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Lydia and Me 2: Revelations

by Pleasewrap

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© Copyright 2005 - Pleasewrap - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; captive; wrap; cocoon; mum; straps; trolley; transport; tease; denial; toys; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part one

Chapter Two - Revelations

Short of a night of bondage and sex, there’s just about nothing like the feel of a shower following a night of bondage and sex. At least, that’s my opinion. Washing away the sweat and residue after a good night’s sleep makes me feel very much human again and acts as a sort of hint of things that might come, since there’s not much motivation to repeat the activity if your partner smells like a goat. 

The warm water cascading down my flesh was both invigorating and soothing at the same time, seeming to give me new energy to face the day while calming my mind to absorb the happenings of the past 12 hours. I smiled as I rinsed the shampoo out of my hair and turned the hand-held shower head on my body to do the same with the soap. “She’s back,” I thought. 

Lydia lay sleeping in the other room, my bedroom, exhausted from her efforts to capture me, jet lag, and the erotic activities that had kept us both up quite late. After getting me home and revealing her surprise, we’d kissed again like the lovers that we still were for what seemed like an hour, me still wrapped up tight and strapped to the dolly that she’d used to bring me home. When we’d finally broken that embrace, she’d put a finger over my mouth and said “Not another word, we’ll have time for all that later.” Then she’d bent down to retrieve the sponge ball and produced a roll of plastic wrap that she’d cut in half from her back pocket. I smiled broadly as I allowed her to silence me again. 

She’d rolled me to the bedroom where the straps came off and I was laid to rest, still quite helpless but now struggling with the abandon that you only have when you know your tormenter well and trust them. It’s the struggling that really gets me going, I suppose. The sudden tightness as you flex a muscle here and try to pull away there. The increase in compression from breathing too heavily as you strain against the wrap that binds you so tightly. 

“Ohhhhh, are you frustrated? Do you want something from your mistress?” 

There’s a tone in those questions that just drives me wild – the playful nature, the half-laugh that accompanies them and just reinforces how much under her control I am. So close to release in motivation, but impossibly far in my ability to actually do anything about it. I looked at her with eyes that partially begged for her to do something about. The other part begged that she wouldn’t for a while. 

She smiled as she removed the belt with the holster and proceeded to strip slowly, swaying her hips slightly as she hummed a tune. It took a moment, but I finally recognized “The Devil Inside” by INXS, a song that the two of us found particularly a propos given our shared fetish. Her movements were both erotic and domineering at the same time, reinforcing the feelings for the pleasure that sex would finally bring and the absolute inability of her subject to do anything to speed that process along. 

As she was removing her pants, I struggled mightily and let out a groan of frustrated joy. She looked up, giving me a marvelous view of her breasts and said “Not writing to me after I moved was very naughty and I think you deserve punishment for that. So you’ll just have to wait.” I struggled more and tried to convey the fact that I couldn’t have written her since I didn’t know where to mail the letter, but gags make intelligent conversation difficult and I didn’t seem to succeed in my attempt. 

Now naked, she moved over to the side of the bed and straddled me so that my erection was just out of range of its desired target. I bucked my hips and growled at her (one of the few sounds that doesn’t change that much with a sponge ball stuffed in your mouth). She simply smiled and said, “So soon? We’ve only just gotten reacquainted…” 

She slid down my cocoon allowing her mound to brush my penis which elicited more groans and struggles. Then she rolled over onto her side with her shoulders about even with my hips. She rested her head in her hand and almost carelessly started to caress my manhood, twirling a lock of her hair with a spare finger that wasn’t busy supporting her head. 

“You see,” she said, “I’d figured you’d met another girl and fallen madly in love with her and that you’d dropped contact with me because she’d heard stories and might be jealous.” She turned her hand so that her fingernails barely touched the surface of my penis at its base, then slowly began dragging them up towards the tip. Waves like electricity seemed to emanate from the touch, and I desperately tried to free an arm so that I could take her right then and there. 

“Then I saw this ad pop up on a site I’d help a friend I’d met build. The two of us had swapped stories about our college careers and you’d been a subject. Don’t ask me how I came to mention the Duckbills to him, but I did. So when a personal containing that reference had shown up, he’d e-mailed me saying ‘Friend of yours?’” 

Her hands surrounded my shaft and she began to slowly pump up and down. I ceased struggling since the combination of this stimulation and that activity would likely have driven me over the edge. Tonight, I didn’t want to just make a mess on my stomach and chest. Lydia was here and I wasn’t going to waste the moment. 

She smiled and looked at me as my body stilled, knowing exactly what was going on. “Still sensitive here, hmmm? And sensitive to your mistresses desires, too. How sweet. Perhaps I’ll even reward you for that.” 

Regardless of my lack of struggling, the stimulation was growing to be too much and I groaned as loudly as the gag would allow. I started to shake my head, but felt the hand leave my manhood and her body sliding up along mine. I turned my head towards her as she laid her head on the pillow just next to my ear, her brown hair spilling over her face just the way I remembered. 

