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Livin’ the Mummy Dream Extreme

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; vetwrap; board; nipple; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

She had met him through a fetish-bondage online social networking/meeting site. She had thought very long and hard about what she wanted to do with her life, leaving her old life far behind her, and the terms of a new relationship. She had to find the right man to make her most obsessive, consuming, passionate dreams come true. After a very thorough and careful culling process, here she was, happily in his wonderful loving, tight mummified embrace, her vagina and rectum stuffed with two large humming electric vibrators.

Sometimes she wondered how she had become like this, so extremely bondage and sexually obsessed. Looking back, which she seldom liked to do, her childhood had been full of stress and strife and drama, with her parents splitting when she was 5. Times were tough and money was tight. Soon a step-father came along, who she liked, and a new sibling. Things were more stable for awhile, but then they moved a few times and tensions and arguments increased, often fueled by increased booze consumption.

She became a rebellious “bad” girl, smoking cigarettes among other things, drinking and hanging out with other “bad”, confused teenagers. She supposed that, in retrospect, her childhood was not really that atypical from many others, though she thought it was at the time. Everyone had their shit, and their parents’ shit, to deal with, their crosses to bear, etc.! She had sought elusive comfort and solace in her head and in her bed. She’d imagine being wrapped up and cocooned, like being in the womb. She’d tightly wrap her head in Ace bandages, then wrap herself up in her sheet and blanket, rolling herself tightly in them, imagining being helplessly wrapped and stuck. The fantasy never went away, and sexual fantasies went along with it.

Now here she was, living her dream, her fantasy, to the hilt! She just loved it, that was all, and that was enough! She didn’t need to rationalize or justify it. This was her choice, it turned her on and she never got enough of it. Well, almost never. She was such a hard-core mummification-bondage extremist, sometimes the fantasy came up hard against the reality in long-term binds. Right now, she couldn’t really move a muscle, nor see or speak. Mark had been, as usual, very thorough! Her only sensory outlet was a low-pulse, large, nubby electric vibrator stuffing and tickling her wet vagina and a large buzzing butt-plug stuffed up her anus. The catheter gave her the feeling of continually having to pee.

This was a typical day for her. Being in strict bondage was her “job”, as she fortunately didn’t have to work. This was part of the demanding criteria she had set forth in her online search for the right mate. She was very particular about what she needed and expected of a love-bondage relationship! She had rejected a number of guys in her discriminating search. She had to be exacting to get precisely what she wanted and needed. She had made the right choice in Mark. He loved to do to her what she wanted done, and he was a wonderful, considerate man and lover. Good-looking and financially independent too!

She had worked at getting in great shape before making her bold move on the Internet. She was 5’ 7’’, buff and slim with a tight ass and medium-large firm breasts with pierced nipples. These piercing rings made breast-bondage play more interesting and exciting. She was 24 and sexy-gorgeous, with thick shoulder-length sandy-golden hair, beautiful greenish eyes and nice, full lips. They both thought they had met the dream partner. She envisioned him in her blind, immobilized state. Tall, dark, handsome, sexy, kinky, athletic, smart, wealthy—all the right criteria indeed!

The vibrators filling her orifices were set on low-vibe, stimulating enough to keep her aroused and boredom at bay, but not strong enough for her to get off. She liked to simmer in this state for hours, being deprived of an orgasm but feeling close. She strained to move against the super-tight wrappings, loving the feeling of the compressing, complete immobilization. She was a vision in solid blue. He had used blue vet-wrap this morning, stretchy, tight and self-adhering. The large vibrator and butt-plug were fully inserted, along with a catheter, under a tight panty-girdle with a little hole poked through for the catheter tube before she laid down on the special narrow cushioned board he had made for her. The vibrator cords snaked out from her panties. He had placed the small cushions between her ankles and knees and lifting her legs, wrapped them tightly together up to her crotch. He sheathed her latex-gloved hands and arms with stockings and tube-socks and proceeded to vet-wrap her solidly and securely to the mummy-board, from feet to head, even over her voluptuous breasts, crushing them down and making her breathe more shallowly and excitedly. The catheter tube was connected to a large urine collection bag.

Under her wrapped head was a medium cervical collar and a large ball-gag. She had worked herself up to larger ball-gags over the years, until only a large one would do. A cushioned blindfold had been put on before the final wrapping was carefully applied around her head and the cushioned board without too much pressure. Her ears were plugged. She was in mummy-nirvana. When they had first got together about 2 years ago, he was understandably very averse to leaving her alone like this, and watched her carefully. She had to prove to him, and also to herself, that she could safely endure hours mummified alone in this and other positions. He knew it wasn’t recommended, quite the contrary, but she had adamantly insisted on working up her bound limits, as he had agreed to upon the commencement of the relationship, going for longer and longer time periods. She got very well-hydrated in preparation and sometimes, as now, had a narrow, on-demand drinking tube connected through the gag. Sometimes she wore a diaper. She had become quite the determined and experienced mummy-wrapped endurance specialist, going many hours before long, getting into catheterization. Enemas were now regularly on her agenda also.

