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Livin’ the Mummy Dream 4: Sisters’ Delight

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; F/f; mum; wrap; bond; outdoors; latex; leather; toys; enema; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part 3 Part 4: Sisters’ Delight

After Mark finally cut the stiff, ball-gagged, sweaty, tired and sated sisters off of their mummy-boards nearly 5 hours later with their vibrators set on low, following another endurance contest, won by Gina, Sheila was exhausted after her long, eventful, exciting day, and was soon off to bed after a chat with her sister about tomorrow’s plans, gushing with happiness and appreciation. Mark and Gina got ready for bed.

“Well, Mark, that really got her visit off to an exciting start! Nice going!”

“Yeah, that was fun. Two great competitions! You two are amazingly stubborn and alike! Maybe it’s in the genetics, even though you’re half-sisters?”

“Ha! Well, she’s sure a real bondage freak, alright! It is remarkable. But no bondage tomorrow, except for our tight corsets, high-heeled boots and crotch arrangements! We’ll be off to Disneyland and other excursions, including some bondage shopping. Then Friday’s her birthday. I’ll go over some of the celebration plans with her, especially our special evening plans! You’ll be working half a day?”

“Yes, it’s all set. I’ve nailed down a huge national advertising account, so I’m giving myself a big bonus! So let her shop to her heart’s content for her bondage birthday gifts!”

“Great! Thanks! We’ll celebrate in style! It’ll be quite a day!”

“Indeed, it will! Had enough bondage for tonight, or should I get you bound up as usual in the vet-wrap for bed, and fuck your brains out?”

“Well, since you put it like that, big boy, get to wrappin’!”


The sisters set out the next morning on their stimulating excursion dressed in similar sexy fashion, tight-lacing each other into long black and red leather, steel-boned over-bust shoulder-strap corsets over long panty-girdles. They wore skinny stretch jeans and tight, sexy patent leather 6” stiletto-heeled, platform knee-high boots. Both were locked into tight rigid steel and rubber chastity belts with big lubricated, tapered dildos in the slots, stuffing their pussies and assholes. Gina had administered a big cleansing enema to her sister, a new, interesting experience for her. What a relief it had been to finally expel the large, uncomfortable quantity of the solution from her bowels through the valve out of the big rubber butt-plug! Then on with the rigid, tight steel chastity belt with the deep plugs, another wonderful, stimulating new experience for Sheila! She damn nearly came just walking out to the vehicle as the big dildos rubbed inside of her with each awkward, mincing high-heeled step.

Gina laughed at her. “Hey, Sheila, you don’t have to walk like you’ve got something stuck up your ass and pussy!”

“Oh, HA-HAH!” she replied sneeringly, giving her sister the finger with a thrusting motion, getting into the vehicle. They sat stiffly, erectly corseted in the S.U.V., each out of breath from the constricting corsets and from their crotch stimulations as Gina put it into gear.

“God, Gina, I don’t know about this! Being locked in this tight thing all day! I just almost creamed my panties! And that nob thingy is squishing my clit! And this corset is so damn tight!” she panted.

“Well, dear sister, we’re off! Of course we’re gonna cream our panties! That’s why we have the pads there! You want to get a taste of the kink lifestyle, so here we go! You need to experience and enjoy your early birthday gift! And you got my corset incredibly tight! We’re even, except I’m more used to it!”

“OK, sis, but I’m nervous about leaving the keys to the locks home! I could make a spectacle of myself when I cum!”

Gina smiled. “Well, try not to think about it too much, if possible! Take solace that we’ll both be cumming, dear sister! Who can take it the most ‘in stride’? Ha-ha! This’ll be a hell of a fun day, in many ways, you little freak!”

“Ha! You’re the real, veteran freak!” They laughed as they approached the freeway.

They arrived at Disneyland for a very stimulating, abbreviated visit. They both had strong, shuddering orgasms just walking in from the parking lot, laughing at each other. The walk to the Magic Castle was quite a harrowing ordeal as the big plugs moved within them and the pressing clit-nobs stimulated them relentlessly. Sheila dubbed it “the Orgasmic Castle”. They tried to ignore people’s curious stares, occasionally giggling. They had to change their wet crotch-pads. The walk back was slow and eventful.

