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Love Through The Ages 2

by Darkraptor

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor - Used by permission

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story continues from part one

Love through the ages - Part Two
Based on an original idea by Wrappers Delight

Egypt, 2006

I live

The sun shone down on the pyramids on the Gaza strip. The Nile River flowed a good distance away from the archeology team that had set up camp near the pyramids. The camp was busy as the team members quickly and professionally attended to their tasks. Equipment was gathered, helmets put on, flashlights charged. All currently known information about the pyramids and what lied beneath them was on a folding table under a tent.

“Yes, I can see that Doctor Moss, but I just can’t imagine that there is a hidden chamber beneath the pyramid. Teams have been working in this area for years, and they haven’t found anything.”

Doctor Moss pulled off her sunglasses and looked at her assistant Theodore, a young man fresh out of college. He was a smart one, but a little on the pessimistic side.

“Don’t worry Theodore. I know there’s something down there, and we are going to find it. Those hiroglyphs we found in the burial chamber a month ago specifically said there was a secret chamber deep beneath the pyramid. We have to be close. Our scanning equipment has picked up a possible location where a doorway might be, so we’re going down there today.”

She glanced at her watch. “Actually, we’re leaving now.”

Moss left the white tent and lifted a small megaphone. “Attention all team members. Will the members going into the pyramid please assemble near the equipment tent? Thank you.” She turned to Theodore, who adjusted his glasses.

“Time to make history.” She said, grinning from ear to ear.

Time has no meaning for me. A single day lasts a minute. Years pass by in moments. There is no death here. There is only peace and rest.

The small team of five Egyptologists walked over the soft sand to the pyramid in front of them. A large hole had already been opened after days of hard work by the locals. Moss paused at the entrance and peered in.

“Do we have anyone in there?” She asked one of her assistants. Ellen looked through a clipboard of hers.

“No, all the assistants have the day off. It’s just going to be us in there.”

Moss smiled. “Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!” The five of them eagerly and quickly scurried into the darkness of the hole.

I lie here within my tomb. I am content. The desire to leave does not exist here. Even if I wanted to leave, I would be unable to. I have not moved a muscle in years. I am held tightly in place by my bandages, which have ceaselessly held me through the centuries. I have lain in their soft and warm embrace, waiting for the time when I will protect my charge.

The five explorers walked through the dark tunnel, carrying torches to light up the never-ending darkness. One of the explorers, Jan, checked her watch, reading the digital compass on it.

“The tunnel should start sloping down any second now.” Her alertness was rewarded when the passageway sloped down at a thirty-degree angle.

“Very nice.” Ellen said. “That little toy of yours could come in handy one day.” The five explorers continued on.

The mind abhors a vacuum. Throughout the long years that I have lain here, I have thought of much. My princess, who rests not ten feet from me. My former life outside of my coffin, as a priestess. My world is now here, in this small coffin that contains me.

At the bottom of the tunnel, the five explorers found what they were looking for. A large stone doorway constructed out of stone so thick and heavy that not even dynamite could open it.

Moss inspected the door until she found what she was looking for. “Here we are.” She whispered. Four empty slots were set in the hard rock. “Natalie, bring up those figures will you?”

Young Natalie walked up and opened a small bag of hers. Inside were four small figurines of various Egyptian deities. Taking the figures, Moss worked them into the slots. Each one was a perfect fit.

Ellen was obviously very excited. “Well, let’s make history!” She said, wearing a smile the size of the Nile. Moss smiled as well, and pressed each figurine as hard as she could.

There was a loud rumbling noise as unseen gears moved quickly and efficiently. Levers moved and pressure plates shifted. The huge stone door slowly began to move upwards.

“All right.” Theodore whispered. The others watched with mounting excitement as the stone door slid upwards and out of sight. The light from the flashlights shone deep into a tunnel that had been revealed. There was stunned silence from the five Egyptologists who stood there.

“Do you realize what this means?” Jan whispered. “We’re going to be famous!” Theodore walked ahead for a few feet before stopping. He crouched and shone his light on the floor.

“Look at this!” He said excitedly. “There are still some footprints here on the floor.” The others crowded around.

“That dust hasn’t moved in years.” Jan said. “This tunnel hasn’t been walked in since it was sealed!”

“Then lets move on and see what else is back there.” Moss said. Excited, the five of them walked eagerly into the long tunnel.

