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Long Weekend

by Koishi

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© Copyright 2015 - Koishi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; captive; wrap; saran; ducttape; cocoon; hood; gag; glue; toys; vibe; plug; insert; bdsm; anal; climax; cons/reluct; X

My name is Angela. My boyfriends name is Dan. We've been experimenting with kink and bondage for years. Last week he made my fantasy come true.

I came home like any other day and he had that sneaky gleam about his eyes. I was suspicious, but have learned its best not to ask questions. After all, suspense is half the fun.

After we ate dinner and washed up, I settled down on the couch to read my book. Within a few minutes I became rather drowsy but figured it had been a long few days at work. There was no harm in taking a nap. After all, it was Friday and we had no plans for the next day. Or rather, none that I knew of.

When I awoke, I couldn't see or hear anything. I reached for my eyes but somehow my arms had been lashed to my sides. My feet were bound as well.

A cotton material of some sort was pushed at my mouth. I resisted but when someone pinched my nose and grabbed my jaw harshly, my surprise got the better of me and I yelled out only to be stuffed with I could then determine were my used panties, based on the musty smell.

With a hand covering my mouth, I heard duct tape ripping in the background. I knew that sound well and wasn't surprised when it was wrapped around my head repeatedly, rendering me truly speechless and nearly soundless.

Sitting there, mute, blind, and deaf, I was left there for what felt like an hour but I'm sure was only a few minutes. I jumped in my bindings when suddenly a plastic film adhered to my feet. Deft hands lifted them up and wound saran wrap round and round, all the way up my legs. They are held up high, raising my ass up along with them. Smack!

Not a hard one, but a firm warning of what may come if I don't cooperate, and then my feet are dropped, falling like dead weight to the bed (I recognize the creak as someone leans on the corner).

Next, a hood was slipped over my head and laced up tight enough that it felt snug but I couldn't shrug it off. A flap was quickly opened in the front allowing me to breath normally. There must have been a cord leading out the top because I felt myself being hoisted up by the hood with no other supports. It took my weight quite easily.

Sitting upright now, my captor has easy access to my torso. More cling wrap was slung around my body until every inch of me felt covered. I'm pretty sure there were three layers applied though it could have been only two. My manhandler unfastens me from whatever kept me sitting, and gently (at first) pushes my shoulders down towards the bed. When I push back, the pressure increases to the point where I haven't got enough energy to win the fight.

Still disoriented from whatever caused me to sleep through my initial kidnapping, I can't move an inch of my body asides from the odd wiggle. My mounting efforts at escape lead to nothing. and then I smell something familiar. Rubber glue. I've been glued down to the sheet! There truly is no escaping now.

This is heaven. I've dreamt about this precise scenario many times. I love being bound and gagged. The tighter the better, and this is definitely tight. How did Dan know about this one I wonder? I haven't told him. Maybe he read my diary. Or maybe I did tell him after all? I tend not to remember conversations I have when I'm half asleep. It wouldn't be the first time.

Something firm and round is pressed against my groin area. Buzzzzzz.

Oh no. Not this. I didn't want this!

The wand of death: vibes so powerful that orgasms can be forced out of any participant willing or not.

I'm not able to shy away from it this time, so end up orgasming inside of three minutes and am granted a brief reprieve before the vibe is applied again. By now the vibrations have caused some numbness down there, but not enough to dull all sensation. The next orgasm takes closer to ten minutes. A slow, burning hot (literally, temperature wise! under all those layers) orgasm.

Another small break and the vibe comes back again. Eight orgasms in total.

Finally, the plastic around my groin is cut open. It feels good to air things out!

Only a large rubber dildo is shoved in there before duct tape seals it in.

At this point I'd really like to stretch my legs. All that vibing has tensed up my legs. I feel something cold. Ice maybe? Running up and down different parts of my encased form. An interesting sensation. Cooling, yet not.

A few minutes later, hands work me free from the sheet and I'm flipped over onto my stomach. The plastic at my bum is cut open just enough to reach a finger in. It feels slippery so it must be lubricated.

Someone climbs on top of me, and I feel a hard object pressing at my rear entrance.

Oh it hurts!! All those orgasms must have tightened up my ass. I scream but it presses further inside me anyhow. Oh my lord it hurts so badly. Then the invader starts moving in and out slowly, gaining speed with every thrust.
I almost pass out from the agony.

After twenty or so strokes, the overwhelming pain subsides to a throbbing ache. Not long after, a soothing euphoria kicks in and I start to enjoy my forced anal intercourse. It goes on for quite a while. I can feel the dildo in the front more acutely now, even moreso when it occasionally mashes against the live one in my ass.

Whap whap whap, on my back.

A flogger. A bit dulled through all the plastic, but sharp enough to smart.

And then it happens. My whole body convulses. My ass, groin, and whole body seize up. Several massive contractions that last five seconds each until the last one has to be at least fifteen seconds and makes me feel as if the world is turning inside out. A black hole of orgasms.

I am spent. A big puddle of nothing but sweat.

It barely registers that a medium sized plug is inserted into my ass and wrapped up with cling film, then patched with tape. I do notice however, when it seems to expand significantly. I feel very full, uncomfortably so. Must be a hand pump plug.

This is not the fantasy in my diary!

A zipper opens at my ear and I hear a guys voice whisper loud enough to be heard through my ear plugs.

"Have you had enough yet?"

I nod my head yes.

The voice responds, "Too bad. you'll be in here all weekend", and the flap is closed again, zipped up tight.

What have I got myself into? If I thought this week was long, the weekend is going to be even longer...

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