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Kim's Choice

by Lylani Bellic

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© Copyright 2011 - Lylani Bellic - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; ?/f; catsuit; hood; chast; gag; bond; cuffs; collar; outdoors; exhib; cons; X

Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

Kim sat on her bed in silence, the steady ticking of the wall clock in the other room could be heard over her shallow and irregular breathing. She was nervous, and rightfully so. Not many people had it within them to relinquish what made them who they are. We strive our whole lives to build an image of ourselves, one we can project to others so that we may be seen as we wish, rather then how we feel. This prospect of her immediate future, this; amalgamation of ideas, whether good or bad caused her to fidget in place wondering if she should call it off just minutes before it was set to happen.

She wasn't really the quitting type, never had been, but it could be argued that there was a difference between quitting and knowing when to fold, which this was she was uncertain of. She knew that nobody would think less of her if she didn't follow through, but would she think less of herself? It really didn't seem right that she should, after all the plan she had in motion was not only ambitious but threatened to mean the end of her – after a fashion. It was hardly the kind of risk one took when partaking in something like base jumping or other spots of that nature where the reality that a serious injury including death was all to possible regardless of the level of skill one possessed. This was more a social end, a curl up in the corner of your room making tomatoes envious of your colour because you did something so utterly outrageous that if embarrassment could be deadly she was very dead.

Rational told her that nobody would know who it was, that her identity would remain a secret and that only the few people in on her plan would know the true nature of who she was. But that hardly worked to reassure Kim, she knew it but.. there was just something about knowing it herself. Like how when you know you have a blemish on your face, such as a cold sore or pimple, and you hide it but still worry about it every time someone looks at you. Even if they can't see it you imagine them knowing it's there because you know and then you act in such an idiotic way that makes it obvious you're trying to hide something which only draws attention to the thing you're trying to hide.

Kim sighed, this would not be easy on her. She needed to relax and think this over, before it really started. She glanced over at the items laying on the bed beside her, toys she'd had for awhile and had used many times. Today would just see a fantasy Kim had with them fulfilled. Well, she shrugged, what better way to relax.

She reached over with her gloved hands and first picked up the pair of black hard foam earplugs, they squished with enough pressure but for the most part held their shape. They worked well, once inserted into her ears and mashed around to make them comfortable she could no longer hear the clock. That was hardly a benchmark however, the clock was fairly quite to begin with, a greater test was things like the T.V. or people talking, or the sound of cars early in the morning when she was trying to sleep. She would still be able to hear, once she adapted to a softer volume but it wouldn't be hard to leave her in the dark in a conversation by just speaking quietly enough that to her it was an incomprehensible whisper.

She liked that idea, she liked giving up senses. Not in the hopes of becoming more sensitive in others, but the idea that she was limited by something so simple that she could add it to any other idea and only ever make it better. There had been one time she'd gotten help from a friend for a game involving it. Over web cam her friend had watched as she set a new combination to a lock, not seeing it herself or knowing what the numbers were. Her friend then recorded them to an audio clip and sent it over. Kim had then used it for her next night of playing, having tied herself up – the lock as the keystone, the one thing that prevented all others from coming loose she'd been forced to endure her bondage while she tried to decipher the audio clip of the combination through her earplugs all the while getting more frustrated as the binds prevented her from removing the earplugs and it took her longer then she had thought to decipher it.

There was a thrill there, attached to those actions, that would be dwarfed by today’s. She reached over on the bed and took the next item, a black hood made of spandex.. no it was something else she'd thought. She shrugged, not remembering exactly what the stuff was called, it was rather good either way. It was the same material as her suit, not the most flattering outfit she'd worn but it was snug and hung to her curves with the tenacity of a new boyfriend. It covered her entire body up to a full neck, down to just above her knees and all the way to the tips of her fingers ending in a single glove.

As much as she liked the outfit she didn't get to wear it much to it's full extent, she could wear it by herself just fine and did sometimes for play because of it's constricting nature that she enjoyed feeling. The real function of it however required a second person to help her, which she got on occasion but not as often has fantasy populated mind wanted. It also acted as a buffer for her other toy, she looked down at it momentarily. Her shiny metal chastity belt, snug and locked in place where it belonged – the suit adding an extra layer of padding between it and her skin. The belt of course had it's own neoprene lining and that was sufficient, but it just felt.. snugger when worn over her darlexx – that was it's name! - suit.

