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Last Few Seconds

by BP

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© Copyright 2009 - BP - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; wrap; breathplay; sex; cons; X

"The last few seconds are what really count," Ilanna said, "the best part is when you're ready to orgasm, and you're not being allowed any air right at that last moment, it's just overwhelming." BP can tell that Ilanna is getting excited just from talking about her favorite sex enhancer: breath-play.

BP and Ilanna are quite a well-matched pair, as fetishes go. They both enjoy breath-play, bondage, and kinky sex in general. Ilanna's real turn-on for breath play surfaces when the sensation of smooth, shiny plastic is brought into the picture. She has gone down the long list of her plastic sex fantasies with her boyfriend, and they've begun experimenting with her many bizarre ideas. So far they have only gotten into mummification, where one participant is completely (or almost completely) wrapped in plastic wrap, and turned into a smooth, shiny plastic mummy with no hope of escape. BP has already been wrapped from the tips of his toes, and up to his neck (leaving his head free since Ilanna wanted to ease him into such kinky sex practices) since they began their erotic frolick.

Ilanna has told BP many of her most secret fantasies. She told him how she would like to have sex in a big plastic bag, she said the bag would be sealed shut, and that they would have plenty of air to have a super-hot sex session inside before tearing their way out to freedom. She told him how she wanted to be tied up very tightly and have her captor suffocate her with a plastic bag over her head over and over, all while keeping her sexually stimulated and eventually letting her have a much-begged-for orgasm.

BP has been very open to all of this, always telling her that he would fulfill any fantasy for her that he could. He had already had a few lessons in breath play at Ilanna's hands. There was one time when Ilanna had wrapped BP in plastic wrap, and once she began having sex with his bound body she covered his mouth tightly with her left hand and pinched his nose closed with her right hand. She didn't allow him to breath for up to thirty seconds at a time, counting the seconds out in her head, and BP said he rather enjoyed it. BP had never been suffocated with a bag though, and he was a bit apprehensive, but he trusted Ilanna with his life, and was ready to fulfill the first of her many plastic breath-play fantasies.

"We're going to have two scenes here, sweetie," Ilanna said as she undressed, "and for the first one, all you have to do, is me!"

BP was pulling his boxers off as he watched and listened to Ilanna. Once they were both undressed, they crawled onto the bed together and Ilanna laid on her back while BP sat in front of her. Ilanna took a plastic bag that was laying on the bed beside her and slowly pulled it down over her head. She didn't pull the bottom closed around her neck though, she just let it sit on her head, with the opening of the bag settled on her shoulders. "All right baby, you're up," she said as she spread her legs, obviously inviting him inside her.

BP gave her a little growl and moved up between her legs. Ilanna was getting hot rather quickly, seeing her boyfriend through the plastic, as he positioned himself up towards her entrance. She wanted to forcefully pull him inside her, and she wanted to close the bag off around her neck and gasp to an orgasm while her boy pounded away at her. She fought her urges though, and patiently kept her body still. Her first wish was soon granted though, as BP eased himself inside her, slowly but surely.

The anticipation alone was making Ilanna dripping wet, and as fast as BP began thrusting into her, her body began climbing it's way to orgasm at least five times faster. She could breath easily since she had still not closed the bag around her neck, but she could feel her breath bouncing back off the bag against her face as she began breathing faster. Ilanna soon realized that she was so aroused that she didn't know how long she would last. BP began moving against her harder and harder, and Ilanna was getting precariously close to the edge. When she felt that her orgasm was overtaking her even faster than she expected, she suddenly reached up and pulled the opening of the bag closed around her neck and held it tight, not letting any more air get inside. She had just exhaled before she closed the bag and she took a very deep breath, sucking the plastic tight to her face. Just as the bag was outlining her features perfectly, her orgasm came crashing over her and she began seeing stars in front of her eyes. She put her hands on BP's hips to stop his thrusting and then slowly pulled the bag off of her head.

BP was breathing heavily, and he gasped, "I'm so close."

Ilanna smiled at him and replied, "that's where our second scene comes in, it's your turn now that you've seen what it looks like from the outside."

BP sighed a little and Ilanna picked herself up off the bed. Ilanna turned around and took a commanding tone, "for scene two, you're my slave now. Come over here and sit in this chair."

BP obeyed and Ilanna began preparing to tie her boyfriend up. She went over to the other side of the room and returned with a big roll of black pallet wrap. "Put your hands on either side of the chair," Ilanna said firmly. BP complied and Ilanna began sealing his upper body and arms to the back of the chair with the plastic wrap. Working down his body, Ilanna pulled her submissive's legs up towards the back of the chair before wrapping them in place, taking away BP's ability to push his feet against the ground and move the chair.

Ilanna picked up the bag that she had been using before and brought it over to where BP could see what she was doing. She picked up a pair of scissors and snipped one of the corners of the bag off, making a nickel-sized hole in the bottom of the bag (or the top of the bag if it's pulled down over your head). Ilanna suddenly pulled the bag down over BP's head and put her hand over his plastic-covered mouth.

"Now struggle for me until I'm satisfied that you can't get away," Ilanna said. She counted off thirty seconds in her head while BP made his weak attempt at freedom. As Ilanna counted into the twenties, BP started to really struggle and Ilanna had to put her other hand on the back of his head to keep her hand tight against his mouth. Once Ilanna counted to thirty, she pulled her hand away so BP could breathe again. Ilanna smiled, "alright, I suppose you're helpless enough." She then pulled a rubber band down over her boyfriend's head and let it close the bag shut around his neck. "Since I put that hole in your bag, you'll still be able to breathe," as Ilanna said this, BP looked upwards and saw the hole in the top corner of the bag. Ilanna continued, "but remember what I said about the last few seconds being the best? I'm going to hold that hole tight shut once you're getting close to your orgasm."

Since she was finished filling BP in on his predicament, Ilanna put her hands on the back of the chair and lowered herself slowly onto BP's lap, impaling herself happily on his throbbing erection. When BP felt his girlfriend slowly swallowing him up, he leaned his head back and moaned, his bag expanding as he breathed out. Ilanna was really enjoying what she saw as she bobbed up and down in BP's lap. She loved how helpless he looked with the bag over his head, moving in and out as he gasped and moaned from the sensations of sex. Ilanna reached up and ran her hand over her helpless boyfriend's face. He had just taken a deep breath so the bag was outlining his face very nicely. Ilanna knew that BP wasn't going to last very long, since he had been so close to cumming before, so she began bouncing up and down faster and harder.

Ilanna began rotating her hips as she bounced, and she saw that this really sent BP's head spinning. She felt him start bucking harder and harder against her and she knew that he was getting close. Ilanna quickly reached up and held the hole in the top of BP's bag shut with her hand. She also began running her lips and tongue all over his plastic-covered face as he tried to breath. The rustling noise of BP's struggles against the plastic holding him became louder and louder as he tried to either escape from the suffocating bondage he was in or buck harder against Ilanna as she screwed him, whichever was possible.

Soon Ilanna felt his climax explode inside of her and she kept riding him, milking him slowly as she took her hand away from the bag. She pulled the rubber band up over BP's head and then took the bag off, giving him full breaths of fresh, well-deserved air. Soon, BP was unwrapped and laying on the bed while Ilanna ran her hands over his body playfully.

Ilanna spoke softly, "that's what I meant when I said that the last few seconds really count."


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