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Kim's Misadventure

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/ff; photo; studio; bond; wrap; tape; hood; mum; cocoon; cabin; vacbed; encased; stuck; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Kim had been a bondage novice, although she was a well respected Bondage photographer, she hadn't had much experience at being tied up until now, then she began to experiment with tying herself...

Kim travelled down the highway, her mind not on the traffic but on her coming plans for the weekend, she was on her way to her secluded cabin, set in the midst of a wood. Her nearest neighbour was 20 miles away over some rough country or by road at least 35 miles. She'd brought the property with money she'd been left after her parents had died in an air crash, they had left her quite a sum of money plus the insurance payout, enough to pay off her debts, buy this property & resign from her boring office job. She was now a freelance photographer, something she had wanted to do since leaving college.

Now she was approaching the highway exit, her turn off to a weekend of fun and delight, she had been planning this weekend getaway for the past few weeks and the closer she got the more turned on she was, her thoughts racing about the upcoming events. Kim had just finished a big shoot for a bondage magazine; it always made her horny watching the women getting more & more bound whilst she took the pictures. The women were tied up by a professional Master hired by the magazine and this one seemed to know his job better than most, the two models hired were progressively bound in more extreme positions as the session progressed, by the end Kim had to disappear into her darkroom for some relief from all her pent up frustrations.

Kim had stumbled onto bondage photography after a model friend of hers suggested to a bondage magazine to use her after another photographer had let them down just prior to a session, when she arrived after two hours notice, some of the models were already tied and clearly enjoying themselves on the floor. It was a very long day with the added distraction of seeing these women enjoy their bondage, the moans and whimpers coming from behind their gags gave Kim feelings within herself that she had never thought about before. How could these women enjoy being tied so tight? What was it about bondage that made these women do it? She had to find out.

When she finally got home that night she began to experiment with some self applied bondage, just by binding her ankles with a nylon scarf & her hands tied in front by wrapping another scarf around her wrists, making a loop and twisting until it held her wrists together. She lay down on her bed and began moving around as the models had this afternoon, she began to feel warm & moist between her thighs as her thoughts drifted to her being helpless, bound & used by someone, she could not resist using her fingers to pleasure herself with her fantasy running in her mind, until she brought herself to a climax that felt much stronger than usual, on a scale of 1 - 10 she'd give this a 7. This is where her interest in bondage started, more than just taking photos she wanted to experience it herself and she resolved to find out all she could learn.

More photo sessions came her way and she began to get a reputation amongst the bondage publishing world for her excellent photography, the more photos she took the more work seemed to come her way. She expanded into a new bigger studio with more facilities and was becoming a top bondage photographer, but all the while she still wanted to experience bondage first hand, but she never got up the courage to ask if someone would tie her up. So she began to use the equipment left over after the sessions, at first handcuffs, ropes and tape but then progressing to gags, blindfolds and stretching bars. She'd lay there on the floor bound by her own hand, just as the models had a few hours before. All the time learning more & more about the different ways she could be tied, bringing her greater heights of pleasure.

Then one day Kim was doing an afternoon shoot with a Master & his 'sub', it was a private session not intended for any of the publications that she supplied photos to, she occasionally did these private sessions, normally for people she'd met on other shoots. When they arrived Kim let them into the studio and began chatting with the girl about what she was about to do, whilst her Master began getting his bondage equipment ready. At first he brought out several rolls of cling film, the type used in the kitchen to wrap food, this was quickly followed by rolls of tape, metal grey in colour. Kim was intrigued by this and after making sure the cameras were ready told them to begin.

The Master began by instructing the sub to stand up and position her legs as far apart as she could and to remain still, he took hold of the first roll of film and began wrapping it around her legs, up & down until each leg was covered in several layers. He moved up to her body and began wrapping her stomach; breasts & hips, around & around he moved wrapping her body ever tighter each time he completed a lap of her. Then he changed direction and began to wrap her crotch and over her shoulders, several layers were between her legs, covering her sex then each upward stroke was divided over each shoulder. Now he began with a fresh roll and wrapped each arm & hand the same as her legs, her entire body was now glistening with the plastic wrap covering her.

