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The Lingerie Shop

by Arachnidwoman

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© Copyright 2012 - Arachnidwoman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Spiderwomen/f+; capture; envenom; web; cocoon; wrap; gag; enslave; susp; insert; tease; torment; climax; scifi; superheros; cons/nc; X

At the end of yet another day of battles Power Girl removed her costume to have a shower at the JLA Hall of Justice. Her costume, made from Kryptonian material, was invulnerable and stretched with her rather ample assets. Unfortunately her underwear did not. Yet again she had ripped through her bra and panties, that was the 5th pair this week and it was only Tuesday. As she stood there cursing her colleague Wonder Woman emerged from the showers.

WW, who also had exceptional cleavage, wore less than Power Girl but never seemed to have the same problems.

WW smiled as she saw the ripped panties and bra in PG’s hands. “Been there” she said.

PG looked up. “So what did you do?” she said. “I can’t get Kryptonian ones, since it doesn’t exist anymore. And no offence, but Paradise Island doesn’t exactly have my size either.”

WW laughed. “No I get them custom made. Can you keep a secret?”

PG leant forward. WW looked around and whispered. ”I use an expert in silk lingerie. Her name is Rachel Ney, and she has a shop in the city. Her lingerie is unbelievable. In the 5 years I have been using her, I need only one set of lingerie per year – with no breaks. Here’s her card – good luck.”

Later that day Karen Starr (aka Power Girl in disguise) stood in front of an apartment building downtown, holding a business card in her hand.  To the side of the front door, she saw a small faded sign with A.R.Ney listed with a small arrow pointing down some stairs. Karen walked down the stairs to a thick wooden door with a window covered in thick silk curtains.

Curious Karen tried to use her super-vision to see what was inside, but it didn’t work, even through the curtains. “Weird” she thought. “Must be lead in the walls”. She then knocked firmly on the door.

A stunningly beautiful woman wearing a long silk dress with her head covered in a white silk scarf answered the door. “May I help you?” she inquired.

Karen stammered at her beauty. “I was told you could help me…” she answered.

The woman smiled. “Ah yes, you would be Karen Starr. I am Rachel Ney. One of my clients told me you may call. Come in, please…”

Karen sheepishly wandered in through the door. She was stunned as she saw a room full of the sexiest and most sensual silk lingerie she had ever seen. Her eyes wide open, she noticed the woman smiling again. “Yes thank you - I appreciate your good taste.”

“So, judging by your posture, I suggest your bras are not sufficient. Let me see if I can help. Please remove all of your clothes…”

Karen was a little surprised. Fortunately she hadn’t worn her uniform. She did as she was asked – after all she was in a lingerie shop. Stripping right down her large boobs bounced all over the place and she sighed, this was her problem.

Rachel emerged and made a surprising sigh. “Yes you are exquisite”, she said. “Try these”.

Karen tried on the white silk bra and panties. They were exceptionally comfortable and immediately her boobs were well supported.”Wow!” she said. Rachel smiled.

Karen swung around but her boobs stayed firmly in position. She tried to tear the bra, but the silk material gave with her tugging – then resumed its position. “Unbelievable”, she said.

“I’ll take them,” she answered. “By the way, do you have other designs available?”

Rachel smiled. “Well yes, if you want something custom-made, I do this work downstairs in my cellar. Please follow me.”

Karen followed Rachel as she opened a door and walked down some stairs. As the door closed behind them the room went dark and Karen’s eyes struggled to make out Rachel in front of her in the dim light. Suddenly Rachel disappeared!

Karen struggled to see anything. Then a dull red glow flooded the room. Karen felt weak – to her horror she realized it was red sunlight, which made her powerless and as weak as a normal woman. Then she heard a dull mmpphhing noise coming from the wall in front of her – looking closer she was horrified to see a large breasted woman stuck to the wall and wrapped inside a giant silk cocoon, several inches thick with a large silk gag wrapped over her mouth to silence her. Karen realized it was Wonder Woman – what the hell was happening?

