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Lydia and Me 11

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2005 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; mum; wrap; cocoon; bond; straps; gag; bfold; hammock; rope; susp; tease; toys; denial; climax; cons; X

story continues from part ten

Lydia & Me 11 - Hanging Around

“I’m hungry and I have to go to the bathroom, honey.”

While those may not be the words that you expect or even necessarily want to hear after bringing your wife to a sexual climax, this particular wife had now been mummified and strapped to our bed for almost four hours. I laughed as I wiped the gag off on a towel we had handy close to the bed and started to loosen the nylon strap that pinned her shoulders to the bed.

“I love you too dear. And my day was fine, thanks,” I said as the straps started to come off.

Still blindfolded, she stuck her tongue out at where she thought I was, which was only slightly off. “I’m glad, I love you, and if I don’t get to the bathroom pretty soon we’ll have to change the sheets. Oh, and I could use some more water.”

“Pretty uppity talk for a mummy. Maybe it’s worth letting you wet the bed. I could even make fun of you for doing it. Besides, it’d mostly stay with you.”

I’d finished removing the last strap and headed for the scissors. I had brought Lydia to her climax slowly, turning the bullet inside her on and off and using its many programs to tease, frustrate, and excite. I’d finally gone and gotten a second bullet (one without the fancy programs) that we’d bought on a weekend trip when we discovered we’d forgotten the one we had from the toy chest. I continued toying with her nipples and added the second bullet to the mix, moving it about to stimulate her clitoris.

She’d finally made the rapid moaning noises that indicated she’d finally reached her peak and stopped struggling. Her breath went from short and ragged to long and deep. Despite my raging erection, I’d left her bound, wanting to toy with the present her friend had left for me for a while. There would be time for more later, and I was enjoying the situation too much as it was.

I cut her free from her legs to her hands, but stopped there and started cutting around her body so that I could leave her upper body trapped in the plastic wrap. “We’re going to play that way, are we?” she said as I did so.

I paused in my efforts, having gone as far as the bed would allow to her left anyway, and kissed her. “My present, my rules,” I said as I stood up and returned to finish the job to her right. Then I cut her head free of the wrap trapping the blindfold on and pulled that off too. Her deep brown eyes glittered in a way that mirrored the smile on her face.

“Oh, what a horrible fate for me,” she said as she stood up so I could cut the “tail” of plastic wrap that hung behind her, then promptly headed for the bathroom. I paused to clean up the plastic wrap that littered the bed and the floor nearby and then followed, since I figured she’d need some help.

That taken care of, I lead her out towards the dining area, grabbing a half roll of clear wrap from the toy cupboard as we passed. I stopped her close to a chair and covered her hands loosely since I wanted her to sit down and didn’t want the stiffness of the wrap to make bending difficult by making it too tight. Then I sat her down and wrapped her to the back of the chair to hold her in place.

Once I was comfortable that she was secure, I retrieved the water from the bedroom and let her drink to her content, which was nearly two full glasses.

“You’re going to have to go again pretty quickly drinking like that,” I said as I headed for the kitchen to see what we had for leftovers. It was getting on towards 7:00 now, and I didn’t feel like working up a dinner from scratch.

“Well, then you’ll have to worry about that when it happens, won’t you,” Lydia replied as she tested her bonds. I looked over and watched, wanting to make sure that she wasn’t getting free. I smiled to myself at the minimal effect her struggles had other than producing that alluring crinkling noise that plastic wrap does when applied just right. I went back to the refrigerator.

“You want the chicken or the steak? I’ll give you at least that much choice.”

“Oh, such a magnanimous master. The chicken, if you don’t mind. There should be some of the angel hair with pesto in there too. You get much done at work?”

I grinned at the change in subject and we began chatting about the projects we had going on as I heated dinner in the microwave and shuffled plates and silverware around. We currently had three going, one of which she was leading, two of which were right on schedule and the last which was running into roadblock after roadblock with the customer’s staff. We weren’t particularly at risk, but it was a situation we needed to resolve. If the deal went south and we didn’t get paid, there were three independents we had hired that I’d still owe money to.

Dinner passed relatively quickly. I’d gotten myself a bit “mastered out,” if you take my meaning, with the play in the bedroom. And while Lydia can enjoy a bit of longer term bondage, it doesn’t have the same effect for her as it does for me. So the change of pace was welcome, even if she was still wrapped to a chair, still struggling occasionally, and I was feeding her.

