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Kristine's Mummification

by MattL

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© Copyright 2001 - MattL - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; wrap; saranwrap; tape; cocoon; bond; cuffs; oral; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

Hi everybody, This is the first erotic story I've ever written. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment. I just might write some more if I get enough positive feedback. The email address you can write to is [email protected]  Have a nice day!


Kristine had been fascinated by bondage for many years. Now, at the age of 21, she had moved out of her parents house and into a small apartment. She lived alone and found she could finally indulge in her bondage fantasies. She tried self-bondage for a while, but was never quite satisfied with it. She longed for the feeling of being at someone else's mercy. Then she met Nadine. Nadine was 25 and had also been fantasizing about bondage for years. The two women met through adult personal ads on the Internet. At first, they simply exchanged emails and discussed their interest in bondage. Then they discovered that they lived in the same town, only a few blocks apart from each other.

They decided to meet at a cozy little cafe. They each had a hot cup of coffee and feeling quite awake decided to head to Kristine's apartment. They spent the evening exploring their common interest through discussion and light bondage games. They continued their games over the passing weeks getting into more serious ties and binds as time went by. Until one Wednesday evening, when Nadine brought up the subject of mummification.

Mummification. Kristine had never heard of it outside as a form of sexual bondage, but she was intrigued. She could picture in her mind an Egyptian mummy. She asked Nadine if that's what it was. Nadine said it was except she didn't have to be dead for this game. Nadine said that she always dreamed of having someone to wrap in a layer of saran wrap and then in a layer of duct tape.

Kristine was tempted by the idea. She debated for a while in her head whether or not she would like to be totally immobilized and helpless in mummification. The idea started to excite her as she could feel the warmth and moist between her legs. She decided that she'd like to try it. Nadine was only too happy to oblige. They planned to wait for the weekend. Nadine would pick up the necessary materials and think about how she'd like to mummify Kristine.

On Thursday, Nadine purchased large quantities of saran wrap and gray duct tape. They would meet on Friday night at Nadine's apartment. Nadine enjoyed the privacy of her apartment. She lived in the basement next to the laundry room. Her apartment was the only one in the basement. The women would have absolute privacy for the weekend and could play for as long as they liked.

Kristine had been waiting anxiously for Friday night. She had spent most of her daytime hours fantasizing about how Nadine would wrap her. Now the time had finally arrived. She showed up at Nadine's door at 7pm. Kristine was greeted by Nadine who was dressed in a very tight and form fitting black rubber cat suit. The only parts of Nadine's body that were exposed were her head, her hands and her bare feet. She was ready for the weekend. She had laid out the saran wrap, duct tape and a few extra restraints on her bedroom floor. Kristine felt very hot right away. She was very excited at the prospect of being made helpless by Nadine. She eagerly awaited any instructions as she suddenly felt very submissive and fell down on her knees and bowed her head in respect for her Mistress of the evening.

She was first ordered to strip naked. This wouldn't take long. She kicked off her slip-on sandals, completely exposing her bare feet right away. Then the dress couldn't fall down to the floor fast enough. Her dark pubic hair was instantly exposed as she had chosen not to wear panties for the evening. All that remained was her bra. She promptly reached behind and unsnapped it. It too fell to the floor. Her breasts comfortably fell into place and her erect nipples were now only too obvious. She dropped back to her knees and kissed Nadine's bare feet as a sign of total submission.

Nadine used her right foot to lift Kristine's head back up and ordered her to look her in the eyes. She informed her submissive that they were now to proceed to the bedroom. Kristine was next ordered to stand straight, spread her legs and keep her arms to her side. And the mummification began.

Tonight, Kristine would be completely mummified from head to toe. But first there had to be some fun. Nadine would make sure Kristine would be teased to frustration before she felt absolute helpless ecstasy. She picked up the saran wrap and kneeled on the floor between Kristine's legs. She ordered her slave not to move. And then, before starting the wrapping, stretched out her tongue and gave a soft and long smooth lick on Kristine's lips. The submissive immediately shivered, her toes curled up and she felt moisture slowly dripping along her right leg.