They did not notice that a large section of the floor soundlessly sank a few inches as they stepped off it.

I rest and dream. My existence revolves around not being fully awake, or truly asleep. In this state, time moves more quickly then normal. It has kept me sane throughout the years.

Wait… something, something… in my head! Something is wrong! Then I see it, with my mind’s eye.

I am the pyramid. I see and hear everything. The entrance to the tunnel has been opened. I see… five people… thieves… walking down the corridor. I do not recognize their clothing or their speech. But they are surely here to go after the princess’s body. I will not allow this!

In a room far beyond the narrow tunnel, a black sarcophagus lay still, sealed tight, protecting something vital held within. Then there was movement. Four hooks slowly came down from the ceiling and attach themselves to the sarcophagus lid. Unseen gears retract the hooks, and the sarcophagus lid is removed, stale air escaping from inside. Underneath the sarcophagus lid is a black wooden coffin, sealed tight.

On the side of the coffin, there are ancient locks. They slowly begin to move, as if by magic. A loud click echoes through the silent room. Then another. I hear sounds. I hear noises from nearby. Something is happening. I think, and realize that I am being released from my resting-place. There are two clicks near my head. Then I feel a surge moving through me, as if cold water is replacing blood. I feel… stronger… more powerful. The strength of the guardian has been awoken.

I realize what I have to do, even if I do not want to do it. But I must. The safety of my princess is now at stake. I flex my muscles, ignoring the cramps that come with the first movement in centuries. I then thrust and punch.

There is a ripping sound. Then I punch and thrust my other arm. Another ripping sound. I continue to thrust my arms, hearing my beloved cocoon being torn to shreds as I work my way free of it’s loving embrace. Deep down I want to cry and mourn as I leave my womb. But there will be time for that later.

With little effort, I rip my arms free. With the strength of guardians flowing through me, I have managed to rip off the first several layers of bandages that had held me. Reaching up, I feel the wooden lid of my coffin. I easily lift it and slide it off. I pause as my buried nostrils move to inhale fresh air. Even with my enhanced strength, I still choke as my ancient lungs take in the air.

After pausing for a moment, I look down. My legs are still cocooned. Sadly, I reach down and reluctantly rip off the bandages. The comforting warmth leaves me as my legs are revealed. Working quickly, I remove all the restrictive bandaging. But I leave the first few layers that encase my body, limbs, and head so I can move, yet still be encased at the same time.

Straining my muscles, I leave my coffin and stand in my tomb. I check the princess’s sarcophagus. It stands, safely untouched by time or by robbers.

I concentrate for a moment. With my powers, I now know every location and secret passage within this large underground tomb. I see that there is a switch located in this chamber, behind the princess’s sarcophagus. I walk over and press the lever. I watch as gears begin to move throughout the entire underground tomb. Behind my bandages, I manage a smile. I will have my fun with these thieves before punishing them for daring to enter this tomb.

Moss, Theodore, Ellen, Jan, and Natalie continued down the long tunnel. They had been walking for more then ten minutes, and still had not reached the end. “How much longer is this going to go on?” Natalie said as she walked.

“I don’t know.” Moss said. “I don’t recall any passageway ever being this long before. Maybe it’s…”

At that moment, there was a loud grinding noise. Everyone froze. “What’s that?” Jan whispered. Nobody replied, busy thinking the same thing.

The noises happened again, this time much closer to the tunnel they were in. Dust that was on the walls began to vibrate and fall silently to the ground. There was a loud slamming noise.

The ground beneath Moss and Jan suddenly dropped away, breaking in two like a trap door. The two fell through the large hole, shrieking in surprise. Ellen, Natalie and Theodore jumped back. “Jan, Moss!” Ellen shouted. She quickly lay down on her belly and looked in the hole.

Moss and Jan were ten feet below them, lying in a heap. Jan looked up at them. “Get us out of here!” She shouted. “Ok, Ok! Just hold on! We’ll get you…”

Suddenly the floor that had given way began to move back into place with surprising speed. Jan instinctively withdrew her arms from the hole as the floor snapped into place.

“No!” Natalie shouted. The three of them quickly began to search for a way to open the floor, but it was impossible. The trapdoor blended in perfectly. In desperation, Theodore jumped up and down on the trapdoor, but failed to get any results.

“What are we going to do now?!” Ellen gasped. “We can’t leave them there!”

