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Kandy Kane

by Steff

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© Copyright 2012 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; majick; machine; encoat; encase; cocoon; insert; tease; foreplay; fondle; sex; anal; climax; cons; X


Mika Strazza was a 5’6” tall woman with long red hair, blue eyes and a body that turned heads everywhere she went. She worked as a mechanical engineer with NASA and she did machining work & repairs on the side. When she wasn’t working she would go to the gym daily to make sure she kept her body in shape. “I hate my genetics,” she would say when she finished her workouts. Her entire family was overweight and she was one of the fat kids all throughout school. When she could afford a gym membership she started going regularly and now that she was down to 135 pounds she had no intention of ever getting fat again. She was excited because tonight she was going to 10 year high school reunion and she couldn’t wait to see the reactions of everyone when they saw her.

Trevor Kane was also getting ready to go to the same high school reunion. After he got out of school he inherited a small house downtown. When he was cleaning the place he discovered a strange book and ring hidden in a secret cubby in the master bedroom. After he read the mysterious book his life changed all together. The book and ring were great sources of magic and wisdom. The book’s text would change every time Trevor read it and the ring had the ability to alter reality in a limited area

Once Mika was ready she drove to the hotel where the party was at. Her mustang did not turn too many faces but when she got out wearing a tight fitting red dress with a white belt and 5” heeled boots heads turned. She walked into the conference room that was used as the dance and reception area, put her name tag on and began to socialize. Most of the people liked the way she looked and were happy for her. She noticed someone hanging out in the corner and she thought he looked familiar so she went over to talk.

When she got close she was shocked to see the name tag. “Trevor Kane! It’s Mika Strazza,” she said. She remembered Trevor as the school nerd that was always picked on. She was one of the few people that ever talked to him.

“Mika, you look great,” he replied. “You look… wow… great.” He was speechless. He had exchanged the occasional e-mail with her but has not seen her for years. The last time he saw her she was over 200 pounds. “So what have you been up to?”

They spent 45 minutes talking and making up for lost time. When Trevor told her that he started and was CEO of ‘Kandy Kane,’ one of the world’s largest candy producer she got excited. “I cannot believe that was you. You not only made yourself Super Mega rich, you made me a lot of money too. I bought stock when your company went public. Because of that I think I owe you at least a drink. What do you say after this we go out for a drink on me?”

“Now how can I turn down a beautiful woman offering to buy me a drink,” he replied. The rest of the party for Trevor went just like he expected with nobody acknowledging his existence much less his accomplishments. He was again surprised by Mika when she returned to make sure he still wanted to meet her at a nearby bar.

They decided to ride together since it started to rain. At the club they enjoyed talking, dancing and drinking. They discovered that they had a lot in common and got along well. After a few hours Trevor’s cell phone rang. After he took the call he told her that there was a problem at the factory. Since the factory was only a few miles way Mika told him she would drive him and that way if it is a quick fix they could continue the evening. “Besides that give me an excuse to see how candy was made” she said. When they arrived there was a guy waiting and took them into a large area that had several packing machine used to wrap and pack the candy packages for shipment to retailers. Trevor listened to the guy about the problem as Mika looked around.

“I found the cause problem,” Mika said. She explained the problem was with the alignment of parts and that was causing problems. When asked if she could fix it she said, “Yes but it will cost you. When I am done I want a personal tour of the factory.”

Trevor looked at her once he got over the fact that she was will to do it for free and said, “If you can figure out and fix this crappy machine I will personally give you the tour.” She then told him she would need to get some tools so she would be back in the morning at 8. She gave Trevor her phone number to call her if there are any problems between now and them. She took Trevor to his car and then left. Trevor returned to his home and opened the book. The pages still haven't changed but again they had told the truth. The book had told him to go to the party, he would meet someone interesting and that one of his big problems would be fixed. He closed the book and went to sleep.

Mika got home and could not believe it. She had a good time at the party and met Trevor who was doing awesome. Fixing the machine didn’t look hard so she was looking forward to the tour. Once she got everything packed she would need she went to sleep.

In the morning Mika showed up to the Kandy Kane factory a couple minutes early. Since it was a long weekend the place was empty and Trevor was waiting when she drove up to the door. He helped her with her things and walked inside. Since it was summer and she had worn tight shorts, Trevor was enjoying the view of her ass but still guided her to the machine “business before pleasure,” he thought.

