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Kidnapped for Pleasure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2022 - Gromet - Used by permission

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Running a large company takes a lot of time and effort, having to control the day to day running is very tiring, especially when you never get the chance to take a break and enjoy some more personal time. I was looking for a way to have some time away from controlling everything, when I spoke to a friend who is in the same boat as me; she told me about a discrete personal service provided by a company to help alleviate the stress build-up that she had used. She said that the outfit provides whatever service the client needs, in her case, to be taken away and kept as a bound captive.

This sounded like the type of service that I wanted, to remove myself from controlling things to be the one being controlled and used. We spoke for many hours over several glasses of wine, and she told me of the things that they had done to her while she was their captive, but she stressed that she had agreed to what had happened, and they had adhered to her boundaries. She revealed that she had used the company again recently and was not disappointed with the results, she smiled as she said this, and seemed to be lost in the memory of what had happened.

So, with the ringing endorsement of my friend and the effects of too many wines the night before, I made contact with the company on the number my friend supplied. The call was quickly answered, and I was surprised to be dealing with another female; and after letting her know about my friends’ endorsement, I was reassured by her, Jenny, who introduced herself to me as, that they are willing and capable to provide any services that I would require while being discreet with whatever my desires should be.

Jenny suggested that we have a meeting to set up what I wanted from them, go over the details and answer any questions that I may have. The meeting was scheduled for later that day, as I was eager to start, and over lunch, I explained what I wanted from them, which was basically the same as my friend, but with some extra details. Going over them with Jenny, I outlined my specific requirements, thinking that she thought I was strange, but she seemed unfazed by my requests. The when and how I was to be kidnapped was up to the company, she told me. I told her that I didn’t want to know those details other than a rough time-frame. She said that would be possible, but flexible, and once kidnapped, I would not know where I would be kept as their captive until the ‘ransom’ is paid.

The ’ransom’ being the time I was to be detained by them, though no real ransom was to be paid, the whole scene had to be as real as possible. And we spoke about my concerns for safety etc, and she informed me that her company, Jenny, it seems is the boss, after all, and seeks to ensure that the client has the most realistic experience as possible, and that my enjoyment of the whole process was paramount, though there would be moments of discomfort she warned me, I was to be a captive after all.

The whole thing left me impressed with the amount of detail that Jenny goes through, outlining details and wants on my part, but also any boundaries that should not be crossed under any circumstances. There are several parts where I have to sign to agree to certain activities to happen to me once I am held as their captive, one especially pertains to the question of sexual behaviour, which I tell Jenny that I am willing to be used and abused by my capturers, however they want to use me and to be kept bound and gagged at all times.

Finally, we get to the end of the questions, everything seems to be laid out and Jenny again runs through what we have spoken about and what services that I have requested of them to do to me. Agreeing to everything in the outline, and signing the contract and waiver, I then say that there is one other thing that I would like to experience if possible and I go into the details, while watching Jenny’s face and thinking that the silence from her meant that I had maybe overstepped the boundaries, and once my request was done asked if what I wanted was okay.

Jenny told me that she had heard many requests from clients before, some strange and others just though not ordinary or everyday, were not too far out there to be easy to achieve, and some that were impossible, she said that part of this request that I was asking for was one of those, though the other part would require some additional working out, but she assured that if it could be done that she would fulfil my request, otherwise is there some form of alternative she asked. And I said that the most important part was being used as an object, and I’d leave that part in her hands.

Happy with what was agreed, and again Jenny outlining what was expected to happen to me during my time held captive by her company, and with both parties coming to an arrangement regarding payment, part now and part on completion of the contract, mainly for my own safety after what I had asked them to do to me, I wanted to make sure that I enjoyed what they did to me but to also return safely home.

2: Kidnap

Over the next few days I had cleared a lot of my busy schedule, and I had informed my secretary that I would possibly be away suddenly for a few days and not contactable, she asked if there was someone special involved, hoping to get some form of juicy gossip, but I said nothing but just hinted that she may or may not be right. Now everything was set up, I even parked my car away from any cameras in the parking lot in case they took me from there. 

But in the end, I needn’t have gone to such lengths, as they found me fast asleep in bed one night, the first I knew was the hands grabbing me. The kidnappers had quietly entered my home and caught me unawares, quickly rolling me over until I was face down in the pillows, and then binding my wrists behind my back, followed shortly by my ankles, and I was quickly subdued without too much of a struggle. At first, I wasn’t too sure that these were from the company that I had hired or real kidnappers, and I panicked at first, this felt so real and they treated me like their captive.

