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Keeping It In

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2006 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF+/m; FF+; bond; gag; cockring; wrap; tape; cocoon; pole; captive; les; oral; sex; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X


Brian Ames woke slowly. He couldn’t believe how good he felt. Last night, Angie, his girlfriend, had treated him to lovemaking like he’d never known before. This morning, he felt like a million. Slowly, reluctantly, he opened his eyes and moved to rise from the bed.

“Mmmm? Mmmfff! Nnnnmmmmfffff!”

Something was wrong! Not only couldn’t he move, but he could make no sound other than muffled grunts. As the sleep cleared from his eyes, they widened in realization of his situation.

He was, he found, lying naked in the center of the bed. Leather cuffs bound his ankles together. His arms were stretched over his head, more cuffs securing his wrists to the headboard. Something that felt terribly like the end of a rubber penis was shoved into his mouth, the feel of straps around his head letting him know it wasn’t coming out any time soon. Briefly, he struggled, then subsided as his girlfriend entered the room.

Angie. Even in his current state, he could feel himself grow aroused at the sight of her. As she approached the bed, he marveled at how her large, full breasts bobbed with each flowing step. Smiling, she settled onto the bed, the skin of her hip brushing against his leg.

“Comfortable, lover?” she asked, reaching down to lightly brush his cock. It stiffened under her touch. Still smiling, she bent and took him into her mouth, teasing him with tongue and teeth until he could feel the first faint pulses of an impending orgasm. Brian thrust upward, anticipating the coming release. Instead, Angie straightened, leaving him straining against nothing.

“Not yet, tiger,” she purred, reaching for something beside the bed. “We’ve got a lot to look forward to, and I don’t want it to end too soon.” As Brian writhed in frustration, she quickly slipped what looked like a rubber ring over his cock, letting it snap painfully tight at the base.

“There,” she said with satisfaction. “That, lover is called a cock ring. It will keep you hard for a very long time. You won’t be able to come, unfortunately, but you’ll get your chance. Maybe.”

Brian pulled against his bonds, then relaxed as they defeated his best efforts. Obviously, Angie had something very kinky in mind, and he could only await the no doubt fantastic end of her scheme.

Reaching again beside the bed, Angie deposited a large bag onto the mattress. She reached inside and withdrew a roll of what looked like thin, rubber tape. Lovingly, she wrapped each toe with the tape. When she was done, she pressed his toes together. He was surprised when they stuck together. He watched with growing unease as she once again dipped into the bag. The roll of tape she withdrew this time was wider, but the same shiny white as what she’d used on his toes.

Setting the tape aside, she straddled him. Briefly, she rubbed against him, and he groaned as he felt her wet pussy slide along the length of his cock. He raised his hips instinctively, and Angie quickly slid some pillows under his ass. As he pondered the reason for this, she slipped off of him and took up the wider tape. The pillows, he realized, held his thighs off the mattress, making it possible for her to pass the tape beneath him.

Slowly, she began to wrap his thighs together. For the first few turns, the backs of her hands brushed his straining cock, milking moans from his gagged mouth. Slowly, with loving care, she wrapped his legs down to the knees. Next, she knelt beside his legs, lifting his bound ankles to rest on her shoulder, and wrapped his lower legs down to the edges of the cuffs. When she then removed the cuffs, the wrap fusing his legs together allowed her to easily continue until even his feet were wrapped together.

As Angie lowered his legs, Brian gazed at himself. From upper thigh to the tips of his toes, his legs were now fused together in one column of shiny white. Every muscle was clearly outlined. He strained, but there was absolutely no give in the tape.

“Don’t worry, lover,” she cooed, smiling at the hint of fear she began to see in his eyes. “I promise you, when I remove that cock ring, you’re going to cum like never before.” Only slightly mollified, he offered no resistance as she wrapped his fingers, then pressed them together. Next were his arms, wrapped from shoulder to wrist.

Angie’s next move surprised him. Reaching behind the headboard, she drew back holding a rod with a cable attached. The cable stretched up to the ceiling, where a pulley had been mounted, then out of sight in the direction of the bedroom door. Deftly, she released each wrist, only to attach the cuff to a ring at one end of the rod. Rising, she moved to the end of the bed, where she lifted what looked like a control box. Smiling, she thumbed a button.

An electric motor sounded from near the door, and the rod slowly rose, drawing Brian with it. By the time she released the button, Brian swung above the center of the bed, his wrapped toes just missing the mattress.

Now a change seemed to come over Angie as she eyed his dangling form. Gone were the soft smiles; the one that replaced them was cold and hard.

“Now that I have you where I want you,” she said coldly, “I think it only fair to explain what’s about to happen. Actually, I’m doing you a favor. It seems you can’t keep your dick in your pants, lover. Well, I’m going to see to it you never have to worry about that again.”

Stunned, Brian shook his head in denial. “Don’t bother lying about it, Brian. You’ve been hitting on my friends ever since we met. Didn’t you find it curious that, just in the past month, you’ve scored with each of them?”

Stepping back, she opened the bedroom door. To Brian’s stunned amazement, in walked, Jenny, Brenda, Sue and Marcy, Angie’s best friends. He had, indeed, slept with each of them.

“You see,” Angie explained, as her friends stripped and stepped onto the bed around him, “they told me what you were up to. I kept hoping you’d stop, but you just couldn’t resist the urge to try and seduce them. So I told them to let you. They helped me prove how you really are, and now they’re going to help me deal with the problem.”

As Angie spoke, Brenda, standing in front of Brian, reached down and stroked his cock. Then she produced a roll of tape. Pressing the end to his armpit, she passed the roll to Sue, on his right. With Marcy behind him and Jenny to his left, the four women passed the roll around him, wrapping him from armpit to thigh. Now only his cock remained unwrapped below his shoulders.

Angie thumbed another button, and the rod slowly descended until Brian’s feet were firmly on the bed. Sue and Jenny reached for his cuffed wrists. Brian cherished faint hopes of struggling when they released his arms, but froze when Brenda sank to her knees and took him into her mouth.

“One hint of a struggle,” Angie informed him, “and she’ll bite it off.”

Terrified, Brian offered no resistance as his arms were released, then pulled down and wrapped securely to his sides.

“One final step,” Angie stated, handing a final roll of tape to Brenda. Rising, Brenda placed a kiss on his gag, then the women quickly and tightly wrapped his head, leaving only his eyes and nostrils uncovered. Lowering him from the bed, they carried him to the kitchen, where a thin but sturdy metal pole rose to the ceiling from the end of the breakfast bar. Brian was propped against the bar and wrapped to the pole.

“Eventually,” Angie told him, “we’ll be inserting hoses for feeding and waste removal. For now, though, we’ve worked hard, and it’s time to play. Oh, did I forget to tell you that we’re all bi?”

Helpless, Brian could only watch as the five women sank to the floor in front of him. Their bodies writhed as they plied each other with fingers, lips and tongues. Occasionally, one would rise and impale herself on his helplessly straining cock, ride until she screamed out her orgasm, then submerge once more into the writhing mass of female flesh at his feet.

As their screams and moans gradually dwindled to sighs of sated exhaustion, Brian strained hopelessly against his bonds and considered the possibility that “Keeping It In” might have been a better idea.


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