Karen then heard laughing. It was Rachel, somewhere in the dark. “Ahh, I see you have found an old friend. Yes, welcome to my parlor, Karen Starr…or should I call you by your real name Power Girl?”

Shocked that her secret was out, Karen desperately tried to see where Rachel was, but her powers didn’t work in the red sunlight. Suddenly a long sticky rope wound around her torso, pinning her arms to her side. Another silk rope coiled around her ankles tightly, making Karen fall over onto the floor. As she fell down a sticky net ensnared her body and tightly wrapped her up, pinning her limbs to her body and leaving her head exposed. Karen heard more laughing. Struggling to get free, she suddenly saw in the dim light to her horror Rachel crawling on the roof towards her and then lower herself from the roof to the floor on a silk line, spun somewhere from under her silk dress.

Karen looked up at Rachel, who stood over her. “What are you?”

Rachel licked her lips. “Just call me your new mistress!” 

Kara swore, “Never!”

Rachel laughed again. Tearing off her silk dress and her headscarf, Karen was shocked to see she had 8 eyes, large fangs, 4 extra spider legs and a large spider abdomen protruding from behind her. She was a spiderwoman!

Rachel quickly grabbed Karen in her bindings while she was in shock. She aimed her spider abdomen into Karen’s face and shoot liquid webbing into her mouth to silence her. When Karen’s mouth was full she quickly pulled a large wide silk band from her spinnerettes and wrapped it around and around tightly over Karen’s mouth so she was firmly gagged.

Karen struggled like crazy, but her bindings were quite tight and her gag was so secure that she made a slight mmmpphhh noise only. Still, Rachel didn’t want to take any chances with her prize catch. She made a silk pad from her spinnerets and then rubbed her pussy with it, so it was soaked. She then forced it over Karen’s nose, forcing her to breathe in through it. Karen suddenly felt very sleepy, and realised too late it was soaked in chloroform as she passed out.

Quickly Rachel wrapped another wide silk band around and around Karen’s head to secure the pad over her nose – to ensure she stayed helpless. Then she picked Karen up in her 2 arms, and spun her around at top speed as she shot thick liquid silk over her body. As it dried the silk turned into a cocoon, getting thicker until she stopped when it was 3 inches thick. Looking over her prize Rachel smiled and pulled out a white silk hood, pulling it over Karen’s head so only her eyes were visible.

Rachel clutched her prize in her legs and climbed up on the wall next to Wonder Woman. She stuck Karen next to her and spun more webbing over Karen’s cocoon to secure to the wall. Then she crept down, to stand back and look at her handiwork.

Karen woke up slowly. She was horrified to find she couldn’t speak or move. Her gag now made her feel weak as well.

Looking down groggily she saw Rachel. “Yes, welcome back…I hope you will enjoy your stay, as you will never be leaving.” Seeing the quizzical look in Karen’s eyes, Rachel laughed. “Oh yes, please meet your replacement…”

With that a figure walked into the room – she was an exact duplicate of Karen. Joining her was Wonder Woman, but another copy. Rachel laughed again, “Yes they work for me. Oh girls, show them…”

Both of the women smiled showing their spider fangs, and also pulled their panties down to expose their spinnerettes pussies.

Rachel motioned them away, and they left. “Oh, and in case you are wondering, put my name together to work it out…” She walked away laughing hysterically…

Karen suddenly realized what was talking about. A.Rachel Ney = Arachne, the spider goddess. How had she been so blind? She was in a lot of trouble…

* * * *

In the alley next the fashion shop of Rachel Ney, a dark silhouette emerged from the shadows. It was the Huntress. It was 1am, all was quiet. Huntress made her way to a window on the shop side, cracked the lock and opened it. She climbed in through the window and into the shop. Huntress had become suspicious of her colleagues Wonder Woman and Power Girl over the last couple of days; they had been acting very strangely keeping to themselves and saying very little – as if they were planning something.

Huntress had searched their lockers and found only a small card for a lingerie shop belonging to a certain Rachel Ney. Checking her background, Huntress found nothing – it was as though Rachel Ney had not existed up until a month ago.