Soon, and without any delay, I found myself being rolled up in the bed-sheet until my naked body was covered up from head to toe, then I felt more ropes being tied around my body, fastening the sheet in place and I found it not only hard to breathe but any movement was on my part was restricted. No sooner had they finished binding my body in the bedding than I felt my body being picked up and lifted over the shoulder of one of my abductors, and I was carried out of her bedroom and downstairs like a side of meat.

Next, I was carried out of the door and I felt the cool night air as they quickly carried me outside and into a waiting vehicle. I had no idea how many kidnappers there were, but I figured at least two, with maybe a third person was waiting with the vehicle. But no sooner was I dropped inside, luckily onto something soft, when I felt the vehicle move off. It was that quick it seemed, I was now their captive, and though I had agreed to this, it was a shock to be taken like this and it still felt real to me, and several doubts began to play out in my mind. 

At no time did my kidnappers speak, I was taken quickly and quietly, and they certainly seemed to know what they were doing, and while I did at first try to escape their grasp and put up some form of resistance, I knew that I had no hope of escaping their clutches. Wrapped up in my own bedding, still naked underneath the covering from my slumbers, bound and gagged, I tried to test my limited movement, only to feel a slap to my rear to warn me not to move, the first word that I had heard from them telling me to stop.

3: Held Captive.

The vehicle carrying my bound body eventually stopped, but I had no idea where I was, but I knew that they would be taking me somewhere out of the way, and held for an amount of time but I had no idea just how long I would remain their captive, that part of the deal was not my decision, only the kidnap gang would determine how long they kept me for, allowing time for the ‘ransom’ to be paid, which was part of the scenario outlined by Jenny. 

Feeling my body lifted from the vehicle and again carried over the shoulder of the kidnapper, now more relaxed I felt a warm fuzzy tingle well up inside my tummy, that first fizz of sexual excitement, I knew that soon that I would be kept as their prisoner, and also that I had no say in how they treated me. Just like I had wanted, and the deep smile under my gag would have given me away, with the many, many naughty thoughts that were running through my mind at this moment, and the delightful feelings that I was now feeling throughout my body at this moment.

The room that we eventually ended up in was cold, it had a damp smell about it and reminded me of one of those dungeons you visit in an old castle, somewhere they kept damsels in distress, locked away and kept out of sight. I was now that damsel, I had broken the law and was going to be punished for my actions. They were quick and efficient in dealing with their bound captive, and soon I found myself naked, with leather cuffs to my ankles and wrists, with chains fastened to the floor and ceiling, holding me in place. 

A large metal collar was fastened around my neck, this too had a chain attached and was locked to a ring embedded in the wall of the room. Jenny entered the room and walked over to me, the look on her face was one of sexual desire but also dominating, she checked the way that I was bound and found it to her liking, I thought that maybe she would be the first to be using me, but she had other plans. She had one of the abductors bring over something from the bench, it looked like it was made from leather, and smelt that way too.

She then forced my head into the opening and pulled the rest of the hood over my head, it was very tight and didn’t look like that it would eventually fit, but she persevered and soon the hood covered my entire head, but more importantly hide my face from view, all you could see at the moment was my eyes through the slots and my mouth, but that too would soon be taken care of. She informed me that as part of my punishment I would be kept bound, hooded and gagged, but also she told me that the hood would keep me anonymous, and that it would be much easier for others to take advantage of my body, for whatever they wanted from me.

“You’re just a fuck-toy now, something to amuse my guys and others with, there’s nothing they like more than to abuse sluts like you and bring you down to earth. Enjoy being just something to be used, an object to pleasure others.” She wickedly smiled, before placing the gag into my mouth, and then clicking the blindfold in place on the hood, “Okay guys she’s all yours, have fun.”

Hearing her footsteps moving away, I was left hanging there from the chain that attached my wrists to the ceiling, the cuffs on my legs didn’t stay attached for much longer after that, a rod was fixed in place that spread my legs apart leaving me available to anyone who wanted to take advantage of me. And take advantage they did, I felt hands both on the front and rear of my body at the same time, each hand soon finding out the more delicate parts of my body, and soon those parts were put to good use, and by several male members of her team.