She liked her chastity belt, she felt secure in it. She wasn't really the paranoid type, or a past victim of assault and wore it out sometimes because she liked the idea of having a naughty secret as opposed to as an insurance against ravenous men. She really didn't think she attracted to much of their attention anyway, while not homely by any standard she was pretty standard and tended to blend into crowds. Slender at maybe one thirty for her five eight height she was well proportioned and had well kept brunette hair that she usually kept at shoulder length but was currently creeping down her back and was generally stuck in a ponytail since it seemed to attract to her face the longer it got.

Continuing on she rolled the edges of the hood up like it was a long sock and started putting it on her head, making sure that her hair wasn't going to get matted into her face which would be exceedingly annoying once the hood was in place and making it next to impossible to move the hair. As she pulled it down and unrolled it her vision was obscured; though she could swear she still saw something just not very effectively. She took a deep breath before unrolling it the last of the way, covering nose and mouth and leaving only a faint seem where it overlapped the neck of the body suit.

Slowly she breathed in and out, as much testing the fabric as she had done in the past as enjoying the touch of it on her skin and the added pressure made her earplugs slightly more effective. She could still hear her own breathing just fine, the sound not even needing to leave her head for it to be heard. She wondered at times if it were ever possible to not hear her breathing but supposed it wasn't. With the hood in place and her breathing falling into a steady pattern through her nose and the air holes in the hood she patted around the bed beside her for the final piece she'd do on her own.

Opening her mouth under the hood she slipped the red ballgag in and began fastening the straps around her encased head. She secured the straps tightly enough so that she could not push the ball out with her tongue or open her jaw off it. Satisfied that it was snug and wasn't going to slide around without the resistance of her hair she ran her hands over her face admiring the contours and the smoothness. She could imagine what she looked like, a black blank face accented only by a red ball in lieu of a mouth and slightly shinier black straps.

She sat in silence for a while, passing her hand in front of her face a few times sure that she could see it but knowing that it was more an image of where her mind knew it to be rather then an actual sight from her eyes. Despite the shadows that could be taken as some sight she knew that the hood was to effective a blindfold for that. Working to keep her breathing steady though just her nose she began to become concerned over the task in front of her, it would soon get uncomfortable in her suit and hood, it would also be something she could not easily back out of once it really began.

It wasn't so much her lack of coherent communication that concerned her, all involved knew what she'd do if she really wanted out. It was the fact that even if she stopped it early, provided she didn't stop it before things even began, she'd still have exposed herself to some people. She laid down on the bed and thought it over – exposing herself was a bit of a factious statement since nobody would know who it was it was actually her friend that would be leading her around that would be exposed. How they had worked up the courage she didn't know, she felt nervous enough for everyone involved and her anonymity was secure.

In time she felt rather then heard the door to her apartment close, a shiver went down her spine knowing what was coming. Despite knowing the futility of such actions Kim tried to see or hear who it was that had chosen to be her guide. All she gleaned was that they were human, and wasn't sure if she'd gotten that from hearing them walk or feeling it. The earplugs were pushed in far enough to leave her in doubt of anything she thought she heard.

Without a word, at least any that she could hear, their hands were on her. She could feel a gentle yet unyielding grip on her arms as they positioned first one then the other into place and she was certain she heard the click of the buckles that sealed her arms into place. As her unknown friends grip released she tested her range of movement; satisfied to find it limited to the point of uselessness. There was a little give, measured in centimetres no doubt, but nothing that would let her do anything but sit there. She smiled to herself, the feeling was snug but not uncomfortable which was a good feeling when it was also combined with the rampant sensation of something running up and down her spine; caused by knowing she was totally helpless to another, that sent shivers coursing through her body.

