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A Little Rope

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; Sbf; bond; rope; mum; chastity; tape; clamps; breathplay; shrinkwrap; gag; hood; piercing; machine; susp; stuck; transported; cons; nc; XX

Jamie stood smiling in front of her long set of mirrors admiring her body’s shape under the pressure of the three layers of spandex she is wearing. Each morning before work she dressed herself in layers of tight clothes, before slipping into the tight skirt and top she had picked for the day. Today she was wearing a dancer’s body suit designed to be extremely tight and made skin color so she simply wore dark stockings over the legs of the suit covering the shiny material while adding another layer of compression allowing her to wear a very snug pencil skirt.

Jamie slipped into a tight antique girdle attaching the garters before shimmying into the long sleeve leotard. Now she was ready to get dressed stepping into a pair of six-inch-high heels buckling the ankle straps tight then stepping into the skirt. The skirt fastened with eye hooks and a zipper letting her tuck the long sleeve blouse in before zipping it up. Jamie walked past her girlfriend, saying goodbye, acting like seeing a beautiful woman naked wearing only steel shackles and a large steel chastity belt was normal.

Jamie and Hanna had been together for three years having met at a fetish convention two years previously spending the weekend together learning of their mutual attraction to bondage and Hanna’s predisposition of servitude. The two communicated with each other for months visiting when they could, agreeing to spend the entire week of the next convention together. After that week Hanna arranged to move in with Jamie and be her servant and occasional mistress since Jamie enjoyed being bound and gagged, mostly being mummified tightly. 

Over the first year Jamie trained Hanna as her personal slave keeping her bound and gagged every possible moment never letting her orgasm. Once Jamie was happy with Hanna’s training the two spent several wonderful days enjoying each other’s bodies cementing Hanna’s love for her mistress. Since then Jamie has trained Hanna how to wrap her and how to tease her for hours making her wriggle and moan before forcing her to explode into a series of massive orgasm’s. Hanna’s devotion to Jamie grew wanting nothing more than to please Jamie living for the moments when Jamie would tell her how proud she was of Hanna. Jamie’s love of being wrapped increased, finding new ways for Hanna to immobilize her, improving how she could control her orgasm, keeping her frustrated on the edge for as long as she wanted with the multi-functional vibrators Jamie had purchased. Jamie spent many wonderful hours wrapped in thick layers of whatever new material she found or thought up.

The last had been during a long weekend giving Hanna permission to keep her helpless as long as she wanted, leaving the steel chastity belt locked around Hanna’s waist. Hanna had hoped she would be able to climax while she teased her mistress but now would be forced to endure the frustration of being extremely horny and unable to satisfy her building need to orgasm. Jamie had chosen three different types of materials to be wrapped in expecting Hanna to use one at a time with Hanna misunderstanding thinking Jamie wanted all three used at once. Jamie filled herself with her vibrators covering herself in the medical grade tape securing all the cables and wires so they ran down her legs. The gag’s mouthpiece would hold the watering and breathing tubes so she would be able to breathe while completely sealed and could be fed liquids, if Hanna wanted to make her more comfortable. 

Jamie stood on her pointed toes while she was wrapped in four-inch-wide rubberized tape starting with her ankles and legs then another layer covering both down to her pointed toes welding her legs together. Hanna continued wrapping Jamie’s body reaching her breasts stopping her assent to pull Jamie’s arms behind her back wrapping them separately forcing her hands into tight balls before wrapping them together crushing her elbows together forcing her full breasts to protrude further.

With her mistress secure, Hanna began wrapping her head sealing it in layers of the tape working her way down to above her breasts then back up making sure Jamie was completely helpless to stop her from paying her back for leaving her locked in the chastity belt. Hanna had no idea this had been exactly what Jamie had hoped for, wanting to push her to increase her predicament beyond their “plans”.