In the dark shop Huntress used her torch to look around; the lingerie was exceptional, made from pure silk. There was nothing much of interest, so Huntress decided to look out back. As she opened the door and peered through, she could hear a barely audible mmmpphing sound coming from the back of the room. Huntress quietly closed the door and peered into the darkness. Not wanting to alert anyone to her presence, she activated her infrared goggles inside her cowl and looked around.

To her horror she saw the room was covered in thick spider webbing, and right at the back of the room 2 figures inside thick cocoons stuck to the back wall were squirming and making some noise. As Huntress turned to the door behind her, she found to her horror that it had been covered in thick webbing, sticky and strong. Suddenly she heard laughter from above her.

“Did you really think that you could creep into my lair without me knowing? Silly child…” Huntress heard the voice coming from above her in the webbing covering the roof, but saw nothing in the darkness. She quickly pulled out her crossbow and aimed above.

“Ohh, a bit of fight… I love it! I’m getting turned on, weapons make me horny…” the voice laughed again.

Huntress carefully moved to the side, peering into the darkness but still she saw nothing. Too late she realized someone was behind her. To her horror a dark figure hanging from a silken thread bit her on her neck and then suddenly disappeared into the webbing above. Huntress realized she had been bitten by a spiderwoman and injected with venom. Holding onto her crossbow she tried to steady herself as the poison started to weaken her.

Suddenly a sticky rope shot from above and coiled around her legs tightly, with another one likewise wrapping around her arms. Before she could stop herself, Huntress fell over onto the ground, landing in the sticky soft web sheets covering the floor.

Feeling dizzy Huntress lay spread-eagled on the floor. Suddenly her cowl was ripped off her head, exposing her face and hair “Ohh, a brunette…well, well, well – you are very pretty!” the voice laughed again. “Nice cowl…”

Without her goggles Huntress couldn’t see anything in the darkness.  Her crossbow was taken from her, as her utility belt was also stripped off her. Huntress was now helpless as the venom had paralyzed her body.

“Hmm, very nice indeed. Let’s have some fun…” the Spiderwoman’s voice was now very close.

 A light turned on the far wall, illuminating the cocooned figures as Power Girl and Wonder Woman. Huntress was shocked.

But that wasn’t the biggest shock. Towering over her stood a large spiderwoman, with a dripping pussy and large spinnerets from her spider abdomen.

“Greeting Huntress, I am Rachel Ney aka Arachne and you are in my lair. I thank you for coming here, you have saved me much time. I have some great plans for you”

With that Arachne carefully stripped Huntress of all her clothes, admiring her body. “You are well proportioned and athletic, perfect.”

With that she sprayed webbing into Huntress’ mouth from her pussy, then also took a pad from her pussy and pushed it over Huntress’ mouth. Finally she drew a thick web scarf from her spinnerets and pumped a long wrap scarf over the pad and around Huntress’s head to gag her securely.

Arachne then spun thick webbing all over Huntress’ arms and torso to seal her top half into a cocoon, leaving her boobs, legs and pussy exposed.  She then spun a horizontal web about pussy height off the floor, and lay Huntress on it. She then spun short high-tension silk lines to each of Huntress’ legs, spread-eagling them apart and exposing her pussy. She then sprayed webbing all over Huntress’ legs, again leaving only her boobs and pussy exposed. Finally she wrapped Huntress’ head in a thick silk slave mask, with only her eyes and nose visible.

Now dripping heavily from her pussy, Arachne was ready. She gently started stroking Huntress’ pussy with her spider leg to open her up. As Huntress got turned on, Arachne attached silk lines to both of their breasts and clits under high tension and used 2 legs to start tweaking them. Arachne groaned as her tension grew. As her clit grew larger, so her pussy stretched open from its normal size to 5 times bigger and wider. Gasping suddenly Arachne’s egg-laying tube emerged from her uterus and plunged into Huntress’s pussy.

