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Linda's Revenge

by Subgamble

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© Copyright 2004 - Subgamble - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; kidnap; captives; cell; dungeon; torture; electro; bdsm; crop; stock; prepare; depilation; wrap; encase; entombed; revenge; cons/nc; XXX


Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. Linda's Revenge by Subgamble F/mf; kidnap; captives; cell; dungeon; torture; electro; bdsm; crop; stock; prepare; depilation; wrap; encase; entombed; revenge; cons/nc; XXX Authors note: This is not for the squeamish it involves permanent entombment.

Linda is a 36 year old tall statuesque woman. She has natural blond hair and blue eyes. She stands a little for 6 feet tall. Her figure is a perfect 36-24-32. She is very athletic and is very strong for a woman. In fact she is stronger than a great many men. She has long legs with calf muscles that men love to eye. For the past 8 years Linda has been married to Ted. Ted is 40 and a computer programming engineer. It is necessary for Ted to travel out of town several times a year.

Linda works for a large county in the southern part of the U.S.A. She is a forensics specialist. Linda has a doctorate degree in forensics science from a well respected southern university. For as long as she could remember Linda was interested in everything connected with forensic science and mummification. She studied both anthropology, and forensics specializing in mummification and forensic science.

Linda traveled all over the world studying mummification as done my many different ancient civilizations throughout the world. Not only did she study the Egyptians but also other little known cultures in Africa and South America. Linda devoured everything she could find out about the process of mummifying human bodies. She even found one little known culture where all of the ruler's mummies many years after having been mummified and entombed.

Linda had the run of the morgue where she worked. She was in complete charge of everything. Even though she didn't make a large salary from the county, she had a large income. She was so well respected in her field that she was constantly called by other cities, counties and states. She was always well paid for her consulting work. Linda did everything she could to study all of the mummification of which she had learned.

There was a small room in the morgue which was not used. Linda had a locksmith secure the door in a way that only she could have access to the room. Then she proceeded to stock the room with all of the chemicals she learned that had been used in the many processes of mummification that she had studied. She hoped that one day she could put some of them into practice on a cadaver for experimentation. For some unknown reason, she even stocked the room with the chemicals she would need to keep someone alive after they were mummified and entombed. Needless to say this took a large part of her income for many years. Her husband, Ted, made enough for both of them. Thus Linda was able to pursue her hobby.

Linda noticed lately that Ted was spending more and more time at the office and was coming home later and later. She didn't suspect anything since Ted was still her loving partner. One day while doing the clothes, Linda found a lip stick smeared handkerchief and a pair of panties in one of Ted's pockets. Neither were Linda's.

Linda, as she worked at the morgue, had a great many detective friends in the police department. There was one named Gabe. She was really good friends with him and his wife. She asked Gabe if he would do surveillance and tail her husband. She told Gabe she would pay him. Gabe told Linda it would not be necessary for Linda to pay him. He told her, "If Ted is cheating on you, I want you to know about it. You're too nice to put up with that."

Linda heard nothing from Gabe for 2 weeks. On a Wednesday, business was slow at the morgue. Murder seemed to take Wednesday's off. Gabe came by and told Linda the sad news about Ted. He was spending time with Nancy, a hair stylist. Gabe handed Linda a file and told her all the details were contained in it. He told Linda how sorry he was and left. At first Linda was steaming. She stormed up and down the hall of the morgue. It's a good thing there wasn't anyone present. They would have thought she was a mad woman. Then Linda thought, don't get mad, get even. She cooled down and began to plot her revenge. The first thing she would do would be to confront Ted with the evidence and get a divorce. Linda studied the file and began to plot her course of action.

When Linda confronted Ted, he blew up and stormed out. Linda hired an attorney and although it took about a year and a half, Linda became free of Ted. Her attorney also enabled her to take Ted to the cleaners and get much of what he had. Ted had little more left than his automobile. Out of necessity Ted moved in with Nancy. All the time Linda kept track of their movements. She bided her time until she would find the right opportunity to strike.

It took about two years. Linda learned that Ted and Nancy were going to get married. She also learned that they were going to go to Africa and take a safari deep in to the jungle. Linda had made good friends with the chief of a little known culture through whose territory the safari would pass. She flew to Africa well ahead of Ted's forth coming marriage. She told the chief of her desires and he was only too glad to comply. Now Linda would put the rest of her plan in action. She knew a shady couple that almost fitted Ted and Nancy's descriptions. She could contact them without them knowing who she was. They often gave the police tips and acted as stool pigeons for them. She got a message to them telling them what was needed. They were only too glad to comply and get a free vacation.

In due time Ted and Nancy got married. They had hired a driver and a limo to take them to the airport. Shortly after they left the chapel Ted and Nancy heard the door locks snap closed. The last thing they remembered was the sickly sweet smell of a gas permeating the interior of the back of the limousine. The dark suited driver drove to a secluded location. The inert, unconscious bodies of Ted and Nancy were quickly bound and stashed in the trunk. The dark clad driver dropped a package off at a pre selected location. The limousine was returned to its place of rental and the dark clad driver changed clothes and took a bus to a few blocks from where the car with Ted and Nancy in the trunk was located.