“I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” Theodore said, his mind racing. “Ok, ok, ok. We’ll just look around, see if there’s a switch or something, and if that doesn’t work, we’ll head back to the surface.” At that moment, the grinding noises started up again.

“Oh no.” Natalie moaned.

There was a loud grinding noise above the explorers. They looked up to see a large stone wall coming down directly on top of them. “Run!” Theodore shouted. The three got up and ran. The wall slammed down a few seconds later, directly on top of the trapdoor.

As they ran, wall after wall continued to come down after the explorers, sealing the tunnel behind them. Theodore looked ahead and spotted a doorway ahead of them.

“Up there!” He panted. “We’re almost there!” He reached the doorway and jumped through, as did Natalie. Ellen was right behind them, running and running. She reached the doorway… just as a large stone wall slammed down in front of it, blocking her path.

“No!” Ellen screamed, pounding on the wall with her fists. A loud grinding noise suddenly demanded her attention. She looked to her right to see that the tunnel wall was moving towards her with unnatural speed.

She shrieked, knowing that she was going to be crushed. Then there was a smaller grinding noise, and a small opening appeared on her left. Without waiting a moment longer, Ellen ran and leapt through the entrance.

But she landed in a small tunnel that slid downwards at a steep angle. Withought stopping, she slid down the tunnel, deep into the maze that she and her friends had unknowingly entered. The wall slammed against the small opening, sealing it tightly.

In the small chamber that they had landed in, Moss and Jan tried to get their senses together. Jan recovered first, picking up her flashlight. She shined it around in an attempt to find out where they were. It was a small chamber, only ten feet wide by ten feet tall. There was a small tunnel directly in front of her, leading… somewhere.

Moss moaned, grabbing Jan’s attention. She quickly looked to her leader and inspected her. She had a few bruises on her side, and there was a cut on her forehead that bled slowly.

“You OK?” Jan asked. Moss nodded.

“I’ll be fine. We should be more concerned about how we’re going to get out of here.” Jan pointed her flashlight up at the ceiling. It was perfectly solid. There was no way they were going to get out that way. Both listened intently. There was no noise or sound up above where the others should be.

“Do you think they got into the same trouble as us?” Jan said.

“Probably. I think I heard more noises, so I’m betting they ran.” Jan nodded quietly.

“Then I guess we’re on our own.” She pointed her flashlight as the tunnel ahead. “Looks like that’s the only way out.” Moss nodded.

“Then we go on. Should I lead the way, or do you want to?” Jan smiled. The small attempt at humor brought a boost to both of their spirits.

Jan took the lead, crouching and crawling on her hands and knees as she went on. Moss followed closely behind. “I hope there are no spiders in here.” Jan muttered as she crawled on.

Theodore and Natalie tried for several minutes to open the door before they gave up. Listening intently, they heard no sound from the other side.

“What kind of place is this?” Natalie said. “Did the Egyptians build things like these?”

“No.” Theodore said, shaking his head. “I don’t recall ever reading about traps as sophisticated as the ones in here.”

Natalie thought. “So what are we going to do?” She asked. Theodore looked around with his flashlight.

“I guess we have to go on and see where this corridor leads.” The two were in a corridor that went on and snaked around a corner. Natalie nodded.

“I guess I lead.” Theodore said as he walked on, his flashlight leading the way.

Ellen tumbled and slid down the long tunnel as she plunged deeper and deeper into the heart of the tomb complex. He brain could feel nothing but the stinging pain every time she slammed into a wall. Her body was covered with dozens of dark purple bruises. With every hit the pain seemed to become less and less as she became number and number.

It finally ended when she fell out of the tunnel as it deposited her in a large room. She landed with a thud on the floor. Bleeding from the mouth and a cut nose, she lay on the ground, trying to gather her strength. It was several minutes before she was able to stand. Looking around, she spotted her flashlight on the ground a few feet from where she stood. Its light still shone into the darkness, showing that it had somehow survived the wild trip down here. She stumbled over and picked up the flashlight. Glancing at her surroundings, she tried to think. Where was she?

The room had no doors or any visible means of leaving. There was a vertical tunnel right above her. Its ceiling was high up, higher then the light of her flashlight could reach. Shaking her head in an attempt to be more awake, she investigated the walls of this place. They were completely solid. Ellen stood in the center of the room, trying to think about what to do next. She could try climbing back up the shaft. Or she could try to climb the walls.

