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Land of Pyramids

by Aka Thoth

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© Copyright 2003 - Aka Thoth - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; mum; enclosure; cocoon; cons; X

Princess Thethi slept uneasy. The hot desert wind lingered in the Pharaos palace. The princess was tossing and turning in her bed. In her dreams she walked through the palace, barely dressed in a gauze dress. Under the transparent cloth, sweat glistered on her round hips, her  firm breast and on her slender legs. Her long, dark hair danced in the wind.

The wind lifted her up and she felt her dress slipping away. The touch of the wind was like a chill on her light brown skin. She saw herself suspended in the air by unseen forces, arms and legs slightly spread as to embrace a lover. Out of nowhere bands of white linen wrapped themselves tightly around her arms and legs. Round her waist and breasts the bands went, up to her throat, leaving her head uncovered for now. As her crotch was covered in white cloth, the princess felt the bands tighten even more. They forced her feet in a straight line with her legs and she couldn't bend her legs anymore. Her already slim waist was further reduced, making breathing harder. Her breast were slightly lifted by the bands, her body was begining to feel rigid.

The next stage was about to begin. Theti closed her legs and crossed her arms on her breast. At once she felt more bands wrap around her already bandaged body, taking away all movement. She felt the bands harden, her body was stiff. She saw herself, a perfect female form, utterly wrapped, nearly unable to breathe now, close on the brink of orgasm. She closed her eyes and the last stage began. Her head was soon covered in white linen, all seeing and hearing and speaking blocked out. She tried to move her head, but the wrappings had allready hardened.

The princess awoke with a start, her crotch hot with her own juices. She worked herself quickly over the brink for relief. It was the sixth night running, that this dream had haunted her sleep, allways ending with herself completly wrapped and close to orgasm. She spend the rest of the night exploring the hot memories of her dream.

The next day she went to the high priest. She felt embarrased, to talk about her dream, but something had to be done, otherwise she would go crazy with lust and lack of sleep. The wise man listened to her.

"This is not unheard of" he said. "It happend to others over the long years of your dynasty and there is but one cure. You have to be mummified alive."

The princess was shocked, "But that is the punishment for horrible criminals! You can't do this to me. Nobody can survive this!"

"Actually," said the priest, "It is possible to do it. You don't have to be mummified for long, seven days would be enough. And trust me, I know how you will survie the treatment. It is this or insanity."

Theti agreed. Not without a hot feeling between her legs because of the prospect to have her dream fullfilled. She was asked to come alone to the house of the royal embalmer the next day. After another hot and sleepless night, the princess went to the embalmer. There she was greeted by the high priest, the embalmer and his two helpers.

"These men know what to do," said the priest. "As I said, you are not the first one to be healed by mummification. They will not talk about anything, that is to be happening here this day."

The priest gave a golden cup to the princess. She emptied it in one draught. The potion tasted bitter. A warm feeling spread through her body and she open her dress. As it fell to the ground she said "The naked Isis awaits your art."  in a soft yet determined voice.

The embalmers helped her on a table and started wrapping her arms and legs with linen bands. Then they applied a spiced resin to the bands and the scent of herbs filled to room. The princess felt relaxed and lightheaded. She felt herself getting wet, but she wasn't in the least embaressed. The embalmers did their job swiftly and with skill. After they had finished her arms and legs, one of the embalmers brought a roll of cloth and carefully inserted it into her vagina. The princess moaned loudly but she didn't resist the intrusion. It wasn't like she wanted to, but even if so, she felt that her body was all too weak for resistance. The potion was working.

They wrapped her crotch, belly and breasts up to her throat with great skill. The princess could see herself like from above, lying there as a perfect female shape. They covered her wrapped body with scented resin as they have done before with her limbs. Her arms were crossed over her breasts and her legs were closed. The second and final wrapping of her body began. Soon her legs were but one limb and her arms were bound to her breast. Again, a coating of resin was applied.
The princess felt the resin harden around her body, tightening the wrapping. Her breath came slow and shallow. She was in bliss. All thoughts were stopped, only the overwelming feeling of beeing mummified filled her mind.

The embalmers started to shave her head bald. They placed a ball of cloth in her mouth and filled her ears with wax. Two layers of linen bands, soaked with resin covered her head, smoothing it. After an hour the resin was dried and hard. The Priest checked the breathing of the princess. She was still alive under the wraps.
Her body was liftetd from the table and placed on her wrapped feet before the priest. He began to chant sacred words, to keep the princess' living spirits in her mummified body. Finally a mask was placed on the princess' wrapped head, resembeling her gilded features as a priestess of Isis. She was then carried to a sarcophagus in the cellar of the embalmers house. There she would lie for the next seven days in trance. As they closed the lid, the priest enchanted the sarcophagus, to prevent it beeing opened too soon.

Inside, the princess was in a living dream. She was riding waves of many orgasms. Her body burned with lust. Her mind gone, her body wrapped, she was in heaven.

The priest left the house, to return in seven days...


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