Linda quickly walked to the car. She drove straight home and parked in her attached garage. It took her awhile but she lifted Ted out of the trunk and carried him down to her basement. Linda quickly stripped Ted locked his wrists behind his back in handcuffs. After she shackled Ted's ankles she locked him in his cell. Linda quickly got Nancy to the basement and gave her the same treatment locking her in a cell on the other side of the room. Linda figured Ted and Nancy would be out another hour or so. She wanted to be sure to fit the devices she had acquired to them before they awakened. She locked a specially prepared belt on Ted. Then she did the same to Nancy.

At last Linda could relax. She poured several inches of her favorite bourbon into a glass. She liked it neat, without water or ice. She enjoyed the taste of excellent bourbon. Linda relaxed and curled up in her favorite chair with her bourbon and a good book. Linda sipped the expensive bourbon slowly enjoying its sweet acrid bite on her tongue. She more stared at the book than read it. She was meditating on exactly how she would exact her revenge from Ted and Nancy. By the time she finished her bourbon Linda decided that Ted and Nancy would be coming awake.

After her divorce and before she abducted Ted and Nancy, Linda had workers make her basement into a full scale dungeon with racks, suspension devices, stocks chairs and platforms. There were many items too numerous to mention. She also ordered every item of restraint and every time of torture device she could find on the internet. In addition Linda had two solid cells complete with wash basin and commode installed in her basement. She also had smaller cells that were more like crates. If a person was locked into one of the smaller cells, they would be in complete darkness. They would be unable to hear or see anything that happened outside the cell. In short Linda had everything she needed to keep Ted and Nancy locked in a cell and torture them for as long as she wished. While Linda was having her basement made into a torture dungeon she had the workers completely sound proof it so no sound could escape outside the walls.

Linda donned proper attire to wear into her newly created dungeon with its recently incarcerated prisoners. She donned black leather bra and mini skirt. She put on thigh length high heeled boots and wore a severe looking mask that concealed all of her face. She didn't want Ted and Nancy to learn her identity yet. Linda came into the basement dungeon just as Ted was beginning to become aware of his surroundings. He looked befuddled. As he saw the leather clad figure, he mumbled, "Where am I! What is happening?"

Linda said nothing she just pulled up an easy chair and sat in it. She was waiting for both of her prisoners to become fully conscious. She didn't want to waste time giving them her speech twice. She just sat there in silence listening to Ted babble question after question. After a time Linda saw Nancy beginning to stir. It was not long until she was doing the same as Ted, babbling question after question. When Linda was sure both of her prisoners were fully awake and aware of their surroundings.

She stood up and said, "Silence! You both are to listen to exactly what I have to say. If you are not completely obedient you will be punished." Ted and Nancy began talking at the same time. Linda picked up a remote control device similar to those used for TV sets. She fiddled with a dial and then pressed a button. Ted and Nancy both curled up in a ball on the floor and let out a blood curdling screams. Linda released the pressure on the button and the screams subsided. Linda said, "Now you know why those belts are locked on your waists and genitals. That was setting number 5. They go all the way up to 10. The supplier told me an extended jolt at level 10 can kill. You must obey or you will get more of the same. If you continue to disobey I will increase the level of the current. Now listen to me!"

"You are my prisoners for as long as I wish to keep you. Whether you get out of here alive will depended upon how obedient you are to my every command and how accepting you are to the tortures I have planned for you." Linda didn't as yet want them to know that there chances of leaving were less than winning a lotto jack pot. She wanted them to think there was a chance they might be leaving her dungeon. This would give them hope. Linda also thought it would enable them to endure more of the tortures she had planned for them.

Linda said, "Now I'm going to leave you there. I hope you had plenty to eat. You'll not get fed until morning. If you need water or to use the commode in your cell, you'll have make do as best you can. I'm not going to release your bonds. Good night. Sleep tight."

Linda went up to her bedroom, undressed, poured herself a large bourbon, took a bath and curled up in bed sipping her bourbon. Linda was soon asleep having dreams of what she was going to Ted and Linda. She had visions of the 2 new Buddha type mummies that would be sitting on each side of the hearth beside her fireplace. Meanwhile in the basement dungeon Ted and Linda looked at each other across the room. Linda said, "Ted what has happened to us?"

Ted replied, "I don't know. I thought I recognized that woman. However I can't place her."

"Ted what is going to happen to us?"

"I don't know but it sure doesn't look like we're going to a party any time soon."

Ted and Nancy soon fell asleep. They were so tired from the day's activities that they didn't even dream. While Ted and Nancy were locked in their dreamless slumber, Linda was having dreams listening to the screams of Ted and Nancy.