She did not notice the form silently descending from the tunnel. It would not have mattered if she did. There was nowhere for her to run to. The form was human in shape. It reached out with two human-like hands towards Ellen. In one of its hands was a large thick rope.

Ellen chose that moment to stretch her arms. Putting them straight up, she squeezed and flexed her muscles. The figure chose that moment to strike.

Moving exceptionally fast, the figure dropped the rope down and quickly tied them around Ellen’s wrists. Another knot and the rope was secured in place. It happened so fast that Ellen didn’t have time to react. The figure quickly went upwards, carrying the rope with it. Ellen was carried into the air, her flashlight dropping to the floor. Now startled back to her senses, Ellen fully realized what was happening.

“Hey!” She shouted. “Let me go!”

The figure finally reached a small ledge set into the tunnel. Moving quickly, it tied the rope to a hook set across from the ledge. Ellen dangled in mid-air, her arms forced above her. She saw the humanoid figure in front of her. Ellen’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, and she was able to see who it was.

It was a mummy. A human mummy. It was wrapped completely in faded bandages from head to toe so that no skin was showing. The wrapping was thick enough that Ellen could not tell if it was a male or female mummy. But as the figure stood there, Ellen heard something that startled her to the bone. Breathing. The mummy was breathing. There was a living person under those bandages!

“Wh… who are you?” Ellen stammered. The figure made no reply. Instead, it raised its fingers towards her, as if accusing Ellen of some terrible crime. Ellen unconsciously tried to move away from those fingers.

The figure twitched its fingers, and, impossibly, bandages began to fly from them! Ellen was so shocked that she was momentarily paralyzed as the bandages quickly reached her body. She was shocked out of her stupor as the bandages began to wrap themselves around her!

This couldn’t be happening! It just couldn’t! “Stop!” Ellen shouted. “I demand that you stop this!”

The mummy made no reply as the bandages continued to wind themselves around her entire body. Already her legs were beginning to vanish under the bandages swathing themselves around them. Her chest and hips were becoming encased as the bandages swarmed over them and held fast in a death grip.

“Please!” Ellen sobbed. “Why are you doing this?!” Again, the mummy made no answer, except to increase the speed of the bandages.

Ellen’s body up to her armpits was now fully wrapped and encased within a sheath of incredibly tight and compressing bandages. And the wrapping was still continuing. The bandages were now working themselves up over her stretched arms, squeezing tighter and tighter until it felt like her already strained arms were being held in an armbinder. Soon, only her face remained, the only skin that had not been wrapped by the bandages.

Ellen stared at her mummifier. Why was she doing this? Who was it? Why, why, why? Before she could ask the questions, the bandages mercilessly applied themselves over her mouth, sealing it shut. As she tried to open her mouth, the bandages moved up over her face. Only a few inches left before her eyes. Ellen sobbed and struggled as the bandages inched closer to her eyes.

If I had the ability to smile, that is what I would be doing right now. This fool was easier to capture then I thought. And carrying out her punishment is… satisfying. As I wrap her, she pleads for her useless life. Even if I could understand her gibbering and strange words, I would have paid her no heed. She deserves to be punished for daring to intrude upon the princess’s tomb.

I work the bandages closer and closer to her eyes. I can tell she’s panicking as her new wrappings cover them. With her eyes covered, her struggles intensify. In response, I eagerly increase the speed of the bandages that heed my call. I apply another layer over her entire body, sealing her in permanently. She continues to struggle until all she can manage is a small twitch. But I’ve applied these bandages well. She will never escape.

I click my fingers, and a chain descends from up above. Taking the rope that still forces her now mummified hands above her head, I attach the rope to the chain. With another click, the chain slowly moves upwards, carrying this fool to her final resting-place. Her form, still twitching and squirming, is carried into the darkness until I can no longer see it.

With one intruder eliminated, I am now free to dispose of the next one. I pause, seeing the entire complex in my minds eye. Yes… that group will be next. I quickly open a sliding passage and soundlessly slip inside.

The tunnel that Moss and Jan were crawling through was a very tight fit. It didn’t help that it seemed to get smaller as they went deeper and deeper, following this path, to wherever it lead them.

“This was the last thing I expected to do today.” Jan muttered as she continued along, pausing to wipe the sweat from her forehead. “Crawling in the dirt through a tiny tunnel that hasn’t been seen for centuries.”

“Well, it could be worse.” Moss said behind her. Jan paused and looked back.

