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Lovely in Lavender

by Beadie Essym

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© Copyright 2008 - Beadie Essym - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; furry; warehouse; flood; stuck; discovery; vetwrap; wrap; cocoon; bond; susp; rope; oral; climax; cons; X

She gripped the giant tightly as the deluge soaked them from above and below. Even going slow, the wheels spun muddy cold water on their legs and arms, and the heavy rain drops pounded on their helmets. Panther was scared. Bear was worried. What had started out as a spring Saturday ride was now a race for their lives.

Bear had spent every spare minute the week before cleaning and polishing his ‘98 Fat Boy. He maneuvered every conversation at the Barracks round to the bike, and he knew almost every item on the shelves at the local Harley dealer. Bear was in love again.

The April morning had been clear and bight, new buds just popping out on the trees and new grass growing on the rolling hills. The sun glittered on the water and ice in the Seneca River as it swiftly traveled toward the dam. Bear and Panther had set out early to watch the sun rise then rode through the countryside following the river toward Seneca City for lunch. They’d stopped at the State Forest to rest and in a secluded spot Bear took pictures of Panther in various forms of undress lovingly draped over and around the bike.

It had been a glorious morning, but dark ominous clouds now filled the horizon and by 11:00 the cloud cover was low and heavy. The rain started out as a light pitter patter, but soon became a soaking torrent. As they rode cautiously toward the city, Panther watched the water rising in the river, the ice flow slowing as it built up against the banks and a mile away, against the dam. Muddy water snaked up the banks toward the road bed and Bear had to dodge places where it invaded their path. Bear knew the classic bike wouldn’t make it to the city, it was sputtering and doing its best, but the water and ice would soon be too great for it, and them.

When they rounded a bend, he could see that a dip in the road was covered with water and ice, insidiously creeping toward a small farm supply warehouse on the edge of town. The wind picked up and howled around them, forcing the rain into horizontal sheets. He steered the bike toward the shallowest edge of the flood and onto the short service road to the back of the warehouse.

The travelers climbed off the bike, and walked it up the short loading ramp. The side door to the warehouse was locked, but that was no problem for Bear. It took him little time to pick the lock. State Troopers learn all kinds of nifty things. Soon, Bear, Panther and the bike were safely inside the three story brick building and looking for warmth. Panther spotted the bullet kerosene heater first and soon they were both naked and hanging their drenched leathers over boxes and cartons to dry. Being naked was not all that great in a damp dusty warehouse, so the pair set out to explore for provisions.

On the first floor they found the small store, offices and lunch room, where the remnants of a birthday party were stored in a small refrigerator. Half a gaily frosted cake, half bowlfuls of various salads and half a tray of luncheon meats and cheeses with crusty rolls in a plastic bag. Panther made coffee so the lunch was satisfying, and warmed their souls. Next they explored the warehouse and found grey and blue stripped jumpsuits hanging outside a washroom with pairs of rubber boots lined up below them. The jumpsuits were warm and the boots floppy but much better than going barefoot or sloshing around in wet bike boots. Bear looked constrained in a jumpsuit one size too small for his beefy frame so red curly hairs and pale flesh poked out around the straining buttons. As they walked around among the pallets of pet food and cat litter, Panther looked down toward the loading dock. Frigid water was pooling under the large garage door, quickly flooding the floor.

“Bear! Look! The water is coming in!” she yelled to Bear.

“Holy shit!” Bear exclaimed. “It’s gonna flood the whole floor. It’s coming in fast. We have to do something.”

He ran to the small office and found keys for the fork lift. He pulled pallets of cat litter down with the forklift and dumped them against the bottom of the garage door. It took three pallets of 50 pound bags, but it worked. The flooding stopped. Panther looked through a grimy window and saw that the warehouse stood alone in a huge lake of mucky water and ice. The lake went on for almost a quarter mile back into the woods behind them. Bear turned on a small radio sitting on one of the desks in the office. Vintage country western songs were interrupted time and again for updates and flood warnings. The National Guard had been called and the listening audience was urged to stop calling the radio station, but phone numbers for emergency help were announced repeatedly.