Linda awoke early in the Morning. She was anxious to begin. Linda dressed in her leather attire. She was not ready to reveal her identity to Ted and Nancy. Linda prepared each inmate a small bowl of oatmeal. She took it down and placed it on the floor in each of Ted and Nancy's cells. They were already awake. She told them if they wanted breakfast they could eat. Their hands would remain locked behind their back.

Ted and Nancy said, "How are we supposed to eat this?"

Linda replied, "You can lap it up like a dog."

Ted and Nancy began to slurp and lick up the oatmeal as best they could. They managed to smear a lot of it over their faces. When they were finished, Linda said, "Now I'm ready to begin torturing you two in earnest. I think I'll begin with Nancy. That way Ted can watch. He will want to know that he is going to receive more than what I do to Nancy. Ted is male and will be able to endure longer and harder sessions of torture. I'm going to get a few things ready. Then I will work on Nancy until I get tired of hearing her scream or not scream if she is gagged."

Ted said, "You can't do that. Someone will find out about it and you'll go to prison."

Linda said, "Silly boy! No one knows you're here. No one is going to hear you scream. As far as all of your friends know, you're on your honeymoon in Africa. Your family and close friends will be getting cards from you telling them how much you're enjoying your trip. I guess that proves that your argument doesn't hold water. Now Ted, shut up! If you don't, I'll have to zap you with the belt."

Ted began to really worry. How could their friends and family be getting cards from Africa? They were not in Africa. They were her in this unknown dungeon. There was a leather clad goddess who was apparently going to torture them. Right now there was nothing that could be done about their situation. Surely some one would report them missing and being to search for them.

Linda was going to begin with Nancy. She went over and unlocked Nancy from her cell. She dragged her out on the floor and lifted her up. Linda locked Nancy's head in a pair of stocks. Linda then fastened Nancy's wrists in the slots at the same level as her head. Linda adjusted the stocks containing Nancy's head and wrists until her spine was parallel with the ground and her ass was sticking nicely out behind. Quickly Linda spread Nancy's ankles really wide and secured them in another set of stocks. Now Nancy was standing bent over with her pussy wide open and her lovely tits hanging down.

Linda stood back and surveyed her prey. She said, "Now I have you right where I want you. I'm going to cause you great pain and there isn't a thing anyone can do to stop me. Ted pay attention. You're going to get what I give Nancy plus a lot more. Nancy I know you won't be able to keep from screaming. However, you'll do well to make as little noise as possible. You see your screams will turn me on and make me want to do even more to you. I guess I have always been a closet sadist. I had planned this just to punish you two. Now I see having you both helpless and at my mercy is beginning to turn me on. Oh well enough chat. Nancy it's time for me to get started on you. I'm going to begin with this nice thin, wispy cane."

Linda walked over to a can next to the wall. She picked out a thing bamboo cane that was about 4 feet long. As he pulled the cane out of the can, it dripped liquid. Linda looked over at Nancy and said, "I have these canes soaking in a brine solution to make them more pliable. In addition the salt will add to your painful situation when the blows break your skin."

Linda wasted no time. She drew back with the cane and landed a blow directly across both of Nancy's ass cheeks. Linda was rewarded with a loud. "Uggggh, eowwwww." from Nancy. Linda quickly drew back and lashed Nancy's ass six more times putt welts on it in the shape of an x and leaving 3 more red welts parallel to the ground. Nancy was yelling and screaming that she couldn't take any more. Linda walked over to a table. Nancy saw her pick up 2 items. Nancy couldn't see what Linda had picked up. As Linda neared Nancy, Nancy saw that Linda had something in her hands that looked like clips. She was not wrong. Linda held up the 2 mini clips and said, "This will be a treat for me and a treatment for you."

Nancy asked, "Whhhhaa what are you going to do with those?"

Linda replied, "You'll see."

Linda quickly applied on of the clips to Nancy's right nipple. That elicited a loud, "Eyeeeeyeow, " from Nancy. Linda quickly gave Nancy's other nipple the same treatment. That caused Nancy to scream a second time. Linda went back to work on Nancy's ass with the cane. She whipped Nancy with the cane until the cane was in tatters and Nancy's ass was raw and running little drops of blood from the weals she had created on Nancy's ass. Linda was now tired as well as turned on from having worked over Nancy's ass. Linda went over and took out a bottle of bourbon from one of the cabinets. Nancy could see into the cabinet Linda had opened. What she saw caused her shudder even more than she was from the pain in her nipples and ass. She saw all sorts of paddles, whips and restraint devices. She supposed they would soon be used on her and Ted. She would not be wrong.

Linda poured herself 2 fingers of the expensive bourbon in a glass and sat down to sip it. Then she thought of something. She walked over, unlocked Ted's cell. She pulled off her leather skirt and panties. She roughly pulled Ted over on his back and planted her pussy directly over Ted's lips. She then said, "Ted eat my pussy. You had better do a good job and please me. If you don't do a good job, I'll be forced to use the zapper on you".