Once at the machine Mika put on her coveralls and got started. The problem turned out to be an alignment issue. She spent a few hours fixing it and teaching Trevor how to do it in the future. She then removed the coveralls and got cleaned up. As they checked the machines wrapping feature Trevor heard her mumble quietly, “that looks like it might be fun.” Trevor then starts the tour. Mika is impressed with the amount of candy the place makes and the way it is made. When it is about 1 in the afternoon Trevor take her into his office for a lunch he had ordered. He then excuses himself to the bathroom. As he walks by his computer he touches his ring to it and then closes the bathroom door behind him.

Mika sits down and begins to take the food out of the bags when the computer screensaver turns off and on the screen is a picture viewing program what has several thumbnails visible. She looks at the screen and realized that the pictures were of women in bondage. She opens a few and all the women are wrapped in plastic or tape. Mika was so into looking at the pictures she did not notice Trevor walk back into the room. She continues to look for about 5 minutes before Trevor asks, “Do you like what you are looking at? Don’t worry that is my picture collection.”

Mika blushes a pretty shade of red and then says, “It does look like they are having fun.”

“Why don’t we eat lunch and then I will tell you an idea I have,” Trevor said.

They ate after Trevor set his computer do so a slideshow of his pictures as they ate. Be the time they were done eating he could tell that she was really worked up. He took her into the main factory up to a machine. “This is where we make flat rolled fruit. We had an employee fall into the main candy and get rolled out the other side. He was not hurt because the temperature of the candy is not high enough to burn. Since the candy vat has to be emptied what do you say that I put you in it and then roll you up and see if you can get loose.”

Mika was shocked at the idea but thought to herself it did sound like fun. “What do you get out of it?”

“I get to see you naked and if you cannot get loose I have a VERY beautiful woman that I can do with what I want until the candy melts or I let you out,” Trevor replied. “I will be here the whole time to make sure nothing happens.”

“I cannot believe I am saying this but ok. It sounds like fun. Me being a living piece of candy,” she said. Trevor had her remove her clothes and then led her up to the top of the machine. She checked the temperature of it and like Trevor said it would not burn her. She braded her hair took a deep breath, closed her eyes, put her arm against her sides and jumped into candy.

Trevor couldn’t believe is luck. Mika’s body was perfect, firm all over, thin waist and breasts that perfect size for her body. She then followed his direction and jumped into candy after giving him permission to play with her. He pointed the ring at the candy said a single word and the candy started to glow for a few seconds. He walked down to see the finished product.

Mika landed inside the warm candy and was surprised by the feelling. The candy was comfortably warm, soft and slimy. Since the candy ran between her fingers and toes she decided to spread her leg and arms a little so her whole body was coated. After a few seconds she felt a very mild tingle throughout her whole body but did not worry about it because she also felt suction and she was pulled downwards. As she was pulled down she felt the candy seeping between her lips. The candy tasted good as it touched her tongue so for some reason she opened her mouth and the candy slowly filled it. As the candy was filling her mouth she felt her feet being pushed together as they were going through some kind of tube.

Mika was caught completely off guard when the candy that was being forced out of the tube towards the holding tank began to flow into both of the holes in her crotch filling them both. Her body continues down the tube and the candy continues to fill her. Finally when she is really full, not quite uncomfortably full, the candy stopped filling her. As her waist enters the tube she is squeezed tightly. As she continues her decent her waist felt like it is being squeezed by a very old time corset, tighter than the ones she normally wears when she ties herself up. She continues down the tube until she feels herself lying on the table outside the machine.

By the time Trevor gets to the machine’s output section Mika is waiting. “The spell worked perfectly,” he thought.

She was completely covered in a candy cocoon. Her legs are tightly squeezed together all the way up. The candy filled in all the gaps between her legs so it looking like she only has one leg until you get to her crotch. Her butt checks are held spread out and 2 candy sleeves are visible going into her private openings. He continues to examine the candied beauty moving up to her waist. The candy had caused it shrink 7 inches into an awesome hourglass shape. Each of her breasts can be clearly distinguished and he could see her hard nipples even though they too are covered in the smooth candy coating. Moving up her whole head is also covered in candy. Her mouth was forced into a nice O shape and there was a candy sleeve filling the rest of her mouth. Trevor picks her up and carries her into the second room in his office. “I am going to really enjoy this,” he said as he closed the door.

Mika could tell she was picked up and carried but since her head was completely covered in candy she could not see. She was laid down and then she could feel Trevor gently moving his hands all over her candy covered body. What was really incredible was the fact that not only could Mika feel what he was doing but she felt it better that she would on her bare skin. She tried to wiggle and pull away when he ran his finger across the soles of her feet but the candy was so tight and starting to harden that all she ended up doing was telling Trevor that her feet were really ticklish.

