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The Landlord's Fantasy

by Dr. Destructo

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© Copyright 2014 - Dr. Destructo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; drug; strip; bond; rope; gag; tickle; wrap; cocoon; saran; ducttape; tease; cons/reluct; X

Samantha and her roommate Kristen were two college coeds renting an off-campus apartment, literally getting by paycheck to paycheck. Both were strikingly attractive blondes in their own right, with Samantha the well-endowed one with brown eyes and looked a lot like Drew Barrymore while Kristen was the athletic one, with dark blue eyes and great muscle tone.

Their cozy apartment was very inexpensive and in a relatively nice part of town that was close to the university campus, but it came with an odd price: their landlord. Although they couldn’t prove it, they could swear that their landlord, Mr. Dee, was nothing more than a dirty old man. He was in his early 50s in age, with a thin, well-trimmed beard and mustache and an average build, and his presence always creeped them out. However, the extremely low rent for such a nice abode was something they had to take, and they rarely saw Mr. Dee anyway. 

Until now, that is. Through a weekend and a weekend there of too much partying, Samantha and Kristen spent all of their earnings at the bars and upscale restaurants and didn’t have enough money for the rent… again. They were now a full three months behind, dreading the arrival of an eviction notice from their landlord in the mail. 

Kristen was at the university gym working out, while Samantha was studying. The doorbell rang, and when Samantha answered it, Mr. Dee was standing there with a small black duffel bag in his hand.

“Hello, Mr. Dee,” said Samantha, feeling her stomach sink.

“Hello, Samantha,” said Mr. Dee. “May I come in?”

“Of course,” answered Samantha. “What’s this about?”

“You know why I’m here,” stated Mr. Dee, looking at there things strewn about the apartment. “You and Kristen are three months late with the rent. And this place is a mess. If I were to evict you now, it’d cost me a small fortune to get this place up to snuff to put back on the market.”

“No, please, don’t evict us,” pleaded Samantha. “We’ll make up the rent, I promise. We’ll… we’ll do anything you want…”

“Anything?” asked Mr. Dee, smiling evilly.

“Oh God,” muttered Samantha. “I… I didn’t mean to say that… I…”

“Don’t worry,” answered Mr. Dee. “I won’t evict you, and I’ll accept you and Kristen’s offer and it won’t involve any sex at all.”

Samantha’s initial trepidation assuaged; she’s rather be out on the street than be some sex-slave to this dirty old man. Still, Samantha now wondered what did he want in exchange? Was she and Kristen supposed to work off the debt as groundskeepers for the apartment complex?

“So what does this all involve?” asked Samantha.

“You’ll see,” said Mr. Dee, lunging at Samantha and tackled her onto the sofa.

“WHAT’RE YOU DOING?! GET OFF ME!” screamed Samantha, only to have her mouth and nose covered with a cloth. Samantha inhaled a sweet smelling aroma before going black. Mr. Dee smiled and picked her up, carrying her to her bedroom where he removed her skirt, jeans, and socks, revealing her lacy black bra and panties. Mr. Dee then opened up his duffel bag, pulling out four lengths of rope and tied Samantha spread eagled on her bed, spreading her arms and legs wide as he tied off her wrists and ankles to the bedposts.

The mild sedative Mr. Dee used on Samantha soon wore off. Samantha opened her eyes and to her horror, finding herself tied down to her own bed and her landlord pawing all over her beautiful body.

“What’re you doing?” exclaimed Samantha in disgust.

“Making up for three months of late rent,” answered Mr. Dee, sliding his hands up and down her soft, tender legs. “You have an amazing body.”

“No! Let me go!” pleaded Samantha, struggling against the ropes. Samantha gritted her teeth and tried to kick and struggle, but was unable to get free as the ropes held her spread wide and helpless.

Mr. Dee’s coarse hands made his way up Samantha’s legs and then up to her waist, feeling and stroking her soft, tender skin as her reached her large breasts, caressing them. Mr. Dee smiled wickedly, seeing Samantha’s erect nipples bulge through her bra.

“Your tits are just perfect,” commented Mr. Dee.

“NO!” protested Samantha. “Let me go! Untie me! I can’t move…! Get your dirty hands off of me, you swine!”

Mr. Dee ignored her remarks, caressing her breasts even more before moving his hands across to her shoulders then to her underarms, where he tickled her exposed areas.

“NOOOOO!!!” giggled Samantha, bucking and kicking. Samantha was extremely ticklish, and being helplessly bound on the bed was too good an opportunity for Mr. Dee to miss.