Over the next few days, all of which I spent down in what I thought was a dungeon, but turned out to be a cellar in some disused warehouse, that I later found out that I owned via a subsidiary, which I found highly amusing. But every day I was subjected to some form of abuse, whether it was sexual or my captors using some implement of torment on my sore and abused body. I knew the times that Jenny was in the cellar with me, the torment was more subtle and though she never spoke I could smell her perfume, and the scent of her sweat and desire as she inflicted her punishment of various parts of my body.

Twice a day I was taken to use a bathroom, and allowed to clean up, the smell of dried cum lingering on my body long after my poor attempts to wash them away, and they were soon added to anyway, I was also given something to eat and drink in these moments, though the blindfold remained in place so I couldn’t see what disgusting thing they had served up for my meal, but I guess you could day it was made with ‘love’, it tasted the same and smelt like it too.

Knowing that I had agreed to be kept, used and bound like this at times seemed strange, and especially those times that I was left alone with my own thoughts, it made me wonder why I had agreed to this, but then those thoughts would pass when I was being used again sexually, or having some form of pain inflicted upon me. This is what I had wanted, requested and signed up for, and I was getting the full measure of what I had asked for.

The sexual assaults kept coming, literally, I hadn’t had this much sex in a long while, if ever, and I began to find myself worn out from the continual onslaught on my body. The constant bondage and the abuse was wearing me out and I found it hard to stand, even with the cuffs holding my wrists above my head. They adjusted my position and I spent the next day on my knees, the only time that the gag was removed was to service the next cock that presented itself to me, and once done the gag was forced back in place.

Eventually I was laid spread-eagle to the floor, and again several times I found my bound body being used for the delight of whichever male was using me for. Though much of the punishment had now stopped, well they couldn’t do too much to me tied the way I was, though that didn’t stop them from trying. I was physically tired and worn out, and the abuse had seemed to stop this morning, something seemed to have changed and I would soon find out what that was.

4: Final request

After several days being held captive, used and abused by my abductors, I was finally untied and held up on my feet by several pairs of hands, my ability to move was restricted by them, though in reality I didn’t feel any desire to escape, the past few days had taken any fight that I had left out of me. I felt them move my legs apart and cool plastic wrap start to cover my legs; several times it was wound around my lower limbs, each time covering more of my naked skin. Once they were satisfied with their work, my legs were placed together and then more of the plastic was wrapped around my legs until they formed a solid column of female flesh.

Next came the arms, each wrapped individually and while that was happening more was wrapped tightly around my torso, covering up and holding the fleshy mounds of sore and exploited breasts against my body, the slight pain as the wrap was pulled tight reminding me of the abuse that they had gone through. Once done they held my arms at my sides and began to wrap more of the plastic around the rest of my body, entrapping my arms on either side, until I was finally covered from the neck down in the plastic wrap. 

I was loving the feeling that this was giving me, deep down I had always had a desire to be wrapped up tightly, whether inside a soft blanket when I was younger or as I’ve played with at home, sheets of tape put together that I had laid out on her bed, before laying myself on them and rolling over to encase my body inside of the tape cocoon. Disappointed that I hadn’t found anyone that I felt that I could confide in with my secret fetish, though there was once when I had tried it with a date, but that ended in disaster with the wrap coming undone and leaving me not feeling any enjoyment from the sex that followed.

Now that my body was covered in several more layers of plastic, it finally felt that I had achieved what I had always desired from being wrapped up, and knowing that there was more to come made it more enjoyable, this is exactly what I had asked for. Being held upright by strong hands, I felt the first part of the tape that would entrap me around my ankles, working its way upwards, the plastic wrap soon disappeared under the silver tape. Each wrap of the tape pulled ever tighter against my body, I felt my body being held in its tight grasp and any chance of movement was taken away from me, not that I wanted to move, I was relishing this.

Once the first layer of tape was applied, they then started on the next layer, this time with white tape and again they wrapped it very tightly around my body, with each pull of the tape making me squirm inside, feeling the warmth building up in my sex, the pressure down below building and my tummy felt like it was hosting a butterfly convention, this felt so wonderful, and I felt that I would either pass out from sheer joy or orgasm soon, if they didn’t stop. But they didn’t stop, and after the second layer came a third. 

