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London Bound Mummification

by Tom

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© Copyright 2002 - Tom - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; drug; kidnap; captive; bond; rope; gag; wrap; cocoon; tape; toys; insert; climax; reluct/cons; X

This is my first story I have written so any comments can be sent to my email address. Being only 19 at the moment any criticism good or bad will be good.

The footsteps echoed in the small confines of the sparingly lit alleyway that ran as a shortcut between two main streets of London. A hoarse laugh echoed from wall to wall and Katie hurried along almost at a run. Why had she taken this path and why at this ungodly time at night. The footsteps were nearer and Katie started to run. She wore only a tight shiny halter neck top; short skirt with knee length black boots and the brisk autumn airs made her round nipples pert and stand out in the dark. 

"Oh god no how could I have gotten in to this situation?" she thought as she came to a short corner in the alleyway where the building structures were opposing. As she turned the corner a leather gloved hand grabbed her from a dark recess in the wall.

"Two of them, I should have known" thought Katie as she desperately struggled to and fro. It was no use. The man was huge with bulging arm muscles and his grip tightened on her body until she could barely move let alone escape. The man that was following her came running up and quickly covered her nose and mouth with a cloth soaked in a liquid. Katie's eyes looked out desperately from over the cloth into the eyes of her assailants. Slowly her vision blurred and finally greyness enveloped her into a void of nothingness. 

Light filtered through a slit in the blinds of a window dimly lighting an empty apartment room. The only things in the room were a huge plastic sheet laid from corner to corner and secured with Gaffer tape along the edges and in the middle of the sheet lay the form of a naked woman. Katie's eyes slowly focused as she came too from the effects of the chloroform into a world of silence.

On one wall of the apartment was a large mirror that showed her reflection as she lay on the plastic. She tried to push herself up but found that her wrists were bound together with white rope behind her back with a rope encircling her waist and another running tightly between her legs right between her pussy lips. Testing her legs she found she was tightly bound about the ankle and knees with the same kind of white rope. Katie screamed, loud. Suddenly a spotlight flashed on and blinded Katie's eyes, when they grew accustomed to the light she realised a voice was talking to her. 

"Please don't scream," the deep voice said smoothly, "these walls have been specially soundproofed so screaming will not avail you".

"What am I doing here and what are you going to do with me?" Katie whimpered subdued.

"Don't worry, you will not be hurt I promise," explained the voice soothingly and Katie relaxed slightly. "I am from a secret organisation conducting research on mummification and the effects on willing and unwilling participants, I'm sorry it had to be this way but our research requires it".

Katie looked at the mirror. "They must be watching me from behind the mirror" she thought and she realised that moistness was growing between her thighs and the crotch rope was rubbing slightly creating friction making her so horny. 

"Which am I then?" Asked Katie with a strange tone of willingness in her voice, "Willing or unwilling?"

"It's completely up to you," said the voice with a slight chuckle, "it will probably be easier for us if you just relax and let it happen rather than struggling."

"Willing it is then," gasped Katie as the crotch rope rubbed harder.

Suddenly a door opened behind her and she felt a presence behind her, a hand appeared in her peripheral vision and a ball gag was firmly positioned in her mouth. "God" she thought, "I can barely get my mouth wide enough". The gag was then secured behind her head and the presence left her. Now unable to speak with just an MMpphh now and again Katie was completely helpless. 

Minutes rolled by with no sign of anything else happening but Katie was quite happy squirming on the plastic covering the floor that was becoming slippery with her own juices as the crotch rope worked Katie into a frenzy. Eventually after a minute or two of struggling Katie let out an almighty MMMPPHHHHHHHHHH as an orgasm shook her body from her toes to her head. Panting behind the gag she relaxed back onto the plastic, which stuck to her body due to the sweat created by her orgasmic efforts.

"Did you enjoy that?" The voice asked.

Katie nodded her head.

"Then I'm sure you're going to love this!" chuckled another voice. This time it was a woman's. 