Her friend, whom she was still trying vainly to discern the identity of from just their touch, had a few other things to do before Kim would be ready for the next stage. First up, Kim knew from the plan, was to make her even more under someone else's control. She felt hands move around over her head, checking straps of the gag and a few faint click sounds followed, Kim knew what they were. Her friend had just locked the gag on to her head. That, along with her chastity belt keys she'd left on the table by the door, meant that even if she could get out of the buckles that bound her arms she'd be unable to speak, see, or remove the hood or jacket thanks to them being essentially locked on.

Next came the collar, tall; in parts it was even taller then her neck which was of course it's design. As it was wrapped around her neck she was forced to lift her chin and as it was buckled snugly in place she was unable to effectively turn her head or lower it from looking – had she been able to see – straight forward. Another faint click meant that it to was locked in place, the key ring to her freedom growing by the minute.

Her friend then moved down to her legs, running a finger down the inside of her thigh, no doubt knowing it'd tease her – though she had a hard time acting as if she didn't like being teased although she did wish for a moment at least that she wasn't locked in her chastity belt so that the touch could do more. But even had she been free of the belt it would not have mattered as the finger went downwards towards her feet. Still feeling torturous the finger became many fingers as they attacked the bare soles of Kim's feet, causing her to flail about in an attempt to get her feet away but a firm grip on her ankle made that impossible and she had to suffer through the titillations while she did her best to laugh through the gag.

Then the firm grip of the hand was replaced by another, but made of metal and she felt it click shut on both ankles. She just knew there was a chain between the two – ankle cuffs. Those were not part of the deal she thought, she'd never agreed to that, her friends were changing things on her without asking and now she was hardly in any position to argue, though she tried anyway. She muttered and grunted into her gag and pulled at the ankle cuffs but nothing she tried to say made sense and the cuffs of course would not give way.

Knowing she was stuck for it she turned to fuming, slouching down as much as she could and growled, the best noise she could produced that would convey her disapproval. But it was no use, whoever it was made no discernible move to remove the ankle cuffs, as far as Kim's senses were concerned there wasn't even anyone in the room with her.

It seemed like several minutes of struggling and growling before she felt her friends hand again, but it was not long lived as I quick grope of her breasts ended with another click that she assumed was the last piece of the plan, a leash onto the posture collar. As she sat there waiting for tension to appear in the leash she grew steadily more nervous, now it wasn't just going to be play time in the bedroom, now it got serious. Knowing what they wanted she did her best to nod and instantly regretted it, on some level, as she was instantly pulled forward by the now taught leash.

She stood, and wavered a bit unsteadily. Sitting while blind was one thing, standing and keeping balance was totally another and thankfully her friend knew that and waited a bit before tugging on the leash again forcing Kim forward. She tried to keep a mental image of where she was, it wasn't to far from her bed to the door into the main living area; and then around to the apartment door. The distance felt much further then she knew it was thanks to the ankle cuffs pulling each time she tried to take a normal step. She muttered more though her gag, renewed in frustration at the unplanned addition of the ankle cuffs.

Despite her slightly slowed mobility they were at the door all to soon, while she couldn't see that she faintly heard it open. Last chance to turn back before it was to far.. she warred within herself to commit to one or the other but her indecision only led to the choice being made for her, the leash continued to pull forward and she could do nothing but stumble after it and then stand, facing a wall she hoped – still fearful others could see her face – while her friend locked the apartment door.

In a few moments she could feel the tug of the leash leading her on again and she shuffled after it, her bare feet generating quite a static shock in the carpeted hallway – if only she had her hands free to poke someone. She really didn't hear any sounds besides her own nervous breathing and the slight rattle of chains from her ankle cuffs, if someone else was moving down the hall or watching she had no idea of it. Soon the carpet changed to a cooler tile and she felt steadying hands on her, she knew what the transition in floor type meant – they were now in the stairwell, a place that had many windows showing off her predicament. Slowly, and very nervously, she blindly took steps forward at the behest of the gentle hand as opposed to the leash as she sought out the ledge of the first stair and slowly moved down it hoping she wouldn’t lose her balance. Slowly, with every passing moment leaving her that much more exposed through the big windows, she made her way down the stairs, around landings and down another flight. She was glad today that she didn't live on the twentieth floor or something.