Hanna finished wrapping Jamie, stepping back admiring her work, rubbing the tape smooth and arousing Jamie before starting to seal her bulging breasts. Hanna started by applying a pair of nipple clamps she knew well having them used on her almost daily setting each at the base of Jamie’s nipples adjusting them as tight as she dared, listening to Jamie squeal under the gag and tape. With the clamps set Hanna wrapped a band of tape around the base of each breast before sticking strips across each bugling breast in an X pattern.

Once the clamps were secure she carefully wrapped each breast sealing the clamps and tight bands inside the first layer. Jamie was unsure of the clamps but could do nothing and hoped she could stand the first wrapping session with her nipples and breasts throbbing from clamps and the wide bands placed around each. Jamie could feel her body wiggling as the rope around her neck that was keeping her upright got tighter as she had less control of her body and was concentrating on it when Hanna began wrapping her in another layer. The wide pallet wrap was like saran wrap on steroids being much thicker with the tendency to try to return to its original size instead of stretching and staying put. Hanna wrapped Jamie covering her arms, pinning them to her back in so many layers she lost count standing back and admiring her mistress's mummified body thinking she would ask if she could be mummified next time.

Jamie was gasping for air, having to really exhale to get air through the long tubes since Hanna hadn’t hooked them to the small machine yet. Hanna looked at the tubes, smiling, figuring she would make her victim work to breathe until she had finished wrapping her forcing her to gasp for air knowing how much Jamie liked having her breathing restricted. Hanna picked up the roll of shrink wrap smiling as she wondered how Jamie came up with new ways to torment herself knowing the first layer of tape wouldn’t stop any of the constriction of the other two layers. Hanna knew exactly how to use the shrink wrap and how each layer would shrink the one below it turning partially hard as it cooled.

Jamie could no longer feel what was happening outside the cocoon squeezing her so tightly, having no idea she was being sealed in a third layer of wrapping and would be forced to endure three days of total encasement unable to stop the constant teasing that would be forced onto her. Hanna wrapped Jamie’s helpless body in five layers of the shrink wrap, heating each layer before adding the next, smiling as she saw the wrap tighten each time she heated it.

When the last layer was applied and its edges glued closed Hanna started heating it rubbing the hot plastic as it shrank causing the layers under it to shrink more with it shaping her mistresses body until her breasts were bugling and her waist was crushed several inches smaller than normal watching her breasts as they heaved under the tightening plastic. When Hanna shrank the final layer around Jamie’s head she watched as the plastic formed around her face, smashing her nose, loving the way she could see the other layers being smashed under the tight plastic.

Jamie was sealed inside her hot cocoon panting, starting to panic as her air thinned because her lung capacity was reduced by the pressure and she could no longer get enough air through the hoses to catch her breath. Jamie was whimpering and whining but Hanna could hear nothing as she carefully eased her friend onto the hard table she would be spending the next three days bound to. Hanna hooked up the hoses turning on the machine giving Jamie the air she so desperately wanted attaching the wires to her future tormentors. 

When everything was hooked up Hanna wrapped the prone woman on the table in more of the shrink wrap heating it sealing Jamie’s helpless body to the table. Jamie spent three days being tormented and teased by Hanna who herself was tormented and teased by her inability to satisfy her growing arousal. When Hanna finally allowed Jamie to orgasm she thinned her air to the minimum Jamie needed to stay conscious forcing her to have multiple orgasms before leaving her to suffer another night gasping while she was being held on the edge of another massive orgasm.

Hanna cut her mistress free of the plastic cleaning and drying her sweat soaked body having never let her orgasm again leaving her extremely horny. Several hours after being freed and cleaned Jamie was holding Hanna close both lying in the bed purring when Jamie said “Thank you,” making Hanna chuckle when she continued, “but payback's a bitch.” Jamie laughed as Hanna stopped and stared at her mistress’s face.

They continued experiencing new ways to torment and please each other with Jamie constantly searching for new ways to be mummified. Searching the internet regularly as her desire to find the perfect encasement grew more intense driving her to want to try almost anything. One day, while Hanna stumbled around the house bound and gagged, wearing a tight leather hood, tasked to find all the keys to her restraints before she would be released, Jamie was searching online, and found a site that made her perk up. For hours she read about the machines the company built and what they were used for knowing she could use one for her own encapsulation.