It silked itself to Huntress’ pussy and Arachne again groaned as she pumped eggs into Huntress’ pussy. Faster and faster, harder and harder she went as Huntress’ belly swelled with all the eggs. Finally Arachne erupted in an orgasm of liquid silk into Huntress’ pussy as she and Huntress both came. Her egg-laying tube quickly vanished back in her pussy and the silk sealed Huntress up. Just to be sure Arachne rewebbed Huntress around her pussy to make sure she was completely sealed.

“Well, I enjoyed that… my nanny! The little ones will incubate well and you will raise them for me…”

With that Arachne returned to her human form as Rachel Ney and dressed herself as the Huntress. Speaking perfectly in Huntress’ voice, she said, “Well onto stage 2”, and left all 3 of her slaves comfortable in her lair unable to escape.

* * * *

Zatanna was on duty at the Hall of Justice. She was worried; Huntress was late in reporting in after she had advised her that she was checking out a lead.

Just then the scanner advised her that Huntress had just checked in and entered, she was now in the change-rooms. Zatanna breathed a huge sigh of relief, but then she sensed something was not right. Huntress was here, so why would she feel this way?

Just then Huntress entered the monitoring room. Smiling she said, “Good evening Zatanna”, but in a cold uncaring voice. Zatanna knew something was wrong, and quickly cast a spell. “Laever flesruoy” she said. Huntress bowed as a magic spell revealed her true form as a spider woman!

“Thank you Zatanna, you have saved me some time” the spiderwoman laughed heavily as she cast her clothes aside and quickly spun thick webbing at Zatanna from her spinnerets. She quickly pinned Zatanna’s arms to her sides so she couldn’t cast spells, and also sprayed webbing into her mouth to silence her as well. Zatanna managed to hit her signal device in an act of defiance, but again to her shock the spiderwoman just smiled.

“Yet again my thanks, you are so predictable you super heroines – this fits my plan perfectly.”

“By the way, my name is Arachne…and I am your new mistress.” With that Arachne laughed, quickly pulled out a thick pad from her pussy and held it over her mouth while she spun webbing over it to gag her securely. Then she quickly cast more and more thick webbing until Zatanna was captive in a thick cocoon with her head only visible. “Very nice indeed, “Arachne laughed. To Zatanna’s horror she suddenly changed her form to Zatanna’s. “Just so we won’t get confused, here’s a little present.” And with that Arachne pulled a silk hood from her pussy and pulled it over Zatanna’s head, allowing her to see only through tiny eye slots.

With that Arachne stuck Zatanna up against the wall in a web and laughed again. “As your friends come into the Hall of Justice to rescue you, I have arranged some nice surprises for them…”

Black Canary raced into the Hall of Justice garage on her bike. Jumping off the bike she raced into the garage and saw Wonder Woman. “What’s happening?” she asked in a hurry. Wonder Woman was entering and said nothing, but pointed into the garage. Black Canary assumed she was in a rush like her to help Zatanna.

As Black Canary raced forward, Wonder Woman suddenly grabbed her in her powerful arms, and then bit her on her neck.  Black Canary immediately felt weakness in her throat as venom entered her bloodstream, as well as paralyzing her. No longer able to use her Canary Cry, Black Canary looked up in horror to see Wonder Woman had spider fangs and had also exposed her pussy by ripping off her star & striped panties.

WW stuffed her panties into Black Canary’s mouth, then drew a long silk scarf from her pussy and used it to wrap around Black Canary’s head and over her mouth several times to gag her. She then webbed her up in thick silk in a heavy cocoon and smiled as Black Canary was helpless.

Black Canary stared at a spiderwoman. She was quite impressive, with large boobs and pussy and a large spider abdomen with large spinnerets.

Just then Aquawoman emerged from the pool; she had suddenly noticed the distress signal. Racing into the garage area that fed the main hall she saw Black Canary all wrapped up in a cocoon.

There was no one to be seen, however as she got closer Black Canary tried to make noise but to no avail, her gag was too tight and thick. Aquawoman could see her eyes looking up, but when she looked up into the dark roof all she could see was thick cobwebs. Suddenly a thick net dropped down from the roof over her, wrapping her up. Quickly she was pulled up into the air inside the net toward the roof, to come to face-to-face with its owner, a large spiderwoman!