“How could it possibly get any worse then it is now?” She asked. There was a very cloud clicking noise in the tunnel.

Moss shook her head. “You just had to say that didn’t you?”

The floor underneath both women suddenly opened in classic trap-door fashion. Both shrieked as they fell out of the tunnel, landing on a hard stone slope. The two instantly began to slide downwards. Fingers probed frantically for something to grab. There was nothing to grab.

Moss looked forward, and saw the worst possible thing she could imagine. A huge pit was waiting at the end of the slope. The only thing Moss thought at that moment was, “You have got to be kidding me.”

The two slid closer to the pit. At the speed they were going, they would fall in in five seconds. “Jump!” Moss shouted. Focusing on the ledge, she timed it just right. She placed her feet and leapt as hard as she could. Propelled forward by her speed, she cleared the large hole and landed hard, but intact, on the level floor on the other side.

Jan however, had much less time to react. She saw Moss jump and instinctively attempted the same act. She moved her feet and pushed, jumping at the same time. She sailed through the air, coming ever closer to the safety of the other side. But despite her speed, she had not pushed off fast enough. She missed landing on the ledge. Instead, she slammed into it. The wind knocked out of her, she fell downwards. At the last second, she was able to grab the ledge. Moss quickly moved to help her friend up. She grabbed her hands and pulled. But because she was the oldest in the group at age forty, she couldn’t pull Jan up by herself.

“Jan!” She grunted. “Help me! I can’t pull you up by myself!” Jan responded by letting go.

“Jan!” Moss shouted. She threw herself on the ground and looked into the pit. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

There was a humanoid figure in the pit, clinging to the wall. It was holding Jan over its shoulder. Moss realized that Jan had been pulled off by that… thing. The being quickly let go of the wall, and plunged downwards into the pit. Moss listened as Jan’s terrified screams faded with merciful speed.

Moss was alone. Completely and utter alone. The only thing she had with her was a small flashlight. Too startled to think of anything else, she turned and ran down a tunnel in front of her.

Another pitiful fool captured. She now lies on the floor, bound head to toe in tightly wrapped, inescapable bandages. The wrapping squeezes her body all over, and I can tell she’s having difficulty breathing. The creamy flesh contained and compressed in perfect fashion. I’ve left her eyes unwrapped, just for the fun of it. Her eyes tell me that she is terrified beyond all measure. Good. She should be nervous. Considering the punishment she’s about to endure, she’s lucky she’s not scared out of her wits.

The wrapping was easy. Took only a few minutes. Arms folded across the chest, legs bound together. Five layers of tightly woven interlocking bandages. She’s a perfect living mummy, mummified while still alive. If this were a proper punishment I’d cut out her organs before I bound her, but I don’t have the time. I have to finish this one and move on.

I snap my fingers, and a small section of the floor opens up, revealing a deep pit about seven feet deep, and three feet by three feet wide. The perfect place to store a body. Or a tomb robber. I easily pick her up and carry her over to the hole. She begins to squeal and squirm frantically, as if she knows what her punishment is. I could wrap her up in ten more layers to stop the squirming… but what fun would that be?

When I reach the hole, a small pedestal rises up, along with a wire frame for a body to lean on while propped up. I place the fool so she’s standing on the pedestal. I prop her against the wire frame so that it cradles her body while keeping it upright. I step back and allow myself a moment to admire her mummified body. She stares back at me, letting out muffled cries of protest. Even with bandages filling her mouth, and more bandages forcing it shut, she can still get out some “Mmmpphhhhsss” and “mmnooppooo!” as she squirms with all her might.

My moment of admiration over, I click my fingers. The pedestal slowly begins to drop down into the hole, taking the robber with it. She lets out muffled screams and shouts of terror as she is taken to her inescapable prison, where she will reside forever. Soon her entire body is now deep inside the hole. I walk over and peer down, looking at her upright body. She lets out a scream of “ppwweesssssee!”, heavily muffled by her bindings.

Ignoring her, I snap my fingers once more. A heavy piece of stone glides into place over the opening. I get one final look at her terrified face before the stone moves into place and stops with a loud click. It’s now firmly sealed into place.

With the second thief down, I move into the next tunnel. I have three more robbers to eliminate. I’m sure my princess is proud at how well I’m protecting her.

My thanks to those of you who tell me what you think of my stories. Your comments and suggestions allow me to refine my writting.


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