“Gina, this is crazy, but it’s a blast!” Sheila panted, back at the car.

“Glad to see you’re enjoying yourself! And we’ve got a lot more walking ahead in Hollywood and Beverly Hills! Hee-hee!”

Each came numerous times walking around and had to stop periodically. They did their best to act cool and maintain a decent semblance of control, but their absorbent pads were soaked with pussy juices. The sexy golden and red-haired duo got looks from guys everywhere, along with some women, and had to rebuff a few advances. Sheila tried to focus on her super-tight corset that somewhat painfully but satisfyingly squeezed and constricted her and crushed her boobs, but inevitably the big rubbing dildos and clit-nob got her attention again and again and again. She stopped to smoke on the sidewalk a couple times, to Gina’s dismay. She had quit cigarettes over a year ago, but felt tempted to have one with her sister.

Pissing was a weird adventure for Sheila, through the tightly-clamped shield’s perforations. It felt so strange not to be able to directly wipe or touch herself, dabbing tissue at the impenetrable steel device. Shopping at the bondage-kink super-store was an incredible experience for her, wide-eyed at the vast assortment of bondage items and kinky paraphernalia. She orgasmed a couple times there. She spent a lot on her birthday presents as her sister kept assuring her it was OK. She picked a wonderful leather armbinder that she just had to try on, so Gina strapped and laced it onto her very tightly after assuring the clerk they were going to buy it, squeezing her arms and hands together behind her back. She swooned walking around in it, insisting on keeping it on, and soon came so hard she nearly went to the floor as Gina grabbed and steadied her.

They went to the cashier with the full cart, which included rolls of latex rubber wrapping, ball and other gags, a leather and a rubber hood, a body harness, straps and belts, a rubber straitjacket, ballet boots, vibrators and other stuff. The tally was quite large. Sheila gave Gina a nervous look. She re-assured her that Mark had given her virtually carte-blanche. “Happy birthday!”

“You guys are unbelievable! This is stuff I’ve dreamed of having! Thank-you!! I’ll give you a hug later, but I’m keeping this armbinder on!” The clerk smiled understandingly.

“You’re welcome! OK, let’s get home!” She had found a parking spot just down the block and the clerk helped put the merchandise in the vehicle. Sheila was dizzy and near-orgasmic at being out in public in bondage and Gina helped steady her. She helped her into the big S.U.V. and snugly seat-belted her in. She got in and started the car.

“Gina, I want you to gag and blindfold me for the ride home! This is a kinky town, and I don’t care what anyone thinks!”

Gina sighed. “I don’t know, Sheila…”

“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun! My thrill-ride of the day, since we didn’t go on one at Disneyland!”

“OK, what the hell!” she sighed. “Which gag do you want, you little freak?”

“The big red one, to match my hair and corset! It’s in the same bag with the blindfold! Oh, this will be great!!”

Gina reached back to grab the bag. As she slowly worked the huge rubber ball into her sister’s mouth, she said “I don’t believe we’re doing this!” She got it fully wedged-in and tightly buckled the wide leather strap behind her head as Sheila moaned blissfully, her jaw fully jacked open. A couple intrigued passers-by on the sidewalk noticed as she tried to ignore them and Sheila gave them a wink. She buckled on the large padded leather blindfold tightly as Sheila began thrusting her hips. Gina smiled at the interested pedestrians and quickly took off. Sheila made a screeching, giggling sound as they went down the street, grinding her hips, nearing a climax, in absolute bondage heaven. She strained to move her trapped, crushed arms and moaned excitedly. As Gina accelerated to make it through a yellow light, Sheila screamed and had a big shuddering orgasm!

Gina smiled and slowed down, afraid of attracting a cop’s attention. A red light loomed ahead and she came to a stop as Sheila sighed and panted. A few people on the sidewalk and crossing the street gawked and pointed at the bound and gagged passenger, but Sheila was right, this was a kinky town and people were more bemused and fascinated than anything. Finally the light was green and she headed for the freeway. A fun experience it was for them both as people gawked and Sheila went orgasmic again. This was the thrill-ride of her life! She headed for the suburbs and called Mark on the cell-phone.