From the door behind Katie came a man and a woman. The man was dressed in a business suit but the woman wore a black and purple rubber corset with rubber stockings and opera gloves. Her shoes had the biggest heels Katie had ever seen and she groaned at what the two of them carried. Rolls of pallet wrap, a huge plastic bag that when unfolded nearly spread out across the entire floor of the apartment, rolls of duct tape and a cardboard box. Now Katie realised what she was in for and sighed.

The Man untied Katie's wrists and legs but didn't remove the gag. He then ordered her to stand up with her legs spread wide. The woman began to wrap Katie's legs separately with the pallet wrap. Katie had never seen the wrap before but it was strong sticky and very shiny. The woman wrapped both of her legs from her toes up her thighs and then over her stomach. Katie's heart was hammering inside her chest as she realised what she had consented too. Suddenly she felt her gag being released, but before she could say a word another was shoved in her mouth. This gag had a head harness and was more secure than the first. 

The woman had continued wrapping the wrap all the way up over her voluptuous body but stopped beneath her large breasts. From the mysterious cardboard box some nipple clamps were produced and fastened onto Katie's erect nipples. She gave a small yelp behind the harness ball gag as they were clipped in place. The woman continued to wrap over her breasts and then wrapped her arms separately. Katie could see all that was going on in the mirror on the wall and was getting wetter by the minute. From the cardboard box a posture collar was produced and fastened around her neck preventing any movement of the head. 

"Bend over." instructed the woman, and Katie did as she was told even though the wrap was so tight it was almost impossible. Behind Katie the man and the woman produced a large vibrator and a vibrating anal plug both with external leads for power and control. Well Lubed up they were thrust into Katie's ass and pussy at the same time making her squeal from behind her gag. When both were securely in place wrap was applied from her shoulders, between her legs to effectively holding them in place. Now Katie was completely covered in shiny stick pallet wrap apart from her head.

"Put your feet together NOW!" ordered the woman who was clearly the dominant of the two.

Katie did as she was told and the woman completely wrapped her legs together with more wrap. Now she was told to put her hands behind her back and touch palms. The man took a roll of heavy-duty duct tape and began to apply streams of the tape to both of her arms and made her elbows meet behind her. When the man had finished she had a sleeve of tape pinning both arms behind her. They then finished wrapping her torso together passing the wrap around her so tight it constricted her breathing. When they had finished they lay Katie on her front on the floor. With a smaller but equally as strong pallet wrap they completely wrapped her head and placed earplugs in her ears completely blocking her sense of hearing.

After a couple of minutes Katie stopped squirming as she had absolutely no chance of escaping and she once again felt hands on her. The vibrators were still turned off but having them sit there and not do anything was driving her mad. The man and woman picked Katie's mummified body up and placed it at one end of the plastic sheet. The two then proceeded to roll Katie up in the sheet keeping it incredibly tight and due to the type of plastic it conformed perfectly to the form of the wrapped up woman.

After securing the plastic and cutting a breathing hole she was wrapped from head to foot in duct tape becoming a living silver mummy. Katie could not believe how tight her cocoon was. It constricted her breathing but only so her head felt light and she was so turned on she couldn't believe it. All of a sudden the vibrators were turned on and Katie bucked and writhed as much as her imprisonment allowed. The feeling was immeasurable and wave after wave of mind splitting orgasms wracked her body. She had never felt this good.

Back behind the mirror the man and woman were watching the scene with a number of psychology students from the local university. Most of them were looking on in horror at what was being done. 

"Remember people that the woman was a willing participant in our experiment," The woman said with a strange smile.

"What about the unwilling participants, where are we going to get those from?" Enquired one girl from the three students.

The lock of the door clicked and the man stood there with an even bigger grin on his face.

"You are the unwilling victims!" laughed the man as he saw the realisation hit each of them in turn. "And don't worry you will all get exactly the same treatment". 



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