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Lakeside Terror

by HFP

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© Copyright 2009 - HFP - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; kidnap; bond; wrap; saran; cocoon; bag; toys, nc; X

Author’s Note: This story is inspired by the 1979 horror film, “Tourist Trap”.

At a modest truck and travel stop along the massive interstate, the lunch crowd had arrived in full force of travelers and truck drivers alive. The booths were packed with all sorts of people, with even the front serving bar filled up.

Alicia parked her car and entered the packed restaurant, seeing the crowd and immediately wondered how long the wait would be before she ordered; 10 minutes? 30 minutes, maybe? Was she better off heading back to her car and driving a little further for lunch?

“We’ve got an open seat, here,” offered a female voice.

“Thanks,” said Alicia, sitting in the booth where two other women were. One appeared to be about 21 years old, stood about 5 foot 2 inches tall with light sandy brown hair that went down to around her neck line, pale blue eyes, freckles, and had a strong, stocky athletic build about her. The other, a medium built woman who looked to be in her mid twenties in age with long, blonde hair that went well past her shoulders, blue eyes, fair skin, beautiful face, and a Reubenesque figure seen in a classical painting of some kind. Alicia herself was 31 who was about 5 foot 5 inches tall with an average build, medium length light brown hair that went to her shoulder length, had light freckles had light blue eyes, and wore glasses.

“I’m Marcy and this is Cathryn,” introduced Marcy, the young 21 year old.

“Thanks, I’m Alicia,” said Alicia. “You two traveling together?”

“No, we just happened to be in the waiting area at the same time and decided to share a booth rather than wait,” explained Cathryn. “Then we saw you and figured you’re in the same boat.”

“Yup,” answered Alicia. “Where are you all headed?”

“Sunset Lake,” answered Marcy. “My uncle has a cabin out there and I’m meeting my friends in a couple days there. I just need to clean it up before they arrive.”

“Wow, me, too,” added Cathryn. “I’m meeting some friends at the National park that’s nearby for a hiking trip. How about you, Alicia?”

“Believe it or not, I’m going there, too,” said a surprised Alicia over the coincidence. “My great uncle’s got a big house out there and I’m supposed to check it out before the realtor goes out there tomorrow. It’s been rented for a while until the last people who lived there moved out.”

“Wow, maybe we’ll all run into each other,” commented Cathryn pleasantly.

The three acquaintances then ordered their meals and while waiting, Cathryn happened to pull out a free tabloid magazine that was from the front display rack. Cathryn skimmed through the magazine quickly before a specific article caught her attention.

“Are you familiar with Sunset Lake?” asked Cathryn.

“I’ve been there a few times,” answered Alicia.

“I practically grew up there,” admitted Marcy, chuckling slightly. “Why do you ask?”

“There’s an article about some crazy loner named Slausen who kidnaps women out there and keeps them tied up in his house,” described Cathryn. “He wears all these weird masks and stuff and talks to mannequins.”

“What?” laughed Marcy in disbelief. “There’s no such thing out there!”

“I’ve never heard of that, either,” added Alicia. “I mean, there’s some mud bogs out by the lake and that’s kind of deep, but no one’s ever died from them.”

“What does he do with them? Holds them for ransom?” asked Marcy.

“I’m not really sure,” explained Cathryn, reviewing the article. “I think it implies that he murders them or something. Or, maybe he’s just plain kinky… the article isn’t written all that well.”

The three had a quick laugh over the article and its provocative details as their meals were brought to them. Before long they had finished their lunches, paid their respective bills, and were back on the road to the same overall destination before pulling off the various side roads. Coincidentally, they were remarkably close together, barely a few hundred meters apart from one another in the vicinity. Close enough to where their respective places could be seen, but far enough away to where they still had privacy amidst the natural serenity.

It was late afternoon when Cathryn was the first to arrive at her small rental cabin, where she parked and unloaded her things from the trunk. She entered the cabin and found it in relatively clean condition, with a small bathroom, two small bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a medium sized common area with a fireplace. In each bedroom were two small beds and not much else.