“Hi Mark! Are you home? Parked in the garage? OK, move your vehicle and have the garage ready for me to drive into, because I don’t want the neighbors noticing my crazy bound and gagged sister sitting in front with me!...Yeah, I’m crazy too….We had a great day, and she wanted a bondage thrill-ride home after her bondage shopping!...Yeah, I told her to shop to her heart’s content, and she’s absolutely ecstatic!...OK, we’ll be there in about 10 minutes! Thanks! ‘Bye!”

The trip took about 45 minutes, by which time Sheila’s hands were numb, but she didn’t care. She was loving it and getting off again! Gina went through the security gate, giving a quick little embarrassed wave to the wide-eyed guard. She flew into the driveway and into the garage, activating the remote door closer as Sheila vocalized in delight.

“OK, you nut, off with that blindfold and gag and into the house!” She unbuckled the seatbelt and tight blindfold but then Sheila shook her head and vocalized against the removal of the big ball-gag. “OK, suit yourself, you bondage freak! What about the armbinder?”

“Mm-MMM!” was the response. Gina sighed and went around to help her sister out and into the house. She helped her up the steps, holding her by her elbows-together, leather-sheathed arms. As they got to the top landing, Sheila squealed and shuddered, having an orgasm, as Mark watched in amusement. Gina smiled and shook her head, propelling her weak-kneed sister toward her room while Mark went down to the S.U.V. She helped her plop down onto the bed and onto her side, and went to help Mark bring up the bondage birthday booty. The stairs got to her also as she came noisily and Mark laughed.

“Well, Mark, we spent a good amount, but we’ll be sharing these things a lot too, like these nice ballet boots! We wear the same size! Thanks so much for letting her get all this! She’s totally ecstatic!”

“Glad to make her happy! I see she’s pretty darn happy right now!”

They chuckled. Gina went into her room. “How you doin’? Your arms OK?” A murmur signifying OK. “Alright, maybe you can take a little bondage-nap while I warm-up a casserole for dinner.” A happy sound of consent came as she wiggled on the bed, trying to convey something urgently. “I’ll have to take that gag out to understand you!” She unstrapped the tight gag and worked the large red ball out of her drooling mouth.

“That ride was incredible!” she said as she got her mouth working. “Thank-you! I’d like a real bondage ‘nap’! Can you please get the new muzzle-ball-gag and strap it on me over the blindfold, and bring in those straps? Please??”

Gina sighed. “I guess so. I see you can’t wait to use your new equipment!” Sheila grinned radiantly. She went to get the items, explaining to Mark how she couldn’t wait to put them to use.

Sheila hollered out “Thank-you so much, Mark!!”

“You’re very welcome, Sheila!”

Gina grabbed the items and went back into the room. “OK, what is your wish, Bondage Princess?”

“Put the blindfold on me, then strap that muzzle-gag over it nice and tight! Then hog-tie me with a strap through the armbinder ring real tight to my ankles! Strap my legs together all the way up! Then get a long strap and put it through the ring on top of my gag so you can pull my head back to fasten it to my ankles! Pull a strap through my heels to pull them down real tight so I can’t move my feet! Strap my feet together! Put a strap through my crotch! I saw a girl hog-tied like that on the Internet and it made me so hot! I printed the picture. Now I can be the girl in the picture! Take some pictures of me!” she panted excitedly.

“OK, girl, as you wish! This’ll be pretty tight and tough! Hum a little tune when you’ve had enough!”

“This’ll be great! Thank-you! Oh, and tighten a couple straps around my arms and corset, too! Make everything real tight! Make it ultimate!”

“Yes, dear sister, it’ll be tight alright! I’ll get good pictures! Open wide!” She popped the large ball-gag attached to the leather mouth-panel muzzle into her mouth and began tightly fastening the harness straps all around her head as Sheila moaned happily.

Gina enjoyed putting her sister into tight, super-stringent bondage. She tightened the last strap and admired her work. Sheila was a hog-tied masterpiece, alright! Her head was pulled back at a strenuous almost 90-degree angle, fastened to her strapped-down ankles. Six leather straps squeezed her legs together and three more pinioned her sheathed arms tightly against her corseted body. Her booted feet were strapped together and her long heels were pulled down harshly to the tight, short hogtie strap. She had put another strap around her tightly-bent legs at her thighs and lower shins. Another went very snugly from her waist-strap through her crotch to the steel ring at the end of the armbinder. Every strap was notched to maximum tightness. Sheila could not even move or roll onto her side!