“We’re safe here, honey” Bear assured Panther. “We have two more floors if the first floor floods. Let’s go up to the third floor and settle in”.

The third floor was packed with pallets of uniform sized cardboard boxes, all labeled with various letters and numbers. One wall of the warehouse was a bank of large grimy windows and Bear and Panther watched the wind whipped rain plopping hard into the spreading lake below them. There was nothing for them to do but wait it out. Bear explained to Panther that the National Guard would probably dynamite the ice jam close to the dam and open all the sluices so the river could resume its normal flow. He told her how the various police and fire agencies would be out to rescue people stranded in the flood, how the engineers would be huddled over topography maps and blueprints of the sewers and electric grids, and how all the Troopers would be pulled into action.

He thought it was ironic that they had decided to, just this once, leave the cell phones and pagers behind for a day of peace from the maddening world. Panther asked if they should call someone on the warehouse phones, but Bear felt it wasn’t necessary. They were safe, well fed and warm and besides, others were in far worse need of rescue than they were. He was sure the police were stretched far too thin to be pulled away to rescue two lovers in such a unique set-up. He decided it was better for them to just wait it out for the next day or two. If the birthday party food ran out they could munch doggie treats he teased.

So, they pulled movers’ blankets down to the floor and snuggled warm and cozy to ride it out. But, Panther was ever curious and was soon walking up and down the rows of boxes, trying to figure out the letterings. She came across a tower of boxes marked VETW/1gross. She smiled, wondering if some play might be afforded them. Why not? They weren’t going anywhere, and no one was coming to bother them. She poked a small hole in one of the boxes with her fingernail. She felt a small soft roll inside a cellophane wrapper. She smiled a wicked smile. She made the hole big enough to pull the item through, and was very pleased indeed when she saw the lavender vet wrap.

“Wow!” she thought, “Grosses and grosses of the stuff! It’s expensive as hell, but we’ll never get this chance again.” She knew she had three one hundred dollar bills tucked in her change purse in the bike's saddle bag, and that would cover the cost of at least a gross plus all the food and kerosine.

She scampered back to Bear with the roll of vet wrap.

“Look what I found.”

“What is it?” Bear sighed sleepily.

“Well, look! It’s vet wrap! There are boxes and boxes of it! More than enough for some fun, Sir” she giggled while batting her eyelashes playfully.

Bear rolled his eyes in mock exasperation. “Is that all you ever think about?”

“Only when I’m with you, Sir” she giggled again.

“Well, what the hell, there isn’t much else to do for now. I suppose you want me to wrap you up in it all snuggly?”

“Actually, I was more thinking I’d wrap you, Sir. You’ve been so stressed lately and your bike ride was ruined. I’d like to show my appreciation by returning the favor.”

“Me? You want to wrap me? That’s a switch.” Bear smiled and sat up to look at her.

“Yes, I am a Switch.” She smiled back.

Bear stood naked, towering over Panther as she handled his ample hardware. She deftly encased his balls in the stretchy lavender wrap, and giggled with vengeful mirth each time Bear would groan or jump as she adjusted the wrap, pulling little hairs as she went. Then she wrapped his penis, pulling it longer and longer as the purple went farther and farther toward the tip. Needless to say it bounced often in her fingers, which sent her into gales of laughter. Bear sat down on a straight back chair they’d found so she could wrap his feet. They had decided that since they had all the time in the world, she could wrap his limbs independent of each other for now. He could sleep comfortably through the night that way, luxuriating in the snug compression all over is body without being constricted in movement … just in case he had to reinforce the cat litter dam.

Panther wrapped the toes on his left foot then wrapped up his foot, ankle and leg, all the way up to his crotch. Then she wrapped his right foot and leg. She wrapped the fingers of his left hand then the hand and arm to his shoulder. On and on she wrapped her 6’4” Trooper until he looked like a lavender bunny ready for Easter. She wrapped his head but left his face uncovered, for now. She laughed heartily while fashioning big floppy ears for him. He was quiet, letting the feel of the body wrap float him into another place. She helped him put on the blue and grey jumpsuit and floppy boots. It was getting dark now, and the wind and rain continued to pound down around the warehouse. Occasionally they could hear the whir of helicopters overhead. Bear wanted to check on the cat litter dam, so they walked and talked softly on the way down the ramps to the first floor.

