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Like a Fly in a Web

by lycra_bound

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© Copyright 2011 - lycra_bound - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sbf; sleepsack; catsuit; spandex; capture; cbt; cocoon; condition; D/s; femdom; first; gag; hood; zentai; denial; reluct; X

Author’s note – this is a piece of fiction, but the scenes in the studio are all elements of real life experiences between the author and his Mistress.
Story entry in the 2011 Winter Fetish Stories Contest

I was looking through the online job ads when I spied an item which intrigued me. “Have a strong personality and mind? Scientific study looking for candidates for research into personality traits – Successful candidates will be paid $2000 for a 1 day session. Phone….”

Having recently been made redundant from a senior management position, where I controlled 20 staff, I thought that seemed just like me, and I needed the money!

I called and made an appointment for the next Monday, which turned out to be at the main city Hospital. I arrived early, and was greeted by an attractive receptionist. She was about my age, mid 30s and dressed in standard hospital uniform. “Hello, how may I help you?” she asked, with a glint in her eyes.

“Hi, I’m Pete Adams, I have an appointment for the research interviews?”

“Oh yes”, she replied, “you’re a little early, so please have a seat and I’ll call you when the research assistant is ready.”

Thanking her, I sat down facing her desk. The desk had a modesty panel, but I couldn’t help noticing the calves of her attractive legs showing beneath the desk. They were so soft and smooth looking, I began to imagine what the rest of the legs looked like. My eyes began an imaginary look up her legs and body, until they arrived at her face and eyes. She looked up from her computer and I quickly averted my eyes! Oh no, I hope she didn’t think I was a pervert of something!

I didn’t see it, but the receptionist smiled and continued with her work.

After a few minutes, I was called taken to a room, where the research assistant gave me a questionnaire to complete. They didn’t tell me the details of the research, but the questionnaire asked about how I handled managing or controlling people, how I felt about being “the boss”, and other questions about management styles etc. Pretty basic stuff, but a lot of emphasis on how strong willed I was.

I was asked to wait outside while the researcher analysed my answers, and once again I couldn’t help but to steal glances at the beauty that was the receptionist. She was called away, and when she returned came over to me and advised me that she was sorry but I hadn’t been accepted for the study. She handed me an envelope with a voucher for $50 at the local mall for my time and with a smile wished me well.

I had to turn away quickly, as my attraction to her was having an effect, so I made my way smartly out the door. I was a little disappointed at missing out on the $2000, but opened the voucher thinking it wasn’t a total waste of my time. It was then I noticed that it was actually just a piece of paper with a phone number on it and “you’re cute – give me a call sometime, Katherine xx”

Wow, Katherine – that was the name of the receptionist, and she wanted to go out with me! I could hardly believe my luck. I decided to call her that night, but then thought that might sound too desperate (I have been without a steady girlfriend for a few months), so resolved to call her in a few days.

By Wednesday, I couldn’t wait any longer, so I got the strength to call her.

“Hello” came down the phone. I immediately recognised her voice.

“Hi Katherine, it’s Pete from the hospital on Monday.”

“Oh hi, I was wondering how long it would take you to call.”

Some small talk later, I invited her out Friday night.

“Great”, she replied. “Oh, you’ll have to meet me at my studio. The reception job is part-time to keep the cash flow going, but I’ve actually just started my own photography studio, and I need to do some preparation for a photo-shoot at the weekend, and won’t be finished till around 7pm. I know a place near-bye, so I’ll book a table for around 8.”

“That’s fine.” She gave me the address and we said our goodbyes.

I couldn’t wait for Friday to come, and when it finally did, I was actually shaking with nervousness. I finally arrived outside her studio and worked up the courage to go in. It was in a light industrial part of the city, and was a small warehouse looking building. She had told me she would be out the back and that she would hide a key outside for me to get in.