She lay there moaning, grunting and straining against the awesome bondage, unable to accomplish more than tiny wiggles. She urgently ground her pelvis in tiny little restricted, rhythmic movements, managing just enough stimulation that would eventually enable her to get off. The large dildos stuffing her pussy and anus, along with the hard rubber clit-nob pressing tightly against her sensitive bud, worked together to get her juices flowing. In her hyper-sex-cited, super-bound state, an incredible climax neared.

“Wow, Gina, that’s a fantastic hogtie you’ve got her in!” said Mark, watching as she snapped pictures.

“Thanks! She wanted an ultimate hogtie! Maybe she can still manage to have an orgasm! Whadaya think, Sheila?”

“Mmpphh!! Hmmm!! Unghh!!” she screamed.

“I’ll take that as a yes!”

They watched her fascinatedly as she got louder and more worked up by the minute. The stiff, constricting corset, combined with the crushing armbinder, the tight panel ball-gag, the strap pulling her blind head painfully back and all the other tight straps, along with, of course, the stimulating rigid chastity belt clamping and filling her crotch, sent her over the edge as an incredible screaming, squealing, quaking, shaking, shuddering orgasm ripped through her! It went on and on, as a cataclysmic, rippling orgasmic chain-reaction ensued. Gina and Mark stared in awe and concern as she shook and hollered and came multiple times, breathing hard, fast, shallow breaths.

“Sheila, are you OK?!” shouted Gina. Sheila managed a weak, muffled ‘uh-huh’ between hollers and spasms. She was in absolute ultra-bondage orgasmic nirvana! “Should I loosen your head-strap??” A resounding ‘no!’ was issued. They watched as her ultra-bound super-orgasmic episode slowly abated. She was moaning continuously and panting and drooling. Gina realized how turned-on she was as her sex juices were saturating her crotch-pad.

“You OK?” she asked.


“You’re a toughie! But you’re in a wicked bind! Don’t try to go too long like that! Hum that tune when it’s time!” She grunted in agreement. “I’m going to get a glass of wine. Be right back!” They went to the kitchen to pour their wine. “Mark, can you warm up that casserole while I keep an eye on her?”

“Sure. I see that turned you on too! And you said there’d be no bondage today! Ha!”

“Well, she’s hard to resist, being so new to it and so damn enthusiastic!”

“Yeah, she’s a real trip! OK, go keep an eye on her.” They kissed and she went back to the room, shutting the door.

She patted her sister on her pulled-back, tightly-strapped head, admiring her handiwork. She whispered into her ear. “Guess what, sister? I’m gonna have you return the favor and do me up exactly like this later! Sister’s play-time! How do you like that?” Enthusiastic affirmative answer. “Alright! Now I’m gonna get me off lookin’ at you!” She pressed against her tight chastity belt and ground her hips back-and-forth as she sipped on her wine. The big plugs moved deliciously inside of her and the clit stimulator rubbed her the right way. Soon she came in a wonderful orgasm, sighing and moaning in ecstasy, imagining being bound in the exact same fashion later. Her harshly-bound sister heard her and began moving her pelvis again with her tiny little motions. She began moaning and Gina kept her stimulations up, watching her.

“Yeah, sis, grind it!” she said, moving closer to her. “Let’s get off again! Imagine tomorrow, when we’ll be bound up together for your birthday, barely able to move, sharing the same huge ball-gag, our arms bound together behind our backs, rubbing our naked boobs together, all sweaty, with that big, huge double-vibrator cramming our pussies, set on high, with tight clit-vibrators strapped-on, and vibrating anal beads up our asses!”

Sheila moaned lustfully, increasing her efforts as her clit and pussy heated up again. Gina got closer to her ear, whispering loudly. “Yes, my freaky little sis, we’ll be stuck and wrapped together until we can’t cum anymore, until we’re drained, until one of us hums a little tune!” They both moaned sexily and neared climax. “The winner gets something REAL special. I’m not gonna tell you though!” As Gina stroked her long, thick hair, Sheila moaned and squealed, getting closer…

Mark listened outside the door, getting excited also, looking forward to tomorrow, as he heard them cum in a noisy, sexy crescendo. “I don’t think this will be a short visit!” he thought.


