wanda enter the dungeon. Wanda striped Julie’s entire body with the whip of the forked tongue and gave Julie’s nipples and clit the knot treatment. This time Julie was not really conscious when Wanda finished.

Just as Wanda delivered the final blow of the knot to Julie’s pussy Suzanne and Tanya came into the dungeon. The 3 women untied Julie. Julie collapsed to the floor, unable to move.

Suzanne said, “Now Julie must be tied into a compact ball for the night. Once she is unable to move a muscle we will suspend her from the ceiling for the night. Julie’s body must be bound as tightly as possible. We could use modern rope. The ancients used sisal rope for this. I guess we had better stick with the original program for the sake of reality.”

Suzanne went over to a cabinet and returned with a large pile of sisal rope.

“Since Julie is mostly out of it we will begin with her legs and gradually get the rest of her body tightly bound in a compact ball. In order to get the ropes tight enough you 2 are going to have to help me pull on them at times.”

Suzanne wound a loop of rope around Julie’s ankles she, Wanda and Tanya pulled the rope until at least half of it was imbedded in the flesh above her ankles. Julie’s ankles were secured by exactly 8 loops of rope as specified in the ritual. Suzanne had Wanda and Tanya help her cinch Julie’s ankle ropes and pull the cinches as tightly as possible when Suzanne knotted the rope you could only see a very small arc of the rope binding Julie’s ankles. The rest of the rope was buried deeply in Julie’s flesh. Quickly Julie’s legs were bound and cinched below and above her knees. This time once the loops were cinched the circles of rope were entirely buried in Julie’s soft skin and barely visible.

Suzanne said, “Now we are going to have to double Julie’s legs. Since they are tied so tightly you two are going to have to force her ankles back toward her ass cheeks. You may have to sit on her legs with all of the weight of both of you. When I start binding her legs doubled I want her heels almost touching her ass cheeks.”

Tanya and Wanda forced Julie’s ankles back until her heels were as close to Julie’s ass cheeks as they could get them. Suzanne wound loops of rope around Julie’s ankles and thighs to hold her legs in place. Then she had Tanya and Wanda help her pull Julie’s legs tighter until her heels were touching her ass cheeks. Suzanne cinched the ropes tightly. Then she had Tanya and Wanda help her pull the cinches even tighter and knot them. When they finished Julie’s heels were embedded in her ass cheeks.

Suzanne said, now we’re ready to do Julie’s arms. About this time a little consciousness began to return to Julie. She wondered, “Why can’t I move my legs?”

Julie felt her wrists being drawn behind her back and then yelped a little as she felt the ropes begin to bite into her skin and wrist bones. Quickly Julie’s arms had ropes tying her wrists and her upper arms together until her elbows touch, almost dislocating her shoulders. Like the ropes binding her legs, most of the rope was barely visible as it was buried so deeply in Julie’s flesh.

Suzanne said, “Now I can use a web of rope to secure Julie’s arms to her body.”

Wanda and Tanya were amazed. They watched as Suzanne wound an intricate web of rope around Julie’s arms and body. When Suzanne tied the last knot, the entire length of Julie’s arms were welded tightly to her body by rope.

Tanya said, “Suzanne, where did you learn to do that?”

“I found detailed drawings of how to do this on a wall in a cave. I copied them.”

“Now we have to get her upper body curled around and bound to her thighs. You two will have to help me with that.”

Suzanne struggled until she was satisfied she had the end of a long length of rope properly secured to Julie’s ankles. Suzanne wound the rope over one of Julie’s shoulders and back down between her feet. Another loop of rope passed over Julie’s other shoulder. Each time a loop of rope was passed over Julie’s shoulders Tanya and Wanda helped Suzanne tighten it. Julie’s breasts were slowly squashed against her thighs. When Suzanne tied off the last knot, Julie’s body was almost in the shape of an oblong ball.

Suzanne said, “Now we have to get a special helmet on her head and once we tie that in place we can suspend her for the night.”

Suzanne dug into a box and came up with a dark brown leather helmet. She placed it over Julie’s head and adjusted it. Then she had Wanda help her pull the laces tight until Julie thought her entire face and head was going to be crushed by the heavy leather.