Ted did not want to feel the effects of the electricity a second time. He ate Linda's pussy until she came with a large, long shuddering climax. Linda, without a word got up off of Ted's face. She dressed and left Ted locked in his cell. As she walked toward Nancy she stopped to pick another cane out of the can. She stood directly behind Nancy and delivered a hard blow from the cane directly into the center of Nancy's love site. She did this a second and then a third time. This forced eerie loud screams from Nancy. They were more inhuman sounds than human sounds.

Linda went back to her chair and slowly sipped her bourbon as she listed to Nancy's loud screams slowly diminish. Nancy was left hanging, supported only by the stocks which imprisoned her neck and wrists. She could hardly support herself to get enough air to breathe. Her tits hurt. Her pussy was on fire. Her ass was burning as if it was up against a red hot pot belly stove. Surely this couldn't get any worse. Nancy was as wrong as wrong can be.

Linda slowly finished her bourbon. Then she turned her attention back to Nancy. She went to the cabinet. She took out 2 items, a long wide strap and a leather paddle with holes in it. She came over to Nancy. She took the strap and began to paint Nancy's back with wide red welts. All the time Nancy was yelling and screaming. Next Linda took the paddle and turned the backs of Nancy's thighs red. There were little blue circles where the holes in the paddle made contact with Nancy's flesh. Linda now had to rest. Apparently Nancy had exhausted herself. All she was doing now was sobbing and murmuring little squeaks.

Linda then went back and selected another brine soaked, thing wispy cane. She used this on the inside of Nancy's thighs and worked her way around each thigh until she had completely covered them with red welts. As a final punishment, Linda brought the cane up as hard as she could a smashed into the center of Nancy's cunt 3 times. This made Nancy emit one last long wailing scream. Linda reached under Nancy and removed the clips from her nipples.

Linda went over to the chair and sat in it. She looked at Nancy who was now slumped almost inert in her stocks. Linda said, "Nancy as soon as I regain my strength, I'm going to fix you while I go upstairs and take a rest. When I come back I'll bring your lunches. Then I'll begin on Ted." Linda relaxed in her chair for quite awhile.

Linda got out and again went to the cabinet. She brought out a box with wires attached to it and 2 medium sized metal dildos. She came over to Nancy. She attached a wire to each of Nancy's nipples with clips. She slid one of the dildos into Nancy's already battered pussy. There were 2 clips at the end of the dildo. Linda placed the clips on the labia on each side of Nancy's cunt. The other dildo was really a butt plug. Linda pushed it into place in Nancy's ass hole. Linda quickly attached wires to each of the dildos invading Nancy's holes. Linda fiddled with dials on the box. Nancy began to jerk a little. Linda increased the current now flowing through Nancy's tits, pussy and ass hole until Nancy emitted a high keening whine. Linda decided that Nancy was now probably in real pain. Linda increased the current and was rewarded with an even louder whine from Nancy. Linda set the control box on the floor. She went to a drawer and withdrew 2 ball gags. She fastened one in place in Nancy's mouth. She went over to Ted's cell, unlocked it and quickly stuffed the other gag in Ted's mouth and buckled it tightly in place.

Linda stood at the door and said, "Enjoy! I'm going up and take a nap for a few hours. You're both gagged. I don't want you to be able to talk or comfort each other with the sound of your voices. Have fun I know I will."

Linda left, went up to her kitchen, had a snack and took a nap. She thought, "Gee! Being a sadist is hard work".

Nancy, locked in the stocks was in real pain from the current flowing through her love nest and tits. She couldn't do anything other than concentrate on trying to block out the pain. Ted lay on his floor in his cell. He couldn't see how Nancy had managed to stand what had happened to her. He was really dreading having Linda come back to work him over as she had Nancy.

Linda awoke from her nap. She couldn't believe she had been asleep for more than 4 hours. She got up made sure she was in costume and went to the kitchen. She still didn't want Ted or Nancy to be sure of her identity. In the kitchen she made Ted and Nancy each a baloney sandwich. Then she headed for the dungeon.

When Linda got to the dungeon, she went over and placed the sandwiches on the bench. She then turned off the current running through Nancy's body. Nancy slumped in the stocks grateful to be relieved of the pain the current running through her body had caused. Linda took out Nancy's gag and slowly fed her a baloney sandwich. Next she removed Ted's gag and slowly fed him a baloney sandwich.

Linda went over and released Nancy from the stocks. Linda said, "I think you've had enough for now. I don't want you to expire on me. I want you to last a long time. That way I can have more fun with you. Now I'm going to fix you for the night."

Linda released Nancy and dragged her to her cell. Nancy could hardly walk after what she had suffered at the hands of Linda. Linda told Nancy "If you need to use the toilet, do so now. Otherwise you may have to sit in a mess the rest of the night."

