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Kelly's New Life

by Kurai Kokoro

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© Copyright 2004 - Kurai Kokoro - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; capture; bond; bagged; wrap; couch; object; enclosure; susp; tape; breathplay; slaves; oral; climax; cons; X

She had a job, but the money she made from it didn't seem worth her while. She had a place to go home to, but it wasn't a home. It was a nearly empty room in a run-down apartment building, and that might be okay to live in, but this apartment had nothing to cheer her up. She had lost most everything she had in a fire. The police called it an accident, but she was sure her drunk parents that had done it. She wasn't home at the time and no bodies were found. She had a "boyfriend", but he was giving her money to keep herself off the streets, but not enough for anything else, and if she tried to get out of their relationship, she knew he would do something cruel. He was selfish, and he would probably plant drugs on her or in her car or apartment and then turn her in, or something like that. 

Kelly was worthless to most people, a deadbeat to others. Somehow she kept going. She excercised, looked at bondage videos and magazines, and played with the bondage gear in the "secret" backpack under her bed. This was the extent of her enjoyment in life. No, her boyfriend wasn't enjoyment. He was hopelessly lost in his own image. He barely even was affectionate with Kelly at all, he just liked having a girlfriend to be with for status with his friends. 

A new day arose and Kelly went through her morning routine of getting up, getting dressed, using the mirror and sink in the smelly bathroom of her apartment building to fix her hair and brush her teeth, and walking to work. Today however, as she walked through the same parking lot that she always walked through on her way to work, two pretty girls about her age walked out from around one of the many cars in the lot at this hour, and began to walk next to her. That wouldn't have been so strange but they were walking on either side of her. She almost didn't noticed since they came up from behind her while she was fumbling in her purse, and just as she looked over at one of the girls, the other one put her arm around her and told her she had a knife in her back, pushing the point into her side to stress her seriousness. The two girls began making idle conversation to Kelly and each other to look friendly to anyone who might be watching. 

The girl on her left with the knife told her to cooperate, for her own good. "Michelle has a knife too," she said nodding at the girl on their right. They led Kelly over to a mid-size van where Michelle opened the side door and patted Kelly on the shoulder signaling to get in. As soon as the three of them were in, Michelle stepped around behind Kelly, pulled her wrists behind her back, and cuffed them. Once her hands were restrained, the girl with the knife put it down and began to tie Kelly's feet together while Michelle put a gag in her mouth.

Kelly had been asking what was going on and who they were ever since the van door had closed. A blonde haired girl, about the same twentyish-age turned around from the driver's seat and asked if they were ready to go. Kelly's two captors nodded and they began to drive off. 

Michelle and the other girl moved Kelly to sit on the seat in the back of the van, before sitting down in front of her with their backs up against the front seats, giving Kelly a good look at them for the first time. The one with the knife had black hair but it looked like it might have been dyed dark purple, Kelly couldn't quite tell in the dark van. The purple-haired girl introduced herself as Faye, "And this is Michelle, and our driver's name is Jenna." Michelle had had sandy-brown hair and a cute face. Faye seemed to be the dominant or eldest of the three, and Jenna, probably the smallest, had blonde hair, and a perky attitude. 

"Not to sound dramatic," Faye said, "but we've been watching you for some time. You seem to like bondage and kinky stuff like that, but your life kinda sucks and you don't have anyone to "play" with, right?" Kelly nodded, feeling slightly relaxed at their knowledge of bondage. "We've seen you cry yourself to sleep some nights!" 

Michelle interjected, "It's an amazingly sad life you live." 

Faye spoke up, "So we've decided to take you away from it all. We need a plastic bondage slave, and we've seen you wrapping yourself in plastic wrap. You never could get your arms wrapped, although you've tried pretty hard," she giggled. Kelly giggled too from behind the gag. 

"We thought of simply asking you to be our little slave but we knew you'd hestiate too much. Your 'boyfriend" has made you too dependant on him hasn't he. He's made it to where you can't trust yourself with your own life. You feel like you're his and you can't leave because something bad will happen." 

