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Katie's Capture

by Tina

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© Copyright 2010 - Tina - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; kidnap; bond; latex; suit; gag; wrap; tape; cocoon; breathplay; electro; torment; toys; nc; XX

Katie woke up from a very long sleep, and immediately knew that something was wrong. She was in a large room, with a single door. The floors and walls were all covered in a white padding; she could feel it underneath her, as her ass and back sank into it. It looked like one of the old padded cells she had heard of that they put extreme mental patients in when there was a fear they would hurt themselves. There was something skin tight all over her amazing body, clinging to every crevice like a second skin. She looked down, and could see that every inch of her was sealed into some sort of skintight rubber suit; mostly clear with only a tinge of bronze to indicate it was there. Her huge breasts strained mightily against the rubber that coated them like it was painted on.

She could see that under the rubber skin, there were thin bands around the base of each of her tits, squeezing just tight enough to force her breasts to balloon outward even more into their rubber prison. She brought her hands up to see if there was any way to rip into the rubber encasement, and was horrified to see that each hand had been forced into a tight, immobile fist, and into the ends of the sleeves of the rubber suit. The rubber from the wrists down was several times thicker and stiffer than over the rest of her body, not allowing any movement in her clenched fingers.

"What the fuck is this?" She said aloud.

She brought her fists to her face and stared at them, trying to figure out what to do. She could see her fingers, straining to open up, but the rubber prison they were in was too strong, and easily held them closed. She pulled herself up, to try to sit up, when she felt something move inside her. She looked down at her mid section and could clearly see that there was a wide belt tightly cinched around her waist under the rubber suit. From the middle of the waist cincher was a second belt that ran straight down her flat belly, directly over her sex, between her ass cheeks, to connect to the waist belt again at the small of her back.

The arrangement was holding something inside both her pussy and ass, and both items were gigantic. Every time she moved they pressed & shifted ominously inside her. The one in her pussy was bad, but she had never had anything shoved up her ass before, and whatever was in there, it felt like it was going to split her in two. Her useless rubber covered hand tried to rub at the belt around her waist. Without her fingers she could do nothing about it, and the belt and whatever was inside her remained hopelessly beyond her reach.

Very carefully, with as little movement as possible, she got to her rubber covered feet. The soft surface the room was difficult to walk in, especially with her trying to keep whatever was inside of her from shifting out even more. Gingerly she walked over to the door, and tested the handle. She was not surprised to find that it was securely locked. Frustrated she tried pounding her wrapped fists on the door, but the padding deadened the sound to almost nothing. 

"Is there someone out there?" She cried out.

She could hear the sound of panic seeping into her voice, and it sounded like she was about to cry. "Hello, help!" She cried out even louder. There was no response at all.

How long had she been in here?

The last thing she remembered was falling asleep on her couch, and then she had woken up here. She pounded the door ineffectually several more times, when a movement caught the corner of her eye. For a moment she thought it was someone else, then she realized that set into the corner of the room was a full-length mirror. The movement she had seen was herself, pounding on the door. She walked carefully towards her image, struck with how alien she looked. Her entire body was covered in the golden hued rubber except for her face, which was exposed from the bottom of her chin, to just on her eyebrows. Her breasts jutted out incredibly from the thin straps that dug into their base. She turned slightly to see if there was some sort of lacing or zipper, but the suit was completely featureless, without a bubble or fold in it. She stared closer at her head and realized with a lurch of horror that she had been shaved completely bald. She stopped with shock at herself, tears coming to her eyes.

She slammed her fist into the mirror, hoping to break it and possible get an edge to cut herself out of this perverted prison. Between her and the glass was a thin clear plastic sheet that easily withstood the beating of her fists. After a few minutes of helpless rage, she slid exhausted against the mirror, sobbing hopelessly. Sitting on her knees with her head resting against the mirror, crying freely. She spun her head around with a start when she heard the door behind her open. In walked a small, Asian looking woman, dressed head to toe in what looked to be black leather. She was carrying a medium sized suitcase that she set down on the floor beside her. The woman carefully closed the door behind her, and Katie noticed that she did not do anything to lock it. 