He then told her to close her legs and place her arms by her side, he then started wrapping her from her feet up towards her neck until she was eventually covered with several layers of film, enclosing her in a cocoon with only her head uncovered. All the while Kim was photographing this with several camera's and stopping him at various points to get a better angle, her own sex was becoming more hot and damp the closer she got to the girl and the more that she was wrapped. At this point the Master took a break while Kim changed the film in the cameras, she had to feel what it was like to be so tightly bound, the sub seemed to be in a different world now that she was enclosed, her eyes seemed glazed and looked far away. Kim walked up to her and touched the plastic, it felt very warm to the touch, smooth and silk like and the sub didn't seem to notice her presence.

Her revere was broken when the Master returned to the room, Kim quickly stepped back and grabbed her camera to begin again. He started by picking up the tape and pulling off an end he began at the feet, the tape was passed round & around her wrapped body, each time the tape was carefully overlapped to ensure that no area was left uncovered. Several times the tape ran out and was replaced by another roll, on went the tape creeping up her body enclosing her within its grasp. Kim could not believe what she was witnessing through her lens as more tape covered the already tightly bound girl. Her mind drifted to seeing her standing there in this girls place being tightly wrapped into a cocoon by this Master, her tummy began to feel warm & fuzzy, somersaults turned within her and she could feel the moisture in-between her legs.

Finally the girl was wrapped from her feet up to her neck in the silver tape, her body was now mummified & enclosed, she seemed smaller now than when she first arrived and Kim put this down to the constriction of the tape, smoothing her features as it covered. Now a hood was brought out of the bag and placed over the subs head, covering her within its black material with only two holes under her nose, no part of her skin could now be seen. He then began wrapping more tape around her neck and up over her head, leaving only the underside of her nose uncovered, she was now totally coated in the silver tape, he ran a cloth across her bound form polishing the outside tape to increase the shine.

She was then placed on the floor; a pillow under her head while Kim finished taking more pictures of her as she lay there. Kim began asking the Master how the sub would feel being totally enclosed, would she be able to breathe okay, wouldn't she panic? The Master gave her details of how she had been prepared by short sessions in lesser bondage, building up gradually to more enclosed sessions like this one. Kim just had to feel the taped body on the floor, she asked if it would be okay and was granted permission to touch. She could see that the sub was gently moving her body within the cocoon, he told her that she would be close to climax soon and would remain in this state for several minutes, longer than during normal sex. Kim began asking more questions of the Master and eventually he asked if she would like to try?

Kim was at first shocked, then her curiosity began to get the better of her and she stilled the doubts she had in her mind, she asked if he would. He told her to get herself ready, would she prefer to be naked or partially clothed, he told her of the heat build up within the cocoon and suggested she try it just in her underwear. She agreed as she didn't want to totally expose herself to this man, she took off her clothes and walked over to where the sub lay on the floor. He brought over a roll of cling film and asked her to spread her legs like she had seen the other girl had done, she complied and he began wrapping her leg.

At first the wrap felt cold on her skin but soon warmed after contact, he wrapped her leg then began on the other, next he began on her body wrapping around her tummy causing butterflies to erupt within. He continued the same as he had on the sub, moving on to wrapping between her legs and over her shoulders, tighter each time it passed over her sex, the film misting over upon contact with her most private area. She felt wonderful as the film enclosed her skin, replacing it with its plastic covering. After wrapping her arms he told her to close her legs and stand still while he began wrapping her legs together, it was getting tighter each time he ran the film over her legs and body until she was eventually covered from her ankles to her neck.

He then asked if she was okay and if she wished to continue, she agreed and he began wrapping the tape around her legs, covering her inch by inch with the tight tape. She found that she began to have trouble with breathing and asked if he could stop for a minute, she calmed herself and told him to continue. Now wrapped within the tape from ankles to neck he asked if she wanted her head to be covered, she thought about this and said that she was his to do what he wished, a second sub for the afternoon, but could he take some pictures of her before totally enclosing her. He picked up the camera and took some shots of her from different angles before putting it down and covering her head within a hood. She was covered head to toes in silver tape just like the other girl, he laid her down next to the sub and Kim drifted off into her fantasy while the Master took more pictures of them both.