Cathryn decided to scout around first a little bit before dusk, so she undressed out of her clothes to change into some more appropriate attire for hiking. Cathryn first removed her skirt when she heard an unusually loud thud sound outside the bedroom. She immediately turned around, her blue eyes flashing wide when she cautiously crept out the door.

“Hello? Who’s there?” called out Cathryn when she entered the common area to find the source of the noise: a large wooden mannequin that had fallen on the floor and had broken in half.

“What on earth?!” blurted out Cathryn. “Where did you come from?”

Cathryn slowly approached the strange visitor when suddenly, someone grabbed her by the waist from behind and turned her upside down. Cathryn barely shrieked when the intruder drove her head into the hardwood floor, knocking her out cold as he carried her over his shoulder out the door and into the cab of his pickup truck before driving away.

Several minutes later, Marcy had arrived to her uncle’s lakeside cabin where she parked her jeep and entered it with a small suitcase and backpack. The moment she entered a heavy hand clamped over her mouth and nose with a cloth as someone wrestled her down the floor. Marcy only let out a muffled scream as she inhaled the sickly sweet aroma of the strange drug soaked on the cloth. Marcy’s head became foggy as everything went black.

Alicia was the last to arrive at her final destination, a good sized house near Sunset Lake as she parked her car and entered it. It was fairly old and she could tell that her great uncle hadn’t done anything with it since several years with the dated furniture throughout it. Alicia looked around the ground floor and did a quick mental inventory of everything, and then went upstairs into attic. When she walked inside, she couldn’t believe its contents: mannequins! Several of them!

“What are these doing here?” wondered Alicia. Alicia walked further into the attic when a large pile of mannequins fell on top of her, pinning her down with their combined weight as her glasses fell off. Momentarily stunned, Alicia saw a tall, shadowy figure move towards her. She felt a heavy hand reach under her skirt to cop a feel of her breasts while another caressed her face slightly before a drug-soaked cloth covered her face completely. Alicia flailed and struggled frantically to get away for several seconds before the sedative took its effect on her as everything went black.

“Such a pretty girl,” commented the man, clearing away the mannequins and dragged Alicia to a clear area of the attic where he opened a small storage closet to remove some items and went to work.

First, he removed her sneakers from her feet and then sat Alicia up to remove her blouse, followed by lowering her back down to remove her jeans, stripping her down to her black strapless bra and pink cotton panties. He then rolled Alicia onto her stomach and placed her hands behind her back and measured a length of rope, and proceeded to tie her wrists together with several loops in a criss-cross pattern to firmly bind them together before cinching it all together with a square knots. Afterwards he measured a second length of rope, placed Alicia’s legs together, and bound her ankles together with the same meticulous care in truss his newfound captive.

The man then pulled out a large fishing net, opened it up, and placed it flat next to Alicia, with the top edge of the net just below her neckline. He then proceeded to roll up Alicia in the net in a tight cocoon, with her unconscious body making a subtle “thud” sound for every revolution she was being wrapped up in the tight net.

Thud…. thud… .thud…. thud…. thud; that was the sound in the attic until Alicia reached the end of the net, her already tied up body now wrapped up tightly in the makeshift cocoon, leaving only her head protruding out. The man then took out a roll of fishing line and laced it through the ends of the nets to lace it together, preventing Alicia from possibly unrolling herself out.

“Heh-heh-heh,” cackled the man over his binding handiwork as he picked Alicia up and placed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and carried her downstairs out of the attic.

He carried her into a small bedroom on the second floor, opened the door and brought her inside, with his bound, sleeping captive still over his shoulder. He gently placed her on the small bed, pausing to admire his latest captive. Alicia lay there still asleep from the sedative drug she was forced to inhale, with her wrists bound behind her back and ankles with rope, wrapped tightly from her neck down to her feet in a net. There were two others being held in the house also; the other two could wait for a while, and he decided to have a little sadistic fun with Alicia first.

