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Kyoto's Payback

by KevBowler300

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© Copyright 2006 - KevBowler300 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; wrap; bandages; gag; sarcophagus; encased; transported; display; revenge; toys; insert; denial; cons/nc; X

Kyoto was your ordinary twenty year old Japanese girl except for two things... her perky D cups and the fact that her father was Makoto Kamifuku. That's right, her father was the founder and CEO of Kamifuku Technologies which includes such products as high speed computer chips, long lasting batteries, and the leaders in developing 3D television just to name a few. With such a large and profitable company, Makoto was worth nearly a billion dollars. This meant Kyoto could live off her daddy's wealth and do whatever she wanted. Like many spoiled, rich brats, she spent her time hanging out in the trendiest clubs, buying the most fashionable clothes, and travelling the world. She had many boyfriends, usually just seeing them a few times and enjoying the wild (and occasionally kinky) sex before deciding they had nothing else to offer her and dumping them. A favorite target of paparazzi, she always had photographers following her every exploit and writing about her newest fling.

On her latest adventure she flew to Greece to the opening of an exclusive club called Aphrodite's Heart. She arrived wearing a a tight, red, leather halter top and a matching miniskirt that was just long enough to keep her covered. She spent the night dancing, drinking, and turning down offers by numerous guys who she felt just weren't anywhere near her league. She was heading back to the bar for another apple martini when a handsome gentleman offered her a drink. She ordinarily would just take the drink and then find a way to lose him, but when she saw him she discovered he was handsome. Actually, he was beyond handsome. He was drop dead gorgeous. The muscles, the smile, the fine Egyptian complexion... she just couldn't stop looking at him.

"Hi there, I'm Jahi. Care for a drink? My treat."

She continued to stare and realized she knew of him. He was from one of the richest families in Egypt. She got her bearings and stopped drooling long enough to respond, "Sure. I'm Kyoto ."

After talking for a little while she agreed to head back to his place. They flew to Egypt and arrived at Jahi's private estate. Even though the region was rather sandy, he had bright gardens with colorful flowers and birds chirping merrily. He lead Kyoto on a tour of his palace-like house before finally winding up in the bedroom. He lit a few candles and they both proceeded to sensuously strip not only themselves, but each other. They climbed onto the silk covered bed and were locked in a passionate embrace as well as a passionate kiss. Their hands were exploring each other... rubbing, fondling, groping as they rolled from one edge of the bed to the other. Kyoto was starting to get really warmed up. Most guys she'd slept with weren't into much foreplay and only did so because they thought it would help them get what they were looking for. But Jahi was different, he seemed to know just what buttons to push. She was ready for something to be thrust into her wet pussy, and just then something was. She moaned, but realized it wasn't Jahi.

"What are you doing? Do you not want me?" she inquired.

"Of course I do, but I have something else planned first. I think you'll find it to be an amazing experience." he replied while retrieving several rolls of bandages.

Taking the rolls and starting at her feet, he began to slowly wrap each leg up to the hip and back down again. Before beginning to wrap the legs together he turned the vibrator on low so she could simmer while he continued to wrap. She began to ask about what was going on, but realized that she was being mummified. She had heard stories about people who enjoyed it as a kink but had never thought of trying it herself even though she was an open minded woman. She was a little worried about what might happen and how far it would go, but her worries washed away from the waves of pleasure the vibrator sent through her when it was turned on. 

As Jahi worked on wrapping her legs together she was getting worked up, but couldn't come close enough to orgasm as the vibrator just wasn't active enough. She couldn't complain too much as she was just staying warmed up for later once he was done wrapping and they could get to business. He continued wrapping up past her hips, past her flat tummy, and on up to her chest where each magnificent orb was wrapped individually before being wrapped up like the rest of her body had been. Once he had wrapped up to her armpits he focused on her arms. Her slender arms were massaged as he slowly wrapped each one up. Once complete Jahi posed her in the traditional pose with her arms crossed on her chest. He worked his way down Kyoto 's body giving her a second wrapping and pinning her arms to her chest. Once completed, he admired his work. Kyoto was enjoying the feeling, but was anxious to get it on. She had been all worked up for twenty minutes while she was being wrapped up and she was getting rather frustrated.

"Come on Jahi, I've enjoyed this little appetizer, but I'm ready for the main course. Are you going to fuck me or what?"

"Perhaps in a little while. Normally mommies tell their children stories, but I think I'm going to tell my mummy a story." Kyoto groaned both from the bad comment and from the frustration building in her.

Jahi continued, "This is a story of the Egyptian princess, Oni. She was a beautiful princess who was revered by all the males for her looks, and all the commoners for her luxury. But she was different from princesses before her. Rather than help her people and provide an inspiration to them, she would sneak around with various males and spend her wealth on extravagant items. Her people soon became tired of her and began to despise her and her family. Oni didn't care as she only thought of herself and what made her happy. Long story short, her family was pushed out of power and Oni was kidnapped, never to be heard from again."