Nadine now began to wrap Kristine's left leg. She had noticed the drop slowly running down her slave's leg and wanted it to run its course and torment her soon to be personal mummy. She kept wrapping along from Kristine's ankle all the way up to her thigh. And for good measure, took another lick at her slave's love juice. Then she wrapped up the right leg in the same fashion and took one more lick, sending shivers up and down Kristine's spine.

Nadine then ordered her submissive to lift her arms. The arms were wrapped from the tip of the fingers to the armpits. Kristine was feeling hotter and hotter. She already wanted release, but knew that her patience would be rewarded.

Nadine knelt down again, took yet another soft lick at Kristine’s now dripping lips and ordered the slave to bring her legs together and her arms to her side. Kristine obeyed. Once again, Nadine started wrapping at the ankles, carefully leaving Kristine's bare feet exposed for further torment and pleasure. She wrapped all the way up to her slave's thigh, carefully leaving the pubic hair and vagina entrance exposed for more teasing. And, of course, slowly and playfully licked the outer lips a few times.

Nadine kept wrapping up Kristine's naked body, over the hands and arms, carefully preparing her submissive for the layer of duct tape. She left the fully-grown breasts exposed as they would serve for yet more teasing. Nadine couldn't resist and had to kiss both nipples. Kristine was now aching for more pleasure and mind-blowing release. But the time had not come yet. Nadine had much more planned for Kristine tonight. She finished wrapping her slave up to the neck. And stopped as it was time for the duct tape.

Kristine was under strict orders not to move. Nadine considered the layer of saran wrap too fragile and did not want it to rip before she could apply the layer of duct tape, which would render Kristine totally helpless and at her mercy. At this point, both women were dripping wet. Kristine could feel the moisture slipping over the saran wrap while Nadine felt the wetness growing along her legs inside her cat suit.

Nadine picked up the duct tape and methodically began wrapping Kristine's legs, starting at the ankles. She slowly but surely made her way up Kristine's legs, all the way to her dripping mound. There she paused to lick some more juice off of her submissive’s lips. She carefully taped around the opening and proceeded to wrap the slave's upper body. Nadine tightly taped Kristine's arms to her body. She wrapped up while meticulously leaving the pale white breasts exposed. She pulled up Kristine's long dark hair as she finished wrapping her slave up to her neck. Then she let the hair fall back down over the duct tape layer. She taped up and down again and stood up.

Nadine pushed Kristine onto the bed as she wanted to play before completing the mummification. She knelt down at the bed of the bed and started licking the soles and sucking the toes of the helpless mummy Kristine. Kristine moaned in pleasure. The warm sensation of Nadine's wet tongue on her sole and warm mouth on her toes were sending waves of delight through her body, but she wanted more. Nadine stopped, knelt over Kristine's knees, unzipped the crotch of her cat suit and reached inside for her wet, hot lips. She began masturbating as she watched Kristine squirming as she ached for the same hand to rub her lips. Nadine enjoyed the pleas and squirms of her helpless mummy slave. She masturbated until she was very near climax. Displaying great control she stopped to play with Kristine some more.

She climbed up her mummified slave's body and looked straight into Kristine's eyes before kissing the submissive’s pleading lips. She slowly made her way down and began kissing and licking Kristine's nipples. Kristine was twisting with pleasure but could not get the release she was pleading for. Nadine made her way down to the thighs where she stuck out her tongue and expertly teased Kristine to a higher level of excitement and frustration. Kristine was getting more and more insistent with her whining. She was craving an orgasm like never before. Nadine decided to give her a not so subtle reminder of who was in charge. She crawled back up her slave's body and knelt over her face. 

Pressing her dripping mound against the submissive’s lips, she ordered Kristine to lick her until she reached orgasm. Slowly but surely, she felt the tension build up inside her and couldn't help but curl up her toes tightly as she exploded through the waves of an intense orgasm. She dripped all over Kristine's face. The slave was now having serious difficulties breathing while the Mistress was slowly coming back to Earth. 