The man’s fingers slowly hovered up and down Alicia’s bound and cocooned body, finally stopping above her crotch area as he wiggled his fingers through the layers of netting to reach between her legs with his fingers and began gently rubbing Alicia’s crotch, feeling her vagina grow warm and begin moistening from the wetness on her pink cotton panties forming.

“Mmmm…. like warm apple pie,” cackled the man, continuing to gently rub.

Alicia slowly began stirring, subconsciously feeling her tender nipples harden as she began moistening. Alicia licked her lips as if enthralled in some kind of erotic dream as she slowly began whispering, “Yes,” ever so softly: it was music to the strange man’s ears.

Soon, the dreams wore off, however, as Alicia finally awoke as her eyes opened and grew wide in horror as the strange man before her, wearing some bizarre mask of Clark Gable and a wig of jet black hair combined back. Alicia tried to move couldn’t, immediately realizing to her horror that she was all tied up.

“Who’re you?!” exclaimed Alicia in horror. “Why am I all tied up?”

“You’re so pretty,” said the man, pulling his hand away from Alicia’s crotch and caressed her face. Alicia turned away in revulsion as she struggled futilely against her bonds.

“Why don’t you like me?” said the man, abruptly walking out the bedroom and closing the door, leaving Alicia bound on the bed struggling.


In another part of the house, in a large wardrobe closet, Marcy stirred and awoke. The large closet was only lit by a small lamp mounted on the shelf, but was enough from Marcy to see what she was in and what was worse, what had happened to her after she was knocked out.

She was bound! Worse yet, she was stripped out of her clothes and now only clad in her light blue satin bra and panties and tied down to a canvas cot of some kind. Marcy flexed her arms and legs and tried rocking it to no avail; it was somehow anchored down to the floor or something, it seemed to her. Her hands were tied behind her behind the cot, while what looked like miles of rope was wrapped around her arms, torso, waist, thighs, legs, and ankles to firmly strap her down to the cot. Marcy was strong from being on the college swim team, with very powerful arms and legs as she struggled energetically, gritting her teeth as she thrashed about kicking and straining to try and break free. The ropes strained against her body but held firm, keeping Marcy tightly bound and strapped down to the cot.

“Oh my God… I’m all tied up,” thought Marcy to herself in disbelief.

The closet door opened with a strange masked man entering.

“Who’re you?” said Marcy nervously; his very presence sent a chill down her spine.

“I’ve got something special for you,” said the masked man, pulling out a small vibrator out of his pocket and placed it underneath her panties, just between the lips of her vagina and right at her clit, turning it on the lowest setting.

“NO!” screamed Marcy, hearing the subtle sounds of the vibrator as it began making her moisten and sexually arouse herself against her will.

“Have fun,” teased the man, walking out of the closet to leave Marcy bound and sexually tortured with a vibrator that would keep her clit aroused and vagina moist, but not enough to allow her the release of a climax.


Downstairs in a dimly lit basement, Cathryn awoke in horror, nearly hysterical over what she saw when she awoke. Cathryn found herself stripped to only her cream white bra and panties, and tightly bound with a series of tight rubber straps throughout her body: the first two were around her chest, with one just above and another just below her healthy C-cup sized breasts; another was just below her elbows; the next was around her wrist level, keeping her arms pinned to her body at her sides; the fifth rubber strap was around her thighs, followed by another around her shins just below her knees; the last was around her ankles. In addition to her body being bound tight with the thick, black rubber straps, the same type of straps were used to tie her down to a heavy wooden work table of some kind with two more straps over her chest, another over her legs, and a fourth over her ankles. Cathryn couldn’t even sit up as her blue eyes were large and teary as she focused to maintain her composure. She was bound so tight that her fingers were already tingling slightly from numbness.