A silence loomed as Kyoto lay with a confused look on her face trying to comprehend what that was all about. Then it dawned on her...

"NOOOOOOOOOOO... mmmmph" as Jahi shoved an inflatable gag in her mouth.

"Don't worry, I don't plan on kidnapping you or causing you harm. I just want to teach you a lesson." he commented as he pumped up the gag till Kyoto 's cheeks bulged out slightly before removing the bulb. She was still screaming but her volume was quieted from the gag as Jahi began wrapping her neck and on up to her head. Once he was satisfied with the wrappings leaving only her eyes and nostrils uncovered, he began to explain why she was becoming a living mummy.

"You aren't worthy of the money and power you have. We are in a rare position to help people or at least not to make fools of ourselves. But what do you do? You blow money, act like the world revolves around you, and act like the rich, snobby brat you are. But that's not the whole reason you're in the situation you're in. No. Do you remember a guy named Brian? New York City ? You went out with him a couple of times, then dumped him like yesterday's news when you discovered he was just an average person."

Kyoto reminisced about Brian. He was very handsome. Very caring and respectful. But she was rich and he couldn't afford to give her what she felt she deserved. So she ripped his heart out right after they had sex. He was devastated, but Kyoto didn't care and had a new boyfriend just three nights later.

"Well, Brian is a close friend of mine. I knew that you needed to be taught a lesson and as luck would have it, things fell perfectly into place. You see, there's been an order placed to the company of a friend for a huge conference hall to be decorated in an Egyptian motif. Hieroglyphs, mummies, the whole deal. Well, you'll make a lovely addition to the decorations. Any guess where you might be headed?"

Kyoto can only mumble as Jahi informs her in his best game show host imitation "She's headed to Japan. That's right, the land of the rising sun is the fabulous destination the lovely Kyoto will be headed. Courtesy of Kamifuku Technologies."

She whimpers as she realizes what is happening. She's nude, mummified, has a vibrator in her, and she'll be on display while her father announces a deal to provide large amounts of solar power technology to the nation of Egypt so they can have improved power with less pollution.

"Don't worry, you won't have to spend days like this. In fact, you'll be out a little while after the press conference is over. And don't worry about the vibrator dying, I installed some fresh batteries in it. It's just fantastic the technology your company has come up with." 

Kyoto pleads with her captor but he grabs some more bandages and continues to wrap her up, adding another layer to her body before returning to her head. He inserts small tubes into her nose so she can breath and resumes wrapping her head, finally covering her eyes. She begins to panic as her world becomes dark and void of sensation except for that damn vibrator keeping her horny but unable to cum. Jahi adds a few extra layers of wrapping around her hips just to make sure there won't be any noticeable stains that could cause a problem.

Finally finished with wrapping the decoration, he placed a decorative mask on her face and worked her nose tubes into the mask so she could breathe. He picked up Kyoto and carried her to a golden sarcophagus that was adorned with loads of precious gems. Strapping her in place to ensure she wouldn't fall out, he drove to his private jet to take the last of the ordered items to its destination.

"It's a good thing I have this supersonic jet" Jahi thought to himself as he landed. "Things could get messy if my mummy had to stay wrapped up for longer than she will." Meanwhile, Kyoto was laying in her sarcophagus surrounded by boxes of various items unable to move and extremely frustrated having had the vibrator running for four hours at this point.

The cargo was unloaded and taken to the site of the announcement to be set up. Jahi himself took care of working on the mummies. There was one on each side of the stage, but only one had something more precious than the jewels that adorned the sarcophagus. They were in an upright position and open so the mummies could be seen. Jahi leaned in close so Kyoto could hear him.

"Well, this is the end of your journey with me. Don't worry, I'll make sure someone will unwrap you when this is over. Just remember, if you tell anyone I forced this upon you, I have more than enough information on you to make sure you're regret it. Have fun." he wished her as he patted the area where the vibrator continued it relentless work.

Fifteen minutes later the conference began and Kyoto was able to hear every word of it. She was terrified about being discovered while her father was just feet away focused on the announcement. After the longest half hour of Kyoto's life, it was finished. Off stage, several people congratulated Makoto on his latest deal, including Jahi. "As a special gift for working with my homeland, I thought I would offer a personal token of gratitude. It's wrapped deep inside that mummy over there, but be sure to do it privately as only you should know about it." 

With that, Jahi walked away very satisfied, Makoto looked quizzically at the mummy present he had been given, and Kyoto remained horny, hoping her father would never find out about this and vowing to try to improve her bratty ways.



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