The next day Mark came home at noon to take them to their favorite restaurant for a wonderful 18th birthday dinner. The waiter and waitresses serenaded Sheila and she loved it. They had pieces of cake with candles. Sheila made a wish and blew them out. “My wish has already come true, thanks to you guys!” she told them. “And later will be just incredible!” They had a Champagne toast.

They got back to the big condo and relaxed for awhile, all anxiously looking forward to the afternoon and evening’s very special kinky, sexy celebration activities. Sheila talked to her father, along with Gina. He was very happy to hear she was having a great time there and thanked Gina and Mark profusely for having her for awhile. Nobody mentioned how long it might be. An air of anxious expectation hung in the living room when Gina announced it was enema time for her and her sister. “Here we go!” thought Sheila. In with the big plugs and warm cleansing solution, out with the messy stuff. All clear for the vibrating anal beads. First, they strapped on “butterfly” clit-bullet vibrators, tightly hugging their c-spots. They would be activated soon.

The ball-gag was a thing of beauty, with wide leather straps bisecting the 2 ½” red rubber ball at 30-degree angles off center diameter, so that when they each strapped it on tightly, their heads were angled off vertical 30 degrees, each having the ball jammed into her mouth as far as possible with the corners of their mouths pulled back by the straps and stretched lips just barely, tantalizingly touching each other’s, nose-tips touching each other’s cheeks, spewing hot breath, their pretty greenish and blue eyes angled off from each other, a mere inch or so apart as they knelt together on their memory-foam cushions, their crossed ankles vet-wrapped together. Gina gave her sister a wink.

They moaned in arousal already, as they inserted the big, fat double-headed flexible battery-powered dildo up into their pussies to the hilt, breathing hard now. They held it in place for now, their vaginas fully-crammed. It would be turned on later. Mark lubed the activated vibrating anal beads and slowly inserted the 5 flexible, connected 1 ½” diameter spheres into their assholes, deriving great pleasure out of it. Sheila gasped at each vibrating insertion, getting increasingly aroused as she breathed hard on her sister’s cheek.

Now it was time to hold it all in place as he wrapped a long latex rubber strip tightly around their waists, drawing their bodies firmly together. At Gina’s back he tied a long rubber strip around the waist-band and brought it through their crotches, pulling it tightly through to Sheila’s band, under and over it, back through their moistening crotches, through Gina’s waist band and back under, tying it off at Sheila’s back, the wires and vibrator speed controls hanging out. The big dong was now stuffed firmly, fully into their pussies, stretching them out. Each felt it was touching their cervixes. When Mark turned this monster on full-power, their epicenters would be rocked!

“Now the vet-wrap for your arms!” He wrapped Gina’s wrists together tightly, progressing solidly up her arms as he had done so many times before at bed-time, nearly pulling her elbows together, going about 2/3 up her biceps, and over-wrapping back down, wrapping her hands tightly together also. He did the same for Sheila as the moaning and excitement increased, their hot breath on each other’s cheek. With their arms bound tightly together, their breasts and pierced nipples were thrust out in hard contact against each other. They rubbed against each other excitedly, clicking their ringed nipples together. The big shared ball-gag held their jaws wide open and locked their heads together stiffly. If one moved her head, the other had to follow.

Next he wrapped their touching thighs tightly together with the vet-wrap. Then he got the roll of strong clear packaging wrap and wound it around them from their lower-thighs to their shoulders, compressing the steamy sisters into a tight bondage embrace, crushing their arms against their backs. To finish off, he wound it around their heads, leaving air circulation at the top and bottom of their heads. Now they were in full intimate, hot, sweaty contact, per Gina’s specifications, breathing hard on each other and fogging the wrap around their heads. Their sweaty, squashed breasts heaved against each other, as they managed to rub their hard nipples together stimulatingly. They eagerly anticipated the huge, powerful double-dildo coming to life in their wet pussies along with their tight clit-vibrators, as they ground their hot, furry mons together and felt the anal beads rev up to full-power.