Finding the key, I entered the warehouse. She had told me to go straight down the hallway and at the end I would find the studio. I opened the door, and say an impressive array of lighting and camera equipment. But Katherine was nowhere to be seen. I called out her name and then heard a “Pete – is that you?” from somewhere deep in the studio.

“Katherine, where are you?”

“Around the back behind the screen – I have a little problem I need you to help me with!”

I walked round the back of the screen but couldn’t see her. Then I looked down at a wriggling shiny black shape on the floor.

“Please help me get out – I locked myself into this and now I can’t get out!” came from inside the tightly hugging fabric that looked like it was spandex! Looking closer, I could clearly see the shape of a woman, her breast mounds rising above her writhing chest. Katherine was in some sort of tight fitting full body bag that closely hugged her entire body, including her head!

“What happened! Who did this to you?” I questioned. “No one, it was me. I’ve been in here for two hours so please get me out now and then I’ll tell you what happened!” she pleaded.

I looked down and saw that the bag had a front zip, but the sliders were locked together with a small padlock. “It’s locked!” I shouted. “I know silly, that’s why I can’t get out!” came from within the shiny package, “the key fell out of the lock, and must be on the floor somewhere.”

I had a look around and shouted back. “It’s not here, what do I do”.

“Stop shouting for one thing, I can hear you perfectly well through this. It must be there somewhere, maybe I rolled on top of it – reach under me – I’m too tired to roll over myself”

Actually, I had seen the key right beside her not far from the lock, but this scene had started to intrigue me, as it seemed she had got herself into this situation so she must have enjoyed it and was possibly a little kinky. The sight of her inside that spandex cocoon was starting to turn me on and it was showing. Thankfully, Katherine couldn’t see that – or could she?

I started to feel under her body, the softness of the spandex getting me even more aroused. I felt under her legs and her bottom then moved to her head, all the while pretending to be looking for the key, knowing full well where it was! Her curves inside that sack felt so inviting.

“I need to turn you over to look under your back.”

“Fine” she replied “just do it quickly, please!”

I put my arm under her back to roll her over, and placed my other hand over her breasts to stop her falling onto her face. They felt so soft and I lingered in that position even though I had plenty of time to ‘look’ for the key.

Finally, I rolled her backside over and ‘found’ the key. “Here it is, would be in the last place I looked!”

I fumbled putting the key into the small lock – it was positioned over her crotch so I did take my time getting it in and open. Feeling a little cheeky, I pushed my hand down on her body as I slid the first slider down between her legs. Then I slowly pulled the other one up towards her head, savouring the process. I bent her legs to help her remove them from the foot pouch. It looked like she was wearing black spandex under the cocoon.

I helped her to her feet and went to pull the sack off her head and finished removing it only to see her resplendent in a black, footed and gloved catsuit, which finished below her head with a turtleneck.

“Thanks” she puffed, “I’m so glad you came, I thought I was never going to get out of there!”

“What’s going on?” I asked with a smile, “this looks a little kinky to me!”

“Don’t get any ideas” she replied. “I’m doing a photo shoot tomorrow for Winter Fetish. They’re a new client and I want to do my best. They delivered all the gear today, and I wanted to see what it was like to wear their gear so I could do a better shoot. The bag is called a Sleepsack and is actually designed to zip up the back, but for me to try it on I moved the zip to the front so I could get in and out by myself. I was actually beginning to have a little fun in the bag, so I decided to just see if putting the lock on would heighten it. I left the key in the lock, but when I went to unlock it I fumbled inside this gloved catsuit and dropped the key! That was around 5pm, so I have been stuck inside that thing for over two hours now! Thankfully, you arrived on time.”

“Well you certainly made, and still make, a pretty package – that catsuit looks very sexy on you. It feels so soft too! What was it like being in there – it must have been scary.”

“Actually, it was really pretty sexy and I was getting turned on” she replied. “I don’t know what it was but apart from being locked in there not knowing if or when I would get out, it was a fantastic experience. You should try it sometime!”

