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Lara Croft and the Temple of Lolth

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2013 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; spiderwomen; capture; drug; bond; wrap; cocoon; gag; envenom; transform; web; denial; chast; cons/reluct; X

Lara sat at a cafe in Paris on the Champs-Elysees later in the evening waiting for her mysterious customer to contact her. All she had been told is that her customer would be wearing a white scarf and had a very high paying job for her to look at.

A limousine pulled up outside the cafe and a mysterious woman dressed in a black silk hood & cloak, a black scarf tied over her slicked back hair, long black leather gloves, high boots and a white scarf wrapped around her neck stepped out. Lara noticed she was nude under the trench-coat save for silk black g-string panties. She also had a spider tattoo on her midriff. Lara thought she looked highly impressive.

“I am Hanna, You will follow me” Hanna nodded to the limo as the door was opened. Lara grabbed her backpack and stepped inside. Hanna pointed at her guns. “NO weapons”.

Lara looked at her doubtfully but the attraction of large money was too great. She gave Hanna her guns and knife, which were put away.

Inside the limo Hanna said nothing. Lara looked more closely at her. She had oversized boobs and her g-string was quite oversized, as if her pussy was 3 times larger than normal. Lara laughed it off, how could this be? And Hanna’s back seemed to arch out further than normal under her cloak, it just didn’t look right...

Suddenly the limo turned off the main roads and headed down a dark alley. “Where are we going?” Hanna said nothing, and then an evil smile crossed her lips. Lara’s warning bells went off – this didn’t seem right, so she decided to jump out of the limo.

However, as she started to move, quick as a flash Hanna leapt up and grabbed her arm in an inhuman grip. Lara gasped, her strength was unbelievable. “Where do you think you are going?” Hanna laughed.

Holding Lara on the seat next to her, Hanna pulled a large pad out from her panties and held it over Lara’s mouth. As Lara breathed in she realised it was soaked in chloroform and she began to feel faint.

“Yes, that’s better, much better” Hanna laughed and laughed, holding the pad over Lara’s nose & mouth firmly. “Now, Ms Croft, where were we? Ah yes, you were trying to escape...”

With that she pulled her scarf off and tied around and around Lara’s head and over her mouth to gag her securely, holding the pad in place. With the gag secure, Lara started to pass out. As darkness closed in she felt her clothes being stripped off her. Her arms were forced into some kind of latex arm sleeve and secured behind her back. Helpless she groggily looked up as Hanna licked her lips.

Hanna ripped off Lara’s panties, inspected Lara’s pussy and sealed it shut with a sticky white pad before covering it with a special white silk thong. Hanna then roped her ankles together. Just then the limo stopped at the end of an alleyway, in front of a large wooden door. Hanna opened the door, as another woman dressed just like her came out. Together they picked up Lara and took her inside, as Lara passed out.

When Lara woke up, she was sitting in a chair in a dark room with Hanna and another woman standing quietly. Her legs were cuffed together with some sort of ropey cuffs, and she had a collar around her neck with a silk rope attached tied to Hanna’s panties.

Hanna smiled. With her arms still sleeved, her mouth gagged and her ankles fastened together Lara made a bit of noise and tried to move but she was firmly restrained. She realised she was a prisoner.

Just then another woman entered. The 2 women bowed. This woman was even more impressive, with bigger boobs and a larger g-string. She wore only gloves, stockings and a scarf over her slicked back hair in addition to her black G-string panties.

“Ahh the famous Lara Croft... welcome! I am Orbea. My apologies for the precautions, but as you are very dangerous, we need to make sure we are always in charge here. Our guests are our slaves!”

Lara looked around in the dim light and saw 4 women in various states of latex bondage, all heavily gagged with scarves and wearing hoods.

Orbea continued. “For the record, you are at the headquarters of the Spider Society, and we require your assistance.”

Lara gasped underneath her gag. The Spider Society was the stuff of legends, a secret society thousands of years old dedicated to the return of the spider goddess Lolth.

Orbea answered as though reading her mind. “Our enemies the Wasp Society placed the idol of our goddess in a special temple in Egypt, called the Temple of Lolth, under the tombs of the Pharaohs thousands of years ago. It has been guarded by mystic spells that do not let Spider Society members near it. If even they can get through, there are traps set to protect it further – until the One who proves worthy may take it and use its power.”

“You, Lara Croft, are the One. ”

Lara gasped again beneath her gag. Orbea looked at her. “What do you say, Lara Croft? Yes or No? Money beyond your wildest dreams will be yours”.

Lara shook her head violently. These people were nuts, she wanted no part of it.

Orbea smiled. “I suspected as much. Well, ladies, you can reveal yourselves now if you like.”

With that Orbea and her 2 henchwoman took off their cloaks, gloves, panties and scarves to reveal themselves as spiderwomen. Lara was shocked to see their pussies were enlarged with spinnerets and they had 4 spider legs which they unfolded from behind their back. They had 8 eyes and fangs as well.

“Now you see us as we are,” Orbea laughed. Then with a swift motion she bit Lara on the neck, injecting her with venom. “My venom is highly toxic and sexually charged” she laughed.

“Within 24 hours you will be so horny that you will welcome death as a release. Unless, of course, we give you the antidote. I give you a choice – seek our statue at the Temple, or die as an orgasmic mess.” Lara nodded.

Orbea laughed, “Good. I thought you would see it my way.”