They moaned and blinked at each other as sweat ran down their foreheads. Suddenly, their vaginas were filled from top-to-bottom with vibrations of increasing intensity as he slowly turned the controls all the way up. Then the clit-bullets! They gasped, squealed and moaned sensually as the sensations intensified through their stuffed twats, reverberating through their sensitized, hot bodies. They noisily, lustfully gyrated and rubbed urgently together as Mark watched intently, stroking his hard cock. They strained against their strict bondage and each other, fueling each’s desires. Here was Gina’s fantasy she had dreamed of, which was now her sister’s also!

Gina screamed and exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm, convulsing and feeling the ripple-effects tearing through her electrified bound body. She spasmed as her pulsing pussy contracted on the huge vibrator, juices spewing out, her vibrating clit going into over-drive as the continuing orgasm shook her to the core! She kept screaming into the big ball-gag, her hot breaths searing her sister’s cheek, her stretched lips moving against hers. She jerked her head, forcing Sheila’s to jerk. Sheila was amazed at the overwhelming intensity and duration of Gina’s orgasms, feeling her own inevitable detonation fast-approaching. She felt her sister’s contagious shuddering climaxes reverberate and transmit into her.

The climax that had been building unleashed itself upon her with amazing force and fury! Now they were both screaming and cumming and going ballistic! Mark was about ready to explode too! The sensations kept overwhelming them, as they fueled each other, their pussies, clits and asses feeling electrified! Bound thusly as they were, no matter how they shook and strained, they could not topple over. Multiple orgasms shook them both as they wondered how long it could go on, hollering, moaning and squealing behind their shared gag, sweating profusely, the stretched plastic wrapping their heads and bodies fogging and condensating. They tried to move their trapped, crushed arms and gyrate against each other, locked in their tight orgasmic bound embrace.

The pulsating seismic shock waves rippled through them from their quaking epicenters, transmitting back and forth into each other, prolonging the super-orgasmic event. Their hot, heavy breaths excited each other and they thrust their crotches rapidly, urgently and rhythmically together in fast, tiny motions, essentially screwing each other with the huge connecting dong in their tightly-wrapped sensual, sexual embrace. They sweated and came profusely. It went on and on, the strong vibrations relentlessly wracking their stuffed, super-sensitized orifices and clits, their lustful desires feeding off of each other, their steamy body heat radiating through their sweaty, tightly compressed bodies.

Mark had got off and wondered if one of them would soon give up and hum a release tune. No, they were enjoying and savoring this too much! They kept moaning and grinding and squealing and cumming and spasming, nearly hyperventilating in the plastic head-wrap that impeded their breathing. Finally the intensity and duration slowed and they breathed a bit easier, blinking their stinging, sweat-dripping eyes at each other. They eased their rubbing and thrusting out of sheer exhaustion and orgasmic overload, yet the strong vibrations deep into their vaginas and asses and against their clits continued to orgasmically assault them. Mark was under strict orders from his lady to leave the power settings all the way up. Their heaving hot bound, sweaty bodies and hot breath on each other’s faces, along with their sexy, lustful moaning kept them in continuous arousal. Their sweaty perfume scents intoxicated each other. This was an ultimate fantasy for them and they were in this stringent, stimulating bind for the long haul!

Mark poured more wine and drank, thoroughly enjoying the continuing orgasmic show. He watched and admired them in silence as they periodically came and convulsed and made wonderful sexy noises. He looked at the clock. An hour had passed now. “Hey, ladies, it’s been great! I’m going to turn the sound monitor on now and go downstairs! I’ll come up if I hear someone humming a song, but until then, enjoy yourselves!” They mmphed back to him as he went below to use the laptop and turn on their monitor. Sheila started giggling and thrusting her pelvis against her sister rapidly as Gina began to crack up. They were high on the intimate tight bondage and multiple orgasms. Sheila tried to ask her what the winner gets, but it was all incoherent gagged gibberish. They drooled more on each other. They chuckled and slowly rubbed their hot, sweaty, smushed bodies against each other, cumming again, shuddering and moaning. The strong stimulating vibrations continued to relentlessly ravage them. They both imagined their pussies had never been so fully stuffed and stimulated. They came again and again as another hour passed. Mark was enjoying listening in immensely.