"Good evening Ms. Everet." She said with no hint of emotion. "I trust you like your new outfit?"

"What have you done to me?" Katie said, sniffing back some left over tears. 

"We spent a lot of time and effort getting that amazing body into that suit. You should be more grateful. After all, it’s going to protect your skin from the massive amounts of tape I am going to put on it."

"What? What are you going to do?" Kate asked, getting more worried. Tape on her? What did that mean?

"Oh, I am here to bind you properly. I decided that a nice tight application of multiple rolls of electrical tape would be a good way for you to spend your first night in bondage."

Katie backed up and pressed her back against the wall. "Please, just let me go." She said with a tremor in her voice.

For the first time, the other woman gave an indication of emotion, with a short, sharp laugh.

"Yes after going to all the effort of capturing you, and putting you in that seamless, permanent suit, I am just going to let you go." She sneered. " You really are not very smart are you?"

Katie did not reply to the insult. She was finally coming to terms with what happened with her. She had been kidnapped into this room, and put into some sort of sick fetish outfit. And now all that stood between her and her freedom was some small bitch woman. 

"I am going to give you a chance to get your freedom." The woman said, again without any inflection. She unzipped the suitcase, and pulled out a cell phone. She opened the clamshell, and displayed that it was working. "If you can get past me you can use this phone to call for help. The door is unlocked. It's right there for you."

The woman put the phone down on the ground right beside the doorway. She then reached back into the bag, and pulled out a dark red rubber ball, about the size of a tennis ball. It had several evil looking black straps and silver buckles coming from it. 

"The first thing I am going to do, my little captive, is gag you with this. You will hate it, and fight it with everything you can, but you will be gagged, and there is nothing you can do about it." 

Katie looked bewildered at the smaller woman. She was going to force that ball in her mouth? By herself? Katie almost laughed at the absurdity of it. The woman was several inches shorter, and certainly not big enough to intimidate Katie. The woman slipped the gag by its strap under her belt, and beckoned Katie to come at her.

Katie slowly moved towards the door, ready to lash out if that little bitch approached her with that ball. No matter what she was not going to have that thing put in her mouth. When she got to within a couple of meters of her, the other woman moved to Katie’s side. Katie lunged out with her right fist, the rubber binding actually helping here, giving her a deadly club to attack with. The other woman was much faster though, and stepped under the punch, grabbing Katie’s right arm with both her hands, at the elbow and wrist. She then pulled the arm hard across Katie’s chin, until her wrist was pulled behind Katie’s neck. Using Katie’s own arm as leverage, the other woman launched herself into the air, and locked her legs around Katie’s slender waist.

Katie lost her balance and fell to the ground. With her right arm locked around her neck, she could not break her fall, and fell with a gasp of expelled air onto her stomach. The attacking woman was also on the padded ground, on her back, her legs locked securely around Katie’s waist and already flexing amazingly powerful muscles. She still held onto Katie’s wrist, and Katie was choking from her own arm cutting off her air supply. The woman then used both hands on Katie’s pinned wrist, to pull hard. Katie could not fight back at all, her left arm was on the other side of her body, she could not get her legs under her to get up, and her right arm was being used to choke the life out of her.

"Okay Katie, here is what we are going to do next. You are going to fold those delicious legs up to your amazing ass. Crossed at the ankles. If you don’t, I am going to continue to cut off the flow of blood to your brain. You will eventually lose consciousness, and I can assure you it’s a very unpleasant experience. Now get those feet up here right on those ass cheeks."

Katie hesitated for a moment, but the woman was right, it was very unpleasant having the blood to her brain being cut off. She did as she was told, folding her rubber clad feet onto her rubber-covered ass, crossed at the ankles, left one over the right. The woman kept hold of Katie’s pinioned right wrist with her left hand, then reached down with her right hand and grabbed Katie’s left ankle. She pulled up hard on the ankle, forcing the right leg to smash into her ass. She could not pull that leg free, so she was effectively held completely still except for the flailing, useless left arm.