Suzanne attached a rope to the ring in the top of the helmet. She wound several loops of rope between the ring and Julie’s ankles. As Suzanne tightened the rope, Julie’s face was forced tightly against her knees. Tanya helped Suzanne pull the ropes even tighter and knot them. Julie now could not move her head. Suzanne took another length of rope and ran it down Julie’s back and fastened it to her ankles. This rope was tightened as the first one had been even further securing Julie’s head. Now there was no possible movement of any portion of Julie’s body except for her fingers and toes.

Suzanne got two short lengths of thin cord. She pitched one to Wanda and said, “Use this to tie her big toes together while I tie her thumbs.”

Quickly Julie’s big toes and thumbs were tied together. Suzanne got a longer length of the thin cord and used it to tie Julie’s thumbs tightly to her big toes.

Suzanne adjusted a ring of rope that was cleverly fixed in the center of Julie’s back by the web of rope around her arms. Suzanne dropped a hook down from a wench on the ceiling and put the hook through the ring of rope. She pushed a button and the ball of Julie’s body rose high above the floor. Suzanne stopped the rise of the wench and Julie was hanging in space bound almost in the shape of a perfect ball.

The three women turned out the lights and left Julie floating in space for the night.

Julie’s body was so tightly compacted into the ball that Julie could barely breathe. Julie's body swayed in the air as she drifted in and out of reality. Julie was just getting enough oxygen to sustain life. If she tried to move in any direction which she could not her heart would begin to pound and she would be very short of breath. Finally Julie ceased to be conscious of her surroundings. She either fell into a troubled sleep or lost consciousness she was not sure which.

Julie awaked in a pile on the floor. Before she could move she was grabbed by the three women and placed in a chair. At first Julie couldn’t understand why the chair was so uncomfortable. Slowly the oxygen began to return to Julie’s system. She became aware that she was sitting in a really strange chair. Suzanne quickly clamped Julie’s forearms to the arms of the chair while Wanda clamped her lower legs to the front of the chair. When it was not possible for Julie to escape, Suzanne stood back and talked to Julie.

“Julie I found the design of this chair in a description of how the tribes deep in the jungle of Honduras mummified their leaders. This chair is similar to the German Chair used for torture during the middle ages. All of the surfaces of the chair are covered with dull wooden spikes. At first the pain is not too bad. However the longer the victim remains in the chair the more the pain from the dull points continues to increase until the subject is released from the chair. In addition the pain is increased by applying clamps to the body covered with the same dull points to press your body even harder into the chair. You will be in the chair all day Julie. Then tonight you will be in really painful bondage. Julie thought “What else is new?”

“Now it is time for me to properly clamp you in this chair for you to experience the full effect of it. I have added one item that I think you will like. Spending the day in this chair will drive a lot of the demons out of your body. Then after I apply the really painful bondage to your body a lot more of the demons will be driven out of your body tonight. It is time for me to drive the demons out of your body. I think I will begin with your feet and toes and work my way up to the top of your body. When I get to your head I will add the device that I have designed especially for you.”

“The soles of your feet are resting on wooden spikes. This board as wooden spikes on it its surface and is designed to squash your feet and toes into the spikes with the spikes being driven into the tops of your feet and toes. I will clamp your feet now.”

Julie felt the spikes being driven into the top of her foot and her toes. At the same time the spikes on which Julie’s feet were being driven into the soles of her feet. She had never felt such pain. Actually the worst pain that Julie felt from having her feet clamped was the pain from the sensitive nerve endings in her toes. Julie gave a grunt and finally had to scream from the pain.

Suzanne said, “Go ahead and scream. It will let the demons out of your body and at the same time it will turn me on. Now this is a special clamp that will dig into your calves and shins. It will have a nice little effect on the bones below your knee caps. First I will put this bar covered with spikes vertically behind your calves. Now this board with spikes will fit over your shin bones. Notice there is a pattern of sharper spikes that will dig into the boney area just below your knee caps. At the same time the bars of spikes will not only dig into your calves and put pressure on your leg bones. Believe me that will be really painful.”

Suzanne clamped Julie’s lower legs and the spikes drove into Julie’s shins. This was even more painful to Julie than the spikes being driven into her feet. The pain of the spikes being driven into Julie’s shins was more than she could stand. Julie had had enough. “Let me the fuck out of there this is enough. Damn it I can’t stand anymore of this. You’ve gone far enough fuck off and let me out of there.”