By now my body resembled a solid column of taped female flesh, all the goodness contained inside and sealed away from the world, and I had never felt so pleasured and aroused, this was more than I had ever expected it to feel like, and at one point I blacked out after my orgasm, which came light a bolt of lightning to me, it overwhelmed my body and I was suddenly all loose and fluid, my legs felt like jelly, but they held onto me tightly with several pairs of hands, securely holding me until I recovered. 

They gave me a moment to recover, the third layer of tape had been completed and the orgasm now over, with just the remaining aftershocks finding their way through my body. The hood was finally removed, my hair matted to my head from the time I had been forced to wear it, the outlines of the joints of the hood still visible on my skin. But the slight freedom I had gained from the removal of the hood was to be short lived.

As next came the plastic wrap around my head, a tube gag was roughly pushed into my mouth, forced even I would have said, which reminded me that I was still being held captive by these people, and that they would and could do whatever they wanted to me, especially now that I was wrapped and cocooned in so many layers of tape. Once the plastic had been wrapped several times around my head, the tape followed not long after, and again three layers until my head was completely covered and matched my body.

Now I was a semi-solid column of taped female flesh, their captive, and the only thing that broke up the tape on the outside was the tube poking out from my mouth allowing me to breathe. Otherwise, the tape looked perfect, several hands ran over my body to check for any errors, but none were to be found. Though just to make sure another layer of tape was added, this time from the head down to my feet, it was hard for me to move and even bending my body was now out of the question, though that was not in the plans anyway.

Playing along with one of the scenes she had outlined originally, I heard the voice of Jenny in her guise as the female abductor, inform me that the ransom had not been paid in time, and that in that case they would be soon be disposing of my body, as they had no use for me anymore. With that statement she directed the men holding me to bag up my body and take the trash somewhere remote, and then dispose of it. At this moment one of the men spoke, he told his boss that he knew of a way that they could make some money from her body, after all the ransom had not been paid, so why not make some cash for their time and effort.

She asked him to outline his idea, all the while knowing that I could hear every word that was spoken. He said that he knew of a brothel down south that, with no questions asked, would pay for any female that could be delivered to them. Once there, she would never be seen or heard from again, and that they would use her in the brothel to service their clients until they no longer wanted her, and then on sell her to either another brothel or dispose of her. 

Telling him that she thought that his idea was acceptable, she walked up and ran her hands down the outside of my tightly wrapped body, “Well, it seems that we have a change of plans for you. And we get to make some money as well, shame that the ransom money didn’t arrive, but it’s just business, I’m sure that you understand.” She laughed.

I had heard all of the conversation and was shocked that the agreed outcome of being taken to a forest and disposed of, buried in a shallow grave until they came back the next day to recover me was not happening, or so it seemed. I was now to be sold off to recover their costs, and I would be ending my days in some low life brothel, being used until they no longer found any use for me. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard her tell her men to bag the bitch up and shove her in the delivery crate.

Was this to be my fate all along, was I too trusting in expecting them to honour our agreement, were they just slavers in the first place and that I had given myself to them to use and dispose of me in whatever means they wanted. It reminded me of a phrase I’d heard, “Once you’re bound, you just become a product to be dealt with”, or something along those lines, and at the moment I felt just like that product.

My wrapped body was picked up and carried, though I couldn’t see or speak I tried to make it plain that I wasn’t happy with this, though there was nothing I could have done about it anyway, I was truly now their captive and the time for playing our roles was now over, this felt real and I was indeed about to experience being kidnapped and held captive for the rest of my existence, or so it seemed. Thoughts of me being used by several men in some dingy bedroom ran through my mind, the thought that I would have no choice in having sex with them, sending shivers through my tightly bound body.

The men carrying me lowered me, and I heard the rustle of more plastic, this time what sounded like a bag was being opened, and I was lowered inside. The bag came up over my body, covering up the tape that encased me, and then more tape was wrapped around different parts of my body, ankles, knees, thighs and around my waist the tape was wound around several times, I thought that I was already securely bound and that this wasn’t necessary, though if I’d realised this was what I had asked for, I was just too lost in my thoughts to realise.

Another bag was opened, and this time covered me from the head down, more tape was added this time around my waist, elbows and shoulders and then around my neck and over where my eyes were covered already by several layers, and even though I couldn’t see it felt like more of my sense of sight was taken away from me. Only the tube remained outside of the bag, well I figured that I would be no use to anyone if I couldn’t breathe, the merchandise would have to arrive alive to be of any use to the purchaser.