As we finished dinner, my bladder started to warn me that it was time for me to visit the facilities, which I hadn’t done for a while myself. Work, driving, and playing with my wife had distracted me from lesser needs, but it finally caught up with me. I wiped Lydia’s face with a napkin and stood up.

“Time for me to go. Don’t go anywhere.”

She frowned and pulled against the wrap, which I responded to by pinching a nipple, and then I headed for the head. It took me a while to finish my business, and I spent the time trying to decide what to do next. We hadn’t actually made love yet, so I had that to look forward to, but I was contemplating how I might handle my bound wife. Bondage of just about any form can be fun, mind you, but it never hurts to try new things or vary the positions at least a little to prevent it from getting stale. I was drawing something of a blank at this moment, though. So the issue was still in the front of my mind as I finished up, washed my hands, and opened the door.

Only to find a very naked, slightly sweaty Lydia standing there with a huge grin on her face and plastic wrap in her hands.

“Weren’t the rules that when the slave escapes, the roles reverse?” she said, wagging a half roll of wrap at me.

I laughed and moved towards her. When we’d first started our games, that had been exactly what the rule had been, and we’d played that game for a long while afterward. We didn’t do so much these days, but we’d also gotten good enough that it almost never happened. Throw in the high quality purchases we’d made in the form of restraints, and that was completely understandable.

She allowed me to wrap my arms around her and kiss her rather than immediately playing the dominant role.

“How’d you manage that,” I asked as we finished.

“The arm of the chair left one hand a bit loose and I worked on that while you puttered around in the kitchen. And then you left the steak knife within reach. Silly boy.”

She kissed me again, then whispered into my ear, “I’m yours to command if you want me.”

Those words alone were enough to send a bit of a thrill to my nether regions, particularly when uttered by my naked, beautiful wife. I broke our embrace and stepped back, contemplating. I could go either way right now, and the work week had actually been busy enough that we hadn’t had many opportunities for playing. It’d been almost a week, in fact, since either of us had been tied up. I finally reached into my pocket and pulled out a quarter.

“Heads I’m yours, tails you’re mine.”

Lydia grinned as the coin flew into the air. It hit the ground and spun a bit before landing. An eagle stared up at me and I promptly started to strip, walking towards the bedroom. Lydia stopped me, and directed me to the living room without saying a word.

“I was going to save this for your birthday, but since you already got one present why not now?” she said as we headed towards the couch.

I shed clothing as we walked, leaving a bit of a trail behind me. Work is casual unless we’re at a client site and they demand otherwise, so it wasn’t like anything needed hanging up anyway. I stood in front of the couch when naked, and waited for Lydia to come back from the toy cupboard and bedroom where she’d gone to collect materials. She tested the batteries in the remote controlled vibrator for my penis as she came back (still alluringly naked, mind you), dropped her supplies on the couch and started with that as she went to work.

We’ve one of those sectional sofas, which I fell in love with in the store when I decided new furniture was in order. That was before Lydia had come back, so it was starting to show its age, but we love it and before it gets replaced it will get reupholstered. It’s particularly deep, about as wide as a twin bed, and is great for either sitting or lying down. The fact that Lydia spread a towel behind me made it obvious where I was going to end up. Then the wrapping began.

I decided that I wouldn’t be my usual wise guy slave this time. While it can be fun, change of pace… well, we already covered that. Instead, I stood quietly as the wrapping began, allowing the act to elicit reactions and responses. I groaned as she touched different parts of my body, moaned as she caressed me, and shivered when the vibrator went on and off. She worked quickly but efficiently, grinning as I squirmed and writhed at her touches, smiling seductively as I groaned and moaned. She covered the clear wrap with some blue saran wrap, perhaps sticking with the theme Jane had started, then stood when she finished.

“Behaving now isn’t likely to do you much good, you know,” she said.

I smiled and tried to look contrite. “My mistress is too good to me. I deserve to be punished for what I’ve done.”

“You should. Taking advantage of me like that. And allowing Jane to tie me up and leave me without any stimulation whatsoever.” Her hand drifted to my member as she spoke, stroking it as she walked around me. I moaned quietly and struggled for her.