It wasn't long before the first signs of orgasm were approaching, Kim laid there within the cocoon her body temperature rising along with her sexual intensity, she became one sexual object, and her entire body seemed to become focused on the impending climax. She scream out as her body shuddered within its tight enclosure, her climax nearly making her black out from its sheer power, she continued in her ecstasy as wave after wave ran over her entire body, she had never felt this before and knew in that instant that she had found what she had been looking for. From the outside she looked like a wriggly worm moving across the floor as her passion took over she crawled along the floor and was only stopped by the other body lying there.

Allowing her to come down to earth, he began to remove the tape & the hood covering her head, she was dripping with sweat, her hair matted and pressed against her scalp. She lay there recovering whilst he removed the other girls hood, she smiled and kissed her Master and he left both bound on the floor as he took some more pictures. Kim looked in the girls direction and they both smiled as their eyes met, both now had an understanding of total enclosure bondage within a cocoon, they lay there recovering. Kim was first to be removed from her cocoon, she could not believe the amount of sweat that was trapped within, she suddenly felt very cold and exposed as she was left standing in her underwear, a towel was wrapped over her shoulders as Kim moved away to get dressed. The other girl was released and after they had both dressed they both tidied up the remains of their bondage.

Kim thanked them both for the wonderful session, she told them that there would be no charge for the photo session and she would have the prints ready by tomorrow. As Kim walked back into her studio she began remembering what it felt like to be totally enclosed, she again began to get a nice warm feeling within her tummy and decided to finish early and go home, she needed a shower anyway. On the way home she called into an adult sex shop to pick up some new bondage magazines, she liked to look at bound ladies and also needed to see what the competition was up to. She was well known by the shops proprietor and he saved the mags for her, he told her he had some special magazines saved for her, some were just latex, some bondage but one caught her eye, a latex bondage magazine that had a strange device on the cover, whatever it was it covered the occupant totally and very tightly too!

When she got home she ran herself a bath, nice scented oils and a bottle of wine, she was now prepared and grabbed the magazine. After relaxing initially in the bath she began looking at the pictures, she learnt the name of the device - A Vacuum Bag or Sack. She stared at the pictures as each unfolded to reveal more and more of the body enclosed, each detail of the body was highlighted by the material covering it. The material was very shiny, it had a high gloss to it, she thought that it would cause problems taking pictures but she soon forgot that aspect as her hand began drifting between her legs as she stared at the pictures, she imagined herself enclosed within its confines, she closed her eyes placing herself within the bag, the water against her skin felt like the material covering the body. It didn't take her long to climax, it was not as intense as this afternoon but she felt better for it. She decided to find out more.

The next day after printing out the previous days session, she made some blow ups of the better pictures including some of her bound on the floor, her mind drifted back and she had to stop herself before she fulfilled the need that was beginning to rise from within, she was determined to find out about the Vacuum Sack before the end of the day. She rang the Master and told him his pictures were ready, she said that she would drop them round if that was okay? He told her the address and she gathered up the photos and headed for her car, she'd ask him if he knew about the sacks, in the back of her mind she hoped that he'd have one that he could use on her.

Upon arriving at the house she was surprised to find that it didn't look how she'd imagined it to look like, she supposed it would look like some medieval castle, chains hanging from the ramparts. But it was just a normal suburban home. She walked up the path and knocked on the door, it was answered by the girl/sub from yesterday, she smiled and invited her inside. They began looking at the photos and were pleased with the results, they had asked that she include hers along with theirs, he was especially pleased with the photos with them both bound tightly on the floor. He asked if she had enjoyed the session, she blushed at first, but was soon comforted by the girl holding her hand saying that it was no need to feel embarrassed at enjoying her body. Kim then smiled and looked up and said that she had never before experience such delight as when she was bound as she was. 

Kim was given a glass of wine and she began to relax in their company, they told her of some of the bondage experiences that they had had, how good the photos looked and said that they would do some more soon. Kim was then asked by both of them if she would like to be wrapped again? Kim couldn't decide, but her feelings soon overcame her nervousness and she said yes. They finished their wine and she was lead by the hand by the girl out of the room, she had a broad smile as she lead the way saying that she was happy that she had said yes. They walked towards a door and the girl opened it to reveal stairs leading down, taking cautious steps at first Kim followed her down. At the bottom was another door, the girl pushed the door and opened to reveal a room filled with bondage gear, chains, whips etc. She said that it was their playroom dungeon and that they played for many hours, easing Kim's feared look by saying that nothing would happen without her consent.

