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Katie & Jeff

by Jeff Parker

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© Copyright 2001 - Jeff Parker - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; strip; wrap; saranwrap; tape; cocoon; crate; packaged; encase; toys; climax; cons/reluct; X

"I want to do ANYTHING you want to. After all it is your birthday," she said with a smile. Katie had just entered the room wearing his favorite ankle length white satin dress. Underneath on her beautiful 36D-26-34 body were white thigh high stockings and white satin bra and panties and some 2" white heels. Her long brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and rested on her chest.

"Great! Come here," Jeff said with a smile.

She walked over to him and they embraced in a deep and powerful kiss. He then pushed her up against the wall, she gasped and then a deep submissive smile came over her face. He quickly held her hands over her head and tied her wrists together like an X. He then tied the other end of the rope to a hook in the ceiling. "When did you install that?" she asked, but before she could finish he overpowered her again with another deep and seductive kiss. With her back against the wall and her arms tied above her head, she could do nothing. He hated to do it, it was his favorite dress and it clung so well to her body. He grabbed the neckline and ripped the dress in half exposing her nice buxom chest. She gasped in disbelief.

"What are you doing?" she said angrily.

But he then attacked her with another deep kiss as his hand slid a powerful vibrator deep into her clit. He then pulled her panties up tight holding the vibrator snug against her clit. With the vibrator now quickly at work, he left the room and returned with his largest hunting knife. He put it up to her neck and slowly traced a line to front of her bra, making sure not to cut her. With three quick swipes her bra fell to the floor her breasts now hung free to the open air. Next he sat down on the floor and slowly slid off her thigh high stockings, as he did he continually kissed down her legs until her stockings and heels were off. With her heels off she could barely touch the floor with her toes. Now she was all his.

He walked around behind her and took a bottle of baby oil and poured a little on each shoulder and watched closely as it trickled down her buxom chest and came to rest at each nipple. He took his hands and started to massage it all in, slowly and deeply. More and more oil was laid on her body as he massaged her whole. Her arms, her legs, back and chest, slowly all began to glow from the glare of the baby oil. She was in heaven a deep penetrating oil massage over her entire hourglass figure. The vibrator was now cutting deep into her clit and her body was beginning to shudder. The baby oil made her body heat up and she began to perspire, but with her body covered in oil, her droplets just ran down her breasts and jumped to the floor as they used her nipples like a diving board. Her panties where saturated with her own personal juices.

"Are you ready now, my sweet?" Jeff asked her.

Katie answered thinking he was asking her if she was ready to be taken. A quick and decisive "Yes!" responded out of her mouth.

With that he bent down and slowly slid off her saturated white satin panties. "Are you sure, my sweet?" he asked again.

"Please God, Yes, Take me", she quickly answered.

"Good!" He said.

With that he gave her a deep passionate kiss, his hands wadding up her soaken panties in his hands making sure that they were turned inside out with her juices exposed. As he finished his kiss and she was gasping for air, he quickly stuffed her mouth with those wonderful panties. Her eyes widened in horror. 'What are you doing?' her eyes said to him. He just smiled and went upon his business. He unraveled a piece of nice thick gray duct tape and placed it over her panty stuffed mouth, making sure the panties stayed in place. Then reaching up, he made sure the vibrator was deep into her clit before he bent down and placed her ankles together.

Reaching over to the side he pulled out a nice roll of saran wrap and started at her ankles. Slowly and tightly he wrapped her body. The farther up he went the tighter he pulled it. Around her thighs, her legs were so compressed that she could feel the vibrator intensely on her clit and now on her inner thighs. Her buxom chest was now compressed against her chest so much so that it looked like they would burst. He stopped just above her breast and below her armpits. She was screaming through her gag and into her arms that were still tied above her heard. She was now coming into her fourth orgasm and wanted out.

Now he pulled out a few more rolls of duct tape and again started to wrap her body. He continued with the duct tape until he reached the end of his saran wrap just above her chest. She now glistened of duct tape from her armpits down. "Don't worry dear I am almost finished", he smiled, "After all this is my birthday and you said you'd do anything."

With that he cut her hands down from the ceiling and placed them behind her back. With her wrists tied together he started wrapping with saran wrap her arms together. After they were nice and secure, he pulled out the duct tape and wrapped her arms totally against her body. This time he duct taped right up to the base of her neck.

He picked her up and carried her into the garage and placed her on the floor. As she looked over she could see a big pine box about the size of a coffin. He opened the box and she saw him fiddle with something inside. He came back and picked her up and placed her inside the box. After he laid her down, he strapped her down using straps attached to the bottom of the crate. One strap tightly across her shins, another at her thighs, her stomach, and right above her chest and finally he pulled a board out with a half moon cut out from it. It was a tight fit, but he slid it down right where her neck was and it separated her head from the rest of her body. She looked up at him in terror.

"You see my lovely wife, I have been a little bored with you over the past couple of years. I finally decided I'd do something about it. I have been talking to a guy over the internet that was in the same position I was. We decided that we would exchange wives. Right now at this moment he is doing the same thing with his wife. Within a couple of hours Airborne Express will be here to pick this crate up and it will be delivered tomorrow morning to this gentleman in Russia. I hope that you have fun with your new life. I understand from the pictures that I've seen that he has a pretty extensive dungeon. I just have one more finishing touch and then you are ready to go."

With that he pulled out a vacuum type machine and started shooting in some kind of liquid into the half with her body in it. "In a few minutes my dear this liquid will harden and your body will be completely sealed into the box so that it won't move. I hope that you enjoy your trip. I will miss you."

And with that said he slowly closed the lid of the crate and locked it shut as she slipped into what must have been her 15th orgasm in the past four hours.


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