At this point I felt like an object, I was packaged up and sealed, trapped inside my cocoon of plastic wrap and tape and enclosed inside the outer layer of bags, which I had no idea why until it was pointed out that I now looked like a corpse, bagged the way I was, ready to be disposed of. Again my body was picked up and several pairs of hands carried me a short distance and I felt myself being lowered, until I felt something hard against my back. At the moment I was disoriented and unsure where I was and what was happening.

Then I felt the same hands start to place straps around my body, I was being secured for transport it seemed, and thought that this would be to prevent me from being damaged while they shipped me to the brothel. Can’t have the goods damaged in transit, I thought, which amused me for some strange reason, even though I was the ‘goods’ in question.

I heard the female abductor speak again, “Okay guys box her up and load it on the truck, make sure that the goods arrive safely at the destination.”

And then I heard her voice close by, “Thanks for your custom, sorry that we couldn’t accommodate all of your requests, but without full payment, you become company property, and we do have overheads to cover, so the proceeds from the sale should cover our out of pocket expenses, have a pleasant trip and enjoy your new life.” She said and laughed as she directed the men to place the lid on the crate that I was put inside of.

Hearing the lid closing made me realise my fate, I was now trapped and destined to parts unknown, there was no way for me to escape and I was trapped, secured and wrapped, being carried away and lost to the people I knew, and for some reason this took me over the edge and my climax overwhelmed me, luckily I was well strapped down, as my body shuddered in wave after wave as the orgasm ran throughout my being, after that I no longer knew or cared what was happening to me.

I awoke as the box that contained my bound and wrapped body was being moved again, maybe I was finally at the destination they had said, and that I would soon be owned by the brothel, serving their customers until the end of my days. Still tightly wrapped in my cocoon I couldn’t see when the crate was opened, but I did smell something sweet and soon found myself drifting off into darkness again. 

When I came around, I found that I was free from the cocoon of tape that had contained my body, I was naked and felt the air on my skin, though I was still gagged and blindfolded, it seemed that the hood had been replaced as well. I wondered where I was and tried to move my body, only to find that my wrists were bound to somewhere above my head, likewise my legs were also bound, and I figured that I was bound, spread-eagle to a bed somewhere, though where I didn’t know and tried to figure out my surroundings by sound alone.

Trying to see if I could break free of my bonds, I was interrupted when I heard the sound of a door opening, and laid still, unaware of who had just entered the room. I then heard heavy footsteps approaching the bed and then felt rough hands touching my body, checking the ropes that bound me were still in place. Then the hands moved to my more sensitive parts and began to explore what they found, my breasts were squeezed and nipples were pulled roughly, causing me some pain, but tolerable, and I cried out into my gag.

The abuser only laughed and carried on, the rough hands moving over my stomach and heading south, to find the more delicate parts of my body. At no time did the person speak, but I guessed from the large, rough hands that this was a man and that he worked for a living, not the soft office worker hands like one of my previous boyfriends, but hard, firm hands and they began to move into the soft petals of my flower. 

There was no chance bound and gagged as I was that I could stop this assault from happening to me, at this point I guessed that I was now in the brothel and that this was either the owner, or my first client, either way I was about to be used by him. And it didn’t take long for that to happen, no sooner had he found that I was already wet and ready, well being bound does turn me on, and being this helpless just played into that, so he was soon on top of me and plundering my depths, pushing himself roughly into me and taking me for his pleasure.

The fact that I came too was neither here nor there, I was still being used by clients of the brothel my kidnappers had sold me to, and soon I would find that I had another customer waiting. Leaving me bound after he had used me, without a word being spoken, he just came and left, which in my mind was funny, but I knew that I should be more concerned. I was just a sex slave now and that finding my way out of this should be my top priority, though being distracted by the sex didn’t help.

It seemed that the new girl was popular among the clients, I seemed to have a never ending stream of men coming in to use me, each taking their turn in using this poor victim for their pleasure, and sometimes mine as well, and it seems like living out some deep, dark secret fantasy does have some drawbacks after all, though parts of it were to my liking, and being bound and held gagged, blindfolded and naked to some strange bed hit some of my more pertinent dreams and desires.

