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Latex Mummy Sack

by Nimrod

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© Copyright 2001 - Nimrod - Used by permission

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Here's something that happened to me the other day.   I might forget about it, so I might as well write about it.    This really happened to me yesterday.

A while ago I got one of those latex mummy sacks from that latex escape artist/bondage place in Canada, caught in the act.  This thing was really heavy duty, .040" thick latex, internal sleeves.  I'm talking industrial-strength you're-not-ripping-it rubber.  A must have for the whole latex encasement thing and all...

Anyway, even with the cautions on that site about using the internal sleeves alone, I use them anyhow because it's more restrictive.  It has a locking loop at the top and bottom of the zipper and I ran some cord through the bottom loop and tied it to the slider buckle.  That way to get in, I stick my arms in the sleeves and use my teeth to pull on the cord and pull the zipper shut. When it's time to get out, I grab the other end of the cord (sometimes it's tough because it really gets tangled when you're rolling around!) and pull the cord which pulls the zipper back down because it pulls from the bottom loop.

I have another cord running from the top loop down into the sleeve so I can pull on it for that "second hand" needed to get the zipper down.  I had this process down pat.  The only thing I kinda missed is not being to have a gag or blindfold on while inside this bag.  Well, today I got more daring and decided to pull one of those double black spandex hoods on and use my teeth that way to pull the bag shut.  Having that hood on and not being able to see really makes it so much more erotic.  So, after some serious rolling around and all (not sure how much time passed) it was time to get out. 

After I got the bag shut, the hood slipped down totally over my face and my mouth too, but I wasn't worried about it at the time.  Not until I tried to grab the cord with my teeth.  Not only could I not find the cord, but grabbing it with my teeth while the hood was on was next to impossible.   I started to feel the panic set in.  The kind of panic you feel when you know you're not getting out this time and there is no safeword that'll help you.   I relaxed and tried to fight off the panic; I could still breath with no problem, so it's not like it was life threatening or anything.  Talk about spooky though!! 

I calmed down and then thought about what the hell I was gonna do now?!? 

I knew there was no way to get the zipper down without my teeth.  The hood was pretty snug, so rubbing against the side of the bed didn't help at all.  If only I hadn't put on that dam hood!  I was trying to think of something that could act as a finger to get it off when I remembered that those stoppers that keep the door from slamming the wall when you open them were the solid kind and had a rubber pad on the end so it would probably work.  The next thing is just getting to it without seeing anything at all.  The double layered spandex hood does a great job of letting you see to get out of sticky situations like this.

With all of the struggling and rolling around and all I got pretty disoriented, so I had to traverse the sides of the bed to figure out which side the door is on.  A mistake here could mean getting totally stuck because one side of the bed closes off a corner.   You never realize how hard it is to get from the bed to the floor without seeing, arms, or legs and without breaking your neck!  Having to do it on a waterbed just makes it that much harder becuase it 'gives' instead of letting you push off on the mattress.

Finally made it to the floor (not sure how long that step took) and moved toward what I thought the direction the door was in.  I got lost, went into the closet, almost got stuck trying to turn around and finally made it to the door.  I needed a long rest; hope was near. 

After carefully getting into position, I was finally able to pull the hood off and actually see what was going on.  The cord was pretty well wrapped all around me and was a real challenge getting it untangled and pulling it with my teeth.  My arms were sore and it was really hot and sweaty in that bag.  I felt like I had just run 5 miles.    I think I was all bagged up for a total of 6 hours or so.  It doesn't take much thought now to remember the smell of the heavy latex trapping me.   I would have loved to see what I looked like in that thing.  If this camera only had more than a 10 second timer on it...

Oh well...    That's my adventure for the weekend...

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Have fun!

 - nimrod

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