Nadine got off Kristine and got a towel to dry her slave's face. Kristine had been a good slave and deserved to be rewarded. The women's idea of a reward at that time were slightly different. While Kristine was waiting for her orgasm, Nadine was planning more teasing and helplessness to build the tension in Kristine's body towards the most intense orgasm the slave could have dreamed of.

Nadine zipped up the crotch of her rubber suit, reached to the floor and picked up an inflatable gag. From now on, pleading would no longer be tolerated. Nadine preferred gagged moans, just like she'd heard from the gagged women in the bondage videos she had in her collection. None of those featured the scenario she was playing out right now. And of course, she had to tape it. The two women had decided to tape their weekend games so they could watch themselves again later. Perhaps on a lonely evening when their partner was not available for play. But at the moment, the video camera was the least of Kristine's concerns. All she wanted was more restraints and more pleasure. She didn't want to take the teasing anymore, but knew that it would be worth it in the end.

Nadine ordered Kristine to open her mouth as wide as she could. She inserted the inflatable gag in her mummified slave's mouth and let her close her mouth as she could. The Mistress began pumping the gag until it filled the slave's mouth to capacity. Kristine could no longer plead, she could only moan from behind the inflated gag. Nadine removed the pump and paused. She enjoyed the sounds and helpless squirming of her submissive. She was feeling warm again between her legs. She wanted to play with herself again, but also tease her slave as she did.

Nadine had a foot fetish. She liked sucking on toes and licking soles. She also knew how good that felt when it was done to her. She decided to stimulate Kristine through her feet for now. At this point, Kristine was so hot and excited that the feeling of Nadine's tongue going up and down her soles, her lips tightly sucking on each and every one of her toes, combined with the state of helplessness which she loved, made her need that orgasm more than ever before. She had no idea she could feel this could from the feeling of a warm wet tongue on her feet. She had heard of woman reaching orgasm through foot stimulation, but she knew this wasn't in store for her tonight. Even if there was a possibility that she could be excited to that point, Nadine would not let it happen. She was teasing, teasing very expertly. And Kristine was thinking how intense the feelings in her vagina and clitoris would be if Nadine decided to make her way there with some more teasing.

Nadine was masturbating as she sucked on Kristine's helpless toes. She climbed back on the bed and slowly made her way up to her slave's body, while keeping her hand on her warm, wet crotch. She admired the state of helplessness Kristine was in. She had her at her mercy. She could do as she pleased. And what would please her right now would be to feel her mummy squirm and moan in excitement behind her gag. So Nadine went straight for the opening left between the legs. She slowly stroked the lips with her tongue, carefully reaching out for the clitoris of her slave, digging deeper and deeper in the vagina. 

Kristine was near ecstasy. She felt the sweat forming and running all over her beneath the tape and the saran wrap. She felt so close to the mind-blowing orgasm she had been waiting for. She was moaning louder and louder behind her gag. Nadine was feeling better and better herself. She felt herself getting nearer a second climax. She knew that Kristine was also very close. And she pulled herself away from her slave's aching, dripping vagina. Kristine felt frustrated like she had never been before. She had come so close, but Nadine wasn't done with her. Her Mistress had pulled herself away just in time and now was teasing her by masturbating to another intense climax.

After her second orgasm of the night, Nadine was spent. She needed to take a break. She decide to go watch television for a while, leaving her slave bound. Kristine was left on the bed to stare at the ceiling and loose herself in her thoughts. She was comfortable in her duct tape cocoon. She was wondering what would be next and how long it would be before she was allowed to reach the orgasm she was craving. She had no idea how long she had been mummified now. She had no idea how long it would be before Nadine came back and she had no idea how much longer she would be mummified. She knew she couldn't plead herself out of this one, but she didn't mind. She was enjoying every moment of it. The feeling of helplessness, the idea that she was at Nadine's mercy, the fact that she couldn't even sit up on her own and the feeling of the saran wrap pressed tightly against her skin by the duct tape was keeping her in a state of sexual awareness like she had never known before.