Now they were quite exhausted and wrung-out and let the wrappings hold them up, relaxing their muscles as much as possible. The batteries were getting drained and the vibrations slowly began to diminish, but they still trembled and orgasmed at pretty regular intervals. Now this was real sisterly love and togetherness! They stubbornly, happily endured their wonderful bondage embrace for another hour. Mark came up to watch them again. “Three hours now, ladies! Anyone ready to hum a tune??”

Together they mmphed a big ‘No!’ and made little rubbing, gyrating motions, getting each other off again. The batteries were nearly dead, but the huge shared, nubby dildo was stimulation enough for them. They moaned and panted as Mark shook his head and got aroused again. “Suit yourselves!” He went below for a snack. The tired, sweaty pair looked at each other in super-close blurry proximity, wondering how much longer they could remain bound thusly. They sighed and made tiny movements. Who would break? They were both stubbornly determined to outlast the other, discomforts, sweat and numbed hands be damned! Time slowly passed as they moaned and came a few more times. This was like a dream to them that they did not want to wake up from as they cherished this sexy bondage intimacy. A new phase had begun in their relationship.

They endured together for yet another exhausting, stimulating hour. Gina finally decided to give in, but not before she began her humping motions one more time, screwing her willing sister and herself into one more orgasm. She giggled in bound, satisfied, exhausted orgasmic delirium as they breathed hot on each other’s cheeks, blinking at each other. Sheila giggled and moaned and sighed. Gina hummed “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and her sister chuckled in relief and triumph at the other end of the big shared gag. Their jaws and necks were sore, among other things. Their pussies felt raw.

Mark heard her on the monitor downstairs and came up. “Finally! Let’s get you two stubborn bondage freaks cut out! Sheila wins this time! A special treat awaits you!” He cut the sweaty plastic wrap from around their heads and unstrapped them from the ball-gag. They wiggled their heads, pulling them apart as Mark held the straps out to the sides of their heads, pulling on them for tension. The large rubber ball popped out of Gina’s mouth first, then Sheila’s, as they drooled on each other’s sweaty cleavage. They smiled and moved their sore jaws and necks around as Mark began cutting the rest of them free.

What a relief it was for their sore shoulders and semi-numbed arms! Lastly, he removed the tight latex rubber strips from between their crotches and they slowly, sensually slid their wonderful, big shared implement of sexual ecstasy out of their sore pussies with tingling hands, dripping juices, sighing and moaning. They fell over on the cushions and rug in exhausted relief, giggling and looking lovingly at each other. It was good to be finally free and to relax and see clearly again. All they had seen for over 4 hours was their blurry eyes and cheeks. “I’ll leave you two bondage love-birds to clean up and get those beads out of your asses!” he said. They lay there for a long time relaxing and smiling at each other.

“So, dear sister,” said Sheila, “that was really incredible!”

“Yes, it was! Everything I’d hoped it would be!”

“Yeah! Now tell me what my reward will be!”

“A full day of bondage and mummification! Anything you want, as much as you can take!”

“Oh, boy” Sheila said as it sunk in and her imagination began to run amok. “Anything?? For a whole day?? 24 hours??”

“Sure! Anything within reason, that’s safe and sane enough!”

Sheila’s mind swirled. “Can I include you in on some of it?”

“I was hoping you would, dear sister!”

They laughed and smiled at each other. “Well, that can start tomorrow! I still have a bondage birthday wish to use up today! Tonight, after dinner!”


That night Gina slept in rare unencumbered, unbound fashion in Mark’s arms while across the master suite a blissful mummy lay, completely wrapped and immobilized on the comfortable mummy-board, gag-pad filling her clamped mouth, catheter tube snaking out from her crotch, piss dripping into the bag. She sighed happily, straining against the super-tight layers of vet-wrap, unable to move at all. She wake-dreamed of the awesome, sexciting, super-strict bondage she would be put into tomorrow, especially the wonderful scenario involving her sexy sister. She hummed “Happy Birthday to me!” to herself and eventually drifted off to a light, exhausted mummy-sleep, her head filled with happy bondage dreams.

Mumman/ To be continued


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