Before Katie could react, the woman unlocked her legs from around Katie’s waist, pulled herself around and at the same moment, released her hold on Katie’s ankle, while sitting down with her full weight on the legs on her ass pinning them there. Her left hand still held onto Katie’s right wrist, but the angle had removed some of the pressure, and Katie felt the blood and air flow a bit more freely now. Her legs were still effectively held though, simply from the other woman’s weight. Katie made a valiant attempt to get them free, but the angles made it impossible to gain any leverage.

The woman was now on Katie’s legs, which were folded on top of her ass. She held Katie’s right hand behind Katie’s neck, while her own right arm wrapped around her through. The woman positioned herself so her feet where almost up to Katie’s shoulder level, and deftly caught Katie’s left arm with her left foot, and pinned it next to Katie’s waist at the elbow. Finally the attacking woman pulled Katie’s arm from around her neck, and dragged it down her right side, then using her leg to pin it to Katie’s side. The woman then had both hands free, while Katie was completely helpless. The attacker then simply reached around Kate’s rubber clad forehead, and pulled her head straight back. So now Katie was lying on her stomach, her legs folded up with her heels on her ass, her arms wrapped in the other girls legs, and her head being pulled straight back towards her pinioned legs. 

"Stop, please stop." Katie cried out helplessly. She made another hopeless attempt to kick her legs free, but she just could not slip them out. 

"I will let you out of this hold, as soon as that mouth of yours is filled up with this ball, and you look like a pig for dinner." The woman calmly explained. She had released one hand from the hold around her forehead, and grabbed the ball gag from around her waist. She displayed it right in front of Katie’s firmly closed mouth. 

"Open up, bitch, you are about to be gagged."

To add emphasis, she ratcheted back the pressure on Katie’s neck a bit more, leaning a bit more on her pinned legs. The ball was pressed up against Katie’s mouth and more and more pressure was being put on her head, neck, back and legs. She could not take the pain any longer, and her mouth opened up just a bit. The ball immediately pressed into the open space, and jammed her teeth farther apart. Kate groaned, and bucked even harder, but the ball kept sliding into her unwilling mouth and there was nothing she could do about it. Finally her jaws were forced open just wide enough to let the ball finally slide into her poor mouth.

She screamed in anguish as this happened, her struggling growing even more frenzied but there was nothing that worked, the ball held her scream to a muffled mew. Her arms and legs remained pinned and entangled in whatever weird, sick wrestling hold the bitch had put on her. As soon as the ball settled in her mouth, the woman began to quickly pull the straps around Katie’s rubber covered head, buckling one strap tightly behind her head, sealing the ball inside. Other straps ran off this, from the corners of her mouth, over her head, and also locking behind her head. Another strap ran under her jaw, and over the top of her head.

After first attaching all these straps, the woman then carefully went back over them, taking up any potential slack, and tightening the whole arrangement as far as it could go. The ball was now perfectly sealed in Katie’s large mouth, filling all possible space with inflexible hard rubber. Katie groaned as the woman finally released her head, satisfied that the gag was in as far as it could go.

"That was pathetic, Ms. Everet." The woman teased her. "Do you like being tied up? Are you some sick submissive who gets off of being dominated by women?" 

Katie could only answer with more groans, and useless attempts to extricate her legs and arms from the pretzel the woman held them in. 

"What I have decided to do with you, for your first night here, is to mummify you. Cover you from head to toe in rubber, electrical tape. Take away your every movement, with the tape contracting and crushing you all night. It’s not going to be very fun for you, because I like to do a modified mummy. You wont be stretched out with your arms crossed in front of you, in a peaceful state. You are going to be wrapped up in a very uncomfortable way, with your arms fused together behind your back, with your legs curled up much like I have them now. With your feet forced to the tightest of en Pointe positions by roll after roll of black electrical tape. Then after all that, I am going to take particular delight in very slowly wrapping your head. I can only imagine the terror in those big blue eyes, as tape slowly works its way up to them, to plunge you into darkness you cannot escape unless I decide that you have had enough. Who knows, I may decide that it’s too much trouble to unwrap you, and leave you like that forever?"