Cathryn overheard a doorknob turn followed by the creaking of a door opening. A light flashed on, followed by heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. Cathryn turned her head and looked, seeing her captor at last, a tall, lanky looking man wearing a mask of some kind; probably in his 50s in age, given the wrinkles she saw on his bare hands.

“W-Who are you?” asked Cathryn nervously.

The man said nothing, merely placing his hands on Cathryn’s healthy breasts and began caressing them, feeling their softness as he saw her nipples harden and poke through her bra.

“Please… please…. stop! Stop…!” pleaded Cathryn, panting with fear.

The masked man pulled his hands away, then sauntered down to the bottom edge of the table to where Cathryn helpless bare feet were, and began tickling her soles.

“NO!!!” shrieked Cathryn in between the forced laughter. “NO, DON’T! STOP!!!!”

The man didn’t, and continued tickling Cathryn’s feet. Cathryn was incredibly ticklish and began laughing uncontrollably as she strained and squirmed against her bonds but couldn’t get free. Cathryn’s fair face turned a flushed red from laughing so hard that she couldn’t breathe, with her chest heavily in pain.

“NO!!!! STOP!!! I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!” pleaded Cathryn until finally the man stopped, with Cathryn coughing before finally catching her breath. Her normal color to her face eventually returned, with Cathryn panting heavily, taking in all the air she could.

“We’ll play again soon,” said the man before returning upstairs and closing the basement door behind him.

Cathryn gritted her teeth and grunted as she struggled, desperately trying to escape her bonds.


Upstairs in the bedroom, Alicia was nearly exhausted from struggling to get free, but couldn’t slip her hands free of the ropes and was wrapped so tight in the net that she could barely move a muscle. Alicia paused to rest before resuming her struggles, lying on the bed and looking around for anything that could help her get free. There were mannequins stood up along the walls, looking at her, it seemed, which gave her creeps. She then looked around some more, seeing an old steamer trunk with its metal bracket ends damaged to where it was what looked like sharp, exposed metal.

Alicia wiggled her legs off the bed first, with her feet hitting the floor first as she shimmied herself off the bed slowly before gently rolling herself onto the floor. Alicia was now flat on her stomach and looked up, getting a closer look at the exposed metal on the old steamer trunk as she slowly rolled herself over to it and braced herself against it to sit herself up. The sliver of exposed metal was there, and it looked sharp enough to cut skin; Alicia was hoping that it could cut through the net as she maneuvered herself to it. She then began rubbing the net against it, seeing the strands become frayed and snapping as she started to slowly free herself.


The creaking sound of the closet door opening was the first thing Marcy heard, followed by the re-appearance of a tall, lanky man wearing some type of Clark Gable-like mask. Marcy’s eyes lit up in shock over the sight of her captor.

“Who are you?” asked Marcy nervously. “Why are doing this to me?”

“Such a cute girl,” said the man. “You’re very strong so I had to tie you up extra tight with those ropes. Can you get out?”

“No!” grunted Marcy. “And you put a vibrator in my private area!”

“Good. You’re nice, warm, and wet,” replied the man, kneeling down to re-inspect the knots on the ropes restraining her body, followed by feeling the tender wet warmth in her vaginal softness. Despite her best efforts, Marcy hadn’t made any progress, but the man still tightened her ropes as a precaution.

“UNGH!” grunted Marcy, feeling the already tight bonds tightening around her body; she could barely breathe, let alone move.

“I’ll be back for you, later,” said the man, leaving the room.

For the next several minutes Marcy struggled even harder than before, and started sweating as a result. Marcy gritted her teeth and strained with her sweaty body, enabling her to finally slip her wrists free of the ropes. Marcy panted heavily as she began working her arms loose of the ropes, shimming them above her chest to free her torso. Marcy was then able to sit up at last as she soon untied her legs and ankles, but not before removing that accursed vibrator. Marcy finally got up and off the cot, quickly looking around but couldn’t find her clothes. Barefoot and only clad in her light blue satin bra and panties, Marcy cautiously tiptoed to the closet door and placed her ear against to listen for anything. After hearing nothing for several seconds, Marcy carefully opened it, barely making a sound and tiptoed out of the large wardrobe closet and into the hallway, adorned with mannequins on each side. Slowly and quietly as she could, Marcy made her way down the hall, pausing to look around and saw nothing except the mannequins, which started to give her the creeps. She didn’t know why or how, but Marcy could’ve sworn that they were following her movements with their eyes.