Before she could scream the spiderwoman bit her in the neck and paralyzed her with her venom. The spiderwoman then quickly sprayed webbing over her mouth to gag her and then twirled her quickly covering her with thick pussy silk to wrap her in a cocoon.

Suddenly there was a noise as a hatch opened at the far end of the garage and Starfire flew in, responding to the signal. The spiderwoman moved back into the darkness and safety of her webs to hide, leaving Aquawoman and Black Canary visible in their cocoons – Aquawoman stuck to the roof and Black Canary on the ground.

Starfire stopped in the air above Black Canary and Aquawoman, wondering what had happened. The spiderwoman crept up above her on the roof very quietly. Using her 4 spider arms she drew a thick silk net across her body and held it stretched out tightly, as she quietly crept above Starfire.

Suddenly the spiderwoman pounced. She flung herself over Starfire, biting her on her shoulder and covering her with her silken net and wrapping her in a thick cocoon as the elasticized net constricted around Starfire. Dangling from her webline the spiderwoman reinforced the cocoon with streams of liquid silk from her spinnerets and pussy. Starfire tried to break free but gradually her struggling ceased as the venom in her body and the thick webbing took effect. Only her face & hair were visible.

The spiderwoman smiled, very pleased with her catch. Quickly she pulled a thick pad from her pussy and pushed it over Starfire’s mouth, then extruded thick webbing in a scarf and wrapped it over and over her mouth and around her head to gag her securely. Happy she was now secure; the spiderwoman picked her cocoon up and took her over beside Black Canary & Aquawoman.

As she crept along her web, the spider woman found Starfire’s hair very annoying and got in the way. Laying her down, the spiderwoman pulled Starfire’s hair together in one long rope and then rubbed her pussy lips so they opened up. Then she pushed the end of Starfire’s hair in – to Starfire’s horror her hair was sucked into the spiderwoman’s pussy up to the back of her head, which pulled back onto the spiderwoman’s clit.

As she struggled her head rubbed the spiderwoman’s clit until the spiderwoman came in a large scream with Starfire’s hair caught in a sticky gooey silk mass. The spiderwoman smiled again, quickly bagging Starfire’s hair in a silk cocoon and attaching it to her.

Pleased she had achieved her objectives; the spiderwoman signaled her mistress Arachne…

Running into the front of the Hall of Justice Hawkgirl, Jayna and Vixen immediately went to the control room. To their surprise Zatanna was sitting at the controls calmly. ”HI gals,” she said with a smile.

“What’s the emergency?” Jayna asked. Zatanna laughed, “Oh that! Sorry, I must have hit the button by accident…”

Vixen was furious. “What!!! You idiot!!!”

Zatanna’s eyes glowed red. “You need to learn some manners” she growled.

Vixen laughed, “I’m going”. Zatanna laughed chillingly, “No, you’re NOT.” As Vixen and the others turned around, they suddenly saw the real Zatanna bound and gagged in spider webbing high in the corner of the room.

Spinning around all 3 heroines realized the Zatanna in front of them was an imposter, but it was too late. Arachne revealed her true form, quickly spinning webbing at all 3 of them.

Hawkgirl’s wings got coated in thick silk and her hands were lashed together as she fell to the ground. Jayna was lassoed, pulled into Arachne and then hogtied her with webbing, helpless on the floor. Vixen was netted with a pussy expand-net which pulled her to the ground. Arachne quickly pounced on her, biting her in the neck and then spun thick webbing over her so she was encased in a thick cocoon.

Arachne got busy. She quickly bit Hawkgirl and Jayna, and pulled off Hawkgirl’s mask. Thick pads and gags were applied to all 3, with scarf silk ropes used to gag them in place. Finally she spun a thick arm glove over Jayna’s arms to ensure she could not change, then encased her in a hogtie cocoon.

Standing back, she liked her work. Smiling, Arachne waited for the last 3 to arrive….

Supergirl, Arisia the Green lantern and Lady Flash were together. Having just arrived back from an overseas assignment Supergirl carried Lady Flash while Green lantern flew using her ring. They landed in the Hall of Justice on the top deck and it was deadly quiet.