The only effect Julie’s outburst had was to cause Suzanne to tighten the shin clamps even tighter. Julie didn’t know whether the spikes being driven into her shins or the ones being driven into her knees hurt worse. Suzanne stood up and said, “Any more of those out breaks and I’ll tighten those clamps even tighter. You had better hope I don’t tighten them too tightly. If I do it will break the bones in your legs.”

All Julie could do was moan and scream letting even more demons escape from her body. Suzanne tightened the clamp two more turns eliciting an unhuman howl from Julie.

“Now I’m going to clamp your thighs. There is a lot of meaty flesh there. I can tighten these clamps really tight and drive those spikes deep into your thighs flesh.”

In short order Suzanne had Julie’s thighs painfully clamped to the chair. “Now this is going to be nice these clamps will dig into both sides of your body driving the spikes into your rib bones.”

Suzanne placed a spike covered board against both sides of Julie’s body. The boards fitted into tracks in the back of the chair. Suzanne tightened the clamps until the spikes were being driven into Julie’s ribs. Suzanne tighten the clamps until Julie thought her ribs were going to break. In addition to the tremendous pressure on her ribs Julie felt unbelievable pain from the spikes being driven into her rib bones. Suzanne put pressure on Julie’s rib bones until there was a continuous moan emanating from Julie’s throat. Suzanne put another board covered with spikes in front of Julie’s body. This clamp fitted in slots of the clamps that were crushing Julie’s ribs. This bed of spikes ended just below Julie’s breasts. Suzanne tightened this clamps driving spikes into Julie’s stomach and lower chest. Suzanne tightened this clamp until Julie was just barely able to inhale enough oxygen to sustain life. Suzanne stood back and admired her handiwork. “Now it’s time for me to apply the last two goodies to your body.”

Hearing these words all Julie could do was let out a small moan that was more like a sigh than a moan. Julie’s body was clamped so tight and she was in so much pain she was not sure if this was a dream or reality. Julie heard the words that Suzanne spoke but was by now virtually out of it. All of the pain sensors in Julie’s lower body were screaming driving the fires of pain deep into Julie’s brain. She wanted to pass out but was unable to do so.

Suzanne took another board with wooden spikes in it. There was one difference this board had 4 very short, very sharp iron spikes in it a 2 places. Suzanne adjust this clamp until the iron spikes were directly in front of Julie’s nipples. Suzanne tightened this clamp flattening Julie’s breasts against her body. The wooden spikes drove into every square inch of Julie’s breasts. The sharp iron spikes drove deeply into Julie’s nipples. This caused the pain wracked Julie to emit a weak “Unhhh!”

Suzanne said, “Now it is time for me to add the goodie I invented”. Suzanne picked up a leather helmet and showed Julie that the inside of it was covered with round wooden balls about the size of marbles. ”When this helmet is in place and buckled tightly on your head, these round wooden balls will be driven into every square inch of your head, face and neck.”

Suzanne put the helmet on Julie’s head and tightened it. Julie felt the hard wooden pellets being driven into her head and face. If Julie had not been about to pass out from the pain her body was already receiving, she would have let out a very loud, high pitched, screech. All she had the energy to do was simply sit there, limp in her chair, and feel the pain coursing throughout every part of her body. By now Julie’s brain was one maze of pain. There was nothing else but the pain drilling into Julie’s body and overloading every synapse in her brain with the current of pain. No other thoughts other than pain could enter Julie’s mind. Suzanne turned out the lights and left Julie in her extremely painful chair. The longer Julie sat there, the more intense the pain became. Nothing existed for Julie but pain. Julie began to wish she was mummified. At least the pain would be gone. Julie drifted in and out of reality, mostly out of it. She saw herself in a mummy form floating in the Kingdom or Ra.

Julie came back to the land of the conscious. It seemed as if her pain was a lot less. When she realized where she was and what was happening she was on the floor. Wanda was just finishing typing the last knot forcing Julie’s legs to be doubled with her heels digging into her ass cheeks. Wanda was buckling a leather belt around Julie’s waist with cuffs at the sides of it. Wanda easily pulled the weakened Julie’s arms to her sides and buckled then in the cuffs with the backs of the palms of Julie’s wrists against her sides. Tanya came over with a long belt and put it around Julie’s elbows and tightened the belt forcing Julie’s elbows together in front of her body. This made Julie’s upper arms and shoulders arms so painful that Julie let out a loud scream.