First the sub was wrapped from her neck to her feet in both cling film and tape; she was placed on a table in the centre of the room, while Kim was prepared the same way. When he had finished wrapping Kim up to her neck she asked if he had seen the vacuum sack she had seen in the magazine, when he told her that not only had he seen one but they had a vacuum bed in the playroom her heart leapt, her stomach's butterflies were doing an aerial ballet. He asked if she would like to try it out? He then walked over to a cupboard and brought out the shiny material she'd seen in the magazine. She had to try it, and after some prompting from the girl she agreed. He told her that he would not cover her head with tape but would place a hood over her head, Kim nodded in agreement and he brought over the hood. Kim was surprised to find a tube inserted into her mouth but was told that this was essential for her breathing.

Kim was placed within the material, the frame assembled around the side of the bed, her breathing tube was fed through a hole and she was then laid on the ground. The Master moved her around to position her body within the bed and when he was satisfied he explained what would be happening to her, telling her about safety words if she needed to get out in a hurry. He closed the top of the sack and connected the vacuum to the valve, turning it on the material began to deflate, closing in on Kim's tightly bound form within. After a minute or two the vacuum had done it's work and the bed now clearly outlined Kim's body, her breast just visible within the tape & film wrap and the materials covering. Inside Kim felt even more totally enclosed than before, unable to move even in the slightest, Kim lay there enjoying the feelings that began to well up within her bound form.  She spent over forty-five minutes within the bed; she climaxed several times, each sending her whole being into spasm.

She was eventually released, she was surprised that he'd taken a video of her bound within the vacuum bed, as she recovered she watched herself on the TV, her bound body enclosed making slight movements within, she felt embarrassed as she saw her first orgasm on the screen. But soon recovered as she continued watching the show, the camera drifted away from her and onto the other girl bound as she was within her cocoon, she too was writhing within her constricted state clearly enjoying herself. Kim decided that she must buy one of these vacuum beds for her own use and could see the possibilities for self-bondage within.

She ordered one via the Internet later that day and eagerly awaited its arrival, preparing plans for some sessions enclosed within its tight grasp. Kim thought about what she needed and began writing out a shopping list of things she'd need. Kim called her friend who ran the adult/sex shop and asked if he had any videos, magazines with women being cocooned or placed into vacuum beds, he said that he had and would put them aside for her to collect. She completed her shopping and called by to pick up her goodies, eagerly awaiting viewing them when she got home. 

Upon arriving home Kim placed all her items on the floor in front of her, sorting out the tape from the film, she had decided she wanted to try wrapping herself up for the evening. Kim lived alone, she had a few friends but was too busy too be dating and anyway there was no one special in her life at present. She took a video out of its package and placed it in the machine, the screen flickered and the titles rolled. She had seen several porn videos but they always looked cheesy, this one grabbed her interest straight away, a slim blond woman was being wrapped in cling film from head to toe, she was then teased and abused by her man, several changes of wrapping material followed with her finishing being totally enclosed with tape. Kim turned off the video, she'd seen enough - time for some fun.

Kim stripped naked, began wrapping her legs with the cling film enclosing them, she moved up to her body and applied it in the same fashion as she'd experienced before. Her arms followed and she bent over to begin wrapping her legs together, the film behind her ripped and exposed her lower back, her first disappointment but she carried on. Kim wrapped her legs together, making sure that it was tight. Standing up she continued to wrap her hips and tummy, here she hit her second hurdle - how could she enclose her arms? She stopped for a while to find a solution, she grabbed another roll of film and after teasing the end off she threw it as hard as she could across the floor whilst holding the end - third disappointment, it didn't go far, but enough that she could lay down and roll over to capture her arms.

Now bound in cling film from neck to ankles, Kim decided that she would only use the tape to gag herself with but not cover her body this time around. After making sure that she would fall in the right spot near the roll laid out on the floor, she dropped herself down catching herself with outstretched arms. She moved herself around and laid on the film, she began rolling over and over, she soon ran out of film and had to wriggle herself into position where the roll was wedged and she could move away and pull more film off the roll. She eventually succeeded in enclosing her arms within the cling film and she laid there congratulating herself on her first attempt. Kim lay there letting her feelings wash over her, her body began to arouse itself, she became aware of the heat arising from between her legs.