Nancy dragged herself over to the commode and managed to take care of the necessities. Then Linda secured Nancy in a buck and gag position. She tied her wrists together, had Nancy get in a sitting position and placed her wrists on top of her ankles. Linda then slid a bar, with a chain attached to it, over her elbows and under her knees. Linda locked the free end of the chain to the other end of the bar. The bar stuck out far enough on each side of Nancy's legs that she could not pull her arms sideways enough to get the bar out from between the backs of her knees and her elbows. Linda strapped the ball gag tightly back in Nancy's mouth. Then she slid Nancy over until her back was against one of the cell bars. She buckled the belt tightly about Nancy and around the cell bar. The bar dug painfully into Nancy's spine. Linda locked the belt. Then she said, "Nancy that should hold you for the entire night. I hope you're comfy."

Linda turned toward Ted and said, "Ted, now it's your turn. I hope you paid attention to what happened to Nancy. You're going to get a lot more."

Nancy did much the same thing to Ted as she did to Nancy. The only difference was she whipped his prick instead of a cunt. When she finished with Ted, she locked him in a device called Scavenger's Daughter. This has the victim placed in a position similar to the buck and gag position. There are two long bars stretching out from a collar placed around the victim's neck. It has cuffs directly in front of his chest where his wrists are confined. Then 2 u-bars are placed over each of the victim's ankles a bar is slid through these cuffs and through the ends of the bar extending from the victims neck. The captive is now secured in a sitting position unable to move. Linda gagged Ted and left him there for the night.

For the next two weeks Linda tortured Ted and Nancy in every way she could think of. A day after Ted and Nancy had passed there second week in captivity, the story Linda was expecting ran in the local paper. The headline read, "Local couple killed in freak African boat accident." If one read further they learned that two people with Ted and Nancy's names were killed in a little known country of central Africa. It seemed the boat sank and the couple was devoured by crocodiles. All of the other passengers were rescued. Linda clipped the article. Soon she would show it to Ted and Nancy. The article did not appear any too soon. Linda was tiring of torturing Ted and Nancy. She had done most everything she could do to them.

That day Linda still concealing her identity went down to the dungeon and gave Ted and Nancy a very good meal. As Ted and Nancy were devouring the good food Linda said, "You'll be glad to know the torture part of your ordeal has ended. I can't begin the next stage of your punishment until your bodies have completely healed of all of their wounds."

Nancy looked up and said, "Does that mean we'll be getting out of here soon?"

Linda replied, "In a way yes."

For the next 3 weeks Linda treated Ted and Nancy well. She saw that they were well fed. Mean while she prepared for the final punishment of Ted and Nancy. Ted and Nancy saw Linda haul what looked like a statue of Buddha into the room. Then they saw a great deal of various size boxes brought into the room. Linda removed the contents from the boxes and stored them in cabinets. As far as Ted and Nancy could see, they looked like huge rolls of tape as well as various tubes, vials and bottles of liquid. Just about time Linda had all the necessary supplies in place she thoroughly examined Ted and Linda. She saw that all of their wounds were healed or nearly healed and there was no sign of infection. Linda decided the next day she would provide Ted and Nancy with final preparations for the next step. She knew they would not like it.

The morning arrived. Linda was wide awake anticipating listening to the moans of pain come from Ted and Nancy one last time. She was still concealing her identity from Ted and Nancy. Linda went to the dungeon. She thought, "This time I'll do Ted first."

She brought a pair of cuffs and a pair of ankle shackles in the cell to Ted. She told him to cuff his ankles and lock his wrists together in front of him. Linda cautioned Ted to remember the belt. Ted did exactly as Linda directed. He no longer wanted to feel the painful charge that the belt could deliver.

Linda took Ted over to a pole in the center of the room. She fastened Ted's ankles to the floor. Then clipped a snap over the center of the chain connecting Ted's wrist cuffs. Linda went over to the wall and cranked the winch stretching Ted tightly. She strapped Ted's body tightly against the post at his ankles, knees, waist and neck. Then Linda said, "I'm tired of listening to you scream. I'll gag you." Linda tightly gagged Ted. Then she said, "It's time for your final little torture."

Linda grabbed two sharp needles that were fairly thick. She pushed one through Ted's right nipple. This elicited a loud, "Uggggghhhhhh!" from Ted. Linda pushed a second pin through the same nipple at right angles to the first pin. Linda quickly did the same to Ted's other nipple. Pins were now in Ted's nipples forming a large X.

Next Linda took a larger pin and inserted in the head of Ted's cock. This pin was at right angles to Ted's body. It ran right through the head of Ted's cock piercing the urinary tract. Next Linda pierced the underside of Ted's cock just below the head and inserted a ring there. She inserted another ring at the base of Ted's scrotum. She stood back, surveyed her work and said, "Ted you're now fixed the way I want you. Once you're in your cell if you pull those pins and rings out or change them in any way you'll really regret it. If you bother those attachments to your body, you'll think the torture you've just undergone was play time. Now I'm going to put some ointment on those places where I pierced your body. The ointment will help those places to heal very quickly."