The wrapping machine was different from most having the wrap spin around whatever was placed in the center meaning the object could be any size or shape and didn’t have to be secured in any way like the others she had seen requiring locking pegs or a central post. Jamie became infatuated, ignoring her slave’s pleas behind her as she grew desperate in her struggles, and Jamie placed an order for one of the machines. The machine was what they considered “light duty” and worked with the thick pallet wrap she enjoyed so much. When Jamie was finished ordering her new toy she searched for the keys finding Hanna had missed several and added more restraints to Hanna’s already helpless body making it so each step was merely a fraction of an inch. 

Jamie forced Hanna’s arms high up her back, securing them in a tight reverse prayer limiting her even further. The last item was tubes pushed deep into Hanna’s nose restricting her ability to breathe even more than the hood already did. Hanna spent two days searching for the keys before collapsing on the floor. She woke to find herself still bound and gagged, but able to see and her hands in front of her body. Shuffling through the house becoming frantic she found Jamie was gone, leaving her alone, helpless and sore. 

Hanna spent a few more days bound and gagged before Jamie released her enough to be able to go to work, still wearing the belt and tight thigh cuffs linked directly together. The thing that aggravated Hanna more than anything was the steel ringed bra with the small barbs built into it making it so each time she inhaled it felt like her breasts were being pierced by a hundred needles. Each nipple was ringed with these barbs making it impossible for Hanna to wear a bra of any kind letting the shirt she wore under the jacket rub on her nipples arousing them and when they became engorged would be pierced by the barbs. For the next week even though Hanna begged to be released for the belt and bra Jamie forced her to endure the torment binding her each night until the next morning punishing for her failure to find the keys. Hanna had been scheduled to go out of town for two weeks for her job and since Jamie felt she had not tried hard enough to get out of the trip she forced her to endure the rough treatment until the day of the trip. Jamie released the desperate woman explaining her fears of Hanna wanting to leave her as she took her to the airport. 

Hanna was in tears when they reached the airport swearing her undying love to her begging Jamie to forgive her for making her feel that way. The two parted closer than before with both feeling comforted that they were still loved by the other. Jamie went home to rest, getting a phone call that her machine was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Jamie excitedly called them back agreeing to the delivery time and telling them the code to her garage door and where to put it. Arriving home the next day she saw the machine was already in her garage exactly where she had wanted it. Pulling in next to it she was shocked by the size figuring the pictures had not given her the true concept of how big it was.

Jamie shut the door before running to the machine grabbing the instruction book and began reading as she walked to her bedroom stripping her daily wear off. Jamie peeled the layers of spandex off her body reading the instructions shocked at how easy it was to use. Jamie strapped in her large breathe-through gag, adjusting the straps until they were very tight, sinking the large phallus deep into her throat. As her arousal grew Jamie wrapped the gift Hanna had given her around her waist and began lacing it up. The corset went from under her firm breasts to just above her pussy and would hold her firmly erect keeping her torso immobile. It had been Jamie’s first corset, something she now only wore when Hanna was in charge but had made Jamie think she might begin tight lacing training herself. 

With the corset still loose around her she stuffed her feet into her ballet boots lacing them before locking the straps around her legs. Jamie picked up her small folding knife, something she had used often when she practiced wrapping herself finding all she needed was to open it and puncture the wrap and that would give her all the movement she needed to wiggle her arm and cut herself free. After tightening the corset further than she had planned Jamie admired her corseted body staring at her miniscule waist and the multiple straps encircling her head deciding to fill herself with her vibrators and use Hanna’s belt to hold them in. Jamie laughed at the idea of being locked in the belt leaving the keys to all her restraints on the small shelf in the closet picking up the stainless-steel posture collar and locking it around her throat.