With that Lara suddenly felt giddy and fell over onto the floor paralysed with venom. As she lay there motionless the 2 women stripped off her bonds, and then Orbea applied a long web scarf drawn from her pussy over her mouth to enforce her gag. Shen then pulled a web hood from her pussy and pulled it over Lara’s head. Finally she picked Lara’s in her spider legs and started spraying liquid silk over her body while spinning her around and around at great speed. Soon Lara was wrapped inside a thick cocoon of silk, unable to move. Soon she passed out.

With a start Lara woke up with a thud. She lay in an open clearing near a cave entrance. The cocoon she had been wrapped in had split open, and her gag fell off. As she tore away her bonds she found she was naked apart from a white silk g-string. She had only her knife strapped to one leg and a small silk backpack with some food and a small torch.

The Spider Society had dropped her by parachute in Egypt. She had been unconscious for 12 hours.

Lara was in a state of growing orgasm. She was so horny she could barely walk. To her horror she found her clit and pussy was sealed shut in a thick layer of silk inside her panties, she tried to rub herself but it had no effect as the padding was too thick.

With no other options Lara entered the cave, and followed the tunnel down through the darkness until she reached a large open area. She gasped as she saw a giant spiderwoman statue guarding a large old Temple. Lara realised she had found the Temple of Lolth.

As she entered the front of the temple she found a room with a thin walkway surrounded by a bottomless pit. Lara started to cross. About halfway she suddenly heard a large buzzing. She ducked as a large wasp woman came straight at her, trying to sting her to death. Lara somersaulted out the way, being naked she was helpless. She grabbed her knife in her hand and as the wasp woman came past she tried to slash at her wings to cut them off. But the wasp woman was too quick and stung her right arm.

Intense pain went through her arms as Lara dropped to the ground in agony. The wasp woman landed near her and lifted her sting, ready to finish the job. Lara was helpless.

Suddenly to her surprise a mass of sticky webbing erupted from her pussy pad and covered the wasp woman. Soon she was completely enveloped in a thick cocoon and fell helpless to the ground. Lara got up and raised her knife to kill her, but then stopped. She was not a murderer.

Suddenly her panties produced a long white scarf and a large pad. Lara quickly stuffed the pad into the wasp woman’s mouth and wrapped the scarf around her head several times to gag her securely.

Satisfied her foe was helpless she moved on.

By this time Lara was so horny she was rubbing her pad with both hands consistently to no avail.

Next Lara found a room full of poles of various heights and ropes. When she touched the first pole, it dropped silently. Lara could see nothing below, and she guessed it was a bottomless pit. Lara jumped and somersaulted the first few poles and was making good progress. Suddenly spikes started appearing on the poles. Lara landed on one, and she almost lost her grip.

Standing up Lara realised she would have to use the ropes to cross so she jumped in desperation to the rope above the next pole. She swung from this rope to the next and then building up momentum let go at the apex and reached for the other side. To her horror she missed the edge and plunged below to a certain fate.

Suddenly her panties shot a webrope straight up, snagging the edge and stopping her fall. Lara was relieved and climbed up quickly, finally going through the doorway.

In the last room at the far end a glowing gold statue of a spiderwoman sat on a pedestal in front of a local circular gate of some kind. To get to the pedestal Lara had to cross a single slender rope over 50 metres. Lara was hesitant, there didn’t seem to be any traps.

As Lara walked slowly over on the rope towards the statue, she started feeling dizzy. The poison venom from Orbea was making her so horny she couldn’t think straight. A few more steps and she started to wobble. Struggling with the last of her strength, Lara reached the statue and picked it up. Suddenly she felt a flash of electricity from the statue which knocked her over.

Stunned Lara looked up to see a small golden spider scurrying towards her, Before she could react it spun a sticky web at her face, covering it so she couldn’t see and then with thick threads trailing behind it, it whizzed around her at high speed quickly wrapping her into a cocoon. Weakened by the spike poison Lara fell to the ground exhausted. The spider then bit her with venom several times and Lara lay paralysed. Suddenly the spider stopped and retreated. Lara heard a noise and looked up in horror to see the spider had doubled in size, and its abdomen had swollen to ten times the size. Facing back to her it started spraying silk all over her. Over and over and over again until Lara was immobilised and wrapped inside a thicker cocoon, even her mouth was gagged with silk. Only her nose, boobs & pussy were not covered by silk.

Then the spider climbed onto her cocoon. Gently it stroked Lara’s pussy lips until they opened Finding Lara’s clit it tied a silk line to it and also one of each breast nipple. Tweaking them Lara groaned softly and started dripping. Gradually the spider increased the tweaking in strength and frequency, each time Lara groaned louder and her pussy stretched more and more and she dripped more and more as her orgasm grew. As she reached her pinnacle the spider suddenly slipped inside her pussy and as she screamed inside her cocoon, her pussy lips completely closed stuck together with silk.

As silence reigned in the main room suddenly the Stargate activated and opened. Shelob stepped through and picked up the cocoon smiling, before turning around and walking back through.

Shelob emerged in the Stargate room of the Spider Society. Orbea smiled, ”Welcome, my sister. It is done” She, SpiderQueen Arachne and Shelob placed the cocoon in the centre of the room and all 3 henchwomen knelt before it, as it suddenly ripped apart. A large spiderwoman emerged, Lara Croft was no more – she had been transformed into the Spider Goddess Lolth.

“My servants rise – I have returned. Your patience will be rewarded.”

Orbea nodded. “Welcome goddess, what is your wish?”

Lolth smiled. As she gently caressed 3 three of her loyal servants, she whispered “It is time again for spiders to rule the multiverse, let us begin...”


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