Suzanne stood in front of Julie and said, “You are going to be placed in an upright position with all your weight on your knees. You will be belted to the wall just enough to keep you up right and have your entire weight force your knees into the hard floor. A rope will be fastened to the strap around your elbows if you lean forward or slump, the pressure on your upper arms and shoulders will be increased. Once Tanya and Wanda have you properly secured I’ll check your bondage and tighten your elbows to be sure that you are experiencing enough pain to drive the demons from your body during the night.”

Julie was quickly bound to the wall. Suzanne came over and tightened Julie’s elbow strap to the point that Julie was now screaming. Suzanne stood back and gave Julie an evil grin. “There that is painful enough that it should get rid of some of the demons tonight.”

Julie spent a most painful night from her knees digging into the hard concrete of the floor and feeling like her shoulders were going to be dislocated at any time. Julie screamed for a long time and then fell into a stupor knowing nothing but pain.

The next thing Julie knew was Suzanne saying, “It’s morning. Today you go up on the cross. Except for what I will do to you, all you will do is hang on the cross today. Of course the night will be more painful.”

Julie would have had some thoughts or some words to say but she was too exhausted to do either. When Tanya and Wanda released her from her bondage Julie could offer no resistance. Soon she was hung up on the cross with only her wrists tied to the arms of the cross.

Suzanne came over to where Julie was bound, hanging on the cross. She had a large needle and several rings. “The gods like to have their mummy slaves ringed. They like golden rings to be placed in the mummy’s nose, nipples and clit. I am going to do exactly that to you right now.”

Suzanne stood on a box and raised the needle toward Julie’s nose. Quickly she drive the needle through Julie’s septum and seated a ring in the hole and locked it closed. Suzanne drove the large needle through each of Julie’s nipples and locked rings in them. Finally Suzanne used pair of forceps on Julie’s clit, drove the needle through it and ringed it. Julie thought, “God! I’m glad that is over. Now I can hang here and rest. Even though it is painful I can endure this a lot easier than what has been done to me.”

As usual Julie thought wrong. Suzanne said, “There you’re properly ringed. Now it is time to put some special brands on your body. The gods don’t like a lot of marks on your body but they want a few special marks to show that you belong to them. First I am going to brand your breasts. Then I am going to brand your thighs. The breast brands will be the outline of a sun around your nipple signifying purity. There will be a brand on each of your thighs just below your pussy indicating you may be entered only by the gods.”

Julie saw Suzanne drag over a brazier with coals in it. She saw Suzanne place and iron in the coals. Suzanne waited until the iron was white hot. She picked it up and carefully measured the distance to where the brand would be applied on Julie’s right breast. As Suzanne pushed the brand into Julie’s right breast there was a sizzle and the pungent odor of burning human flesh. Suzanne held the iron in place for a few seconds as Julie let out the loudest most inhuman screech that the three woman had ever heard. Suzanne with drew the iron and there was the perfect outline of a sun branded around Julie’s nipple with her nipple in the center of the sun. Suzanne placed the iron back in the brazier until it was white hot and applied the iron to Julie’s other breast. This got another resounding inhuman yell from Julie.

Suzanne placed 2 different irons into the brazier when they were white hot Suzanne placed a brand on each of Julie’s thighs just below her pussy. This got two more loud responses from Julie. The three women left Julie hanging on the cross the rest of the day.

When the woman returned to the dungeon it was evening. Suzanne picked up a container. She came over and dipped an ointment out of the container. She rubbed the ointment into each of Julie’s ringed areas and over each of her brands. Suzanne massaged the ointment deep into Julie’s wounds. When Suzanne finished, she said, “This ointment will heal your wounds and have you virtually pain free by morning. Your wounds have to be healed before you can be mummified. Now it is time to get you in painful bondage for the night. We have to be sure more demons are driven from your body.”