The dam was holding well, so they searched the offices and store for flashlights, packaged more food from the lunchroom, and spent some time caring for the bike. Panther found her money and the camera in the saddle bag and clicked away, taking pictures of her giant lavender bunny from different angles, giggling merrily. Then she took an envelope from a desk drawer, put the money in it, and wrote a note on the company stationary explaining how they had been trapped there by the flood, and the money was to pay for the things they’d used. She signed it ‘ and’ and stuck it to the bulletin board. Bear turned off the heater and dragged it up the ramps as they returned to the third floor. Panther carried their small overnight bags, happy and secure in knowing they would be safe and having huge amounts of fun.

By the time they got settled and had eaten a light supper of salads and cake, it was fully dark outside. The storm raged on, the helicopters were done for the day, and Bear curled up in the movers’ blankets to fully enjoy his wrap. For those who don’t know, vet wrap is similar to Ace Bandages, and is used on horses to wrap the lower legs for protection during races, or to just look pretty, so it comes in many colors. It is also used as a bandage for all animals because it won’t unroll and is difficult to chew through. It is normally 2-3 inches wide rolled on a small cardboard roll, like toilet paper. It is very stretchy and Velcro like in that it adheres to itself, on both sides. It is fabric, and if well stretched becomes as thin as gauze. Panther had spent quite some time digging through two boxes to find all the lavender ones … because she liked the color.

Soon, Panther and the pale purple Trooper lay like spoons in the movers’ blankets. Panther was softly snoring. Bear was thinking about the wrap. Bear loved the feel of it. The light compression of his skin made it feel a bit crinkly, and diffused the feel of things he touched. If he pressed hard enough, he could figure out what something felt like. It was similar to wearing tight gloves, only his whole body felt it. Once in a while hairs would get tangled up and cause him discomfort, but that only enhanced the overall effect. It wasn’t hot and sticky like latex or cling wrap, this stuff let his skin breath and move. This was wonderfully different and so very snug. He made a mental note to Google for it when he got home, then drifted into sleep and strange dreams.

Bear awoke suddenly as he felt mild pain in his balls. He moaned and opened his eyes to see Panther smiling, her hands on him, sticking new pieces of vet wrap to his balls, pinning them and his cock flat against his belly. He could tell it was daylight, watery pale light filled the room and as he looked around at the windows, he could see it was still raining. Not hard, but raining anyway. The whir of a helicopter droned overhead. Panther leaned in and kissed his lips firmly, passionately. They hugged and snuggled for a long while, and his hard on bulged inside the wrapping. They both giggled, but then he felt the need to pee. But how?

“I have to piss like a horse, girl, and you’ve got me all wrapped up. How am I gonna do it? You want all this pretty purple to be wet and smelly?”

“Nope” she said. “I cut a little hole in the very tip for you. Of course you’ll have to position yourself carefully and certainly not get it all wet and smelly.”

“Oh shit.”

“Well, you can do that without a problem. The wrapping will spread out for you back there.” She laughed. “I’ve already washed up. I checked the cat litter dam. It held through the night and the bike is fine, too. Go do your business while I fix you something to eat. I made coffee too.” She said, handing him his shaving kit and an employee’s mug, filled with steaming sweet coffee.

Bear looked at himself in the washroom mirror and sighed. Damn girls, he thought as he saw the bunny ears squished and melded to the wrapping on his head. Pissing was indeed a trick, and he practically had to lie down across the toilet to keep from wetting the lavender wrap. But, for as big as he was, he was agile and one might say even graceful. The twice a week yoga classes along with the daily taekwondo in the Barracks kept him fit and limber. Panther thought Bear was a true hunk. He just thought he was smart. They were both right.

Panther was throwing a 25 foot length of standard rope over a steel beam 10 feet above them when he returned to her side. She had one of her bike boots tied to it, and had a good throwing arm, so the rope and boot came falling back to her on the first try, the rope neatly looped over the beam.

“That’s for you, darling”, she winked.