Marcy unexpectedly felt a tug on her ankle, and looked down to see a mannequin hand had somehow grabbed it. Before Marcy knew it, a mannequin fell on top of her, followed by another, and another, and another until over a half dozen collapsed on top of her, bringing her down to the floor and hitting her head as two mannequins struck her head as well, knocking her out cold. The man emerged from another room smiling, clearing the piles of wood and plastic off of Marcy and picked her up in his arms.

“Such a strong girl,” commented the man. “I think you need your rest from all of your struggling.”

The man picked up Marcy and brought her into another room and placed her down on the bed. He then opened a large box kept underneath the bed and pulled out a white canvas sleep sack, laying it wide open next to her; it was the right size for her. But first, he wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to have another heroic escape as before.

He opened up the closet and took some long black silk sashes out. He took the first silk sash to tie her right wrist to her right thigh, followed by repeating the process to tie her left wrist to her left thigh. Next, he tied a third black silk sash around her arms and chest at her elbows to keep her arms pinned at her sides. The man then took a fourth sash to tie her knees together, followed by a fifth sash to tie her ankles together. Now, she was ready for the sleep sack as he gently lay her inside, and zipped it closed to leave only Marcy’s head protruding out. However, he still wasn’t finished yet, as there were still the white canvas sleep sack’s straps to be cinched and tightened.

“Such a strong girl,” said the man. “I can’t have you getting away again from me.”

The masked man buckled in each strap, binding Marcy tightly in the canvas sleep sack, a total of seven white canvas straps that went from her shoulders down to her ankles to keep her firmly restrained. He paused to admire his binding handiwork, but soon released that it wasn’t enough and took out three long beige cargo tie-down straps and cast it over the bed and her body, locking them in at the bottom of the bed frame and ratcheted them down to strap Marcy down with a strap across her chest, another at her waist, and the third and last at her ankles.

“That should hold you,” cackled the man, caressing her face affectionately before leaving the bedroom.

Minutes later Marcy finally awoke, looking down to see herself encased in some type of white canvas sack and bound with straps around her body and down to the bed. Marcy tried to sit up, but only lifted herself up a couple inches before getting forced back down onto the bed by the straps. Marcy tried again and again, but was still kept tied down to the bed. Marcy tried to somehow work her arms up, but found her wrists bound to her legs.

“UNGH!!!” grunted Marcy, struggling wildly on the bed, trying to get loose for several minutes before pausing to catch her breath. Marcy was exhausted, drifting into a light sleep.


Simultaneously, Alicia was able to cut herself free of the net and the ropes around her wrists, and was finishing untying herself ankles. Alicia pulled the net off of her body and finally stood up, and carefully left the bedroom to try and escape. She had barely moved three steps down the hall when her captor stepped out and blocked her path, immediately grabbing her by the waist and hoisting her up off the floor like a rag doll and lifted her up head first into the ceiling, knocking her out as a dull thud sound was made upon impact. Alicia slumped in his arms out cold, as he decided to take her downstairs into the basement to join Cathryn.

The basement door opened with a loud creaking sound, followed by heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. Cathryn, still bound and strapped down to the table, instinctively looked up and shuddered in fear, seeing their strange, masked captor carrying Alicia in his arms.

“I’ve brought you a visitor,” cackled the man, propping up Alicia in the standing position against a wooden support beam. With a roll of duct tape he made the first wrap around Alicia’s torso, just above her breasts around her armpit level and around the pole to keep her upright.

“What’re you doing to her?” asked Cathryn.