Suzanne had Julie lie face down on the floor. She fitted a round bar over the Julie’s thighs about a foot above them. Wanda and Tanya doubled Julie’s legs and bound them to her thighs with the bar digging into her calves. Julie’s calf muscles were now in great pain. Next Tanya and Wanda bound Julie’s arms into painful hammer locks behind her back. A rope dropped down from the ceiling and was fastened to Julie’s elbows. The rope was raised in the air pulling Julie’s arms up from her body raising the upper part of her body slightly off of the floor. Julie’s arms and shoulders again were in great pain. This caused the round bar to dig even harder into Julie’s calf muscles causing her a lot more pain. The only part of Julie’s body that was in contact with the floor was Julie’s genital area. Julie screamed but did not have enough energy left to maintain the volume of the scream and it died in a loud sigh. This time during the night Julie either passed out or went to sleep.

Julie awakened to see Tanya and Wanda stuffing her unbound body into a large container and locking it. Suzanne yelled ”now you get the cold and heat treatment to drive the rest of the demons from your body. There will be ice piled around this container to cool it and ice water will drip over your body from the top. Then tonight the process will be reversed infra-red light will heat the container and very hot water and steam will enter the container from the top”. Julie didn’t know whether she could stand this treatment, but she knew that it was the end of the torture part of her preparation.

Immediately ice water began to drench Julie’s body, Julie at first felt refreshed then she began to shiver. Julie became colder and colder her body was one constant shiver in reaction to her cold climate and her ice water shower. Julie’s body approached the point where the cold causes consciousness to leave the body and then passed it. Julie’s metabolism slowed and Julie went into a sort of suspended animation. The next thing Julie knew was it was beginning to get warmer. Julie regained her senses there was heat in the container and hot water dripping on her body. At first the heat felt good to Julie as the coldness left her body. Then it began to get really hot. The heat became unbearable. Julie felt as she being suffocated by the heat. She began to sweat and the moisture began to drip out of her body. In order to maintain the fluid level in her body at a high enough level to sustain life, Julie had to drink large quantities of the hot water that was dripping into the container in which she was locked.

When the hot water stopped dripping on Julie, Tanya and Wanda opened the container and picked Julie up and carried her over to a kind of bench in the center of the room. Julie was so weak from her cold and heat treatment that she was as a limp as a wet dishrag. Tanya and Wanda spread Julie’s legs wide, bent her over the table and strapped her waist tightly to the table. Julie’s wrists were tied behind her back and pulled painfully up into the air behind her body.

Part III

Suzanne came in and said, “You’ll be glad to know that the torture part of your preparation is complete. We have now driven as many of the evil demons from your body as is possible with torture. We will now cleanse the inside and outside of your body. This will remove any remaining evil demons and prevent your body from becoming infected while you are mummified.”

Tanya and Wanda came over to Julie. Tanya positioned a one and a half quart enema bottle high above Julie’s ass, while Wanda did the same thing with another filled bottle above Julie’s head. Suzanne said, “Tanya is going to stick a butt plug in your ass while Wanda buckles a pump up gag in your mouth. Tubes from the bottles will run through the plug and the gag. The solution in these two bottles will cause your entire body to experience unending cramps. The cramps will continue until you are able to expel the liquid from your body. Tanya and Wanda will open the clamps to allow the fluid to flow into your body while we go upstairs and relax. You will retain the liquid for at least four hours before we will permit it to be expelled from your body.”

The clamps on the tubes were opened. Julie felt a warm liquid flow into her bowels. At the same time liquid streamed into her mouth, down her throat into her stomach. Julie’s body began to jerk and cramp. Continuing cramps causing unbelievable pain wracked Julie’s body. Julie jerked back and forth, up and down, on the table. Nothing would relieve the painful cramps that were coursing throughout her body. There was nothing Julie could do to stop her body from shacking or to alleviate the pain from the cramps.

The three women returned and Julie thought to herself, “Finally I can get rid of these cramps.” Tanya and Wanda stood well back and removed the plugs from Julie’s mouth and ass. Immediately liquid sprayed from both openings with the same force as lava being expelled from an exploding volcano. When the eruptions died a shower of soapy water descended with force from the ceiling washing everything away. When Julie and the entire area had been sanitized Wanda and Tanya again hung enema bottles in place.

Suzanne said, “This time you are going to receive a liquid that will put the inside of your body on fire. It will be similar to a hot pepper enema only worse.”

Immediately Julie felt as if the entire inside of her body was on fire and red hot pokers were being run through her stomach and intestines. Julie was again left in pain for four hours. The women returned, sanitized Julie and the area and then bound Julie in a buck and gag position for the night.