Katie was horrified. Mummified with electrical tape? It was like something from a horror movie, except no Jason or Freddy would take their time like this. 

"Now lets get started. I guess its best if we take away your arms first. Once I get them properly wrapped that will pretty much end any tiny chance at getting out of here. Ever."

The woman spun off Katies pinned legs, using the slickness of Katies skin tight rubber suit to slide her own pelvis on an axis, so she was quickly facing the other direction, looking towards Katies flailing legs now, rather than her head. She slid her ass backwards, looping her muscular calves under Katies chin. She locked her legs together, and quickly tightened down, choking Katie.

"You try to get up, Ms. Everet, and I flex my thighs on your neck." The woman had a note of humor in her voice.

Katies face and nose were jammed into the soft padding by the womans ass, and true to her word, as soon as Katie tried to pull her legs up to get some leverage, those amazingly muscular thighs contracted with brutal efficiency. The woman leaned all the way backwards, driving Katies gagged face straight into the padding. With deft agility she grabbed the handle of her little bondage suitcase and drug it over next to their bodies. She reached in, and pulled out one of dozens of large rolls of two inch wide jet-black electrical tape. She got the roll started then grabbed Katie’s left arm by the elbow, and expertly applied a couple of wraps, right at the joint. She grabbed Katie’s right elbow, and after a few seconds of struggling looped a couple of lengths of tape around it, fusing the left elbow to the right.

"Imagine my delight, when I checked while you were unconscious if your elbows could touch behind your back, finding out how amazingly flexible you are." The woman said. "Now we can see just how far back those shoulders of yours can reach. Isn’t this fun?"

Of course it was anything but fun for Katie. Her shoulders were screaming in agony from being pulled back so unnaturally, and the bitch woman’s legs around her neck and massive ball in her mouth were making it impossible to breath properly. She kicked her legs out helplessly, groaning in humiliation, pain and anger over being so easily overpowered by the smaller woman. Her attacker didn’t seem to care about any of this, and after multiple wraps around Katie’s bound elbows, finally stood up finally giving Katie a chance to get enough oxygen to her hungry lungs. 

"Don’t try to get up Ms. Everet." The woman said. "If you do I will only take you down again, and this time I will make it really hurt." Katie tried to roll over, to get off her stomach, but the woman pushed her back onto her face with a well-placed foot. She pressed the leather-clad instep of her right foot into the back of Katie’s neck, jamming her once again into the padding. 

"I think I told you to not get up." She said, a little menace to her voice. "I’m afraid I don’t give second chances. I was going to make your upcoming bondage hard, but now I think I am going to wrap you up so tightly you won't be able to flex a muscle."

She sat back down on Katie’s amazing ass, and lifted her bound arms off her back a little, and began to tightly mummify them. It was a time consuming process, with each wrap perfectly lined up halfway up the previous one. Every single wrap of tape was pulled with as much tension as possible without breaking it, and as the wraps laid down on each other, the elastic nature of the electrical tape contracted brutally on Katie’s arms. For twenty minutes the woman wrapped downwards from the elbows to Katie’s rubber covered hands. Then over the fists, further crushing them in a tight rubber embrace, then slowly back up the arms again, doubling up the cocoon that her forearm, wrists, hands and elbows were already in. Then she worked more tape up the biceps until the shoulder socket, and finally back down to the elbows again. It was incredibly tight, and contracting all up and down the length all the time. Katie kicked and moaned, but was helpless to stop the bondage from happening. Finally the woman cut off the tape from the roll, just as a final sixth wrap over the elbows finished.

"That’s it Ms. Everett, you are doomed now. Once I got these hands bound, any chance at a miracle escape was lost to you. Its just going to take a while to get you bound up to my satisfaction, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are completely and utterly helpless to stop me from doing anything I want to do to you." 

