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Kendell's Discovery

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2015 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M+/f+; captives; naked; majick; hist; wrap; cocoon; encase; gag; entombed; insert; punish; cons/nc; X

"What are you doing here?"

Kendell Raines grinned. "What's wrong, Trevor, not glad to see me?" Turning, Kendell thrust one hip toward Trevor Wallace, then cupped both breasts. "Or would you rather see me another way?" Trevor, she knew, had always wanted to see her naked, and she couldn't resist the chance to tease him a little.

"I mean," Trevor said tersely, "what are you doing on my site? This is a scientific dig, and we don't need you prancing around with your mumbo jumbo."

Kendell examined the large trench, taking in the well preserved walls and floor that had been uncovered. "Not bad," she remarked, "but you've not uncovered much so far. And Michael thought my talents could help speed things along."

Trevor snorted with disdain. Kendell styled herself a psychic archaeologist. By standing on any revealed portion of a dig, she could, in her mind, see what the complete building would look like. Very few accepted her claims to psychic talents, but none could doubt her results. More than once, she'd accurately plotted out the dimensions, and even the individual rooms, of a buried building.

Now, standing by the top of an exposed wall, Kendell grinned down at Trevor. "I just need to step onto the wall, and maybe I'll have something for you." She glance down at the light, short dress which, along with a pair of sandals, represented her only clothing. "And not a shot up my dress, Trevor, so step back, please."

Scowling, Trevor took several steps back as Kendell stepped onto the wall. Closing her eyes, she waited for the images to come. Instead, she heard a murmur of voices. At the same time, she could feel her body begin to sag forward. Even as she tried to regain her balance, she sensed a brief flash, and then all sensation vanished.

Kendell found herself lying on stone. Lying naked on stone, her mind corrected, feeling the cool surface directly touching her skin. It was pitch dark, but, somehow, she could see that she lay in a large stone chamber or room. Strangely, she found herself unable to move anything but her head. As she was trying to figure out what was going on, she felt something touch her foot.

Raising her head, Kendell could see what looked like a long strip of cloth begin winding around her right foot. She tried to pull away, but her body remained still as the cloth quickly wrapped her leg all the way up to the top of her thigh. Her right leg was then wrapped in the same way, before something pulled her feet together, allowing a third strip to begin wrapping her feet together.

'What's going on?' she thought, watching as her legs were wrapped together into a single, shapely column. Another sensation caused her to turn her head, watching as first one arm, then the other, were wrapped in the grayish white cloth. Kendell did her best to move away, but her body refused to obey her, leaving her helpless to resist whatever it was that was happening to her.

The feel of stone beneath her suddenly vanished as Kendell's body floated upright. Now on her feet, she could only watch as her arms bent at the elbows, hands crossing at her crotch. Her eyes widened as she felt something large and somewhat slimy slide between her thighs, entering and filling her slowly. Her hands now curled across her crotch, holding the intruder in place.

'I don't believe this', she thought, even as more wrap began covering her above her thighs. Quickly, her crotch vanished from view, the firm globes of her ass flattening as the wrap worked its way higher. Again, she tried to move, and again her body refused, standing silently as the wrap worked its way up her waist. Soon her breasts, also, were flattened as the cloth reached her shoulders.

As the cloth began wrapping her neck, Kendell could feel movement returning to her body, but by now it was too late. Tightly wrapped from neck to toes, she could only wiggle slightly. Even as she did, she could feel the wrap tightening, reducing her to nothing more than feeble twitches. And all the while, the cloth continued to climb.

Up to now, Kendell hadn't even thought of calling for help. Now, with the cloth lapping over her chin, she opened her mouth to scream, only to feel cloth force its way between her lips, filling her mouth and muffling her scream to a soft grunt. Quickly, the wrap climbed over her mouth, sealing the gag into place. Now silenced, Kendell felt the wrap complete the covering of her head, leaving only her eyes exposed.

Again, Kendell struggled to get free, only to freeze as a man entered the chamber. Dressed in only a loin cloth, carrying a torch, he moved to stand before her. When he spoke, it was in a strange language, but, somehow, Kendell could understand him.

"Greetings, woman from time. It is good that you are prepared, for time is short." At his gesture, two more men entered, lifting Kendell and holding her upright as they carried her from the chamber.

"I apologize that you have been so treated, woman from time," the first man said from behind her, "but it must be. Only in this way can you see what is about to happen. Only in this way can you ensure that what has already been endured in our time is not repeated in yours."

Unable to answer, and with no idea what the man meant, Kendell could only watch as she was carried down a long, snaking corridor and into a large, torch-lit stone chamber. Carrying her to one corner, the men carrying her leaned her against the wall. As they stepped back, Kendell realized her new position allowed her to see the entire room.

The chamber, she saw, was long, but not overly wide. Each of the stones in the walls looked to weigh several tons, while long, wide beams of wood stretched overhead, supporting the stones that formed the ceiling. The sound of voices interrupted her examination, and she turned her attention toward the doorway she'd been carried in through.