The next morning Suzanne said, “Today you’ll be glad to know that you will get 2 milder enemas one will be oil and the other will be a liquid that will calm and sooth the inside of your body. After that the outside of your body will be cleansed and you’ll be ready to begin the mummification process.”

Julie suffered the two invasions of her body by 2 more liquids. This time Julie felt much better when she was put in the buck and gag position for the night. Bright and early the next morning, Tanya and Wanda strung Julie tautly spread eagled standing in the center of the room. They spent a long time massaging liquid into every pore of Julie’s body. The process actually turned Julie on and got her hot. Even though Julie begged them to allow her relief the two women ignored her request. They hosed Julie down with soapy water and every bit of the hair on Julie’s body washed down the drain. Next Tanya and Wanda got brushes with mildly stiff bristles and began to brush Julie’s entire body down with another liquid. When they finished they again sprayed Julie down. Julie’s body was now a rosy red. Julie was put back into the buck and gag position for the night.

Part IV

The next morning Julie was again spread eagled, standing in the center of the room. Suzanne came over with a large jar of ointment. Suzanne brushed Julie down from head to toe with the concoction. As the compound was brushed onto Julie’s skin, her body turned a rich coppery color. Julie's body actually began to shine as the compound covered every square inch of her skin. When she finished Suzanne said,” There that will seal your body a little and at the same time when the compound hardens it will be very hard for you to bend your body except at the hips and shoulders. In an hour or two as soon as that stuff hardens I will put you on the table and have Tanya and Wanda mummify you”. Julie was left hanging there.

Now that Julie realized the worst of the torture was finished, she was becoming very turned on by the thought of her body being unable to move and being locked into the mummy form. Julie had forgotten that if Suzanne held true to form that there was one more thing that would be done to her. As turned on as Julie was she would definitely not like it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Julie hung there realizing that her coat of shiny copper colored ointment was beginning to harden. It became harder and harder for her to move a muscle except at her shoulders and hips. Julie wished one of the women would come in and bring her to climax. It was not to be.

The three women came in and took Julie down from her spread eagle position. They placed her on the table. Julie found that she could not move enough to provide any real resistance to what would be done to her. Suzanne said, “Originally the victim’s lips, pussy and asshole were sealed by a really sticky resinous substance. I am going to change from the original process of sealing your bodies three orifices by sealing them with surgical glue. Tanya and Wanda can do that while I go upstairs and get something I forgot to bring down with me.”

Tanya went over to a cupboard and picked up a bottle of glue. She did not notice that she had picked up a bottle of super glue rather than the surgical glue that was on the front of the shelf. Tanya figured one bottle of surgical glue is as good as another. She came over and brushed the glue on the surfaces of Julie’s lips. Wanda helped her press Julie’s lips together for a few seconds. When they released Julie’s lips they were tightly sealed together. Soon Julie’s pussy and asshole were sealed in like manner. Tanya put the bottle of glue back in the cupboard without ever having looked at it.

Suzanne returned and said, “I see Tanya and Wanda have done a good job of sealing the openings to your body. No evil spirits can enter through them now. The gods want your body openings sealed until they are ready to open them and use you. Now to finish the job and make sure that all three of your openings remain sealed until the gods open them. I am going to suture your lips, pussy and ass crack even tighter together with this special thread and needle”. Suzanne positioned herself where she could sew Julie’s lips together. Suzanne pierced Julie’s lips with the suture needle. If she could have Julie would have yelled out in pain. Each time the needle pierced Julie’s lips her body jerked in pain. Suzanne ran a row of stitches across Julie’s lips and then returned the opposition direction weaving another web of thread stitched through Julie’s lips. Julie’s lips now looked like a well sewed seam in an article of clothing. Quickly Suzanne stitched Julie’s pussy and ass closed in the same manner. Now instead of body openings all that could be seen of Julie’s lips, pussy and asshole were three well sewed seams.

Suzanne said, “Now it is time for me to treat your ears. You’ll be glad to know I am going to seal a special receiver in each of your ears with wax. Once your ears are sealed, you will not be able to hear anything except what comes through the speakers. Even when you are locked in the mummy form you will be able to hear us when the speakers are turned on. However, once we lock you in the mummy form we will turn the speakers off until late Monday when we release you.”