As Zatanna had not responded, they all decided to use the 3 separate roof entries in case the HOJ had been compromised.

Lady Flash dropped at the far end and used the main hall to gain speed as she approached the control room; reasoning that whoever had Zatanna would not be able to respond to her quickly enough to stop her.

Suddenly she hit an almost invisible sheet of something very sticky and soft, then she hit another and another. This continued until Lady Flash was covered in a thick mass of sticky sheet that she couldn’t get rid of and that progressively slowed her down until she fell on the ground exhausted. She tried to vibrate out of it but it was too sticky and tight, and it actually wrapped tighter the harder she struggled.

Looking up Lady Flash realized she was in front of the control room. Suddenly the door opened and Lady Flash was horrified to see a large spiderwoman emerge laughing.  “Ahh, welcome Lady Flash, I see you have arrived safely – I am Arachne, your new mistress. You are most welcome, let me make you more comfortable.”

With that Arachne bent down and bit Lady Flash on her neck, leaving her unable to move and totally paralyzed. Just to be sure she couldn’t escape, she spun super thick silk over her body to hold her in a cocoon and then pad gagged her as well. She took her inside the control room and smiled, “you won’t have to wait for long…” Lady Flash wondered what she meant, as Arachne stuck her on the wall next to her colleagues…

Meanwhile Arisia quietly entered through a duct going under the HOJ. Again it was very quiet as she approached the control room.  Having no problems she reached the trapdoor under the control room and quietly lifted it.  Hearing and seeing nothing unusual she flew up into the control room, where she found to her horror 5 heroines wrapped up in spider webbing on one of the walls.

“Nice aren’t they?” a voice laughed from behind her.  Before she could react, a lightning fast yellow silk web covered her ring hand in thick yellow webbing, while another silken yellow rope lashed around her neck and pulled her to ground with a sharp jolt.

Dazed Arisia felt sharp pain on her neck and looked up to see a spiderwoman above her laughing. The spiderwoman smiled. “Hard to concentrate, my dear? Good…yes my poison is weakening you… let me introduce myself… my name is Arachne” Arisia realized that the spiderwoman had bitten her and injected venom, and that her willpower was sapped.

Arachne licked her lips. Quickly she spun heavy thick liquid silk over Arisia and cocooned her arms and legs separately in seamless cocoons from yellow webbing.  Arisia knew that escape was unlikely, but focused what little willpower she had as she was being wrapped and tried to tear the cocoon from the inside out.

As the cocoon expanded a bit, Arachne was impressed. “Not bad, my new slave! That willpower of yours is stronger than I thought, no matter…” And with that she laughed, pulling a large wad of silk from her pussy and pushed it over Arisia’s mouth. It was soaked in chloroform and added to Arisia’s confusion. Arachne then quickly wrapped a large scarf over her mouth to gag her and then sprayed thick webbing all over her head an inch thick. Finally she pulled out a web hood and pulled it over Arisia’s head so only her nose was visible.

Arachne then ripped away Arisia’s costume from her pussy. To her delight Arisia was dripping.

“Very good indeed slave! This saves me much work” And with that Arachne starting rubbing her own clit, harder and harder, faster and faster till she came in a loud groan. A large silken sac had appeared in front of her pussy, dripping in her cum.

Smiling, Arachne picked it up. It was 5 times the size of Arisia’s pussy. “This will keep you on edge” Arachne laughed as she stuck the edge of the sac onto Arisia’s clit with silk. She heard Arisia groan underneath her gag. “Yes, very good… please look after this for me; it is one of my egg sacs!”

Arisia squirmed in horror, but there was nothing she could do. She was now an incubator!

Arachne pushed the egg sac into Arisia’s pussy slowly. Firstly it filled her pussy and then as more was pushed in, Arisia’s stomach expanded as it filled her uterus. At the same time it was pulling on Arisia’s clit harder and harder – getting Arisia more and more turned on, as she dripped.