She nerved herself as she hit the bottom of the stairs, ground floor... the most likely place that someone would be wandering in as . If someone did or not she could never tell, there was no cries of exasperation or surprise upon seeing something as shocking as she was but that was hardly proof against the idea that she was being watched by more then just her friend. Then, more then likely to torment her more, the tension on the leash suddenly stopped and she had little choice but to remain standing in what she hopped wasn't right in plain sight not knowing where a wall was or some other person. She fidgeted as much as she could, feet scuffing the floor and blind eyes questing around in the foolish hope that she'd glimpse some area of intense light that would allow her to see faint images. Such was not her luck, so she stood and muttered under her gag as her nervousness welled up inside.

Thankfully, mercifully perhaps, in a few moments the leash grew taught again and she eagerly followed it, as much for the prospect that forward was better as much as she knew she didn't want to stay still where a crowd could gather. And then she balked, the floor was changing again and she could feel a faint draft. The door outside! She knew it grew closer with each step she was forced to make thanks to the leash her doubts and worries grew quicker, screaming at her to stop this folly now before it was to late. But as she'd done earlier she eventually quelled her fears, or at least ignored them long enough for them not to matter.

All to soon she felt the cool solid of concrete beneath her and the draft turned into the wind and chill air of early morning. She took in a deep breath through her nose, there was no mistaking the mix of urban fumes with the crisp calm inherent to dawn. The noise level grew as she moved out, her hearing adapting to lower levels and the sound of moving cars becoming prevalent. She wondered what her friend was thinking, if they were having all of the doubts she was having or if they were enjoying themselves showing off their 'pet on a leash'.

She liked the concept of the latter, a pet just out for a walk though it obviously was a terrifying experience at the same time as it was exhilarating she found that she was growing less afraid as her mind worked on the idea just being a pet. The downside was that it started to peak her interest and she felt tell tale signs of arousal forming but she knew they could never be more for her restraints and chastity belt soundly prohibited anything that would change it from a nagging itch. The truth was that it had been building for quite some time, but this rush of being outside of a fantasy coming to life made it all the more noticeable since this was about the point in any session that she usually had some kind of stimulation. But then normally she was not this bound, or at least had her own keys or some toy to aid her, now there was nothing; the only action she could take was to just keep walking and try to ignore it.

She wondered how far she was from her apartment by now, was she on the side walk by now or still in the parking lot? Were people making themselves late for work by standing around or driving slowly just to watch her and enjoy the scene or attempt to figure out just what she was on about? She wasn't to fond of the idea of being ogled but at the same time knew that she was – since she was doing this willingly and had known before hand that people would watch her. A part of her relished the idea that she was the centre of attention for people that she never knew, and would never know and as that thought worked it's way through she wondered if anyone was taking pictures of her because their friends wouldn't believe the story of a bound girl walking the streets. Was she to be an anonymous celebrity of sorts?

Her thankfulness that her identity was secure renewed itself at that prospect, despite her voyeurism she was not ready to be known all over the internet because the age impressed on people the urge to share anything they saw, the more odd the better. But what then of her friend? Kim shook her head, nothing she could do about that so why worry; whoever was leading her around knew and had accepted the outcome. For all she knew her friend was taking pictures of it themselves, perhaps she was opening herself up to a 'friendly' blackmail situation. Not that blackmail had any good connotations but Kim knew that her friend would probably just use it as a “You did this once, so lets do something else or I let others know” type thing so that she'd agree to some scheme she may have had doubts about. Not that, after this, there was really anything she wouldn't....

Kim's thoughts were suddenly interrupted as she felt a nudge on her side. Someone had just brushed past her!

“Sorry.” she could just make out the voice of whoever had touched her, she really was out there... she panicked and pulled away only to be shouldered by someone on her other side.

She was suddenly aware more acutely of a car passing by her, and of footsteps beyond her own bare feet, and many muffled voices gabbing away about things that she could not distinguish. They could be of her or the state of atmosphere on other planets, all she got was hushed tones with no more clue to the number then as to the topic. Her breathing quickened though she tried to remain calm, trying to remind herself that there was nowhere to go that she was safe. And then the leash went slack again and she stopped not wanting to walk out into traffic on a red light or some such. Then she heard closer talking, she was being purposefully showed off to someone.