Just as she was leaving the closet she spotted the barbed bra having always been curious what wearing it would be like she gently eased her larger breasts into the steel locking it behind her back moaning as the barbs dug into her soft flesh with each move or breath. Jamie eased her way to the machine, almost turning back to remove the bra twice fighting through the pain that was arousing her more. Jamie put the manual back in its holder making sure the machine was plugged into the outlet that had been installed after she had ordered the machine. Jamie was getting excited as the fear of being restrained so completely engulfed her, driving her to step up to the controls and choose “Tension-Max” “Base -Secure” “Materials-All” “Security-Maximum”. 

Jamie wasn’t completely sure what she was choosing having only scanned the instructions but having read about them on line and liked the way they sounded. Jamie took a deep breath and hit the twenty second delay moving to the center of the platform and waited gasping in her excitement. Jamie heard several clicks as motors started running and a loud buzzer seeing the spools begin to move around in a circle. Each time they passed in front she saw they were lower hearing them slow before picking up speed spinning faster when she felt something wrap around her pointed toes pulling them together. Jamie almost fell down having to close her eyes to keep from getting dizzy from the arms spinning so fast around her. She could feel her legs being drawn together, noticing that the wrap seemed to be smaller than she had seen on line but couldn’t look down due to the collar.

Jamie stood with her eyes closed letting herself be wrapped by the machine feeling her excitement grow, realizing she had left the remotes in the closet when she had spotted the bra. Immediately Jamie wanted to stop the machine but knew from the directions the only way to do that was to hit the big stop button and she was already too far along in the process to move. She was stuck until it was finished, deciding she would just use the vibrators later to bring herself to a climax and relaxed as the tension moved further up her body.

The wrap reached her breasts crushing her breasts and nipples into the barbed bra pinching her nipples as it slipped between the barbs pressing her flesh harder into the barbs. When Jamie felt the wrap covering her arms she wasn’t impressed by the tension finding that she could still move her arms easily under it and sighed thinking it had all been a waste of time. Jamie had noticed that several times during her encasement the machine would slow down and suddenly the spools would make strange movements before returning to its original path. The wrap was winding around her neck moving up slowly covering her between her neck and chin impressing Jamie it could follow the curves of her body. As the wrapping increased Jamie opened her eyes as the wrapping rose close suddenly seeing for the first time what she was being wrapped in, ROPE! Jamie screamed into her gag hearing only a muffled grunt as she realized she wasn’t being wrapped in pallet wrap but by three eights thick rope.

Jamie grunted as she began to struggle, thinking about how much she hated rope bondage, finding it easy to escape from. As the machine covered her eyes and head, Jamie remembered how easily she had proven to Hanna that rope could be beaten if you paid attention. Hanna had laughed when Jamie had said why she had no rope in her bondage gear, betting Jamie she could bind her and she wouldn’t be able to escape. Jamie took the bet, buying several hundred feet of three eighths cotton rope bringing it home to Hanna telling her she had the weekend to try to trap Jamie. Hanna’s first position was a tight hogtie pulling Jamie’s elbows together and wrapping the rope around her head pulling it back to her pointed toes listening to Jamie grunt and whistle around the ropes in her mouth. 

Hanna completed her bondage laughing at Jamie as she started struggling and walked out the door telling her captive she would be back in twenty minutes to add the nipple clamps just to spice up her bondage. Hanna went to the kitchen smiling as she fixed a glass of wine before sitting down to relax for a few minutes smiling at how she was going to enjoy keeping Jamie bound and gagged. Hanna could hear Jamie’s grunts and moans chuckling to herself as she enjoyed her wine, noticing when she had finished it she couldn’t hear Jamie anymore. She went back into the room and was stunned when she saw Jamie sitting in the middle, free of all the ropes Hanna had placed on her. Hanna was worried for the first time she would lose the bet and be forced to be bound and gagged for one-week straight, plus be locked in her chastity belt for two months straight.

Jamie simply said, “Next,” smiling at Hanna smugly and asking if she, “had a plan B?”