Katie ignored the taunting. She simple looked off to the side of the room, feeling drool from her mouth seep past the edges of the ball-gag, and drip onto the floor. She shut her eyes tightly, trying to force the tears back, to not give the sick cunt holding her down the satisfaction of seeing her total defeat. Her arms were completely useless to her now, and she knew it. There was not a millimeter of give or slack all the way from top to bottom. All the while she could feel the tape straining to pull her arms impossibly even closer together. The woman played around with Katie’s arms for a while, lifting them off her back, seeing how high she could get them, rubbing her hands up and down their now single length with loving sexuality. Katie didn’t bother to fight back at all now; the feeling of sheer helplessness was so overwhelming.

She did try to stop the woman any chance she could get, but it was too late now. After playing with her arms a little longer, the woman then turned her attentions to Katie’s long rubber encased legs. After a few minutes of fighting, the woman was able to force Katie’s right heel snug against her ass, and a few turns of tape later, her leg was bound that way for good. It took even less effort for the other leg to be so trapped, and in a few minutes, Katie found herself sitting on her heels. Thighs wrapped to ankles, arms forced together behind her back, and massive rubber ball crammed in her aching, drooling mouth. The woman took special delight in playing with Katie’s distended rubber encased tits. With her arms pulled so far behind her, and the thin straps wrapping around the base of each gigantic boob, her chest stood out incredibly. 

"I think you may have the nicest tits I have ever seen." The woman purred as she caressed them in their rubber prison. "They are so nice, that you are going to get a little treat in your upcoming bondage. I am not going to wrap them at all. Of course every other inch of you is going to be in total, black mummification, but I think we can safely let these amazing breasts stand out on their own. Is that okay with you?" 

Katie’s only answer was a groan of humiliation, as another stream of drool escaped her gagged mouth, landing smack on the top of her right breast. The woman watched this happen with obvious enjoyment, and rubbed the spit around the tight rubber orbs, creating squeaking sounds from the latex. 

"Well enough of that." The woman finally said, giving the encased breasts one final caress. "Lets see how you look in a lot more black."

It took well over an hour for the next series of wrappings to happen. First the woman wrapped each leg from ankle and thigh to the tip of the knee, and then did it again. Finally she forced the now mummified legs together and wrapped them into a single unit, increasing the incredible tightness of the tape even more. She continued the cocooning all the way up to the middle of Katie’s slender waist, every turn adding another black layer to her prison. She then forced Katie’s cocooned legs straight down, so that Katie’s body formed a straight line from head to knees. She then brutally forced Katie’s small feet straight up her back, so they laid flat, with the souls of her feet arching over her tape and rubber covered butt, and her toes pressed against the small of her back. Wrap after wrap was added to the bondage, each one forcing her feet flatter and flatter against her back. It was agony to maintain the position, and Katie’s muscles flexed and twisted, looking for any relief, but the tape was too strong, and resisted her every movement.

When her entire lower body had been completely mummified, the woman once again began wrapping at her waist. It was here that she pulled her tightest, over and over again, using the tape as some sort of sick sadistic corset. Every wrap of the tape was pulled taut, and then when applied to Katie’s shrinking waist, it contracted squeezing more and more. Katie’s already labored breathing was getting harder and harder to do, as the tape contracted the diaphragm. Higher and higher the tape wrappings got, until they finally reached the base of those amazing tits that the woman was so fond of.

True to her word, she left them mostly uncovered, but she did wrap tightly all around them. Above and below the breasts, then between them, over and over again. Katie could just watch in horror as slowly but surely any part of rubber covered skin disappeared to be replaced by the hated, endless wrappings of black, unyielding tape. Finally after many more wraps, the shoulders were encased in the black horror, and the woman stopped for a minute. From the base of Katie’s throat, to the ends of her knees was now one featureless black surface, except of course for her breasts, each peeking out through a hole in the cocoon. 

The woman then pressed Katie’s bound arms as hard as she could to her wrapped body, and began applying another long wrapping session. Katie’s bound fists were taped to her pointed wrapped feet, her elbows fused to the small of her back, her upper arms becoming encased with her back. More and more wrappings, up and down the body followed. Katie was completely without meaningful movement now, except for her tear streaked head and neck. 