Mr. Dee began tickling Samantha’s underarms, then worked his way down to her waist and began tickling her ribs. Samantha laughed and shrieked, thrashing about wildly on the bed, desperate to get free but couldn’t.

“STOP!!!!” panted Samantha, with tears starting to stream from her eyes. “PLEASE… STOP IT!!! STOP TICKLING ME!”

Mr. Dee said nothing, continuing his lecherous tickling of Samantha’s body. Samantha laughed, gasped, and coughed, fighting for air but couldn’t breathe as her lungs expanded and felt like they were going to explode. Samantha flailed wildly on the bed as Mr. Dee continued mercilessly tickling her until she blacked out again from lack of air. Mr. Dee grinned maniacally, seeing the semi-conscious Samantha lay there barely breathing and exhausted from struggling and being tickled.

Mr. Dee untied the ropes around Samantha’s wrists and ankles, then rolled her onto her stomach on the bed. Mr. Dee then placed Samantha’s hands behind her back and then tied her wrists together, followed by him tying her ankles together. Samantha soon awoke, breathing normally again only to find herself bound again with her hands bound behind her back and ankles together.

“What’re you doing? You’re tying me up again?” exclaimed Samantha in shock. “What kind of pervert are you?!”

“The kind with lots of time and a vivid imagination,” answered Mr. Dee, opening his duffel bag again and pulled out several rolls of beige medical wrap. Mr. Dee forced Samantha onto her back and lifted up her legs, uncoiled the first roll of beige medical wrap, and began winding it around her feet, pulling the sticky wrap tightly around her body as he began winding and wrapping it around her feet. When the first roll ran out at around Samantha’s shins, Mr. Dee took a second roll and continued where he left off, winding the sticky beige wrap as he worked up her legs.

“NO!! STOP! PLEASE, STOP IT!” begged Samantha, helplessly seeing herself get cocooned by Mr. Dee. “Why are you doing this?”

“I think your roommate’s coming back soon, and just need to keep you out of the way while I spend some time with her,” answered Mr. Dee, who was now up to her waist. Mr. Dee then pulled roll after roll, wrapping up Samantha until he reached her neck before stopping at last, tightly mummifying her body from her toes to her neck tightly in beige medical wrap.

“UNGH!” grunted Samantha, pleading with her soft brown eyes. “What are going to do to me? I… I can’t move!”

“Just relax,” said Mr. Dee, winding some beige wrap over her mouth, muffling her protests. Mr. Dee then sat her up and wound several lengths of rope around her torso, further binding her already mummified body before lowering her down on the bed and tied the loose ends to the bed posts, strapping her down. Mr. Dee finished by wrapping additional ropes around her ankles and legs, tying those loose ends to the opposite bed posts. Samantha tilted her head up and looked down in horror, seeing her mummified and rope bound body strapped to the bed. Samantha whimpered as she futilely kicked and thrashed on the bed, unable to move or talk.

Mr. Dee checked his watch and went into the living room; it would be a while before Kristen arrived.

About thirty minutes later, Kristen had returned from her workout at the university gym, and was wearing a white spandex sports tank top and gray cotton shorts. When she got inside, Kristen was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected cleanliness of the living room. 

“Samantha, it’s me,” called out Kristen. “How’d you managed to pick everything up so fast?”

“She didn’t,” said Mr. Dee, emerging from the bathroom while drying his hands off with the towel.

“Mr. Dee? What’re you doing here?” asked Kristen nervously, knowing all too well of their financial predicament.

“Why don’t you follow me into Samantha’s room and find out?” offered Mr. Dee. Kristen reluctantly agreed and followed him inside, finding her roommate Samantha mummified and bound to the bed. Samantha’s eyes lit up at Kristen’s arrival, which were clearly pleading ‘help’ from her _expression.

“What the hell is this?!” exclaimed Kristen. “Why’s she all tied up like that?”

“It’s our little agreement we made in exchange for three months worth of overdue rent,” stated Mr. Dee. “And this also applies to you, Kristen, since you owe half as well.”

“Screw you, you bastard,” replied Kristen.

“Okay, then, I’ll submit the eviction notice today,” responded Mr. Dee.

“Wait…wait…” interrupted Kristen. “Fine, I’ll do it also.”

“Very good,” answered Mr. Dee. “I knew you would.”

“MMMPPPHHH!!!” cried out Samantha. 

“Now, let’s begin,” said Mr. Dee. “Clothes off; I want to see you naked.”

