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Lara Croft: Final Tomb Raid

by Papa Palpatine

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© Copyright 2019 - Papa Palpatine - Used by permission

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"If you would please sign here, Lady Croft." The delivery driver said, handing her a clipboard. Lara Croft signed for the package, a white cardboard box roughly the size of a DVD player. He handed it to her as she returned the clipboard, and then with a polite smile and a nod, he returned to his truck and drove away.

Lara walked back into the manor house and went immediately to her study. She set the box on her desk and examined the shipping label. Strangely, there was no return address. Could it be a bomb? That seemed unlikely. If the package contained explosives, the new security sensors she had installed at the manor would've detected them and raised an alarm. Still, might there be some reason to be concerned about what might be inside?

Undeterred, she grabbed a letter opener and cut the packing tape on the top flaps. After digging through layers of packing foam, she pulled out a grey stone tablet with multiple columns of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs carved into it's surface.

"Well, what have we here?" She asked herself out loud. As odd as the circumstances of it's arrival were, Lady Croft couldn't resist a good puzzle to solve. She locked the door to her study and set up her laptop next to the mysterious tablet...


Lara drove her Jeep deep into the Egyptian desert, stopping only for water breaks and rereading the stone tablet sitting in the passenger seat. After days of researching and translating, she found directions to a secret tomb; one meant for a princess if her translation was accurate.

As it was getting close to sundown, she arrived at her destination. She got out of the Jeep and investigated the cliff face before her, looking for the tomb's entrance. Walking cautiously around a corner she found the start of some stone stairs leading deep down into the Earth. She pulled her Mag-Lite flashlight from her backpack and started her way down; her footsteps echoing as she descended into the gloom of the underground.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, Lara shined her Mag-Lite all around the single stone chamber she found herself in. In the center of the room was a golden sarcophagus with it's lid leaning against it. It was clearly made for a woman judging from it's size, shape and how it was decorated; though the face on the lid was conspicuously blank. More strangely, the walls of the chamber were plain white; no hieroglyphs or paintings as one would expect. Along one wall of the chamber was a long wood table with an interesting assortment of items: a golden death mask with as blank a face as the sarcophagus lid, four gold and gemstone charms, and rolls of clean, white bandages in surprisingly good condition for how long she assumed they had been down here.

Were they going to do the mummification down here? She thought. If so, what happened? Why hadn't they completed the burial rite?

Lara had little time to ponder those questions as she heard the omenous sound of stone grinding against stone. Had she stepped on some kind of trigger mechanism at some point? If she had, why didn't she hear it go off? She turned and ran back to the exit, but it was already too late. A heavy stone door slid closed, sealing the chamber. She pounded desperately on the door, but to no avail. Frustrated, she momentarily entertained the idea of drawing her guns and shooting at the door, but thought better of it. Not only would a ricochet in such close quarters be extremely dangerous, but it was unlikely the bullets would've done her any good against a solid, meter-thick slab of stone.

As she cursed her carelessness for not checking for traps, she glanced down and noticed her bootlaces were undoing themselves! She dropped her flashlight and was going to bend down and retie them, but was suddenly gripped by an unseen force too strong for her to resist. She couldn't move, she was helpless to watch as her boots and her socks were removed and flung across the room. Next, her gun belt unbuckled and quickly joined her boots and socks. Her shorts unzipped. They along with her panties slid down her legs, and then threw themselves at the pile. Her arms were lifted straight up and her backpack, tank top, and her bra soon followed; leaving her naked form to goose pimple in the chill of the underground tomb.

That's when she notice a shocking change in the chamber: where the walls had been blank, hieroglyphs and pictures spontaneously appeared; they told the story of her life right up until she entered the tomb! She glanced at the sarcophagus lid and the death mask, they both bore her face where they had been blank before!

What she saw next made her want to struggle and scream, but the unseen force that held her kept her still and quiet. The rolls of bandages levitated off the table and floated towards her. Two rolls drifted down to her ankles and started to wrap her legs, while two more started on her arms. Another roll wrapped around her waist and began weaving itself through her crotch in overlapping figure eights, perfectly wrapping her vagina and bum. Another worked it's way up her stomach, chest, and shoulders. It took only seconds for her to be wrapped in a full layer from the neck down, and then more rolls floated towards her to begin the second layer. And then eight more layers.

Her legs were brought together as the bandages wrapped around her ankles and feet, and then wind their way back up. As more rolls joined in, her legs were so tightly bound it would be impossible to move them even if she wasn't in the grip of whatever magic was keeping her helpless.

The charms floated over with the next wave of bandages. The first charm, the symbol of the fertility goddess, Isis, tucked itself into the bandages near her pubic mound. The second, an ankh, positioned itself over her stomach and was wrapped in place. The third, a scarab, was bound between her breasts. The fourth and final charm was an Eye of Ra, and it landed on her forehead as the bandages wrapped her head; leaving only her eyes uncovered for the time being.

Lara surrendered to her fate as her arms were crossed over her chest and bound securely in place. The remaining rolls of bandages wrapped her in more layers, making her bindings impossible to escape. Just before her eyes were finally covered over, she watched the golden death mask fly off the table and hover over her. It was a tight fit over her bandaged head and shoulders.

As she felt herself being lifted and tilted onto her back, she knew all too well what was happening. She was levitated over to the sarcophagus and laid to rest inside. As the lid slid into place, Lara's mind and spirit sank into the haze of never-ending slumber. Magic infused into the four charms and the mask maintained her in this state; she would not age and she would have no need to breathe, eat, drink, or excrete. The Isis charm also served another purpose; the sensation it caused in her loins started as a warm tingling and endlessly grew in intensity. In time, her vagina constantly burned with arousal and ached with orgasm.

Throughout her eternity of sleep, she dreamed of lying naked and helpless on a massive bed, her skin and hair glistening with sweat and her vagina dripping its sultry juices onto the white satin bed linens. Various shadowy figures climbed astride her and played with her body; kneading her breasts like dough, kissing and licking her neck and face, and tracing their fingers over her flesh. Some of these figures were male, and some were female. Some of them made gentle love to her, while others fucked her hard and without mercy. Either way she panted and moaned in ecstasy. If she could speak she would be constantly begging for more.

One of the male shadows briefly revealed himself to have the face of the delivery driver who brought her the mysterious stone tablet, giving her the same smile and nod. Was it just the dreaming drawing images from her memories, or had he been a dark spirit in disguise? She would never know for sure, as her rational mind dissolved away along with any desire to be free; all that remained was the base, animal need for more and more pleasure.

Above ground, a massive sandstorm struck the area, burying the entrance to the tomb and Lara's Jeep.


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