“Huh, yeah right! I don’t think that suit you’re wearing is designed for guys and anyway, I’m not that kinky!”

“Neither am I and hey, they have guys catsuits too – tell you what, we’ve got some time before dinner, why don’t you try it on now – just a catsuit to see how it feels.”

“I don’t know, it’s not really me.”

But she was way ahead of me, and had reached out to the clothes-rack and pulled off another black catsuit. “Come on, just for me – I think you’re package would look quite nice inside this” she said, looking down at my crotch.

My cock was giving it all away in its response, so I grinned and agreed. “Strip off” she commanded sounding unusually force-full, “and make that everything, you won’t get the real feel with underwear on”.

“Won’t the company object to me wearing it with nothing on?”

“That’s how it’s supposed to be worn, and anyway, they won’t be here till tomorrow!”

I went go behind the screen to change but she called me back “don’t be shy, I have models here all the time.”

I gingerly removed my clothes in front of her, and my cock popped out as I removed my briefs.

“He looks keen to be getting into this, doesn’t he.”

I couldn’t hide the anticipation I was feeling. When I felt the suits on her, it had given me a shiver, such that now I couldn’t wait to get the suit on.

“Easy fella” she cried as I pulled my foot into the first leg. “No rush, take it slowly. This is top quality spandex, but you still have to look after it!”

She helped me ease the first leg up my calf and thigh. Repeating with the other leg, she then proceeded to pull it over my bottom, the silky fabric sliding over my cock and balls. She then put my right arm into the sleeve, and smoothed my fingers into the glove part. As my left arm was enclosed and the suit drawn over my shoulders, I felt a small tingle, like an electric shock over my body. Another as she slowly pulled the back zip up, drawing the suit tighter.

I looked down at my now shiny black body – fully covered from where I could see. I noticed a zip over my crotch thinking that’s handy! I also noticed loose fabric in front under my neck.

“How come there’s this loose bit here Katherine?” I enquired.

“Oh, the men’s suit’s a little different from the women’s. Here, come over to the mirror and I’ll show you.”

As I walked to the mirror, I had the uncanny feeling that I was totally naked, yet I was nearly fully covered! As my reflection in the mirror came into view, I was amazed at the two sexy bodies I saw. Katherine’s was amazing in her suit, but wow, I looked pretty good too! My penis was giving everything away, as it was at full length, poking straight up my chest towards my belly button.

“Hey big boy, I see you do like this. Now the final part is the hood” she said, as she reached from behind my shoulders to pull the loose fabric up over my chin and forehead.

“Whoa” I called out “what’s this!”

“Don’t panic, the men’s suit is what’s known as a full zentai suit. It covers the whole body including head – it’s a bit like a ninja suit. Makes you anonymous with a little hint of intrigue.”

“Oh, ok – can I breathe through it?”

“Yes, no problem. It’s fabric remember, and woven so it has lots of holes for you to breathe through, especially when stretched.”

She then continued pulling the hood up and around my head, and then pulled a second zip down from the top to meet the first one at the neck.

“There, how does that feel” she said as she moved around to the front – my, you do look sexy.” She proceeded to give me a hug around my neck. She paused her hands at my neck for a moment. “Oh, this zips slid down a little, let me fix that.” She moved back around and I could feel the back zip pulling the last bits of fabric together. What I didn’t notice was the small padlock which she had palmed, and proceeded to slip into the two zip sliders and then lock them together.

“There, all done. How does that feel sexy man?”

I blushed, not that anyone could see under the full face zentai suit.

I ran my hands over my body and must admit, it did feel really nice.

“I can see you like it” she said as she too started to run her hands over my body. “You can feel my suit if you want?

I’d been waiting for that ever since I last did so when I released her from her imprisonment. As I ran my gloved hands over her torso, I noticed a totally different feeling than before. Spandex on spandex enhanced that soft tingly feeling that I noticed earlier. I was beginning to like this.

