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The Jar

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2002 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; jar; encase; bodymod; intubate; sealed; display; object; cons; X

The story below is pure fiction I stumbled across a site called then I went to links and found a site called Bonsai Kitten do not go there if you are an animal lover it will upset you! But reading the articles there it gave me an idea for the story below I do hope you sleep well after reading it! And all the fella's out there do not try to cram your girl into a jam jar, And all you girls out there if your fella turns up with a large Jar Run!!!!! Also my dear friend John I want to thank him for daring me to use his name in this story.

The Jar

I had been to a couple of meetings with John he was into S&M, sex was something couples with no imagination played at, he was into exploring the limits that he could subject his willing partners to submit to and of late, I was his more than willing partner, mind you he made it no secret it he had used women and girls of all ages to explore the darker side of SM. I told him I had visited the BonsaiKitten site and thought it rather cruel that any one could do that to a defenceless kitten or any animal come to that! We both agreed it was a bit obscene, but John continued to read the pages on the site while I spoke to him about it.

After a while he said we might be able to use a bit of the idea from the site in our SM Play, he agreed it was not right to subject animals to this sort of treatment basically because they could not say if they agreed with what was being done to them, but with consenting humans it was different if both parties agreed and got pleasure out of it that's all right. I looked at him a little worried, "I do not think I would have appreciated at an early age being forced into a jar and made to grow inside till I was deformed against the sides of the jar and being fed food as a slurry down a tube?"

"No No!" said John " I would never do that to anyone under age or to anyone who objected, but if you and I decided we would like to explore the possibilities of doing it to ourselves, well that would be all right as we are adults and know just how far to go with each other."

I think I agreed with him I do not know why, but deep down I had a good idea who was going to end up in the glass jar!

John and I were working quite a bit over the next week or so but when we eventually met we went out for a meal he was very generous when dinning out, expense never came into it. Over the meal he discussed his next project for me, he had re-read the site Bonsai kitten site and decided we would both get something out of the experiment, firstly he was into SM and enjoyed tormenting my body and trying to achieve the impossible with female bodies, and secondly and most importantly I was into mummification.

He smiled and looked at me, I had to ask at that point. "But were does the mummification come into it?"

"Its so obvious to me," he said, "you are being subjected to a very modern form of mummification but instead of being bound in old bandages and hidden in a pyramid you will be placed in a Jar and put on display as a modern Art form?"

I smiled and commented that I had never come across a jam jar that big thank goodness.

We went back to John's place after the meal and he asked me if he could measure my body, I had no objections as by now I had a few drinks and was feeling a little exhibitionist to say the least. I stripped off as was normal, John then made me sit on the table with my knees up against my chest holding them tightly to my body, he measured from the table to the top of my head, asking me to bow my head down a bit it measured exactly 29 inches, then 18 inch across the shoulders. Then with my knees up against my chest pressing against my breasts he measured from my back to the front of my knee was just seventeen inches. His soft gentle fingers touched and caressed my body as he measured me adding to the erotic feeling, he told me a friend of his would cast a jar to the measurements out of clear plastic and it should be ready in a week or so. Yet again I wondered what I had let myself in for this time, I suppose I must be a glutton for punishment but thinking about it I had never been mummified under glass.

It was just over a week later when John contacted me to say the jar had arrived and as soon as we could get some time off work we should give it a try. Two weeks later I had a week off, John picked me up out for a slap up meal as usual, you know the old saying, 'There is no such thing as a free meal?' I believe it to be so very true I suppose the meal is the bait to get me out in the first place! Anyway that's not important, after the meal we went to John's place, he showed me the large jar sitting on the table I looked at it amazed, it was shaped like the old fashioned bell jar's and the plastic was crystal clear.

"I will never fit in that it must be quite a bit smaller than you measured?"

John smiled, "Well yes it is a bit smaller, it is a good inch or more smaller all around on the inside due to the thickness of the plastic and it is supposed to be as once you are in the idea is you should not be able to move at all, you are basically an unbound mummy, a living display."

I thought about it and decided John had done worse things to me and anyway once inside the jar, that is if he could get me in there which I doubted, there would be nothing he could do to torment my body. I would be wedged in till he let me out a short while later, as no one could stay in a jar so cramped for long. I smiled at him and said, "I suppose you want me stripped off yet again!" John nodded.

I stripped off and got up on the table, John fastened a rope to a ring in the top of the jar and winched it upwards leaving the thick base on the table. I moved over and sat in the centre of the base I was sure it was too small, John lowered the jar it passed over the head but wedged on the shoulders, even when I pulled my shoulders in, I was sure this experiment was not going to work.