“She tried getting away, so I’m making sure it doesn’t happen again,” answered the man.

Cathryn helplessly watched as he took Alicia’s hands and placed them behind the pole, and bound her wrists together with several wraps of duct tape, followed by wrapping it around her ankles and then tying her ankles to the pole.

“Stop, please, stop!” pleaded Cathryn. “I… I’ll do whatever you want… just please let her go…”

The man paid no attention to any of Cathryn’s pleas for mercy and continued his binding handiwork on Alicia, taking a large roll of clear pallet wrap and began wrapping her to the pole in a tight cocoon, starting at around her ankles level and slowly worked his way up her body, tightly pulling and wrapping it around her until finally stopping just below her neck. He then took out some more rubber straps, similar to what he used on Cathryn and wrapped them throughout Alicia’s already pallet wrap cocooned body, restraining her even more.

“You’re… you’re Slausen, aren’t you?” called out Cathryn nervously.

“I’ve been called lots of things,” said the man before returning up the stairs, leaving Cathryn bound and strapped down to the table and Alicia now bound, cocooned, and strapped to the pole.

“Alicia…!” called out Cathryn in a loud whisper. “ALICIA!!!”

Alicia stirred and awoke, finding herself bound tight to the pole.

“Cathryn!” exclaimed Alicia in a loud whisper. “What happened to you?”

“The sick bastard knocked me and when I woke up I was here… I never saw him coming,” answered Cathryn. “I can’t move!”

“Neither can I,” said Alicia as she struggled against her latest bonds.

“We have to get out of here,” said Cathryn, wanting to scream. “He’s going to kill us!”


Upstairs, Marcy’s light sleep was brief, awakening soon after to resume her struggling. Marcy kicked and bucked about on the bed, thrashing wildly and bouncing up a couple inches only to fall back down on the bed still restrained. Marcy gritted her teeth and grunted in frustration, kicking and fighting the whole time before finally stopping to catch her breath.

The bedroom door opened with the man entering the room, this time with a new mask, a rubbery Ronald Reagan mask that covered his entire head.

“Well, I see that you’re still awake,” commented the man. “You know, you really should get some rest.”

“How can I rest? I can’t move!” protested Marcy. “You tied me up in some kind of sack and tied me up some more with straps!”

“You’re very strong and I can’t have you getting away from me,” explained the man.

“You’re insane,” replied Marcy.

The masked man’s demeanor turned cold.

“You shouldn’t be saying things like that,” retorted the man. “I was trying to be nice. Or, I could take you downstairs in the basement with the other two I found today. Think about it for a while.”

“Who are you?” asked Marcy. “Why are you doing this?”

The man said nothing, merely leaving the room. Marcy now knew that there two others being held captive, and wondered if they were Alicia and Cathryn who she met earlier that day, or someone else. But that didn’t matter yet, as she still remained trapped and bound in the sleep sack. Marcy resumed her struggling, still unable to budge from her bonds.


“UNGH!!!!” screamed out Cathryn in pain, finally working her wrists free of the tight rubber straps; the red marks left behind on her skin were visible. With her wrists free at last, Cathryn quickly untied herself, unfastening the straps around her body and then removed the ones used to tie her down on the bed. Cathryn sat up and got off the table, and then freed Alicia by removing the rubber straps used to bind her followed by pulling apart the pallet wrap cocoon and peeling away the duct tape from her wrists and ankles.

“Thanks,” said Alicia, glad to be free at last.

“Don’t thank me, yet,” quietly cautioned Cathryn. “We still need to get out of here.”

Cathryn and Alicia quietly tiptoed up the stairs and peeked through a crack in the basement door, seeing no sign of their captor. Cathryn and Alicia then opened the door and slipped through, and quietly made their way down the hall to the nearest door. When they passed by the living room, the masked man lunged out and tackled Alicia to the floor. Cathryn screamed in terror as the man wrestled with Alicia and began overpowering her.