Trevor continued his slow sensual exploration of her body. When he slid two fingers into her candy filled pussy she was surprised that it felt like she was filled with a sleeve and not a candy dildo. Somehow her pussy was just held opened. Trevor then slid his fingers over her clit and the feeling was amazing. It felt like all the pent up sexual energy and excitement was gathered up and shot into her through that one spot. She quivered and shook but her candy mummification prevented any more movement then that. The sensation also sent her sexual frustration through the roof but it did not give her any relief.

Mika’s reaction when he rubbed her clit caused Trevor to just stand back and watch in amazement. Because of the nature of the spell and her willingness to the whole candy idea he knew what she was feeling. He could not actually feel what she was feeling but he knew how much it tickled her when he touched her feet and what rubbing her clit did to her. He then knelt down beside his candied mummy, bent down and started to suck on her left nipple. Naturally he tasted the candy but the texture felt like he was sucking directly on her breast but it was covered in a slight slick substance.

Mika calmed down after her surprise but her relaxation was very short lived. Without warning her left nipple was suddenly sucked into Trevor’s mouth. He sucked it and rolled it around in his mouth driving her crazy. She has always had sensitive breasts and nipples, to the point of having orgasms from just breast play. For some reason Trevor knew exactly where and how to get the best reaction and she quickly neared orgasm. Trevor had different ideas because he stopped right before she came. She groaned in frustration but mummified the way she way she could not do anything about it.

Just as she started to calm down her right nipple was sucked on. Again Trevor knew what he was doing and quickly got her to the point of orgasm but didn’t let her get the release she wanted. He kept alternating between breasts plus he started squeezing and massaging the breast he was not sucking on for what felt like hours to Mika. This time he got her to the edge and kept her there. She tried to wiggle, squirm or move any part of her body to get the little push over the edge but it felt like her candy cocoon had hardened and she could not move at all.

She was kept on the edge for a long time then without warning Trevor shoved his cock into her pussy. When his cock entered her, the explosion Mika wanted so desperately happened. Her whole body became a conduit of pure carnal ecstasy. The pleasure seems to just come from all over her body and feed on itself. Her vision went white from the feeling and she lost all track of reality except for the ecstasy that ripped through her. Her body finally gives out and she slips into unconsciousness.

Trevor fucks her pussy for about 30 minutes before he shoots his load and collapses on top of his candy play toy. As he lays on Mika he can tell she is in the middle of a massive mind blowing orgasm. He also feels himself getting excited again. “I love this spell,” he thinks as he starts to pound her pussy with his now hard cock. After 3 hours and several orgasms of his own he stops and gets off of her. He sits on the sofa in the office and watches her wiggle and squirm as her orgasms wash over her for a few more minutes before it stops and she passes out.

Trevor sleeps for a couple hours, when he wakes up he is totally refreshed and ready for another round. Since he knows all about the spell and the candy he knows he has all weekend and when he releases her she will be refreshed he takes his time with her.

Mika is woken up by Trevor sliding his cock into her candy coated ass. Since she is rested she puts up a fight for all she is worth but her candy covering prevented her from moving too much at all. It doesn’t take long for her to get into the rhythm and she starts to enjoy the cock in her ass. She soon felt him shoot his load and the sensation brought her to an orgasm of her own.

She spent a long time inside her candy prison. During it all she was teased, tickled, fucked and fondled. She never got thirsty, hungry and never even need to go to the bathroom. Finally the candy around her head cracked and removed. Once her head was free and her candy mouth sleeve removed Trevor asked, “Did you have fun?”

Mika just took a couple deep breaths and then said, “That was the best sex and bondage I could imagine. Even better than the stories I have read about. How did you do it?”

“Would you believe Magic?” Trevor asked. He stood up said something Mika didn’t understand and her candy coating just disappeared.

He helped her up and she realized she was not the least bit sore or tired. “I think I actually believe you.” She said, “Why me?”

“All throughout school you were the only one that treated me good. At the party even after you found out who I was and before you knew I was rich you still treated me good and continued to talk to me. Think of this as thanks.”

“That was a totally awesome ride,” she said and kissed him deeply. “Unfortunately I have to get home.”

Once he got over the shock of the kiss Trevor said, “I have lots more candy machines if you want to try them out later.”

As she got dressed she looked up at him with ‘fuck me eyes’ and replied, “I would like to see you try to keep me out of them.”

After Mika left Trevor went to his book, re-read the part telling him to go to the party and thought, “this thing was spot on again. I am looking forward to another candied Mika.”

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