Suzanne proceeded to place a tiny wafer in each of Julie’s ears. The wafers were filled with microscopic chips that would pick up a signal from a special transmitter. Suzanne had procured these items from the hospital. Suzanne prepared a special type of wax based on an ancient recipe she had read. Suzanne filled Julie’s ears with the substance and waited for it to harden.

When the wax hardened Julie realized she could no longer hear a sound from outside her body. She could see the lips of Suzanne, Tanya and Wanda moving as they talked but could hear nothing. The speakers in Julie’s ears came to life. Suzanne said, “Julie if you can hear me, nod your head. I want to be sure this is working.”

Julie nodded her head and again was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. Julie heard Suzanne saying, “I am going to wrap your body with a light wrapping of a cloth made from plants that grew in the jungle by the ancient cultures. This looks like burlap but is much lighter and more pliable. It is soaked with the same substance I put on your body. When it dries the cloth covering your body will become almost as hard as steel. That will only be the first layer.”

Suzanne wrapped each of Julie’s toes and fingers individually with the wrap. Then each of Julie’s hands and feet were wrapped with the cloth. Suzanne covered Julie’s limbs with the soaked cloth. Suzanne placed Julie’s arms at the sides of her body. She wrapped Julie’s feet and legs tightly together. Then she wrapped her arms to her upper body and covered Julie’s body up to her neck with several layers of the soaked cloth. Suzanne placed a tube in each of Julie’s nostrils and said, “These tubes will allow you to get air from outside the mummy form. They are a backup precaution. I do not know if the original life sustaining air and nourishment systems will be effective. We don’t want to open this mummy form and find a real mummy. After I fix these tubes in place I will put a needle in each of your carotid arteries from a container that should provide your body with oxygen and nourishment for many years if necessary. Then I will mummify the entire works to your body.”

Quickly Suzanne inserted a needle to each of Julie’s carotid arteries. Julie immediately felt a stream of energy flow into her body as she was receiving nourishment from one of the containers. Suzanne proceeded to mummify Julie’s neck and head with the soaked cloth. She had put pads over Julie’s eyes so the liquid would not get into them and Julie would be able to see nothing. Suzanne was satisfied with the first layer she had applied to Julie’s body. The 3 women left and the cloth began to harden further compressing Julie’s entire body. When they returned the cloth had hardened and Julie could not move a muscle. Suzanne said, ”now I’m going to wrap your body with a really heavy cloth soaked in the same substance. This will compress your body even more when it hardens”. Julie’s body was quickly covered with wide strips of the heavy cloth. When it hardened Julie felt her body being compressed until it was hard for her to breathe. At the same time Julie was incredibly turned on.

Suzanne said, “In an hour or two when that hardens we will then add the final layer of mummifying substance. It is a clay substance that when subjected to heat will be virtually impervious to damage. It is a good thing I have the neutralizing solution here or we would never be able to break you out of the cask of clay”.

When the second layer of cloth hardened Julie heard Suzanne saying, “It is time for the final layer to be added. I am now going to apply the clay cask to your body.”

Julie felt the outside of her body being covered with a cool, thick substance. When Suzanne was satisfied that Julie’s entire body was properly covered with the clay. She said, “We’re going to leave you there overnight for the clay to properly harden.”

Julie was left for the night. She really felt mummified and thought, “Why do they have to put me in the mummy form. This should be good enough for them. Julie’s thoughts continued if I could just concentrate I could probably experience an involuntary climax.” Julie came very close to being able to get off but could not quite reach climax.

The next thing Julie knew she heard Suzanne saying, “Good this clay is as hard as steel. We are going to lift you into the mummy form. You’ll be glad to know that your body will be resting on a plastic substance and the top of your body will be covered with the same substance. When the lid closes it will force needles to inject the plastic with an activator that will completely fill the steel mummy form and compress your body even more.”

Julie felt her body being lifted and placed into the form. Then she felt an incredible pressure on her body as the plastic was activated and became solid completely filling the mummy form and pressing against it with quite a bit of pressure. Of course the same pressure was applied to Julie’s now mummified body.

Julie heard Suzanne saying, “Wanda get the pins and put them in the holes to lock the lid of Julie’s mummy form in place. Make sure you turn the pins counter clockwise. If you turn them clock wise they will lock them in place and we will have to drill them out. We don’t want to waste our energy having to do that.”