Tears began to trinkle out of Kelly's eyes. These girls weren't just watching her day-to-day life, they were watching her feelings too. Everything she said was true. Faye paused, seeing her crying, "Well you don't have to worry about being his property anymore because we just stole you. You're ours now but the difference is, we'll treat you the way you need to be treated. And don't worry, you won't be going through it alone, Jenna has been our slave for the past year, but now you both have a companion for each other, right?" 

Kelly was being very open to their offers, or demands. She had fantasized about a bondage slave's life, but she thought it would be too impractical. These girls were setting her right into the center of her fantasy life. She nodded, trying to make her smile seen through the gag. "Looks like you're enjoying this idea, huh?" Faye said. Kelly nodded. 

Michelle moved over and began tickling Kelly's feet. Kelly began wriggling around, giggling loudly, even with the gag quieting her.

"I'm barely tickling her," Michelle said laughing, "apparently tickle torture is one of her weak points." 

Faye giggled at the show Michelle and Kelly were putting on, "Remember, we've watched you for a long time and we know a lot of your fetishes, of course there's still a lot to discover."  Kelly's eyes were beaming, it seemed like forever since she had someone focusing attention on her for something other than nastiness or criticism. She may well love her new life. 

Suddenly she remembered her things at her apartment, she didn't have much but she did have a lot of bondage gear, magazines, and videos. She couldn't say anything about it as long as this gag was on, though, she'd have to mention it if they took her gag off before they got back to wherever they were going. After a short while, Jenna stopped the van. Faye leaned up front and looked out of the non-tinted windows, then she came back and began looking in Kelly's pockets for something. Michelle took the gag off and asked her where her room keys were. Kelly realized what they were doing, "Right back pocket," she replied. Faye found the keys and got out of the van. 

With her gag still off, Kelly realized an opening to speak, "I think I'm going to enjoy my new life. You were right, I had nothing to live for in my old one. Thank you." 

Michelle smiled, "You're welcome, but it won't be all fun and games. Sure, your life will have more pleasure and bondage than you ever imagined, but we will be getting our kicks too. This wasn't a good will mission. If you don't share all of our fetishes, you'll just have to learn to tolerate them sometimes." 

"I know," Kelly replied, "it will still be better than my old life, so I can deal with some undesirable fetishes, I suppose." 

Just then the van door opened and Faye got in with a duffle bag of Kelly's, apparently packed full of stuff. "I paid off your rent for this week," Faye said, "just to make sure we don't get into any trouble. I told you landlord that you were moving out of state, up north, and that I was collecting some of your things for you." 

Kelly smiled, "Good." as Faye began to open the duffle bag, she said, "sounds like you're really okay with this." 

"Of course I'm okay with it, why would I want to go back to my old life?" Faye got a big grin on her face, and began looking through her things. 

Faye showed Michelle a ballgag, two handcuffs, a blindfold, three or four large rolls of plastic wrap, two rolls of two inch wide electrical tape, about thirty feet of rope, a vibrator about seven inches long, some mummification and bondage magazines, video tapes with the same theme, and a ring gag. 

"Yeah, we've seen you use all of this stuff, we'll have to watch the bondage videos sometime." 

Jenna turned around and said excitedly, "We're here." 

Michelle giggled happily and rolled her upper body over the back seat to grab something, she came back up with a long sleeping bag in her grasp, pulling it over the seat and onto the floor. "We can't let the neighbors get suspicious by seeing a girl all tied up walking into our house," Michelle said putting the ballgag into Kelly's mouth, "and we can't just untie you and let you walk in, can we?"  Kelly vigorously shook her head no. 

Faye and Michelle began tying Kelly's legs together above her knees, and around her chest and arms, then they put a blindfold on her and pushed her into the sleeping bag. With her head all the way out of sight in the bag, they began to zip Kelly's sleeping bag up around her. Then Faye hefted Kelly onto her shoulders and carried her to the house, Kelly loving every minute of it. The girls didn't really need to put Kelly in the sleeping bag to hide her from the neighbors, their house was just far enough in the woods that they could barely see any other houses. They just wanted to put Kelly into the sleeping bag for the fun of it.