"Will she ever stop?" Katie asked herself. Every time it seemed that she had reached a point where she should be finished, when Katie thought that another wrap would do nothing to add to her inescapable bondage, the woman would start wrapping again. And despite Katie’s assumptions that more tape would not matter, each wrapping further, somehow, made her dense prison even tighter. 

Finally, the woman snipped off a final length of tape at Katie’s shoulder, making sure to take a while to smooth it in perfectly. She did not like seeing even a hint of an end to the tape. She then dragged the helpless form over to the mirror, and stood Katie upright on her bound knees. Her body, because of the way her arms and legs were taped to it, had no flex in it at all. She could not twist her waist or bend her back in the slightest. She was balanced on her knees in front of the mirror, with the woman easily holding her there.

"Don’t you look incredible, Ms. Everett." She said. "That is perfect mummification if I do say so myself." She spun Katie around on her knees like a child’s toy. Showing off her handiwork, despite Katie obviously not being impressed with it.

"Okay, well we need to get a proper gag in you, and finish this up now." The woman explained matter of factly.

"Proper gag??" Katie thought to herself. What could possibly be worse than the massive ball that her full lips were stretched about now? 

The woman simply let Katie go, and she fell with a heavily muffled thump onto her side. The woman went over to her bag where all the tape was, pulled out four more rolls of the insidious black material, a large water bottle with a straw and two other objects, then walked back over to Katie’s prone form. She showed Katie the two new devices.

"This thing here is a very thin, but very strong neck brace. It’s designed to keep a proper girls head up right, but I am going to use it on you, to prevent any choking from this tape. No matter how lightly I apply it, it’s going to contract, and we don’t want you escaping from me that easily do we?"

The woman showed Kate a tapered length of black plastic. It had tiny hinges on one side, and a ratcheting locking system on the other. She opened it wide, and slid it around Katie’s delicate neck. She then closed it so the hinges were in the front, and the locking device was in the back. It clicked close like handcuffs, closing tighter and tighter. It forced Katie’s chin up and her head slightly back. It was tight, but not so much that it choked her. It was also amazingly thin, perhaps a millimeter thick. It flowed over her graceful neck like it had been poured onto her. Katie found that she could no longer move her head from side to side or up and down much at all. Four or five millimeters in any direction. The woman reached behind Katie’s head, and unbuckled the multiple straps holding the gag in her mouth. Just as she was about to pull it out of her mouth she gave Katie a little warning.

"If you scream and cry too much, I will make sure that your next gagging is ten times worse. You can’t stop me from doing anything I want to you, so you would be best served to not piss me off too much. You can’t imagine what I could do to those tits, for instance. And I very much want to do things to them that you will find highly painful and unpleasant. So don’t give me an excuse to start on them." 

Katie didn’t try to answer, as her mouth was still full, and she could not move her head enough to nod. Finally the ball was pulled out of her distended mouth, with a stream full of drool following it. Katie gasped and coughed, working her jaws around to get some of the cramping to relieve. She did not say anything though. Mindful of the very real threat she had received. The woman pushed the straw to the water bottle into Katie’s mouth.

"Drink, as much as you can. Its will be hours until I possibly let you go, and you will need the water and salt in this." Katie complied; greedily sucking up what tasted like some sort of sports drink until there was no more. 

"Okay, Ms. Everett, let me explain the gagging you are about to receive. What was in your mouth before is called, in the bondage and discipline world, a head harness ball gag. Its one of my favorites for the way your mouth wraps around it, and how keeps you fairly quiet. However what I am about to apply to you is far more effective, if not quite as sexy. However since your pretty little head and mouth are about to be under about three hundred meters of electrical tape, appearances are not as important, but functionality is."

She then showed Katie the final object she had taken from the suitcase. It had the same harness system on it that the other ball gag had, but instead of a ball, there was a limp rubber mass, attached to a hose with a small hand pump, exactly like the ones doctors use to take blood pressure. 

