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Living Halloween Bondage Mummy for Trick or Treaters

by Slopoke

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© Copyright 2018 - Slopoke - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; halloween; zentai; catsuit; sleepsack; bond; rope; wrap; bandage; susp; toys; porch; public; display; tease; denial; stuck; cons; X

From the 2018 Halloween Special

livinghalloweenmummy I had never been so filled with anticipation for Halloween night as this one. For tonight I would actually be part of my girlfriend's decoration for the trick-or-treaters, her hanging mummy playing out a fantasy being on display in skintight clothing and bondage. And how lucky I was to have a girlfriend who was so willing to help me experience this out at least this once. It would not be the first time she would put me in this form of constraint. We had played it out and experimented numerous times. But as she began decorating her porch for the night of trick-or-treaters with black light and glowing figures, I asked her what she thought of how the white bandages of a hanging mummy would glow and maybe even frighten a few of the older guests by unexpected movement. So with a little rigging of a hook to support my weight safely and the acquisition of plenty of white roller gauze for bandages added to the rest of our toys, we were ready.

"Are you sure you are ready to do this? You know you are going to have no choice for at least three hours!" Monica asked.

"Yeah, I can hardly wait. I have been all tingly inside all day thinking about you doing this to me."

"Well, it will be dark in about an hour, so we need to get you dressed and wrapped before the kids start showing up. I have a black curtain over the front gate while we get you in position." Monica's porch had a security gate which made for a nice secure viewing area for her mummy.

"Good thinking," I responded. 

Monica laid out my black zentai suit with penis sheath and mummy bag that would be the base of the mummy wrappings and would not show under the black light, not even the very revealing penis sheath stowed inside the mummy bag. Monica would know by my unconcealed excitement how much I was enjoying this adventure at her hands. I quickly slipped out of all of my street clothes, nude, folding them on the bed and slowly slipped into the zentai suit as I had done many times for her.

This time Monica sneaked up behind me and zipped me up into the suit in back, pulled the hood gently over my head, sealing me in, and closed the zippers together behind me. Unexpectedly I heard the 'click' of the lock she slipped on the two zippers, locking me in the suit. For some reason being locked in the suit always excited me and she knew it.

"Why the lock?" I asked. "You know I won't be able to get out of this after you get through".

"Just to let you know without a doubt that you are mine for the evening. Now let's get you in position. I have the mummy bag waiting for you once you are up on the step stool as we had practiced this. "

Still able to see through the hood, though with some difficulty, Monica carefully led me to the porch to put me in the Winter Fetish lycra mummy sleepsack with internal sleeves.  She held the sleepsack open for me on the stool as I stepped up and into the leg portion. Then she pulled it up, helped me get my arms into the sleeves and my head into the second hood, pulling the zippers closed to secure me inside the sleepsack.  Then she attached me to the rigging that would suspend me.

Fortunately, I was able to lean against the corner of the porch for stability. But it was not long before Monica began securing me to the board we had hung from the ceiling of the porch. It was a simple piece of 2x6 lumber painted black with pairs of hooks screwed into the back. Starting down at my feet, she began to lace me up with rope in a criss-cross fashion through the hooks and working her way up to the top across my chest. Using a strip of vet wrap wrapped across my forehead, she secured my head to the board with some a pad between me and the board for comfort.

Once secure, she swung me off the stool so she could remove it  and I settled into my bonds. The rope was black so as not to show up under the black light and there were sufficient wraps to cause no unbearable pressure, which was good because I was going to be there for a longer than usual period. As before when we did this, the lacing allowed me to settle into the ropes securing me with even pressure over all of me. Now dangling from the hook and swinging a little I was still cozy in my confinement.

"Comfy?", she asked.  "Uh huh".

"Oh, one more thing."  "Huh"

"Thought you would enjoy this. Just try to keep still.", she laughed as she worked the Hitachi vibrator through the lashes and into the sleepsack, opening it just enough to secure the business end  appropriately against my now very excited member. Using vet wrap around my now swollen member, she secured it firmly to the head of the vibrator. We had done this before playing, but I did not suspect she would do this while I was to be on display. The vibrator was connected to a remote switch in her pocket she could turn on an off at will to keep me excited.

Now came the time to begin wrapping me completely in gauze to produce the mummy hanging in the corner of her gated in porch. She had yet to test the vibrator attached to my sheathed penis, but as she wrapped it, just the anticipation had me very aroused. Then without warning, my whole body jolted in its confinement as she turned on the vibrator. Being attached firmly to my penis sheathed in my zentai,  quickly my whole body stiffened at the pleasure and then it stopped. Was this what it was going to be like all night?

"Just wondering how much you can stand before you completely lose control of yourself. You are going to be a hit as my 'mechanical mummy' to scare the kids, but you must try to stay and keep your wiggling to when I turn you on, which will be a lot all night. It will freak out the older kids to see my mummy come to life and groan, so life like," she giggled. "Just try to stay quiet, don’t talk, and don't cum while you are up there. Save that for after I take you down. I plan to keep you on edge all night. If you cum before the trick or treater are done, I'm not stopping and you can't even beg me to cause you have to stay in character in front of our guests.   Don't make me have to gag you, but I will. You understand?"  

"OK" I answered weakly as she completed my wrapping so my black zentai and its sheath and the vibrator were well concealed under the volumes of white gauze covering every inch of me and glowing under the black light.

Once complete it was time to pull the curtain back and present her special mummy hanging in the corner. I could see the glow of the white gauze under the black light through my black hood. But that pretty much insured I could see nothing of what was coming up to the porch. Once complete, Monica stepped back into the house to ease out of her clothes and slip into my black skeleton zentai suit from last year which also glowed under the black light next to her hanging mummy, me.

It seemed like no time at all before I could hear the sound of kids coming up the sidewalk and the doorbell ring. "Trick or Treat"  Then I could hear the ‘Wow’ at how real the mummy in the corner looked. All at the same time I hung there feeling concealed and exposed while Monica saw to it that I was kept hard by the Hitachi on me when just the situation wasn't enough.

Monica came out and handed out candy to each of them and complimented them on their costumes. When they least expected it before leaving, she surprised me with a jolting ‘whirr’ from the well-placed Hitachi wrapped to my erection. Just a click on the remote control in her hand and I excitedly 'sprang' to action. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but it did make me let out an involuntary groan and wiggle a little which made the mummy on the porch begin to swing a bit for them. A couple of screams and laughs at being scared and it was all fun as they left for the next bunch.

And that's how it went through the evening, keeping me on edge the whole night. Even when there was a lull in the action from Trick-or-Treaters, Monica would walk back inside leaving me alone dangling in my confinement on the porch, every so often giving me a stimulating surprise to keep me aroused and let her know she was thinking of me. Would I make it through the evening? Would she let me? Or would she just turn on the vibrator when the night was over and leave me writhing and climaxing until I was totally spent?

And then as it began to look like the evening was coming to an end, she whispered to me the last thing I expected to hear. Some of her girlfriends were coming over to party since they thought I was elsewhere. "So I guess you will have to wait a little longer, or let them help me take you down. And remember, you are still locked in your zentai suit. Your choice" as she hit the vibrator for a near climaxing whirr. "No, I guess it wont really be your choice" she giggled.  And then as I heard the voice of her friends walking to the door, she decided to give them a show........'Whirrrrrrrrrrrr'.


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