When they got inside,  Faye laid Kelly down on the floor and pulled her head out a bit to where she didn't have to breath through the many layers of fabric in the sleeping bag. Michelle locked the door behind them and turned to Jenna, "Have you enjoyed your freedom, Jenna? Cause it's time to be a bondage slave again." 

Jenna's face beamed as she took off her coat, exposing a body harness with locks where her ankles could be locked together, her knees together, her wrists to her sides, and her upper arms to her sides. Michelle went over to her and began locking each latch to it's appropriate place, effectively stopping Jenna from spreading her legs, feet, or arms apart. Then Michelle commanded Jenna to lay down on the floor on her chest. Michelle connected a lock and hasp from her ankles to a lock behind her butt, putting her in a hogtie, with her arms to her sides and feet to her butt. 

As Michelle began to put a bit gag into her mouth, Faye was beginning to wrap Kelly with plastic wrap while Kelly was still in the sleeping bag. She started at her feet and began wrapping tightly up her legs, over her stomach, breasts, and up around her neck, tightly compressing the layers of padding in the sleeping bag to her body. "You may begin to get very hot in there after a while," Faye said as she took Kelly's blindfold off. We're going to watch your movies and you're going to be our couch for a while, okay?" Kelly nodded, she would be very hot in this sleeping bag cocoon but heat in bondage had always turned her on anyway. 

Michelle picked up Kelly and brought her into the living room. There was a big screen tv and a couch about six feet away from it. The cushions for the couch were on the floor. It was apparently one of those roll-out-bed couches. There was a hole on one side though. For a person's head possibly? Michelle rolled out the couch and set Kelly on it before rolling it back up again with Kelly inside! 

Kelly began to panic as she couldn't really breathe well from inside the couch, when suddenly she felt a pair of hands reach down and slowly pull her head out of the hole in the side of the couch. She was looking straight up and she could see Faye putting the cushions back on the couch, while Michelle was wrapping the hog-tied Jenna to a small bench with plastic wrap. A foot-rest! What a fun job! Faye put one of Kelly's video tapes in and sat down on the slave-couch. Michelle pulled Jenna over in front of the couch and sat down too, resting her feet on Jenna's butt. Jenna was facing the tv and her bit-gag head harness had a hook in the back where Michelle had put a chain from her harness to her feet, pulling Jenna's head back and holding it in place.

Kelly was getting very hot in the couch, plastic and sleeping bag, in more ways than one. As Faye and Michelle watched Kelly's movies, they played with themselves and brought themselves off a couple of times. Michelle even tickled Jenna's pussy a couple of times with her toes. After the movie was over Faye got up and came around to Kelly's head. Michelle cut the wrappings binding Jenna to the bench and carried her, hog-tied, down some stairs, apparently into the dungeon, since she grabbed Kelly's duffle bag of bondage gear with her when she came back upstairs. 

Faye crouched down on her knees, her pussy lightly resting on Kelly's nose, but without putting any pressure on her neck. "It's time to let you out of the couch and take you to the dungeon to play," Faye stated, "but before I let you out you're gonna have to earn your freedom." 

Kelly knew what she meant and stuck her tongue out to begin licking her pussy. Stroking her clit with her tongue, before pushing all the way in as far she could and then coming back out again to flick her little clit and nibble on her skin a little. She slowly began working harder and faster. Downstairs, Michelle was busy tying ropes from beams in the ceiling to different parts of Jenna's body, when suddenly she heard Faye moaning loudly upstairs. Michelle giggled and pulled the table that Jenna was resting on, out from under her, suspending her in mid air. Jenna was spread-eagled in mid air, face-down. She had ropes holding her at her wrists, above and below her elbows, ankles, above and below her knees, and a tangle of ropework, making a harness for her belly and breasts. 