“I can see you like that spandex to spandex feel, don’t you. How about we make that more intense?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, remember how you found me? You can slip around in that spandex Sleepsack and get a totally different feel. But don’t worry, I’ve put the padlock in a safe place, so you won’t be getting locked in to it.” she laughed.

Already enjoying a sort of euphoria wearing the suit, it seemed a natural step to try the spandex Sleepsack.

“Ok, but just for a little while – remember, dinner’s at 8.”

“It won’t take long, and they won’t mind us being a little late anyway. Turn around over here and I’ll help you into it.” She said, picking up the spandex Sleepsack she was imprisoned in ½ an hour ago.

I turned away from the mirror and waited for Katherine to begin. Unseen to me, she put the spandex Sleepsack down on the floor, and reached out to the Winter Fetish clothes rack for a different item. What she pulled off was actually a Darlex Sleepsack.

She came round to the front of me and asked me to step into the sack. Katherine proceeded to pull it up my legs. As she reached my upper thighs, she paused and asked me to slip my hands into sleeves.

“Just slip your hands in here – it’s just to enhance the tight sexy spandex on spandex feeling.”

A little nervous, but completely entranced by what was happening, I slid my hands into the tops of the sleeves, hardly thinking of the consequences.

She continued to pull the sack up over my body and over my shoulders. As she did so, I thought how this bag seemed to much heavier than the zentai suit and strangely heavier than I remember when pulling it off Katherine. I shrugged the concern off though, thinking it must be because I am already in spandex, and anyway, this was feeling great!

While I still had some freedom, she went behind, supporting me, and asked me to gradually get down on the floor. With her help, this wasn’t that difficult, and I lay there waiting for the next step.

Standing over me, she bent down to between my legs, and began to slide the zip up and over my body. As it rose, I could feel the suit tightening around me. Once past my thighs, I began to feel it pull my hands and arms against me, gradually imprisoning them. As it reached my neck and began to tighten around it, I knew that I wasn’t getting out of this without her help. But strangely, that didn’t worry me.

She stood up and looked down at her prey. A wry smile appeared on her face, but I couldn’t see it due to the limited visibility from the spandex hood.

“How does that feel? As good as I said?” she asked.

Good, I thought. I never imagined it could feel so nice. Here I was, mummified in two layers of spandex (or so I thought) beneath this goddess in a tight catsuit. What could be better?

Of course, unknown to me, there was more to come.

“It feels fantastic. Now I know how you felt, but yeah, a couple of hours like you were trapped in this, I don’t know if I could take it. Anyway let’s get me out of here, it’s time we headed off for dinner.”

“We’ve got a few minutes before we need to wind up” she answered. “Let’s just try something else.”

With that she went out of my limited view, returning with something in her hand. “Now pet, open wide.”

Pet? What did she mean? As I opened my mouth to question her, I felt something big and hard slip between my teeth, stretching the spandex hood inside my mouth. As I tried to resist, She sat across my chest, lifting my head to secure the ball-gag deep into my mouth.

“Mmmmphhhh” I screamed into the gag.

“What am I doing, you’re asking? What-ever I want slave. Now that I have you, you are my plaything to do what I wish, when I want!”

I shook my head vigorously, and fought to free myself from my binds. But, I was securely tied inside this Darlex Sleepsack, and with Katherine on top of me, I soon realised I was getting nowhere.

“There, My pet” she commented after my writhing stopped. “I see you’ve accepted that you’re not going anywhere soon. Taking that job at the hospital was a great way for me to find suitable candidates to add to My possessions. They were looking for strong personalities, and I was able to look at the “rejects” like you to see if they were suitable for My training. Quite often it’s men from management positions like you who are the best prospects. Used to being in charge in the workforce, but actually, subservient minded in their private lives usually without even realising it! You, My pet, ticked all the boxes, so here you are. Did you like My little ruse?”