“I think I’ll make you service me properly before I finish you off.”

She pushed me gently back onto the sofa, guiding my controlled fall so that my head didn’t hit the back. Then she swung my legs over onto the couch as well. Then she straddled me and leaned over so that her breast hung over my mouth.

“This will do as a gag for the moment, don’t you think?” she said as she lowered it to my lips.

For what I guess was ten to fifteen minutes, I pleasured my wife’s nipples. She would occasionally brush her mound against my erection for both our benefit, but she would more often than not reach between her legs with one hand to stimulate herself while I nibbled on a nipple gently. When one arm grew tired, she’d pause that activity for a bit, then switch to the other hand.

Finally, she decided that she was ready and pulled upright a bit more so she could mount me. I groaned in reply, and said, “Oh, yes please Mistress.”

She smiled at me as she began pumping slowly up and down. “This isn’t for you, slave. This is for me. I should forbid you to take pleasure from it.”

We continued to the natural conclusion, which naturally meant that I failed to obey orders. I took great pleasure from the experience, particularly since I’d delayed my gratification earlier. As we came down from the climax and the motion slowed, Lydia leaned close to me.

“Tsk, tsk. That wasn’t very smart. I guess we’ll just have to punish you more.”

She got off me and cleaned herself up with the edge of the towel, then used it to clean me off as well. Then she grabbed the blindfold that she’d left on the couch and secured it.

“I’ve some preparations to make,” she said as she secured it firmly in place, “so I’m leaving you ungagged. Don’t make me regret that by speaking in the slightest. Do you understand?”

I played along immediately, nodding rather than speaking. I heard her bare feet pad away from me on the hardwood floor, then the door to the garage open and close. I took advantage of being alone to test my bonds, and found them to be as well applied as they ever were. Still, struggling can be fun and will usually speed my recovery for another round, so I continued even though I knew I wouldn’t be getting out.

Lydia seemed to be gone for a long time, though that probably just meant a few minutes since I couldn’t see or move. When I heard the door again, I jumped a bit since I’d kind of sunk into my own world. I heard her feet again, then motion next to me. It sounded like something was being arranged on the couch, a bit like fabric on fabric, and now I was getting curious.

After a few moments of activity, I felt Lydia’s hands reach under my left side, which faced away from the back of the couch. They were at my shoulder and butt, and she started lifting as she said, “Roll over on your side.”

I was completely confused, but complied without a word. The temptation to ask was incredible, but I reminded myself I was being a good slave tonight and kept quiet. I nearly had to bite my tongue to do so.

Once I was on my side I could hear more activity and felt something brushing against my right side where it touched the couch. It felt like fabric, since it was soft and conformed to my body, but I’d no way of knowing what it really was. It reached up a few inches on my body, so whatever it was wasn’t a sheet or a strip. Lydia quickly had it in contact from my heels to my head, and after taking a few seconds to make adjustments, she rolled me back onto my back.

I rolled over the bump that was next to me and found that whatever she’d put there wasn’t a uniform thickness. Then I figured something out – she’d rolled it up to get it on the other side of me. Whatever this was would be going around me. But with the plastic wrap and the soft cushions of the couch, the feeling wasn’t enough for me to figure it out.

I felt her unroll the bit on my right side, occasionally lifting me a bit so that she could get it out from under me. Then the contact ceased and I heard activity moving towards my feet. I felt something drape across my feet, then get pulled tight around them. Whatever I was laying on now encircled my feet completely and apparently extended some distance beyond them.

I struggled a bit in anticipation, and heard her chuckle in reply. “You’ll figure it out soon enough. You always do,” she said. She was probably right, but for the life of me I couldn’t understand it right now. I felt whatever it was pull snugly around me, then relax slightly. Then that feeling was repeatedly slowly, moving up my body. The resulting grip was relatively tight, but not painful or even particularly snug.

As she reached my penis, she finally hit a point where she couldn’t avoid skin. I felt something like a net pass over my shaft, with strands passing on either side. I started to say “What the hell?” out loud, but then I both remembered being good and figured it out at the same time.