Linda finished with Ted. She put him back in his cell and released his shackles. Then she turned her attention to Nancy. She quickly had Nancy secured to the same pole in the same way as had been Ted. Linda quickly gave Nancy's nipples the same treatment as Ted's had received. The only difference was she used pins with a larger girth. Linda finished looking at Nancy's Nipples satisfied with the large X she saw on each nipple. She said to Nancy, "You should be glad you don't have a penis. You only get one ring through your clit down there." Linda then turned her attention to Nancy's cunt. She found the clit and pierced it with a pin. The she put a ring through the piercing and made sure it was permanently closed. Linda gave Nancy's wounds the same treatment with the ointment as she had Ted.

Soon Nancy was back in her cell. Other than making sure Ted and Nancy were well fed, Linda applied ointment to their wounds the next two days. On the third day the piercing holes in Ted and Nancy were completely healed. At the same time Linda's office received the two pieces of paper for which she was waiting. The death certificates for Ted and Nancy had arrived at her office.

It was time for Linda to put the rest of her plan in action. Linda went to her office and made photo copies of Ted and Nancy's death certificates. She also made several photo copies of the article about the accident that had befallen Ted and Nancy.

She returned to her house. Without bothering to conceal her identity, she went down to the dungeon. When Ted and Nancy saw Linda enter the dungeon Ted said, "My god Linda! Thank goodness you've found us. Get us out of here before that demon crucifies us."

Linda emitted an evil sounding laugh. She said, "Ted I'm sorry to inform you that I am that evil demon you've just described. You're here because you insulted and demeaned me. You're now going to pay for that. Nancy is here because she aided and abetted you in your humiliating me. Now I want you to see why there is no hope of your escape and why no one is looking for you". She handed Ted and Nancy each a clipping about their being killed in Africa.

After they had time to read and digest it Nancy said, "My god! How did you arrange this? There is no way you could have arranged to have us killed that far away from home."

Linda calmly said, "The chief of the country you happened to be passing through on that boat trip is a very good friend of mine. I arranged for his country to receive antibiotics for sickness while I was studying there. In fact he is soon to get an even larger shipment of medicines his country badly needs. He will do most anything I request of him."

Linda then showed Ted and Nancy their respective death certificates. Ted said, "Linda! You can't do this just because I had an affair."

Linda replied, "I can and will. You'll never again break a marriage by having an affair. Now it's time to put the rest of my plan in action and get you started on the way to your final resting place."

"Nancy you're going to be done first. That way Ted can know he is responsible for what is happening to you. Maybe he will also be terrified for himself when he sees what will happen to you."

Nancy said, "Exactly what are you going to do with us."

Linda replied, "That's a good way to put. Just wait you'll soon see."

"Ted it will take most of the day for me to take care of Nancy. I will have to wait until tomorrow to do you."

Linda handed Nancy a pair of handcuffs and told her to cuff her wrists in front of her. She then opened the cell and told Nancy to walk over to the corner of the cell. Linda then stripped. When Ted saw Linda's nude body, his pierced dick began to get hard. He thought, "God! How could I've walked out on Linda?"

Linda went over to the counter and poured white crystals and a large amount of liquid into a pan. She came back to Nancy began to rub Nancy's back with the crystals and liquid. Linda explained to Nancy, "This is mixture of salt and disinfectant. The liquid comes from a tree deep in the jungle of South America. This has the effect of defoliating and sanitizing the skin. Your skin must be completely clean and totally sanitized or this will not work. Linda vigorously rubbed Nancy's entire body with the mixture. To Nancy it felt as if her skin was being sand papered. Linda then rubbed Nancy's entire body down with another liquid. Linda turned on the shower and Nancy saw all of hair, including that on her head, go down the drain.

Linda then gave Nancy a large enema to clean out her intestines. Again Nancy was showered.

When Nancy was thoroughly dried, Linda let her down and cuffed her wrists behind her back. She told Nancy to walk over and sit on the table. Nancy noted that she was now sitting on the table between two halves of a statue that when pushed together would form a human sized statue of Buddha. Linda then went over to the cabinet and brought back a bottle of a bronze colored solution. She proceeded to cover and paint Nancy's entire body with the bronze liquid. The solution gave a golden cast to Nancy's skin. As the liquid Linda had applied to Nancy's skin began to dry, Nancy found it harder and harder to move her limbs.