“GET OUT HERE! GET HELP!!!” yelled Alicia before a drug-soaked cloth was clamped over her face, knocking her out.

Cathryn fled in terror, running out the door and into the woods. It was already nightfall with no moon, where her running barefoot and scantily clad her bra and panties. The masked man emerged on the porch seeing Cathryn flee into the forest.

“You won’t get far from me, pretty girl,” cackled the man, who patiently walked in pursuit.


Upstairs, Marcy was able to free her left wrist from the silk sash binding it to her thigh, and slowly worked her left hand across her waist and began untying the knot on the silk sash on her right wrist. One she got her hands free, Marcy was hoping that she could somehow work her arms free of the silk sash around her arms and then somehow wiggle an arm out from the sleep sack so she could undo the canvas straps around it.

As she squirmed and maneuvered her arms up her chest, Marcy wondered what fate was befalling Cathryn and Alicia, wondering if they were still alive or not.


Cathryn was completely lost, having become disoriented after running in terror from the house where she was being held captive to the past few hours. She turned around, and saw no one behind her, but now wondered where to go next. A light evening mist trickled through the woods; she was near the lake. Cathryn immediately continued pressing forward, figuring that once she reached a clearing in the lake, she could regain her bearings or better yet, finding someplace to get help.

Cathryn quickly ran before suddenly her legs immediately sank in black, silty ground to her knees.

“Omigod,” realized Cathryn. “It’s one of those mud pits Alicia talked about.”

Cathryn immediately struggled trying to get out, which only made it worse as she soon sank to her waist with her legs disappearing in the silty, black mud.

“HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!” screamed Cathryn, sinking up to her neck and shoulders in the mud, with her arms struggling and flailing for something to grab onto. Cathryn’s breathing was constrained and shallow with fear before everything went black….


There was nothing but a quiet darkness until Cathryn awoke in horror, with her blue eyes lighting up, echoing her fear. She was back in the basement of the house, now stripped completely naked and somehow cleaned up from the mud bog she was in earlier. Her wrists were tied to her thighs with rope, along with ropes around her shins and ankles. Cathryn looked over and saw the masked man putting the “finishing touches” on what looked like Alicia, completely mummifying her in tight, sticky beige medical wrap from her head down to her feet with only her nose exposed to breathe. Once complete with Alicia, the masked man started on Cathryn next by first wrapping up her mouth to muffle her.

“I can’t have you complaining,” stated the man as Cathryn whimpered only muffled cries through the layers and layers of beige medical wrap over her mouth and around her head. Tears started streaming slowly from her eyes as the masked man started winding and wrapping the beige medical wrap around Cathryn, starting with her feet and began working his way up, winding and wrapping, winding and wrapping as he reached up to her knees, then her thighs to her fingertips before taking another roll to continue where he left off, continuing wrapping and mummifying Cathryn while Alicia lays nearby completed mummified from head to toe and only breathing through her nose.

“Interesting, isn’t it?” asked the masked man, wrapping up Cathryn’s torso. “It’s warm and tight, kind of like being in the womb again, when you think about it.”

Cathryn’s eyes were red and teary eyed in a near panic once the masked man had finished mummifying her completely from her neck down to her toes in a tight, sticky, cocoon of beige medical wrap layers. She couldn’t move a muscle, and he was going to wrap her face next.

“Now the eyes… you’ll never see again,” cackled the man, winding the wrapping over her eyes and around her head, leaving only Cathryn’s nose exposed as her nostrils flared wildly, fighting for air.

“Play time is over,” said the man, pulling two strips of medical wrap in preparation of sealing the nostrils for Alicia and Cathryn. Without warning, a loud yell sounded followed by the strike of an axe on the masked man’s shoulder and neck, embedding deep inside him. The man collapsed on the floor clutching the axe handle as his blood trickled onto the floor.

“Yes, it is,” said Marcy quietly, throwing a sheet over his dead body before she began freeing Cathryn and Alicia.


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