When we had gotten married, we’d asked our friends and family not to give us gifts since we really didn’t need all that much. But some hadn’t listened and we’d received china, glasses, and a variety of other items. One of those was a hammock, a present from a friend who’d looked at the wooden patio cover the house has and commented that it would be the perfect spot for one when he’d visited previously. So he’d gotten one for us.

I’d put it up since it seemed like a great idea and a good place to cuddle. But the first time we’d actually used it, we discovered that the patio cover had rotted over time and ended up crashing to the ground in a heap. Fortunately, it was the end with the feet that collapsed and outside of a bruise on my thigh where Lydia’s knee had dug into me, there wasn’t any damage. We’d even managed to laugh about it before sticking the hammock in the garage and forgetting about it. The cover had been replaced a few months back, but the hammock hadn’t come out of storage.

Apparently, Lydia had remembered it and thought of an alternate use for it. I could feel her thread rope between the two pieces of the hammock that encircled me, particularly since she made a circle around my penis. I figured she was going to use that somehow to keep the netting of the hammock from compressing painfully around my member. Then she continued up my body until she reached my head and went over it. The bit over my mouth seemed a bit looser than the rest, but I figured she had a plan for that.

The activity around me stopped and I heard feet on the floor again. They seemed to be heading towards the bedroom, and rapidly faded. A few minutes passed, then they returned. Something dropped below my feet on the couch, then the feet moved away from me again. I heard the sound of furniture scraping along the floor, and wondered what could be going on. Then that sound stopped and was repeated.

When that sound had stopped as well, I felt Lydia’s arms around my feet. She lifted them and turned me and the sliding sounds were explained. My butt and feet rested on a footstool, one for each. She’d slid them in a line extending from the couch. She scooted me around and adjusted me until only my shoulders rested on the sofa, with slight gaps under me where the furniture didn’t touch.

I felt the netting over my head move a bit, then Lydia standing on the sofa. She was there for a minute, then got down. Then the part of the hammock dangling over the end of my feet lifted and held there. I had a feeling I knew where this was going, but it wasn’t until I felt the strap slide under my butt that I confirmed it. I smiled and said, “You are evil, you know that?”

The activity at my butt continued a moment, then halted. I heard/felt her return to my head, and there was a bit of a laugh in her voice as she said, “Ahhhh, you shouldn’t have broken the rules. Now I’ll have to be sure.” The looseness around my face now made more sense as she manipulated the netting to insert the breather gag and inflate it. I groaned and struggled, but couldn’t do anything to stop her. She inflated it a bit more than usual, not uncomfortably so, but with the net she didn’t have any other way to keep me from spitting it out.

I felt more work on straps and felt them go under my shoulders, knees, the small of my back, and just below my butt a rope slide under my butt in line with my penis. This was tied to either side of the rope circle around my penis and tightened considerably. Now that couldn’t compress beyond the diameter she allowed it and my manhood wouldn’t be snipped off by the netting under load.

I felt the cargo straps being tightened, obviously attaching to the eye-bolts in the ceiling. She took her time adjusting the tension until she seemed happy with it, then I felt the footstool under my butt get pushed away, followed by the one under my feet. They sagged towards the floor a bit, but held when the straps caught. Then a slight push at my shoulders freed me from the couch and the straps all engaged. I wasn’t quite level, dipping a bit at the head, but I was suspended about a foot off the floor of our living room, held up by the hammock and the straps.

Lydia moved about adjusting the cargo straps and humming to herself. I moaned into my gag and struggled a bit, which she ignored. The tension on the straps was adjusted until the hammock bore most of the weight and compressed neatly around me with the straps under my body only serving to prevent me from bending painfully from the suspension.

I finally heard her come close to my head and felt her hand reach for my penis. The vibrator suddenly sprung to life and I thrashed about, swaying from the activity but unable to gain any leverage whatsoever. While that’s hard enough when you’ve been properly mummified, the hammock’s additional compression and immediate motion from being suspended made it even more impossible. After a moment, the vibrator went off and I heard my wife.

“I recall being bound in this room and made to watch ‘Master and Commander.’ Well, it just so happens that ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ was on and I’ve never seen that. You’ll just have to behave while I watch it.”

I heard the TV go on and struggled and moaned. When I felt Lydia’s touch on my penis again, she said, “Noise and activity won’t earn you any points. It might even extend your stay like that.”

Behind the gag, I smiled, then groaned and struggled as best I could.


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