Now this was routine! He had given her a peck on her gagged mouth and left for the office this morning, thinking hardly anything of it! Just a normal day for them! The condo complex was safe and secure, even patrolled by security during the day. A security and fire alarm system was installed. They took precautions, but this was a crazy routine! It used to drive him nuts, but now, it was OK. She had proven she could remain stuck like this for incredibly long periods, up to 12 hours or more. “Oh, what you can get used to!” she thought. On some of these sessions he played with her pierced nipples and her clit and pussy, forcing bound, shuddering, screaming orgasms out of her. 

Often part of the game was to have no idea of the time, but today the chiming clock was on. It chimed twice. 2:00. He could be home within the hour, or in 4. His schedule varied according to business, or his whims. She had laid there mummified since 8:15. Ho-hum, going on 6 hours, she thought. The big vibrator and buzzing butt-plug keep her simmering nicely, keeping her moist.  She thought happy thoughts and relaxed. She carefully applied sucking pressure on the huge rubber ball sealing her mouth and lips to get some liquid nourishment through the attached tube, carefully swallowing it in small increments. Of necessity, she was very adept at this. Choking was to be avoided!

He had set up the telephone answering machine near her. It rang, startling her. “Hey, Hummy!”, his pet name for her, combining honey and mummy. “Having a good day? I’ll be coming home soon to play with your lovely titties! How’s your twat? I’ll be along in a few, but can’t stay for long! Bye!” She breathes excitedly, wondering what wonderful titty torment he’ll come up with today. She loves these afternoon visits of his, coming home briefly to stimulate or torment her. His office is only about 10 minutes away.

Soon he is there, unlocking the door and running upstairs. She ‘mmpphhs’ in excitement. “Hey, Dear! Enjoying yourself?” She ‘mmms’ yes. He gets the bandage-cutting shears and carefully cuts a small opening through the vet-wrap at both her nipples. He pulls on the ring piercings for fun as she moans. He gets 2 lengths of twine to pull through her nipple rings. He swings over the “nipple bar” above her nipples and pulling the lengths of twine up hard, ties each tightly around the bar as she moans. Her ringed nipples are now pulled semi-painfully and stimulatingly up, stretching them out nicely. With the layers of tight vet-wrap still smushing her boobies down, the nipple distension is very localized and intense. She moans and breathes hard.

“OK, Gina, how’s that?” She moans in high-pitch. He grabs the A.C. cord to the vibrator with the speed control switch on it and slowly turns it up as she mews and moans as her pussy tingles. He gets it up to full speed. He does the same with the butt-vibe control.  “How’s that, Love?”

“Mmm-HMMM!” she says. She tries to squirm, getting aroused quickly.

“That should do it for ya, dear!” He feels his hard cock. “I guess I have time to get off before getting back to the office!” He undoes his pants as she moans and squeals. He stands beside her, jerking his cock furiously with a washcloth in hand. She tries to move and is held rigidly tight, making sexy sounds that drive him nuts. As her first climax nears, he spurts out his semen into the cloth, moaning excitedly. She squeals and hollers, shaking and shuddering in a hot, immobilized, electrified climax. He watches as another orgasm rapidly builds in her. Her breathing and moaning rates increase as she squeals and screams through her nose and she comes again, the only noticeable movement being a slight shaking and rippling under the super-tight vet-wrap. He laughs and smiles, amazed at her.

 He cleans himself off and pulls his pants back up. He flicks at the taut strings to her nipple rings. She is breathing very hard and making wonderful sounds. “Well, Hummy, gotta go for at least a couple hours! Do you want the vibrators set back to your ‘maintenance’ setting?”

She hesitates. “Mm-mmm. Mm mmm hhmm-hmm!”

He’s getting pretty good at gag-talk. “OK, at about half-speed?”

“Mm-mmh! Mm mhh hmm!”

“Oh, a little higher?”

He sets the dials on about ¾ speed. “How’s that?”

“MMMmmm!” she purrs.

“OK, Lovey, you’ve got it! I hope you don’t regret it in a couple hours!”

She vocalizes as if to say, “Oh well!” She knows, though, he may well be right!

She simmers down a little bit. She has plenty of her electrolyte-energy drink left and the large urine collection bag is only about 1/3 full. “OK, Love,” he says as he lovingly surveys her bound form, “back to the office for awhile! Accounts to work on! Enjoy yourself, Dear! See you later!” He kisses her wrapped head and heads for the stairs. “Love you!”