After what seemed to me to be my ninth or tenth client, I lost count, I heard female footsteps enter the room, and wondered if I would be servicing female clients as well. The woman walked over and sat down on the bed close to my head, her hands reaching up to remove the blindfold. The light blinded me after being unable to see for so long now, but soon I could make out the female was not my next client, nor even my new owner, but Jenny from the personal services company, though I wouldn’t have minded too much if I were forced to service her at this moment.

I felt more like an object of sexual being at this point, rather than a human female, or an owner of a large company with many employees, I felt dominated, and my future held in her hands at this moment, this is what I had wanted, to lose myself, to give up control and be the one being controlled, without any knowledge or consent on my part as to what happened to me. I could see that I was naked and indeed as I guessed bound to the bed, the room was strange and smelt musty, the furniture was worn and functional, and I thought that this must be the brothel I was sold to.

All things pointed to that thought, but then why was she here, surely, she would have nothing further to do with me once I had been sold off. While I was lost in my thoughts, I began to realise that her soft, gentle hands were running their wicked way all over my tightly bound body, her mind seemed lost in thought. There was nothing I could do at this moment to stop her, nor did I wish to, even though I had never experienced having any form of sexual contact with another woman, I felt more that willing to give myself to her.

As her hands continued to run over my skin, she spoke, “Well it seems that the client likes what she sees.” Which I mistook for ‘what he sees’, only to be corrected when she leaned in to kiss me on my gagged mouth. “But sorry, our time together is nearly up, and I do have other clients to deal with. I hope that you’ve enjoyed your time with us and that we will be seeing you again soon.” Her hands reached to remove the gag, allowing me to speak for the first time in what seemed like days.

My first words were, “Where am I?”

“Well not where you’d thought you'd be.” She explained. “Don’t worry, this isn’t the brothel we told you about.”

“But it feels like it,” I said, and then continued, “and smells like it too.” The musky smell and the scent of sex filling the room, “and the stream of men using me?”

“All staged for you, this is just an old motel we use, though it once was a brothel at one point, so I guess that we did take you to one as promised.” She laughed, “and the men were some of the guys we used in the kidnap, and some were clients of mine who wished to use a captive woman.”

“They used me?” I questioned, “you used me as an object for their sexual desires.”

“Well yes, that was the whole point of you being held as a captive, and used by your kidnappers for their pleasure, it’s what you asked for.” She replied.

“But…” I stammered, then realised that she was right, “well I guess so, after all I did want to be taken and used, kept bound and captive and you did fulfil all of that. But…” 

“But what?” she interrupted, her hands stopped briefly touching me and came to rest on my tummy, her tender caresses had soothed me, and also stoked my inner sexual being.

“What about the finale, the one where I’m bagged and disposed of?” I asked.

“Who said that we’re finished with you?” she smiled, “but you did give us some options and it was deemed unsafe to leave you bagged and buried without supervision, so we came up with the alternative of selling you to the brothel. Which you seemed to enjoy, I might add.”

“Well, yes I did enjoy the thought of being sold, transported and used, so you have me there,” I said, noticing her hands moving again on my body. “You can have me right now too,” I smiled.

“Sorry, but as I said earlier, I do have another client waiting, so I need to move.” She said, though the look of disappointment in her face told me that she wanted to stay, “but is there anything else that I could do for you before I go?”

“Well, I still have some time left don’t I?” I asked to which she nodded, “So please replace my gag and blindfold, leave me tied here and send in some more of your clients who want to use a captive female victim for their nefarious ends.” I smiled.

As soon as the words left my lips I felt the gag being replaced, and shortly thereafter the blindfold, but not before she leaned in and kissed me. Now re-gagged, blindfolded and still bound to the bed, I felt her stand up from the bed.

“Okay bitch, break-time is over!” she said, “It’s time to service some more clients, you’ve got some money to make to cover those costs, being a sex slave doesn’t come for free, time to make me some cash.”

Mummphing ‘thanks’ into my gag, I could only wait, bound there for her to send the next guy in to use me. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to ask her just how much more time I had left.

As if in answer to my question she said, “Oh and don’t worry about not having enough time, I’ve extended your time with us, and I have plenty of other clients who want to use a bound, captive woman for their own desires, and maybe some female ones too...” 

And as she left, I heard the door closing, followed by footsteps approaching the bed, and the feeling of male hands began to grope parts of my body…


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