Hanna gave her a smirk and said, “On your stomach.” She began tying her again, tying her arms high up her back wrapping the rope over her shoulders crossing them between her breasts, using the ends to secure her elbows to her back. Hanna used two fifty-foot spools of rope on Jamie’s arms before starting on her legs. Hanna used another spool of rope on Jamie’s legs wrapping four wide bands of rope around them before winching them towards Jamie’s back, cinching them until her pointed toes touched her back.

Jamie was grunting and whimpering as Hanna continued binding her ending again with rope wrapped tightly around her head filling her mouth and covering her eyes before pulling her head back as far as possible. Hanna watched the woman struggling for several minutes before rolling her onto her side and attaching the strong clamps to her nipples and rolling her back onto her stomach. Jamie squealed loudly around the ropes as her nipples screamed from the pressure of rolling on to them. Hanna felt confident after twenty minutes of watching Jamie struggle and whine in the ropes leaving her to go enjoy another glass of wine and sit, wondering how long it would take for Jamie to give up and admit Hanna was right. 

Hanna had started watching TV drifting off to sleep as the wine sank in only to be awakened by Jamie several hours later, being told to go to bed. Hanna got all the way to the bedroom before the sleepy fog lifted and she spun around to see Jamie sitting on the couch smiling and waving at her. Hanna went to bed anyway, lying and thinking for several hours, feeling Jamie slip into bed with her and quickly she fell asleep with Jamie hugging her.

The next day they decided Hanna had two more chances of losing the bet and Hanna quickly started binding her friend again. This time she bound Jamie’s arms in front of her tying them tightly together two above the elbows and three below. After binding Jamie’s face again she bound her legs right ankle to left thigh and left ankle to right thigh crossing her legs and binding them to each other leaving Jamie sitting with her legs bound. Hanna reapplied the clamps tightening them until Jamie was squealing before rolling her over putting a long rope between her wrists pulling them back until the ropes across her arms pushed her head back. Hanna secured Jamie’s arms to her crossed legs forcing her into a tight arch listening to her grunts and groans as her body settled into the awkward position. Jamie was straining to maintain the position pulling at the ropes stretching her backwards feeling the ropes getting tighter wondering if Hanna was still in the room with her.

After a half an hour Jamie heard Hanna say “Well I think it’s time to tighten everything up, don’t you?” Suddenly her arms were pulled back further and she felt cinch ropes being pushed through all the loops encircling her arms and legs with each being pulled much tighter. Hanna was panting after all the hard work stroking Jamie’s body feeling her skin bulging around the bands of rope enjoying feeling her friend struggling in the rope. Hanna was confident she had trapped Jamie in the web of ropes leaving her friend to fix herself breakfast slamming the door as she left. Once again Jamie was surprised when Jamie was standing next to her while she ate asking if there was any for her.

The two shared breakfast with Jamie giggling at Hanna’s amazement. “I told you so,” she said finally, “are you sure you want to waste time with the last attempt?”

“Damn right I do,” Hanna stated.

Once they were finished eating Jamie took a shower while Hanna prepared for the last challenge. When Jamie returned to the room she held out her hands, saying, “What’s next?” and smirking at her friend.

Hanna smiled back as she asked “Just how uncomfortable am I allowed to make you?”

Laughing at her question, Jamie said, “As “uncomfortable” as you want,” daring Hanna to try her best.

Hanna smirked at Jamie, asking her to turn around pulling her arms together hoisting them up her back again. “Oh we’re doing this again are we?” Jamie said, bored.

Hanna went to the closet, returning with the steel posture collar, but was told “UH UH, only rope remember?”

“I didn’t want to choke you to death, but if you prefer I’ll not use it,” Hanna answered.