She hollers back to him and he is gone. The tireless electric-powered units vibrate deeply throughout her crammed orifices, and her clit feels it too. The wide catheter tube even gives her stimulation. She is still a-tingle from the last orgasm and the current level setting is quite sufficient to get her off again. It slowly builds as she strains to move, breathing hard. Her masochistic bondage-lust libido is fired up, and she squeals loudly as the orgasm shakes her rigidly-bound form. She knows more will come, and there’s not a damn thing she can do about it! She loves the super-tight vet-wrap and the total immobility, unable to even move her wrapped, pointed toes. She loves her semi-painful strung-up, stretched-out nipples. She is in a super-excited state. Soon, another strong orgasmic spasm ripples through her mummified stiff blue form as she screams. It’s going to be a long, hot, draining afternoon!

The clock chimes 3, then 4, then 5… Her bell has been rung many times, the strong steady vibrations impossible to ignore, along with the pulling nipple pain. Now she dreads another orgasm coming on, yet also looks masochistically forward to it! Here we go again! she thinks. She strains to move again and hollers in frustration behind her ball-stretched lips as another orgasm approaches. She can’t will it away, as it wracks her rigidly wrapped body, causing barely noticeable convulsions and loud squealing and moaning. She wishes now that she had had him set the vibrators back down to the low “maintenance” levels for her. But she’s done this before. Her greedy, masochistic libido gets the best of her oftentimes! She is really wrung-out now, getting very anxious for his return. She’s been severely mummified for over 9 hours now, and orgasming at semi-regular intervals for nearly 3 hours! “Get your ass home now, Mark!” her mind screams.

The phone rings next to her, startling the piss out of her. “Hi, Hummy-Dear! How many orgasms have you had so far?” She screams out, as if he could hear her. “Let’s see, you’re over 9 hours now, a pretty typical day! I need to finish up on this account. Think about what you’d like to do tonight after I feed you dinner, Mummy Lady! I’ll get fried chicken and fixin’s on the way home, and feed you there as you are! I know you like that!” She hollers out in more frustration. “So, it’ll be a while, hon! I love you!”

She screams and goes into a helpless rage of frustration. She strains at her unyielding tight wrappings and feels hot. The relentless vibrations feel stronger now in her agitated state. In her state of total helplessness and over-stimulation, a wicked orgasm is coming on. Now orgasming has become a form of torture, and she can blame no-one but herself!  She screams as the climax tears through her, reverberating throughout her stiffly-contained form and sending her into bound orgasmic delirium! She hollers and cries out and breathes hard through her nose. She convulses helplessly, out of control, as another assaults her body, mind and senses. She feels she is losing her mind and grip on reality as the vibratory-fueled masochistic orgasmic chain reaction continues, sending her into that scary, yet ironically satisfying, insane territory of ultra-bondage orgasmic over-load. She strains beyond all reason to move her trapped, gloved, sheathed arms and hands under the layers of the tight, unyielding vet-wrap, sweating.

She is in heaven and hell simultaneously. She is in bondage-climax over-load and needs it to stop! She tries to calm down, but the wicked cycle continues, the vibrators, the bondage and her potent masochism feeding off of and fueling each other. Her painfully-stretched pierced nipples feel like they’re on fire, like her pussy and clit. The butt-plug vibrator is driving her crazy too! Even the large-gauge catheter anchored in her bladder too! All the feelings and sensations keep combining to force more orgasms out of her ex-hausted, trembling, beleaguered body. She is practically hyperventilating and feels like she could pass out. Her hard pulse pounds in her plugged ears. Her position remains completely unchanged.

Finally, the constant stimulations in her crotch reach a painful, numbing-enough point to ebb the orgasmic assault. She breathes raspily through her nose, relieved and exhausted. “Well, I’ve done it to myself again!” she thinks. “I guess I wanted and needed this, though! I’m fucking crazy! So be it! Take it to the limits, Gina!!” The clock chimes 6 times. “My god, it’s only 6?? How the hell long will it take for him to finish up on that account and go get dinner??” She greedily sucks on the huge ball stuffing her mouth and carefully swallows the liquid. Her tied-up, ringed nipples are really sore. Piss trickles through the catheter tube into the bag. The electric invaders buzz away, keeping her now in a steady aroused state, eventually inducing a small climax. She mews.

She gets more relaxed and in a stable state of mind and body. She goes to that sub-space corner of her mind that she frequently accesses in long, strict sessions. She has learned how strong and resilient the mind can be by subjecting herself to these types of long, severe sessions over the past two years. She has proven to him and herself how tough and determined she is and what an amazing mummification endurance specialist she is. It is a training she intends to continue for a lifetime!

She resigns herself to lie there in his super-tight, wrapped, motionless embrace, calmly and patiently until his arrival. No sense in getting all worked up again! she thinks. A few more lesser orgasms creep up on her. She is in control now and is back to thinking happy, positive thoughts. She thinks about him coming home and unwrapping her head and lovingly feeding her. She thinks about her eventual release and getting to move around for awhile before being wrapped up again for bed. She’ll have him wrap/restrain her arms, torso and head, wearing her tight leather thigh-high ballet boots. He can make love to her, put a padded diaper on her and she’ll sleep like that. As for tomorrow…            



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