Kristen glared at Mr. Dee before complying, removing her tank top, shorts, and finally her panties while Samantha helplessly looked on from the bed. Mr. Dee wickedly smiled approvingly, sliding his hands up and down Kristen’s fit and tone body and gently rubbed her petite B-cup breasts.

“Hands behind your back,” ordered Mr. Dee.

Kristen said nothing, merely glaring at him first and then placed her wrists together behind her back. Kristen then heard the sound of tape ripping and felt the sticky duct tape being wrapped around her wrists, binding them together. Mr. Dee pulled out a roll of clear plastic wrap next, and began wrapping it around Kristen’s body, starting from her torso and worked his way down to her waist, then her legs, and finally stopping at her ankles, sheathing her in a cocoon of clear plastic wrap.

“Ugh! This is gross,” groaned Kristen, already sweating in the plastic wrap cocoon.

“I’m only halfway done,” commented Mr. Dee, picking up the roll of duct tape. Mr. Dee proceeded to wind and wrap and duct tape over the plastic wrap, pulling with each wrap to tighten the already restraining hold the cocoon had around Kristen’s body. Samantha and Kristen could only watch Mr. Dee work his way from Kristen’s shoulders, inch by inch, down in duct tape, covering her body as he further bound her. It was getting tough for Kristen to breathe, feeling her body being squeezed and compacted by the duct tape, and Mr. Dee was only down to her waist at the time.

“You’re a sick pervert, you know,” cursed Kristen, panting heavily. “Tying up two innocent young girls like this.”

Mr. Dee didn’t stop, continuing where he left off with wrapping her in duct tape from the waist down to her ankles.

“Innocent?” replied Mr. Dee with a laugh, continuing to wind tape around Kristen. “I found at least a half-dozen used condoms underneath the sofa and around the floors.”

Samantha and Kristen momentarily blushed with embarrassment as Mr. Dee wrapped and wound the duct tape, finishing at last at Kristen’s ankles. Kristen couldn’t move a muscle, mummified from her shoulder to ankle in duct tape as sweat beaded on her forehead. Mr. Dee then dragged the cocooned Kristen and placed her next to Samantha on the bed, then removed the medical wrap gag over her mouth.

“Let us go,” pleaded Samantha.

“What’re you going to do with us, now?” questioned Kristen, struggling to get free.

“I haven’t planned that far ahead,” replied Mr. Dee. “I suppose I could clean up around here, or maybe tickle your feet. Or maybe just watch you two squirm and struggle for a while.”

“This isn’t fair,” moaned Samantha. “We’re both helpless.”

“Whoever said it was supposed to be?” asked Mr. Dee, leaving to room to grab a cold beer out of their refrigerator.

“God, I can’t believe he did this to us,” said Kristen. “Damn pervert’s probably getting off on this…!”

“What’re we going to do?” moaned Samantha. “I’ve been tied up for hours! My hands have gone numb!”

“UNGH! I don’t know,” grunted Kristen. “Bastard’s tied me up so tight I can’t move a muscle!”

“Hello, ladies,” greeted Mr. Dee.

“UNTIE US NOW, YOU BASTARD!” yelled Kristen.

“Tch, such language from such a pristine young lady,” mocked Mr. Dee. “I have something for that.”

Mr. Dee stuffed a pair of Kristen’s panties from her drawer into her mouth, then taped over it, winding it three times over to thoroughly muffle her protests.

“MMMMRRGHHH!!!” screamed Kristen angrily. She violently thrashed and kicked on the bed, but still couldn’t get free. Samantha winced and struggled also, unable to move. 

“Please, please let us go,” said Samantha softly.

“I will, eventually,” said Mr. Dee. “I figure today will cover the first month… then I’ll come back next week for a day which’ll cover the second month… then one more time and we should be straight on the rent.”

“You’re coming back again?!” shrieked Samantha while Kristen’s eyes lit up as well. It was horrible enough they were in that sticky situation; the prospect of Mr. Dee returning again was disturbing.

“Why yes,” said Mr. Dee. “Unless you provide me the two-months worth of late rent; you didn’t think that this little bit of private playtime equaled three months of rent, did you?”

Samantha and Kristen grimaced at their situation even more. As much as they loathed their predicament and the idea of him coming back for two more sessions, they both knew they couldn’t possibly raise enough money in so short a time. Looking at each other for solace, they both reluctantly nodded ‘yes’.

“Good, very good,” commented Mr. Dee, sauntering over towards them with a pair of scissors in hand. “After today, I’ll see you two next week.”


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