Jamie smiled, agreeing she could use the collar, allowing Hanna to wrap it around her neck, locking it in place before wrapping the ropes from her wrists around it, hoisting them up until her fingertips touched the collar. Hanna wrapped her head again, almost covering Jamie’s face completely filling her mouth with several large knots before wrapping over them several times. Hanna forced Jamie to kneel leading her under one of the large eye bolts they had mounted in the ceiling. When Jamie’s bound body was under the bolt she ran several ropes from the bolt to her bound wrists stretching her as far as she could. With Jamie's hands bound Hanna wrapped her ankles with wide bands of rope hoisting each up to her thighs tying them extremely tight. Jamie felt what Hanna was doing feeling the tension on her wrists, knowing with her legs tied, leaving her kneeling, it would make it more difficult to free her hands. Hanna continued to wrap Jamie in rope, cinching each band and pulling her elbows almost together causing Jamie to wince and moan from the painful position.

With Jamie secured, Hanna roped her breasts tightly, squeezing each, causing them to turn red, before taking a length of rope, threading it between her bound breasts and pulling it up to the eye bolt. Hanna smiled as she pulled hard on the breast rope lightening the pressure on Jamie’s knees even more. Jamie whined under the ropes filling her mouth, hearing a slight chuckle from Hanna as she laughed at her plight.

Hanna added more ropes connecting every band to another to make sure none slipped before using the ropes from the bands around her legs to hoist her off the ground leaving her hanging a few feet off the floor. Jamie felt herself being lifted and every rope surrounding her body tightened up, moaning loudly. Jamie was wishing Hanna would use her vibrators to distract her whimpering as her arms were stretched slightly further as the ropes settled. Hanna hung a padlock from the chain connecting the clamps to her pinched nipples, getting a low whine as she let go of it, stroking her captives body, getting hornier as she felt the skin bulging around the ropes. Hanna continued stroking Jamie’s body, arousing both women as she dreamed about being bound just like her friend and hoped she could convince Jamie to try this out on her. Jamie was very aroused, even as the ropes tightened increasing the pain she was in, she still felt wonderfully warm and safe. Hanna stroked Jamie’s body, sending small electrical shocks through her as her hands touched the bulging skin. “Well I’m off to eat dinner and then go to bed, I hope you can join me,” Hanna said cheerfully, sure she had her truly trapped this time and left the struggling woman dangling and twisting in the ropes desperately wanting Hanna to continue to rub and stroke her body.

Hanna couldn’t leave her friend alone for long, sneaking back into the room seeing her friend had made no progress in freeing herself, noticing her bright red legs and arms knowing they had gone to sleep, decreasing the chances of her escaping. Jamie hung for several hours slowly flexing and twisting, enjoying everything but the swinging nipple clamp chain as she formulated a plan for her escape. When Hanna woke up on the floor she looked up seeing empty ropes still hanging from the eye bolt. In her shock she tried to jump up, finding she couldn’t pull her arms in front or move her feet. It only took a moment for her to figure out she was tied up and tried to yell for Jamie, except she was only able to grunt and moan from the massive gag that had been strapped into her mouth.

Hanna lay bound and gagged for the rest of the night and into the next day feeling the ropes connecting her wrists and ankles and struggling to free herself wondering how in the hell Jamie could get out of everything she tried. Hanna gave up struggling and lay thinking about how Jamie was going to treat her and how it would feel having her pussy and ass locked up for two months knowing Jamie would follow through with it. Hanna heard Jamie’s alarm clock sound listening to her shower expecting her to come and free her only to hear the front door open and close hearing her car start up and drive away. Hanna was shocked as she lay hogtied and gagged, knowing Jamie had left her spending the day fighting the ropes struggling around the room, wishing she had left the door open so she could try to get to something that would cut the ropes.

Jamie kept her word, keeping Hanna bound and gagged for seven days, locking the steel belt around her waist and refusing to allow her to satisfy herself. Hanna enjoyed almost every position Jamie put her in asking during one of her feeding times if Jamie would suspend her as she had done to her getting her wish being forced to dangle for over twelve hours with her nipples being pulled by a couple of padlocks. Hanna had thought it was heaven for the first few hours then desperately wanted out for the remaining time she was swinging slowly by the ropes. When Hanna was freed Jamie kept her locked up for another month before they had a few days they could really explore Hanna’s fascination with suspension bondage being forced to cum while helplessly swaying in the air. Jamie had enjoyed her helplessness more than she admitted being forced to stay bound and gagged for several hours during the last position wondering several times if she would be able to escape or not.