“It was so much fun”, she continued, “setting the trap. Oh, by the way, here’s the Sleepsack that I had on. You’re actually wearing a Darlex Sleepsack – it’s heavier duty than the spandex one, as it’s two layers of spandex over a rubber inner. I don’t even need to lock that one, as there’s no way you’re getting out of it without My help. Oh yes, the lock. Well, that’s now on your zentai suit, locking the two zips together, so you’re not coming out of that either. And, if you’re wondering no, I wasn’t really trapped inside my spandex Sleepsack.”

With that, She reached inside of the collar of Her catsuit, producing the lock She had left in there to let Herself out if I didn’t fall for the bait. Holding it close to my face so I could see it, She continued “see, I had my key inside My suit, the one on the floor that you pretended you couldn’t find was just there for you! Oh, and you will be punished for the things that you did to Me when I was in the sack!”

Tightly bound inside his Darlex prison, Pete knew now he’d been led, quite willingly, down the path into Her deeply spun web.

“But don’t worry pet, I’m not going to hurt you. Well, not if you do as you are told. You’ve already found this to be a pleasurable experience, and if you behave yourself, your service to Me should continue in that way. Now, from now on, you will only address Me as Mistress Kate, or just Mistress – anything else will result in punishment. Do you understand?”

I lay there thinking about what had happened over the last hour or so, and the predicament I was now in.


I was awoken from my thoughts by a slap on my cheek. Luckily the spandex softened the blow, but I knew that Mistress was serious. Mistress – what was I thinking?

“Slave – I expect an answer – NOW!” she commanded.

“Mmyemph” I mumbled from behind the gag.

“Yes what!


I felt another blow, this time to the other cheek.

“Mmyemph Msstsrph” was all I could manage, my cheek stinging.

“That’s better. Now, it’s silly of My pet to try and talk with a gag in his mouth, so for now you may answer simply by nodding or shaking you head, understood?”

I nodded.

“Good, now let’s finish your bondage for tonight.”

Of course, I was unable to see what was happening, but Mistress proceeded to further confine me.

Firstly, She produced a Darlex Dickie style hood. She unzipped the top of the Darlex Sleepsack, and then proceeded to pull the hood over my head. I immediately began to struggle for breath, as Darlex, having the rubber layer, is not breathable like ordinary spandex.

Mistress, noting my panic calmed me down. “Don’t worry, just let Me position the nose holes properly and you’ll be able to breath fine.”

As She did so, I found once again that I could breath and the panic subsided. She straightened the hood around my neck, and then re-zipped up the Sleepsack. Now my whole body felt totally enclosed inside this wonderful fabric. I should have been in panic, but somehow I was beginning to feel comfortable, and that this was natural.

I was awoken from my moment of peace by a feeling over my crotch. Mistress was opening the other two zipper pulls on the Sleepsack over my crotch. The sack is ingeniously designed with three alternate direction pulls, that allow the sack to be fully zipped to the neck, but then an opening made anywhere along the zip that Mistress desires.

I could then feel Mistress carefully opening the crotch zip on the zentai suit. I began to get concerned about my ‘package’ getting caught.

“Stop shaking pet! There is a guard on this zip, so you won’t get caught in it – as long as you STAY STILL!”

I immediately froze!

Mistress reached through the gaps in the suits and yanked out my cock and balls! “There they are – MY playthings! They are no longer yours pet, they are mine, UNDERSTAND!”

I nodded as She squeezed them.

“Now I’ll show you one of My favourite ways to play with MY cock and balls!”

I could feel Mistress grabbing and pulling my balls away from my body. Then I felt something thin wrapping around them and being cinched tight. Mistress had looped a cord under Her balls, and tied it tight across the top, between Her cock and my body. I then felt her pulling the balls up and poking around the cord that had gone under them. It turned out that She was pushing the free ends of the cord under the other part of the cord that passed beneath the balls, draping the end She had loosely tied each side of the cock, the cords themselves resting between the balls. She pulled the ends all the way through and then holding Her balls in one hand, I felt her pulling on the two ends of the cord so that the part draped between each ball tightened, separating them into two bulging mounds. She then took each end separately, gave it another pull to further separate the balls, then proceeded to wrap the ends three times around the now constricted base of each ball! Now they were standing out like grapes on a vine (and getting the same colour!), positioned nicely to each side of Her still hard cock! No, I wasn’t getting soft through this treatment.