That was the first of many self-explorations of self-mummification, the more she tried the bolder and more experienced she became. After the vacuum bed arrived she began by placing herself within its confines naked and unbound, she enjoyed being able to play with herself whilst enclosed. She increased this to included being wrapped and eventually wrapped & taped, but always she had to leave her arms free to place herself into the bed. She had made up several tools to aid her in wrapping herself and was able to totally enclose herself in cling film & tape, although she used just a hood covered in tape to enclose her head. She decided that she had to work out a way to bring all three elements of her bondage into place at the same time. This weekend would be spent in total enclosure.

Kim finally arrived at her country property, the drive was long from the city and she removed all her materials needed for the weekend before putting the car away in the garage. Kim closed and locked her cabin door from the inside, she didn't want to be disturbed this weekend, although with her car parked out of sight no one would know she was here.  She began by opening her luggage, which contained a multitude of things, Kim first took out a ball gag, she had developed a taste for these after trying them out in her friends dungeon, she fastened it on within seconds. She then pulled out several rolls of cling wrap, Kim put one on the base of the pole, the pole had several offset spindles which she could place the rolls onto, Kim continued until all of the rolls had been placed. The pole was inserted into a hole drilled into the floor and was fixed to the ceiling by wire. Kim prepared another pole but this was for the tape, she had found a brand that was 4 inches wide, the glue wasn't as strong and it made wrapping easier.

Now she readied the vacuum bed, she had practised getting in without using her hands, the main problem had been in creating the seal, this was overcome by inserting strips of those flexible magnets that are used on whiteboards to hold paper onto it, this snapped together closing the end sealing it. Kim now began binding herself and wrapped her entire body in wrap in a catsuit fashion. She pulled the hood over her head; she adjusted the eyeholes and the tube within her mouth. Kim still needed to see to wrap herself and place herself within the bed. She rechecked the vacuum cleaner and the timer attached to ensure that both would function as desired.

Next Kim moved over to the first pole, she began slowly turning herself in front of the pole, the film caught hold as she spun, she continued rotating until all the rolls were empty and her body was tightly wrapped within its grip. Her body was now enclosed; her arms held at her side, her legs held tight by the film's grasp. She looked at the time, she had twenty minutes left. Kim moved over to the pole with the rolls of tape, this one was different in that there were four rolls of tape, each was attached via a lug or nut for want of a better word, this was on a threaded pole so that as Kim pulled the tape away the roll travelled upwards, moving to coat a different part of her body. Kim moved against the tape and began to again rotate slowly; the tape began doing its job of covering her body. 

Kim continued to wrap herself until the rolls of tape also ran out, she now looked at herself in the mirror, admiring her handiwork, her body's features smoothed over by the tape. She began to feel the itch beginning between her thighs, her sex becoming moist, she regained herself and looked at the time, she now had only eight minutes left. She at first didn't notice or chose not to, that the tape was beginning to contract, tightening its grasp on her now defenceless body, she seemed more intent on keeping to the schedule.

With four minutes left, Kim crawled into a vacuum bag that was set up earlier, most people would need someone else’s help to do this, but Kim had become very practised at this, she had spent many hours after she had placed herself within the bed, she considered herself a pro. Kim then waited inside for the timer to go off and the vacuum to start, then the vacuum began to suck all of the air out of the bag, her breathing tube popped into place as previously practised.

Kim was overwhelmed with pleasure as the cold latex conformed to her mummified body, tightening its grip on her, she delighted in its feel, to be totally enclosed. After a mere 14 minutes of grunting and writhing within, Kim had an extreme series of orgasms that shook her entire body.

Afterwards, she lay in her imprisonment, satisfied and exhausted. But then it hit her, she never thought about how she would get out! Kim began to panic, breathing strongly through the tube in her mouth. She felt extremely hot and claustrophobic, but also very faint. Kim wasn't getting enough circulation, the tape had constricted against her body, making it harder for her to breathe and the blood to travel around her body. She tried struggling, but she was so well wrapped, it did no good.

Until the vacuum stopped operating she would be unable to get free from the bed, she couldn't remember if she'd set the timer to stop, she'd set it to start but had forgotten to set it to go off, now she was well and truly stuck, the latex and tape were completely unforgiving. There was no way of escaping. 

 And the only person around was 20 miles away...


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