"This is a pump gag. It’s the best gag imaginable, except for custom rubber or plastic molds that fit everything by design. This little flaccid fellow," She played with the rubbery mass. "It goes in that delicious mouth. Then we pull all these straps and buckles all over that lovely face. Then we pump this little ball here." She gave the ball a quick squeeze. The rubber mass jumped to life, growing before Katie’s stunned eyes. "Then after we can’t fit any more air in, we take off the pump, and you are good and well gagged. Just be thankful I am going to use air, because if I wanted I could pump anything in there. Heavy oil, hot wax, even quick setting concrete. Before too long you will experience all those, and much worse. But for now, lets just pump you up with good old air."

"Please don’t do this. I am begging you. What do you want from me? I will do anything you say. I mean it, anything you want, I will do. Just let me go." Katie was getting slightly hysterical now, unable to accept what was about to happen. She bucked and twisted as much as the tape prison would allow, but she was as helpless as an infant now, unable to move at all. 

"What I am doing to you, is exactly what I want, Ms. Everett." The woman calmly explained. "To bind you, and abuse you, and gag you, and deprive you of any movement or sensation at all. To make you as helpless as humanly possible, with no hope of escape. That is what I want. And that is all you are going to do for the rest of your miserable, bondage life." 

The woman then shoved the rubber mass into Katie’s unwilling mouth. There really was not anything she could do to stop her. The straps took their now familiar path around her face, under her chin, and over her head. Then the bulb was held right in front of Katie’s tear filled eyes and squeezed once.

"Gowd noo" Katie screamed, as the mass began to fill. Every pump of the bulb led to the mass getting bigger and bigger, and Katie’s yells turned to muffled mews, then grunts, and finally panicked humming. Still the pumping continued, and the mass grew bigger. It forced her jaws wider and wider. Her cheeks puffed out, jamming into the gag straps that crossed them. Her jaw could not open any more because of the strap under her chin, but still the bitch kept pumping. The gag filled ever corner, every crevice of her painfully, fully distended mouth. With one last flourish, the woman pumped one more time, and then unscrewed the tube from the front of the gag. 

"How is that Katie? Do you appreciate how effective it is compared to the ball gag?" Katie did appreciate it, even though she could not demonstrate her hatred for this new device. 

"Here is the best feature of this particular gag." The woman said. She then reached out with one hand, and plugged Katie’s snorting nostrils with her thumb and forefinger, preventing her from breathing. Katie panicked, and tried to breath in through her mouth. To her amazement, she could feel air coming through the center of the gag, and into her lungs. 

"There is a very small air tube running through the center of the gag." The woman explained. "Its not easy to get enough air through there, but if you don’t exert yourself too much, and concentrate on taking long breaths, you can just get enough. You are going to need that because when I wrap your head, the nose goes too. Sorry babe." 

Katie wanted to scream, to cry, to do something, but it was all she could do to breath. Slowly in, slowly out. The woman then released Katie’s nostrils, and Katie sucked in a full breath again through them.

"Enjoy that while you can. Because now comes the really bad part." The woman said with a grin. She then pulled up the first roll of take and began wrapping it around Katie’s plastic protected neck. 

Much like the mummification of the body, the woman took her time with every wrap, making sure that the tension was at its highest as each layer was laid down. Up the neck the roll came, then when she reached the chin, she began wrapping from under the chin to over her head. This had the effect of clamping Katie’s poor jaws down harder on the inflexible gag. Around and around the wrapping went, with each turn Katie could see the tape unspooling inches from her face. When her chin was completely encase, the wrapping began again in the more traditional style. Over the mass of the gag in her mouth, carefully avoiding the tiny air tube, and also the screw point where the bulb would attach. Then over her upper lip.... up to the bottom of her nose.

The woman walked over to the bag at this point, and brought over what looked like white clay. She broke off a small piece, and shaped it in her hand, then shoved it up Katie’s left nostril. It filled it completely. She did the same thing to the other nostril, closing it off as well. Katie desperately sucked in air through her tiny straw, an almost imperceptible whistle accompanying each desperate breath. 