Mistress then took the ends once more around the base of the balls and again cinched the cord tight. Another couple of times round, cinching below and above each time so it got tight around them. I don’t know why, but the feeling over my whole body was ecstatic.

I felt the zips on the Sleepsack pull closed around the protruding cock and balls – that in itself felt strangely sensual. I felt the ends of the cord being raised and it seemed like they were being tied to something suspended about my body, as the upward pressure on my balls continued after Mistress completed Her knot.

“Pet, I have secured My cock and balls to an ice lock. I have pulled the cord tight to maintain the pressure on My toys, and it will stay that way until the lock melts. I don’t know how long that will be as this is the first time I have used it. It could melt in 5 minutes or it could take more than an hour. But I suggest you don’t wriggle around too much – any punishment you get will be given by yourself!

Even though Mistress had warned me about moving, I felt a strange need to test my bondage. After a minute or two, I decided to try a little writhing about. Immediately, as I rolled to one side, I felt Her balls pulled to the centre. A warm glow flowed through my body to counteract the pain in the balls! So I tried it again! Wow, that was something I had never felt before. A few more goes, and I heard a distant giggle.

“So, My pet likes a little pain and pleasure! Good, which augers well for your future in My service!

I heard the click of Mistress’s heels on the wooden floor – strange She hadn’t been wearing heels up till now. Then there was silence.

Minutes passed, then suddenly, I felt a gloved hand touching my balls, oh so gently. It felt like an electric shock went right through my body, and continued even after She removed Her hand.

“I see pet was drifting off into subspace. I knew I had found the right subject for training.”

Subspace – what was this subspace She was talking about. I was here against my will and not getting into her mind games.

But time passed, and I wallowed in the glory that was being bound in this wonderful Darlex Sleepsack. Somehow, my mind was floating. The restriction, the pain, the pleasure, the softness, the tightness, the fear, the love, the quiet, the click of Her heels, the soft sound of Her voice, the fear, the joy – bombarding all my senses at once. Was this the subspace thing she was talking about?

But I felt free! Was all this what She was talking about?

Crack – Bang!

I was startled out of my peace and comfort by the sound of the ice-lock cracking and one end falling to the floor. But it only took seconds till I was back in my space.

I heard the sound of Mistress’s heels approaching.

“I think My pet is ready for the next stage.” I felt Her begin to untie the cord from around my balls. Little by little the pressure around their base eased. Then she pulled the cord up and the loops around each ball flipped off. She reached for the thin cords passing between the balls and began to pull them through. There was a little pain at this stage as the blood flowed back into them. But then warmth as the last of it came off.

“So My pet, it’s nearly midnight, and I need rest before the photo shoot tomorrow.” She pulled the spandex catsuit over Her cock and balls, closed the zip, and then pulled the Darlex Sleepsack zips closed over them. She gently patted Her toys and said “sleep well in your soft prison tonight pet – you have a long day as a model for Winter Fetish tomorrow. Some of My other pets will be joining you, although you won’t see much of them as you’ll be inside that Sleepsack most of the time.”

“Goodnight pet – sleep tight” she laughed as Her heels clicked into the distance. I heard a door shut and I was alone.

Alone, but strangely at peace. I’d been tied up for over four hours and this had been the most scary but utterly fantastic night of my life – and from what Mistress had just said, it was not to be my last. Mistress – that sounded so good thinking it. Had I found my destiny? I relaxed feeling the comfort and restriction of the Darlex Sleepsack and hood. Was this heaven or not? I fell asleep to the soft feel of spandex against spandex – ecstasy!


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