“I see” he mumbled while he munched on a sandwich.

BOOM! The explosion shook the building. BOOM! Again, and again. Four explosions rocked them and shook dust and grain from the walls and ceiling.

“The ice jam! They blew the ice jam!” Bear yelled as he ran to the windows. The muddy lake below them and for a half mile in any direction still swirled and eddied with ice and debris. Panther turned away, not wanting to see what that furry thing was that lifelessly swirled in the muck. Panther wasn’t that curious.

“Will the water recede now?” she asked Bear.

“Not right away. It will take the rest of the day and probably most of tomorrow, if the dynamite did the job. We can leave in the afternoon and try for the city. I know some of the guys who are stationed down here. Maybe they can airlift us out. And the bike too.”

The dam was too far away for them to see, and the scene was bleak, depressing. The rain had stopped, and the cloud cover was thinning. Once in a while a patch of clear blue sky would show through, a sun beam here and there would gleam off the water. Panther went back to her rope and waggled a finger to beckon Bear. He finished his sandwich, chugged the last of his coffee and joined her at the rope.

“Is this part two?”

“Yup, It is. The rope is to give you support in your purple cocoon. I know you’ll sway, and I can’t hold you up, so this will do nicely.”

Panther pulled a box of lavender vet wrap to her, Bear stood tall between the two ends of the rope, and Panther began the lengthy process of turning her Bear into a lavender larva. She started at his feet, wrapping them and the rope ends together. Round and round she went. Pulling lengths of the vet wrap from its spool then affixing it to his body, making sure that it wasn’t too tight. She knew she had to be careful to not apply too much compression to any part of the body. Making his blood pressure rise wasn’t part of the fun. She wrapped his arms to his sides and when she got to his shoulders she had to climb on the chair to reach. She kissed Bear’s mouth many times while she wrapped his shoulders and head, leaving his mouth for last. Then he was blind. He was mute. He was helpless. He was happy.

For a man with so much responsibility, so much to think and worry about, a few hours of helplessness was a God send and he meant to enjoy it to its fullest. He could barely hear the radio to his left, the vintage music, the interruptions for news and information, the volume too low for him to hear actual words. His mind cruised over the last few days, the last few weeks, the last few years. The arrests and the awards. He wondered about the boy he’d testified against, but probably shouldn’t have.

He thought about Panther, the gawky 9 year old girl who moved in next door and sat with him on the couch to watch Sky King or Superman or Roy Rogers. The girl who would let him tie her to the back fence. The girl he took to the prom. The girl who left for college out west while he was at the Academy. The woman who returned 15 years later, widowed and sad. The woman who loved him but refused to marry another cop. He trusted her. He’d trained her so long ago.

The wrapping hugged every inch of his skin, and he wiggled around just to feel it snug up. It pulled hairs, and it crackled here and there with his movements. He let go of his body and the ropes held him fast, so he relaxed completely and resumed his mental wanderings. Time didn’t matter. Nothing did. He slept. He pondered and reminisced. He slept again. It was quiet. The radio was off and he supposed it was night and Panther was dozing close by. She had not gagged him, but merely wrapped his jaw shut, then wrapped several layers over his mouth. He could call out to her, but didn’t. He slept again.

But then he felt her. She was tugging the wrap away from his penis. He felt her warm wet mouth on him, languidly playing with her tongue. It didn’t take much playing at all for him to shudder, growl and explode. Panther laughed with delight. Then using scissors, she cut up the length of the ropes to free him. It was morning again and bright sunshine streamed through the rain stained windows. It was a blessed relief to see and he lowered himself to the floor, and into her arms. She cradled and rocked him gently until he regained his strength.

“The water started to recede soon after I was finished wrapping you, and now the road is clear for as far as I can see from the store. The radio says the streets are still filled with muck, but passable. There was no flooding past the dam, so it was just on this side of the city anyway, and we can go above the city to head home. But we should leave soon. People might be coming to assess the damage. They will be pleased when they see the cat litter, but they certainly will wonder about the pile of lavender vet wrap in the trash,” Panther chuckled.

Bear closed his eyes and whispered “Thank you.”

The end.


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