Linda had Nancy lie face down on the table. She inserted a large hose into Nancy's rectum well up into her intestines. Linda turned on a pump. Nancy heard a low whirr and felt her intestines begin to fill. Just when she thought something was going to burst the whirr stopped. Linda saw that the goop had begun to spill out of Nancy. Linda then placed large metal butt plug into Nancy's rectum. It completely filled her ass hole. No more of the goop could drip past the plug. This plug was different than most butt plugs. It had 2 large round balls at the base. They were about two inches apart. The end ball had a hole in it. In addition it had a long thin wire trailing from it. Linda rammed the plug home. Now only the base of the dildo, the ball with the hole in it was visible. Linda adjusted the dildo until the bottom outer edges of the ball were just even with edge of Nancy's ass crack. A long thin wire trailed out a few inches from the butt plug.

Linda looked over at Nancy and said, "Now I'll just apply a little current to the wire connected to your butt plug and your pussy ring. That will glue the goop to the sides of your intestines all the way from your ass hole to your stomach. Your intestines will be permanently sanitized and sealed. They tell me that stuff will adhere to your digestive tract like superglue. "

Linda attached 2 wires from the remote control box, one to the wire connected to Nancy's butt plug and the other to Nancy's clit ring. Nancy felt a small tingling in her clit and her intestines. After a short while Linda turned off the current and removed the leads. Linda said, "Your ass hole is finished. Now I have to do something to take care of your love nest".

Linda replaced the nozzle on the hose coming from the pump with a fresh one. She shot the same goop into Nancy's cunt until it was filled to over flowing. Linda then stuffed a large dildo with a bulb on the end into Nancy's cunt. The dildo slid in until everything was past Nancy's cunt lips. This dildo had a ring attached to its base as well as a wire sticking out of it. Nancy put the ring on the base of the dildo through the ring on Nancy's clit. She then fixed the ring so it was permanently closed. Now the only way to remove the dildo from Nancy's cunt was to cut the rings. Linda gave Nancy's cunt the same electrical treatment as she had her rear end. Nancy's cunt now felt as if was completely packed full of cock. A thin wire also trailed out a few inches from the dildo in Nancy's cunt.

Linda then had Nancy roll over on her side. Nancy felt a liberal supply of a liquid being applied to both sides her ass crack. She felt Linda push the sides of her crack together. Linda held the pressure for a little while. When Nancy felt Linda release the pressure she had been applying to her ass cheeks, Nancy felt her ass cheeks glued tightly together.

Linda had Nancy roll back over. She applied the same liquid to Nancy's cunt lips and glued them tightly closed. You could now only see a thin line where Nancy's ass crack had been. Half way down the line that had been Nancy's ass crack you could see a small round hole. You could barely find the line where her pussy lips were glued together. The 2 thin wires trailed out of Nancy's body, one from her ass and one from her cunt.

Linda now folded Nancy's legs in front of her. Nancy's joints had stiffened to the point that Linda had to really work to get Nancy's legs bent into place. When Linda was satisfied that Nancy's legs were in the correct position she got out a thin roll of white substance. She wrapped each of Nancy's toes with the stuff. When Linda was finished each of Nancy's toes looked like short fat, white sticks. Next Linda wrapped each of Nancy's feet with wider widths of the white stuff up to her ankles Linda then began wrapping each of Nancy's legs with the white stuff.

She had to work hard to get Nancy's legs bent so that one was over the other. Linda wrapped the white stuff around Nancy's Legs. Linda worked to be sure that both of Linda's legs were wrapped smoothly up to where her thighs joined her body. When Linda was satisfied that Nancy's legs were completely wrapped and showed no seams. Linda began wrapping Nancy's body with wider widths of the white stuff. Linda wrapped Linda's body from the tops of her thighs to just below her neck. When Linda was satisfied that Linda's upper body was thoroughly wrapped. She stopped.

Linda went over to the counter and prepared a syringe that was partially filled with a violet colored liquid. Linda came back to Nancy and said, "You asked me what I was going to do to you. I'm going to mummify you. When I finish with you, I will have you entombed as a living mummy. I have here in this needle a poison. The poison will not kill you. It is made from a combination of snake venom and herbs from the jungle of Africa. It lowers your metabolism until you're barely alive. Even though your metabolism is lowered to the point where not even a doctor would detect that you're alive, you will remain alert and have all of your senses. I'm told that you can remain alive for more than 60 years without food, water or air. I don't trust that though. In addition to the poison I'm going to use a back up system. I will push a tube down into your lungs and put an IV into your large neck vein. These will have tubes that will go down to a bag I'll place between your legs. Your body can then recycle the air and fluid it uses indefinitely. You should remain alive in your tomb the rest of your natural lives."

"In addition, I'm going to attach the wires coming from your pussy and ass to a box. The box will deliver voltage to your pussy and ass. Sometimes it will be painful. Other times it will bring you to the brink of orgasm without permitting you to have a sexual climax. After I wrap your head and before I put you in the Buddha cast, I will put 2 small sensors in front of your eyes. These will have wires running down to the box. I'm told the batteries in the box have been developed by the space program. They should last 30 years or longer. They can be recharged. To recharge them all I need to do is direct a laser at the pin hole that will be in front of the sensors for a few hours. I'm going to make sure those batteries last the rest of your natural lives."