Faye came down the stairs holding a leash attatched to a collar around Kelly's neck. Faye had apparently stripped Kelly of all the previous ropework, the sleeping bag, and the plastic wrap, leaving only her handcuffs and the dog collar. "I'm going to un-cuff you for a moment," Faye said, "so do you promise not to try and run?" 

Kelly, having not told to use any word such as "madame", "mistress", or miss anything, said, "yes mistress," very obediently. Faye smiled and unlocked the handcuffs. She told Kelly to get onto the table and lie on her back. Then Michelle came over and helped Faye pull the table over, slightly lifting Jenna up, before scooting the table and Kelly directly under Jenna, only upside-down. Jenna's pussy was resting directly on Kelly's nose, and Jenna had to hold her head up slightly to avoid falling into Kelly's mound. Faye and Michelle pulled Kelly's arms out spread-eagled and began tying her arms to Jenna's legs, Kelly's wrists to Jenna's ankles, Kelly's elbows to Jenna's knees and so forth. 

Michelle grabbed a length of rope and slipped it under Kelly's back, then bringing it back over Jenna's back, over, under, over, under. Once Michelle was done tying that off, she and Faye went over to Kelly's legs, pulling them out, spread-eagled and tying them to Jenna's arms, same as before. They wrapped ropes over Jenna's arms, wrists, and elbows, and under Kelly's legs, ankles, and knees, pulling them tight with each rotation. Faye and Michelle stood back to look at their work. 

Faye smiled as she pulled the table out from under Kelly, leaving her suspended in mid-air from Jenna's body. They both swayed a bit and then remained still. Kelly knew what she wanted and was probably supposed to do but she didn't want to start. Jenna saved her the trouble and dropped her nose and upper-lip straight into Kelly's waiting pussy. Kelly needed no more incentive, she began licking Jenna's clit and delving as far in as she could, sucking on Jenna's labia and making quick rotations with her tongue. Faye and Michelle quickly ran over to a cabinet and brought out rolls of plastic wrap, and duct tape. They began wrapping the plastic around Kelly and Jenna's arms and legs, further fusing them together. 

They reluctantly left their heads and pussies uncovered, since they did have to breath. Still, they covered as much as they could, wrapping their torsos together, tightly. Eventually, Faye picked up a roll of duct tape and began wrapping over every bit of plastic wrap. Jenna and Kelly suddenly began to writhe and twist dramatically, indicating the probability of their first combined orgasm of the night. After a few more minutes of wrapping, avoiding the temptation to wrap over their heads, Faye and Michelle left the room, asking Kelly and Jenna if they could survive the night, before turning out the lights and going upstairs to bed.

When Michelle came down the next morning, Kelly's face was drenched with Jenna's juices, and Jenna's face was resting on Kelly's mound. Michelle was smiling as she had two butt plugs in her hand. She simultaneously rammed them in Jenna and Kelly's asses at the same. Waking them both up gasping. Once they were awake, Michelle began wrapping plastic wrap from Kelly's pussy, over Jenna's head, down her back, over her pussy, over Kelly's head and back to her pussy. Michelle wrapped this way many times, cutting off both of the girl's air. 

Once the roll was empty, Michelle stood back and watched them gasp for air as they began to stroke each other's pussies again. Michelle decided she had enough time and walked upstairs to get Faye. A few seconds later she they came down and watched them struggle. It was satisfying to see the hanging female forms entirely wrapped and completed. Then Faye got an idea. She walked over to the cabinet, and grabbed a large head-bag and dildo before coming over to Kelly and slipping her fingers between a layer of plastic around Kelly's head to give her a few lung-fulls of air. Then she went over to Jenna and did the same thing. Now that the large plastic form could live a bit longer, Faye put the head-bag over her head and climbed onto Jenna's back. Jenna moaned from the weight of an added body on her, but since the ropes were tied at so many plasces, she was able to stand it. Faye, now straddling the mummified Kelly and Jenna, slid the dildo into her quivering, aroused, pussy. Then she grabbed the head-bag with her other hand and wrapped her fingers around her own throat, cutting off her air. 