"That’s just a compound like silly putty my dear. It’s a bit stickier though, and will never dry out. Works pretty well doesn’t it?" The woman explained.

Over Katie’s now plugged nose the wrappings continued, until just below Katie’s panic and tear filled eyes. The woman skipped over them for the moment, and finished off the mummification to the top of her head. Now the only parts of Katie that showed, were her massive tits, and her deep blue, pleading eyes.

"I bet that you get the most compliments about those tits, and those eyes." The woman said. "Its ironic that is all you have now, the rest of what makes Katie Everett is a taped up human worm."

The woman broke off another piece of the white sticky putty, and very carefully put it over Katie’s left eye. She pushed it into the socket, covering every bit of it. 

"I don’t want your tears getting through and affecting the wrapping any. I could put another rubber mask on you, but I prefer watching as I take away your last bit of freedom." The woman snipped off small bits of tape, and applied them to the putty covered eye, melding it with the rest of the cocooning. She then slid Katie around, on her side, so her remaining eye was looking straight at the mirror.

"You see what you look like now?" The woman asked. "That is the last image I want you to have before I finish taping you up. Look at those tits, sitting out there like a whore. Look at that body, so tightly packaged."

She then began molding the last piece of putty in her hands.

"Goodbye Ms. Everett. I might come back in several hours and play with you some more, or I might just decide that you should be buried alive like this, as befitting the perfect mummy." She then shoved the last putty over Katie’s fear stricken right eye. More tape held it in place, and then more whole head wrappings followed. Up to the top of the head, then all the way back down to the bottom of the neck, then back up again, carefully laying layer after layer over the poor girls head. 

Finally, it was done. Katie was unrecognizable as a person, except for the rubber-covered tits that made golden hued mountains on her body of jet black. 

The woman walked one more time back to the suitcase, and pulled out a small remote control. She then sat down right next to Kate, pulling her featureless, rubber-taped head onto her lap.

"I have one more surprise for you, Ms Everett." She said, her voice much louder now. She knew that all that tape and rubber would make it very difficult for Katie to hear her. "Those big plugs in your ass and cunt? They are not just dildos. They are fully functioning vibrators and electric prods. Let me show you how they work"

The woman flicked on a switch on the device, then turned a knob. Katie felt her world explode inside her. Electric shocks filled her pussy and ass; this was followed by the dildos in her lurching to life, humming against her clitoris, creating vibrations through her entire mid section.

"They are designed on a program, to shock you, then caress you, then shock you again. It’s all random, and the batteries in them will last well over twenty-four hours. I am going to put the control right on the doorknob. All you have to do is make your way over there, and turn it off. Otherwise, well enjoy it for as long as I want to keep you in there."

Katie screamed into her gag, unable to take this latest horror being inflicted on her. The woman gently put Katie’s head back on the ground, marveling at how the once beautiful young woman now looked like a featureless sculpture made out of black rubber. One more final caress on the rubber covered tits, and the woman got up, grabbed the suitcase, and true again to her word, hung the remote control to the door handle by a little strap. 

"Goodbye Ms. Everett. If the next thing you feel is you being placed in a tiny box, remember its because we could find no more use for you, and you are about to be buried far under ground. Think about that as your lay here for hours, alone, without another living soul knowing what is happening to you."

"Oh I forgot to tell you. Your drink was loaded with a couple of major league amphetamines. You will be feeling everything in a very heightened manner, and you will be incapable of losing consciousness."

The woman then turned off the lights, and left the room, closing and locking the big well-padded door behind her.

Katie Everett was trapped in the most horrific, tight bondage imaginable. She could not see, or move, or even make a sound beyond soft moans deep in her chest. The vibrators inside her were alternating between horrible shocks, and then forcing her unwilling clitoris to spring to life. 

Was she never going to be released? Would the woman really put her in a box and bury her alive? 

Another shock.... more panicked, frenzied and hopeless struggling. 

Why her? What had she done? 

More questions as tape continued to tighten, and the vibrators continued their torture.

Katie screamed again in her helplessness. No one in the world heard.



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