Finally with the egg sac stuffed in, Arachne pulled a big spongy mass from her pussy – pushed it into the lips of Arisia’s pussy to soak her up and silk webbed her shut. Arisia now was stuck in permanent orgasm, unable to focus on anything.

Arachne stuck Arisia from the roof of the control room, hanging from a web, squirming in agony. Laughing she awaited her last and most important captive.

Supergirl entered the change rooms and found Power Girl. She was reading a book.

“What are you doing, you nit! The alarm’s gone, we are needed”. Power Girl said nothing, but smiled.

Supergirl was furious. “Why you stupid @#$^$! Get moving!” and with that she shoved Power Girl against the wall.

Power Girl got up slowly, still smiling. To Supergirl’s astonishment she still said nothing but pulled off her cape, gloves and boots and finally her leotard to reveal lead lined panties.

Supergirl was nervous. What the hell was going on?

Power Girl smiled as she slid off her lead-lined panties to reveal the strangest pussy Supergirl had ever seen. It was pulsing and live, about 5 times normal size and dripping silk. Power Girl rubbed her pussy, smiling as her large clit appeared with a small piece of kryptonite stuck to it with silk.

Supergirl collapsed in agony as the green glow hit her. Looking up she saw Power Girl laughing, with FANGS in her mouth. Too late she realized she had been tricked, and that Power Girl was really a spider woman.

Weakened by the kryptonite she was no match for the spiderwoman. The spiderwoman smiled as she quickly pulled Supergirl’s uniform off her and made her nude, then ruthlessly spun glowing green silk all over her wrapping her tightly in a 2 inch thick shroud.

Knowing that Supergirl had many vision and breath powers, the spiderwoman applied large sticky pads over Supergirl’s mouth and eyes – then drew a large sheet from her pussy. Positioning her pussy immediately above her captive, she pulled the sheet down over Supergirl’s head and stuck to Supergirl’s neck. Rubbing her clit hard the spiderwoman grunted as she slowly began pulling Supergirl’s head inside her silk sheet into her pussy.

Pulling harder and harder the sheet soon became a hood on Supergirl, who was helpless to do anything. As Supergirl’s head hit her vaginal lips, the Spiderwoman really groaned and she opened right up as she orgasmed pulling Supergirl’s head right in.

Unfortunately for Supergirl she didn’t stop there. Supergirl’s head stimulated her uterine webbing and soon Supergirl’s hood was coated in another 4 inch thick silk layer.

Full to the brim now the Power girl spiderwoman roared with ecstasy and pushed Supergirl’s head out.

Exhausted the spiderwoman lay down to recover and pulled the kryptonite back in her pussy, putting her lead lined panties back on but staying in her true form. She picked up Supergirl and joined her Mistress in the control room…

“Very good, ladies!” Arachne smiled as all of the heroines lay in the control room helpless.

Arachne turned on the transporter and beamed in 15 of her spiderwomen. 11 turned into a heroine with costumes and bowed to their Mistress, showing their fangs and pussies before leaving.

Arachne said to the group, “No one will ever know you have gone” and laughed hysterically.

With that all of the captives were picked up by the spiderwomen and transported back to Arachne’s lair. All of the heroines were surprised to see Wonder Woman and Power Girl, as well as the Huntress spread-eagled and pregnant.

Arachne beamed. “Welcome to our new home, slaves” she said.

Then she separated Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Supergirl, Arisia, Starfire, Lady Flash and Supergirl from the others. She laid them on one big web in the back room.

“You are my chosen”, she said. And with that Arachne’s egg laying tube shot out of her pussy and buried itself into each cocoon. She pumped an egg into each of the pussies and then pumped webbing in, so the heroine’s tummy was full of egg and goop and she sealed each one with a pad.

“You will incubate my new Spider warriors, for which I need powerful bodies!” Each heroine groaned, but there was no escape. Arachne smiled and left to see the others.

The others were taken to the front room.  A spiderwoman lay asleep on a web in the corner, with the largest pussy they had ever seen.  Arachne then emerged. “Ahh, Arachnea my daughter – some playthings for you!”

Arachnea awoke and licked her lips. All the heroines shuddered as she looked at them. What fate was in store for them?



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