Nadine came back after about an hour. Kristine was completely lost in her thoughts and pleasure and was startled to see Nadine back in the room. It was now time to complete the mummy. Nadine picked up the saran wrap and went to work on Kristine's head. She wrapped up and down a few times, then under her chin and over her head. She made sure the entire head was covered. Then she took a pen and pierced holes for the nostrils. Next came the duct tape. Soon Kristine would not speak, see or hear. Nadine began wrapping at the neck. She made her way up to the top of the head and then under the chin and over the top so as to leave not an inch uncovered. Again she made holes for Kristine to breathe through.

Kristine was unable to hear, see or speak. All she could do was feel. And she found her main focus was the sexual tension building inside of her. She barely noticed as Nadine began wrapping her feet after a few quick kisses. Nadine completed her mummy and stepped back to admire her work. She like what she saw, but wasn't satisfied. She decided that the breasts did not need to stick out and she covered them. Now all that was visible was the triangle showcasing Kristine's most intimate parts. Kristine was left completely at Nadine's mercy.

Now, the Mistress decided it was time to bring her slave to an explosive climax. Nadine knew her mummy was aching for release. She started slowly, dragging her tongue up and down Kristine's lips. She teased the clitoris and dug in the vagina. She gradually went faster. Then as the mummy's moans were getting louder and louder, she stopped. The submissive tried to express her frustration, but no word made it past the gag. She could only hope her Mistress would let her climax soon.

Again, Nadine kissed and licked Kristine's lips, clitoris, vagina. Again she stopped before the mummy could feel the promised orgasm. The mummy squirmed and moaned for all she was worth, but to no avail. Her sexual satisfaction was not in her hands. She had to rely on the mercy of her Mistress. Nadine went at it again. This time she licked at a steady pace. She kept going as the moans got louder. Finally, Kristine climaxed. Her entire body felt an intense wave of pleasure push it's way up and down and up and down. Her body shook from head to toe. She strained so hard at her cocoon that she thought the tape would rip. But it didn't. When she came back down to earth, she realized that she was still tightly mummified. She did not know how much longer she would be. All she knew was that Nadine was now covering the triangle between her legs. She was completely mummified.

Nadine went back to watching TV. She loved those late night talk shows. This time she watched the TV in the bedroom so she could see her slave squirming from the corner of her eye. After a while she got distracted from the shows. She took off her cat suit and climbed on the bed. She picked up her vibrator and slowly brought herself to another climax.

Nadine then took her mummy into her arms and fell asleep. She woke up a few hours later as Kristine was squirming and twisting trying to get released from the duct tape. Nadine began cutting off the duct tape at the mummy's feet. But she had more plans. As soon as she had the ankles uncovered, she slipped on a pair of leather cuffs. This slave wouldn't be free tonight. She continued taking off the tape and wrap. When she freed the wrists, she slapped on some more leather cuffs. She freed the arms up to the elbows and then connected the wrist cuffs in front of the slave. She then proceeded to remove the rest of the mummy's cocoon. She removed the inflatable gag, but ordered her slave to remain silent as she replaced it with a bright red ball gag. They then both went to sleep.

When they awoke, it was already mid afternoon. Kristine had spent nearly 10 hours mummified the previous night and then another 7 wearing wrist and ankle cuffs. The cuffs and ball gag were removed as the women showered and then went out to dinner.

They came back to Nadine's apartment and prepared to watch the videos of last night's session. They got the idea that it would be exciting to be restrained while watching the movie. Kristine cuffed Nadine into a hogtie position and filled her mouth with the inflatable gag. She then inserted the ball gag into her mouth and cuffed her wrists to her legs in front of her. She pressed play and the women enjoyed the previous night all over again. After watching the videos, they released each other and fell asleep. They woke up in the morning Happy to have found each other and agreed that they should play again whenever they had a chance.


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