As she watched, a woman was led through the doorway. As she struggled with the two men who held her captive, Kendell found herself entranced by the woman's dusky skin and raven hair. The woman was completely naked, large breasts heaving as she was pulled across the room. She was, Kendell thought, one of the most beautiful women she'd ever seen.

At the far end of the chamber, the woman was stretched out on a stone table. Held in place by her captors, she struggled and cursed them in that same unknown but somehow understandable language. A third man entered, arms laden with rolled strips of cloth. With quick, efficient ease, this third man soon had the woman wrapped in exactly the same manner as Kendell. Now reduced to helpless twitches and grunts, the woman was leaned against the far wall.

One by one, three more women, each as lovely as the first, were led into the chamber, wrapped, then leaned against the wall. Silently, the three men left, only to be replaced by two more. At the sight of the woman these two led, Kendell's eyes widened.

If the first four had been beautiful, this one could only be thought of as fantastically beautiful. As naked as the others, her perfectly formed body writhed and struggled as she was led to the table. Again, a third man entered carrying strips of cloth, but this one was different. Instead of the loin cloth that had been the only apparel of the others, this man was dressed in a fine robe of pure white. Ignoring the woman's struggles, he quickly wrapped her until only her head remained exposed.

Stepping back, the man in white withdrew a scroll from within his sleeve. As he unrolled it, the two who had been holding the woman silently left the room. As Kendell watched, the man in white began to read from the scroll.

"High Priestess Ankhesenamun, you have been found guilty of committing unspeakable acts with your handmaidens. For your crimes, you are sentenced to be entombed alive, so that you may suffer for all eternity for your crimes." The man glance up. "Have you any final words?"

"You," the woman replied, her voice rich and musical, "do not deserve words from me."

"So be it." Returning the scroll to his sleeve, the man took up more strips. After stuffing cloth in the woman's mouth, he wrapped her head, leaving her as anonymous as the others. "It is done," he intoned, stepping back.

As other men, maybe the same ones, entered, Kendell noticed for the first time what seemed to be notches or alcoves in the end wall. As she watched, the five wrapped women were each placed into an alcove. More men entered, carrying stones and a vat. Working quickly, they walled in each alcove, sealing the wrapped women into their dark prisons. As they gathered their tools and departed, only the smaller stones marked where five women stood imprisoned within the wall.

"Now you have seen." At this, Kendell's attention was drawn to the man who'd spoken to her before. "Return now, and do not let this evil be released again." As the man spoke, the room seemed to darken, until, once again, all sensation vanished.

"Kendell! Kendell! Come on, damn it, wake up!"

Slowly, Kendell's eyes opened. She was, she found, lying on the ground under bright sunlight. The soft feel of cloth told her she once more wore the light dress. Looking up, she saw Trevor leaning over her, his eyes filled with worry.

"I...." Kendell shook her head, slowly rising to her feet. "I'm sorry, Trevor, I can't explain what just happened." Gazing at Trevor, Kendell was surprised to find herself examining him in detail. Before, she'd been too caught up in what she was seeing to notice, but now, looking at Trevor, she realized that large intruder she'd had within her had definitely affected her. Smiling at the thought, she shook her head slowly.

"Trevor," she said earnestly, "you've got something important here. Come on, and I'll show you."

"No, Kendell," Trevor shook his head. "You're not getting in my trench dressed like that."

Kendell glanced down at her dress, then looked around her. "Fine," she said, moving to Trevor's well stocked supply truck. Finding a coil of thin rope, she drew out and cut off a long piece.

As Trevor watched, Kendell doubled the rope, then fed it around her waist, passing the ends through the loop in front. Reaching down between her thighs, she pressed the front of the dress against her, smoothing it back across her crotch. With her other hand, she grasped the rear hem, drawing it forward between her legs and up to hold the front cloth in place. With one hand holding the rear hem, she grasped the rope ends dangling from her waist.

Carefully, Kendell drew the rope between her legs, holding it in place with the hand pressing the cloth to her as she reached behind her, drawing the rope through and pulling snug so that it held the cloth of her dress snugly against her crotch. Feeding the ends through the wrap around her waist, she fed them back between her legs, pulling them tight. Quickly, she passed one end beneath the waist wrap, before knotting the two ends together. Finished, she grinned at Trevor, having just turned her dress into a pair of impromptu shorts.

"Now," she said, "I'm properly covered." Not to mention, she added silently, the fact that two layers of thin cloth did nothing to diminish the sensations that her new crotch rope were giving her. Quickly, she stepped down into the trench, turning to watch as Trevor joined her.

"Follow me," she said, her voice already going husky. "I'll show you exactly where to look for what it is you've found". Her hand reached as if to grasp his, but landed instead on his crotch, her fingers curling around something that thickened even as she grasped it. "And after that," she whispered, "maybe I'll let you take this rope off me. And maybe, just maybe, what's beneath."

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