Nancy had a look of pure horror on her face. "You can't do this. Some one will find us. Please let us out of here."

Linda emitted and evil cackling laugh. She said, "Nancy no one is going to find you. No one is even going to be looking for you. Everyone knows your bodies have been digested by crocodiles. Before I use the poison on you Nancy, I want you to know that the amber solution I brushed on your skin will harden. It will have the strength of steel and seal your skin. You will not be able to get an infection through your skin. When I finish wrapping you in this white stuff, I will subject it to a strong beam of ultraviolet light. This will harden it. When the wrapping hardens, it will compress your body a little and make sure you will not be able to move a muscle. After I finish prepping you, I will put you in that hollow statue. I will pour a liquid into the statue that will completely surround your body. The liquid will look like brass when it hardens. However it will be 10 times harder than the hardest steel known to man . I'm told one of the tribes in Africa got this stuff from where a meteor crashed into the earth thousands of years ago. The only holes in your cast will be the 2 small pin holes for the laser to recharge your batteries."

Linda made sure there was no air in the needle. Linda plunged the needle into a large vein in Nancy's neck. Nancy was immediately completely limp. Linda pushed a tube into Nancy's air passage. She placed a tube through Nancy's mouth down to her stomach. Linda pumped the thick liquid down into Nancy's stomach. The gooey glue came up and flowed out of Nancy's mouth. Linda made sure that Nancy's mouth was packed with the stuff. Then she gave it a small charge of electricity. The goop hardened and filled Nancy's stomach, esophagus and mouth. Linda packed Nancy's nasal passage with the stuff. She hardened. Nancy smoothed the same glue over Nancy's Lips that she had used on her ass crack and her pussy. Linda pushed Nancy's Lips together and sealed them. Linda put the IV in Nancy's throat. Flat tubes ran down Nancy's body to a small bag of liquid in the fold of her legs. Linda placed a small disc in front of each of Nancy's eyes. Two wires ran from these discs down to a small box in the fold of Nancy's legs. Linda attached the wires running from Nancy's pussy and ass to the box. Linda pushed a switch activating the box. Linda quickly wrapped Nancy's face and neck. Then she covered the crotch area which she had skipped until now. Linda pushed a switch. Nancy's body was bathed in purple light. Linda went over to Ted.

Ted was so horrified and terrified he had remained silent. Linda looked at Ted, "Just think in a few hours your little home wrecking second wife is going to be a living mummy. You will follow her tomorrow. I hope you learn not to cheat on your wife."

Linda left the room. Ted thought, "This can't be happening to us. Surely there is some way out of this predicament." Deep in his heart Ted knew there would be no escape.

In a few hours Linda came back and turned off the ultra violet light. Linda pushed the now mummified Linda forward. She screwed a foot long shaft into the hole sticking out of Nancy's ass crack. She fiddled with it a minute. There was a click. Nancy looked over at Ted, and said, "When I mount you 2 mummies on the blocks on either side of my fireplace, that shaft will go into the hole of a large block of metal and permanently lock in place. When I finish my fireplace will be adorned with a human sized statue of Buddha on either side of it".

Linda dropped the shaft sticking out from Nancy's ass crack into a hole on the table. Linda pushed the 2 halves of the Buddha statue together. Linda made sure the 2 halves mated perfectly. She locked them together. Linda attached a hose to the top of the cast. Ted heard a whir. After a short time an amber colored gooey substance flowed out of the top of the cast. Linda pushed a switch and the whir ceased. Linda waited about a half hour. She removed the cast. There were a few imperfections. Linda took metal brush and smoothed out the bubbles and made sure the surface of the shiny bronze colored Buddha was smooth. Finally she was satisfied. Linda checked to make sure the pin holes in the eyes remained open because of the needles in the cast. She was satisfied. She looked over at Ted.

Linda prepared another syringe of the violet liquid. She came over to Ted and injected him. Immediately Ted was out on the floor.

The next day Linda did Ted as she had Nancy. Linda left the 2 Buddha statues in her basement for a week. This allowed them to harden completely. Linda removed all traces of her dungeon.

Linda hired movers to come in and carry the Buddha statues up to her den. The shafts on the bottoms of the statues were seated into holes on 2 massive blocks of metal. When each shaft reached the bottom of the hole, there was a loud click. The Buddha statues were now mounted on both sides of Linda's fireplace. Linda could look at them and gloat about her revenge whenever she wished.

Ted and Nancy either screamed with pain or moaned trying to experience a sexual climax that would never come. Of course not a sound escaped from the Buddha statues. After a few months, if it could have happened there would have only been a keening howl and drool coming from the mouths of Ted and Nancy. If they could have been released from their entombment no amount of psychological help could have made them regain their sanity.

Linda often held parties or had company in her den. She always received rave compliments on the statues adorning her fireplace.


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