Suzanne and Tanya left Wanda to finish locking Julie into her mummy form. Wanda got the pins she inserted a few and turned them to the left. The pins seemed to Wanda to be too loose. Wanda thought, “These pins are so loose, I must be turning them the wrong way.” Wanda decided to try turning the pins in the other direction. This time there was a click and the pins locked solidly into place. Wanda thought, “That’s more like it.” Wanda inserted the rest of the 100 pins and locked them in the same manner.

Julie heard Suzanne saying, “With a lot of effort we can carry Julie up to the living room and use her mummy form for a table. She will know she is being of service to us while she is mummified.” Julie felt movement and then heard a loud clunk as she was deposited on the living room floor in front of the couch to be used as a coffee table.

Julie heard Suzanne say, “This is Thursday afternoon we will release you sometime Monday afternoon.” Then there was silence as Suzanne turned off the speakers in Julie’s ears.

Julie was so turned on that this time she was able to have one of the most explosive climaxes she had ever experienced. During the next several days Julie experienced several more of the very explosive climaxes. Mean time Suzanne, Tanya and Wanda went about their business using the mummy form for a table when they relaxed and watched TV. The days passed quickly for the 3 women and much more slowly for Julie. After Julie had her last climax, the time began to drag as she could not get high enough to have another one. Her body was too exhausted from the sensory overload of the climaxes or the sensory deprivation of input from the outside world. She didn’t know which.

Julie heard the speakers come to life. Suzanne was saying, “It is time for us to get you out of this mummy form”. Suzanne fitted a screw driver into the slot on the pins and tried to turn them. “That’s funny these pins won’t turn. Wanda are you sure you turned these pins counter clockwise?”

“I turned them one way and they seemed too loose. I turned them the other way until they clicked.”

“You turned them the wrong way and they are locked. We will have to drill them out. Tanya go down to the dungeon and get the drill.”

Shortly Tanya returned and handed Suzanne the drill. Suzanne plugged it in and drilled on one of the pins. After several minutes she turned off the drill. There was not a mark on the pin. Suzanne tried drilling on another pin with the same result. Just as Suzanne put down the drill there was a knock on the door.

Tanya opened the door and there was a very short man wearing very thick glasses standing there. He said, “My name is Ed may I come in. This is about the mummy form M107A that you ordered.”

“Please come in. What is the problem?”

Julie herd Ed say, “Ah! Unh! There has been a mistake. Instead of sending you the temporary model M107A we sent you the permanent model M107X. If you wish we will be glad to change them at no cost to you.”

Suzanne replied, “We have a person mummified in it we were just trying to drill her out of it. What do we do now?”

“Oh dear this is awful. I need to call the company. Give me a few minutes.”

The 3 women and Julie listened to Ed mumble into the phone unable to understand what Ed was saying. Ed closed the phone.

“There is nothing that can be done now to get the person out of the form. He or she is locked permanently into it.”

Julie heard these words and went into total panic but there was nothing she could do. She could not even wiggle a finger. She yelled and screamed but it was all mental.

Ed continued “The Company as given me permission to offer each of you one million dollars for your trouble and we will dispose of the mummy form and body there will be no questions for you from the law. We will take care of that.”

Julie was astonished to hear Suzanne say, “If the company is willing to offer us each one million dollars I bet it will give each of us three million dollars.”

Ed picked up the phone and spoke for a few seconds and said, “The Company will not give you each three million dollars their final offer is for each of you to receive 2 million dollars tax free if you will permit me to give you each a certified check right now.”

“Suzanne said, “Done!”

Ed wrote each of the women a check for 2 million dollars. The checks had already been certified all they needed was the amount filled in and a legal signature.

Ed said, “In a few hours there will be a crew here to pick up the mummy and take care of it for you” Ed left.

Suzanne said, “Julie, I’m sorry there is nothing else that can be done. We may as well enjoy the fruits of the labor of getting you mummified. I don’t know how long you will last. You could last a month or an eternity only you will know. Goodbye.”

Suzanne turned off the earphones. In short order a crew came and carried out the form containing Julie. In a few days the mummy form was shipped to a popular Central American Resort. In a few more weeks it was put on display. In one year the company almost got back the entire 6 million dollars it paid for the mummy from paying visitors to the attraction. Every dollar paid by a visitor from now on would be mostly profit. As to Julie only she knew if she was a living mummy or a real mummy.


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