He pulled the jar up fastening the rope to a cleat on the wall to stop it descending, "I think it is just the right size I know you think it is a bit small?"

He now got a leather strap putting it around my back and knees and arms pulling it tight locking me into a bundle then a second strap around the lower part of me.

"I will cut these off once you are in the Jar do not worry!"

At that moment with me being partially immobilised due to the straps around my body he produced a small syringe then tilting my head to one side he placed the needle against the vein in the side of my neck, I felt the needle go in - I shall not use the old adage like a small prick, but as soon as the needle was in the vein he depressed the plunger. A warm feeling came over me as the contents entered my blood stream, I was a little alarmed but John calmed me down saying it was only a small dose of muscle relaxant and a dosage of Valium via Ketamine to calm me down so I would not get stressed as I was levered into the jar. Then he painted my body in a vegetable oil to make it slimy to aid the entry into the Jar.

The Jar was lowered again this time I did not seem to notice so much as the drugs had made me a little dopy, the Jar was manoeuvred over my shoulders then over my knees. My body was pressed and pushed till it started to slip and slide into the jar which was being forced down a bit at a time. John now cut the leather strap from around my shoulders and pressed down on the top of the jar forcing it downwards, when it was about half way down my legs he cut and removed the second strap, then forcing the jar down till it reached the table top compressing me inside. My body was pressed against the sides of the jar, at the top end in front of my face were several pre-drilled holes to help me get air to breath. John now pulled on the pulley to raise the jar, as the jar lifted off the table it lifted me as well, even the oily coating on my skin did not allow me to slide out of my plastic enclosure.

John tied off the rope leaving me suspended jammed in the jar just above the table, he now threaded a thin IV tube through a small predrilled hole in the bottom of the jar carefully holding the needle and pressing it into one of the larger veins on the top of my foot, the other end of the tube was connected through a regulating valve to a drip tube. To this he connected a plastic bag that contained a measured solution of muscle relaxant plus extra dosage of Valium to keep me sedated till I grew accustomed to my new home plus to stop any panic when I started to realize what was being done to me!

Plus he used a solution of calcium sequestering agent to soften my bone structure, this will accelerate formal bone shaping to my new environment. The complete solution was distributed through a Electronic Dosimeter this was now set in motion, John increased the dosage as a little extra was needed in the beginning. Now a shaped cup was glued in place over my pussy, this was connected to a tube this too was passed through a predrilled hole in the jar, next the end of a larger diameter tube was painted in superglue and inserted in my anal passage, both these tubes would allow me to pass waste quite naturally without being removed from the jar.

John now ran a trail of super epoxy glue around the edge of the base plate then he lowered the jar toward the base, my body was holding it about a inch off the base, John climbed on the table and sat on the top of the jar to press it down on to the base and in the process compressed me in just that bit more.

After about ten minutes the glue seal had set. I was sealed in the jar I did not seem to realize my position, it was as if I was drifting through a dream. John now rotated the jar till I faced him he had just one more job to do, just to the side of where my mouth was a larger hole had been drilled, John inserted a plastic lever and started to lever my head around till the mouth was opposite the hole, he now used two wedges to hold my lips apart then activated a dentists drill and starting in the centre of the four front teeth started to drill a round hole. Once he was satisfied it was the right size he inserted a tube, to this he connected a large syringe, he now squeezed the end of the syringe injecting a half pint of water into me, my first drink since he started, food would be given to me the same way in the future.

About two months had passed the dosage of valium was stopped plus the muscle relaxant but he was still allowing a solution of calcium sequestering agent to soften bone structure to be dripped into me intravenously. My body was now the shape of my new home, quite a bit of distortion had taken place within my body. And some how my mind had become accustomed to my surroundings, the aching of my limbs had long stopped, every inch of me now touched the sides of the jar as the bones softened and took up their new shape. My health was constantly monitored, I was fed he had increased my diet to force me to put on a little weight, so no gaps appeared in the jar, Till I filled it completely.

I used to be the centre of attraction at dinner parties being placed in the centre of the table, John explained to everyone how I had become a living modern mummy and that he had learnt a lot from me scientifically. I noticed of late he was now entertaining a new young lady, he had trained her into his S&M world and like me she seemed to enjoy what he did to her, this night he had been out to dinner & they entered the house she would come over and look at me sometimes feeling the jar, on this night she stripped off got up on the table sitting on her feet holding her legs close to her chest as he measured her. The next week a large Jar appeared on the main table opposite me it, looked like I was about to have competition as the centre of attraction.


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