“.. she's a real gem, ... up with ...” her hearing was imperfect and she lost a lot of what was said to the earplugs but she strained to hear wanting to learn who had been leading her.

“... having … she looks to be enjoying ...”

“Ya, she needed the walk ...” the voice sounded masculine but she couldn't get enough to put a face to it.

Then there was a hand on her, slender long fingers ran over her arms and just under her breasts, “She looks very secure.” the speaker, clearly a female now, was so close Kim could hear her fine.

Kim felt the proximity, the woman’s thigh pressing on her chastity belt, Kim tried to comment back, but knew it was futile from the start, all she could make was moaning noises with the combination of darlexx hood and ballgag.

“Shh shh,” the mystery woman said, placing her hand over Kim's mouth, “you just enjoy it dear.”

There was a swat on her butt and then the pressure faded, the woman returning to talk to her friend or leaving all together. Kim could not know, so she just stood there fidgeting, pulling on the straps that held her arms and the cuffs on her ankles until the pull of the leash returned and she ambled on. The voices and the car noise carried on for some time, Kim counted in her head for a while but gave up eventually seeing little use in it beyond a way to occupy her thoughts and just walk on autopilot. Nobody brushed against her again, and she was able to keep her panic in check, her jaw ached something terrible and she was sweating all over save for the bottom half of her legs and feet which were bare. Thankfully the position of her arms, being a rather natural one, allowed her to avoid getting cramps that, combined with the ones forming in her jaw, would have made things that much more unbearable. As panicked as she was with her adrenalin going and the insatiable itch between her legs she didn't want to end things before her friend decided.

It was a tendency of hers, she would complain or dislike something about her bondage while she was suffering from it but no sooner was she free of it did she want it back. She knew the gag hurt some, but were it to be removed she'd feel awkward for the rest of the scene. Besides that she knew it couldn't last for to much longer, she had no idea of how far along the planned route she was but it certainly felt like a very long way no thanks to the ankle cuffs.

In due course she felt more slack in the leash for a moment and then was led onto tile, she practically collapsed right there with relief, the full brunt of her nervous energy becoming apparent as it left her drained and now she just wanted to lay down on the floor and recover. The leash would have none of it, it pulled her on and she knew that it was still very exposed in the lobby; she could relax when she was safe back in her apartment. A nice week long nap sounded about right.

Being led back up the stairs was less worrisome then going down, her inclination to blindly lean forward wouldn't result in her falling down the stairs. She still wondered if anyone would see her through the windows, one last glance before she was gone. Which all to so soon she was, carpet was below her feet again and only a few steps before her leash slacked long enough for her apartment to be unlocked and then she shuffled in and sighed.

Soon she was sitting on her bed and the ankle cuffs were coming lose followed by the posture collar that she really hadn't noticed until then – once again able to move her head around properly she became aware of how stiff it felt. Then she felt her friend giving her a hug, or perhaps it just felt that way since at the end of it her arms were free.. perhaps it was both. After a moment of stretching her arms there was a pat on her head and then nothing.

Kim supposed that meant it was her turn to undo the rest, first she had to see.. she reached up to start undoing the straps of the gag that kept the hood tightly on. Pulling at the straps they came lose a bit then halted, she pulled some more but it just wouldn't budge. Her hands weren't to good at feeling detail but it was pretty obvious what she felt when she quested around more, the locks were still holding the gag in place, her friend wasn't done. But then, to her horror and, excitement, she heard the door open and close – her friend had just left! She pulled more at the straps but knew it was futile, they wouldn't slide off her head or loosen Was her friend going to come back? Maybe they'd left the keys somewhere...that had to be it they wouldn't just leave her stuck.

But blind.. they could be anywhere in her apartment it would take her ages to find them all the while stuck suffering in her gag and the increasing heat of her body in it's darlexx and metal prison. Suppose there was multiple keys and locks she mused as she got down on her hands and knees and began trying to methodically check the floor, hoping not to miss a spot or waste to much time going over the same spot. What if she needed one key for each lock just to get free?

She smiled under her gag, she rather liked that idea.


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