Faye began to work the dildo in and out of her pussy slowly, in time with her breathing beneath the plastic. Suddenly she felt a hand pat her on her shoulder, trying to get her attention. She looked over and saw Michelle through the plastic. She was putting a head bag on herself. She was wrapping tape around her neck sealing off her air. Then she put a vibrating dildo in her pussy and switched it on. Faye was wondering what Jenna was doing when she put her hands behind her back and locked a pair of handcuffs on! She couldn't get the bag off now!

Faye understood now. Michelle just wanted the excitement of not being able to get the bag herself. Faye wasn't going to let her out yet though, and Michelle knew it. She knew Faye had to have an orgasm before she even took her own bag off. So all four girls were gasping for an orgasm before they suffocated to death, enclosed by the hot, wet, plastic clinging to their heads. Kelly and Jenna had a violent orgasm struggling agaisnt their ropes, trying to break free before they passed out, or worse. Faye was on top of them riding them hard, the plastic being sucked into her mouth, outlining her lips so perfectly, her tongue wiggling in her mouth, trying to push the plastic out and make way for just one more breath.

Michelle was rolling on the floor underneath them, her bag a bit smaller then Faye's, was already making her dizzy, clinging to her face like a second skin, sucked against her nose and mouth. Faye was just coming down from a monster of an orgasm, loosening her grip on her own throat, lightly pulling away the plastic from her face, giving herself air but leaving the bag on. She climbed down off of Jenna's back and ripped away the plastic from Kelly and Jenna's heads. Then she leaned down and pinched Michelle's nipples. 

"You know you shouldn't take risks like that," Faye commented, "still, I understand how you wouldn't want to just watch the three of us have all the fun. That's the same reason I did what I did, but you shouldn't have given yourself no way out like that, understand?" Michelle, still writhing around, her mouth wide open, eyes squinting behind the bag, suddenly bucked wildly with her hips in the air. She nodded to Faye. Faye smirked and poked a whole in the bag over her mouth. 

Michelle gasped quickly, her chest heaving, taking in all the air she could. "It was worth it," she said between breaths, "it's an unbelievable feeling, helplessness." 

Faye leaned down and unlocked her handcuffs, but leaving Michelle's bag on. Faye took a knife and began ripping off the wrappings covering Kelly and Jenna's bodies. They were sagging from exhaustion. Michelle began untying the ropes suspending them from the ceiling. Once they were all free from their bonds, Michelle grabbed Jenna's wrists and put a pair of handcuffs on her, before leading her upstairs. Kelly sat on the ground in front of Faye, nearly lifeless. 

"So, do you want to stay here," Faye asked, "or do you want us to take you back to your car and let you continue your old life? I'll take you back if you really want to." 

Kelly drew a deep breath, "This is so much better than my old life, that I don't think I'll ever think about it again. This is where I belong." 

Faye pulled a collar from the cabinet with steel studs on it, made of black leather, and put it around Kelly's neck. "You're my slave now," she said simply but happily. Then she put a pair of handcuffs on Kelly's wrists and led her upstairs. 

Michelle was sitting on the couch with her feet propped up on Jenna's ass cheeks. Jenna was in a hogtie and tied to the bench the same way she was before, only now, there was a second bench beside her. Faye told Kelly to kneel down and then she tied her ankles and knees together. Then she tied a rope from Kelly's ankles to her handcuffs. Then Faye put a ring gag in Kelly's mouth, before setting her on her own bench and tying her down to it. Faye then sat on the couch and propped her feet up on Kelly's butt and watched the movie that Michelle had put in. Kelly looked over at Jenna, and they smiled to each other, both knowing the satisfaction of belonging to and pleasing their mistress.

 If you liked this story, then you'd probably enjoy my other story, Meredith's Romantic Mummification. I kind of prefer that one over this story but I'll leave that up to the readers. E-mail me at [email protected] with comments or instant message at nunchakuboy2018 if you liked it. Cya later. 


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