Snapping back to reality Jamie could feel the rope moving down her body again feeling it was much tighter this time crushing her breasts more pinning her arms to her sides. Jamie could only stand and wait until the rope reached her lower legs and tried to wiggle and twist, feeling like she was frozen in place unable to move left or right. Hearing more strange noises Jamie struggled harder as another round of wrapping started. This time she could feel it get much tighter, not understanding why she felt like she was being wrapped in rope that had been dipped in cold water. Jamie was starting to get scared, knowing Hanna wouldn’t be back for at least another week, and began trying to work the knife open inside her hand as the cold ropes covered her hands. The rope continued to climb, making her colder as it approached her head, tightening up every layer before it until her head was covered, forcing her to keep blowing whatever it was trying to block her breathing tube away from her face.

The figure in the garage stood unmoving; the solid white mass was now helpless to free itself, as the glue coated rope set. The coating was made from a paste-like glue that would soak into the ropes underneath, sealing all of them into one solid mass but still be easily cut away. The anchor ropes coming from the figure came from multiple directions all anchored to the crate sitting on the platform making sure it could not be shaken from the base.

The second layer of ropes had cinched the anchor ropes making the first layer tighter, and guaranteeing the anchor ropes couldn’t shift during shipment. Jamie was completely immobile after the “paste” set gluing her fingers together along with sealing her mouth around the gag silencing her completely. Jamie had struggled until she was exhausted and stood on her pointed toes whimpering occasionally from the pain in her breasts, barely able to inhale since she was compressed further than her body could move when she exhaled. Jamie stood wishing the vibrators would suddenly come on letting her orgasm but knowing there was no one there to find the remotes.

By the time the heat in the garage was rising making Jamie sweat inside her rope cocoon. The glue on the ropes had set completely, taking any chance of her freeing herself away. Jamie tried to scream, even weeping some, as she realized she was seriously trapped with no real hope of ever being freed especially since she could barely make a sound. The statue stood silent and unmoving looking less like a human than a tall mass of white rope for another day before Jamie heard the door opening and thought “I’m saved!”

Jamie tried to squirm and make noise but the loud truck backed up to her door drowned out the faint sounds she could make. Jamie listened to any loud noises unaware it was the delivery men from the company that made the machine. Another machine had been sent to replace the one that had been accidentally delivered to her house. When the noises died down slightly Jamie heard two men talking about the mistake, feeling her machine being picked up jerking her slightly as it was moved to the back of the truck. Once she was on the truck she was able to hear the men talking as they set up her new machine and couldn’t help but wonder why they hadn’t seen her standing in the middle of the platform. Jamie was trying to hear them listening intently as they talked about the example piece on the platform making her realize they thought she was just a demonstration piece, and began thrashing and moaning.

The men finished hooking up the new machine, spinning the loader around, hooking it to the truck and securing it standing near the machine with its statue talking about removing it. The talk was giving Jamie hope she might be freed until she heard “Nah just leave it, it’s going to India what are they going to do send it back?” The two men laughed as they closed the door leaving Jamie alone in the truck to ponder her ordeal. The truck rumbled off making sure they closed the garage door before driving out of sight. Two weeks later Hanna arrived opening the garage door seeing the new machine and giggling knowing Jamie must have ordered a new toy. Hanna searched the house finding the loose remotes but no sign of Jamie. After searching for two days Hanna filed a police report but since there was no sign of foul play they said there wasn’t anything they could do. Hanna never knew what happened to Jamie living her life learning to use the new machine constantly thinking she had done something wrong to drive her away only hoping she had run away and hadn’t been taken by someone. Hanna never knew that her friend had been accidently carried off because of an incorrect delivery and was now a living statue kept alive unsatisfied for a kinky man in India who believed she had been a gift from the company fulfilling her dream of being mummified forever.


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