“Well, I want you to last, so I suppose I should give you a rest. I didn’t get to look at the ad before you pulled it, but since I knew the web master and he had a good backup routine, I was able to get an e-mail address. That address was gone, but it was on a very poorly protected server. Normally I don’t use my talents for personal gain, but this was a special case…” 

Her voice drifted off a bit as she started tracing circles on my chest with her nails. She pushed just hard enough that I could feel it without through the wrap. Her eyes got a bit far away and she seemed lost in thought. 

“Gggggghhhhh nnnnnnhhhhh,” is what I managed to get out through the gag. I guess it was close enough to “Go on” that she figured out what I meant. 

“It wasn’t hard to find you after that. That server gave me an IP address which gave me a WHOIS lookup which got me to the domain you had registered. I had a name, a number, and an address. What I didn’t have was enough information.” 

I held as still as I could, not wanting the sound of struggling to make me miss anything. Her voice had dropped to a very low level as she obviously remembered a time she didn’t really want to. Her hand reached up to stroke my face very gently and her eyes locked on to mine. 

“I didn’t know why you hadn’t answered my letter. I didn’t know if you’d even received it. I didn’t know if you had missed me as much as I’d missed you and if you’d have me back in your life. Your ad made you seem so lonely, but that didn’t mean you were lonely for me. 

“The three years we hadn’t been in touch had been hard for me,” she said as her hand rested on my cheek. “I was doing well at work, but they liked moving people around to keep them from getting stale. The problem is, that left me without much stability and I ended up having to prove myself over and over again to new managers. I was tired and getting sick of not having any roots anywhere. Then I found your ad.” 

She kissed my gagged mouth softly and said, “I actually hacked your brother’s e-mail account six months ago to learn as much as I could. I had already given my notice, but I didn’t know where I was going to go at the end of the project I was on. I knew you were close and his password was easy to guess, and I figured I might find some good information from him.” 

She pulled away slightly and said, “I’m sorry for that Ray. I didn’t mean to pry into other things but I couldn’t stand the thought of being disappointed when I came back. I kept thinking about our games and the fun we had and could have. I honestly longed for the times when we weren’t bound, too, but I kept imagining having you like this and driving you mad only to have you turn the tables at the next opportunity. And I wanted it to work for us so badly. I couldn’t deal with the rejection if you were married or seriously involved.” 

I nodded and grunted that it was OK as best as I could and, while there couldn’t have been anything intelligible coming out of my mouth, she understood and smiled. Then she laughed and rolled back to me, straddling my chest. 

“So I cooked up this little plan after you’d e-mailed your brother some of your own misery and some information on this contract. Their security systems are really crap, you know that?” 

I groaned and heaved as best I could, staring at her with as much irony as I could muster if it’s possible to put irony into a look. She ground herself into my chest, enjoying the motion, then leaned close to me, allowing her pert breasts to brush up against my gag. I groaned again, wanting so much to take one in my mouth and pleasure us both. She knew how this drove me mad and kept them there, brushing her nipples just barely over my mouth. 

“And here I am, with you my captive for the cost of a plane ticket and a prop gun. Three years is a long time not to hear from you, don’t you know that? I’m not sure you deserve any more fun than you’ve already had…” 

She started to roll off me again and I groaned and struggled wildly. If willpower were strength, both of my arms would have been instantly free to grab her and show her how I’d missed her as well. But it wasn’t and isn’t and that is precisely what didn’t occur. Instead, she rolled off the bed and went to her purse, producing a small bullet vibrator which she proceeded to insert to pleasure herself. Then she lay down next to me again and turned it on, idly playing with my member while she took care of herself. 

This is a part of bondage that’s always been a favorite of mine. Knowing that my woman next to me was experiencing such pleasure, being unable to participate, and being unable to bring myself to the desired result is an incredible stimulus for me. It drives me wild without bringing me over the edge, holding me just where I’m ready for what I know will come soon. 

I watched her face as she alternated between excitement and pleasure, either panting, groaning, or smiling. Her fingers lightly played with me and I pulled hard trying to will my way out of my cocoon. She noticed the motion and rolled toward me with a broad grin after several minutes. 

“Frustrated, are we?” 

The bullet was turned off and removed, and she slid exactly where I wanted her to be. She pumped up and down and I held still at first, trying to extend the moment as long as it could last. She had her eyes closed and panted from the excitement and the effort, straining as though to drive me deeper inside her. I finally couldn’t wait any longer and began thrusting my hips as hard as my bonds would allow. 

Lydia was visibly panting now, small “oh” sounds coming at regular intervals. If we didn’t climax together it was damned close and fantastic never the less. She kept going after, slowing as my erection faded, not wanting the moment to end. When she finally stopped, she leaned playfully over me with her elbows on my chest as she began removing the wrap that held in the gag. Once it was removed I said the only thing that made sense to say to her at that very moment. 

“I love you so much…” 

A tear had come to her eye then, and we’d gone through a bit of hugging my bound form before she finally sat up and cut me free. We both wanted to talk more, but it was nearly four AM and we were both exhausted. Both of us simply collapsed, hugging each other as we drifted off to sleep. 

Now I stepped out of the bathroom having finished my business there, pulling on a T-shirt as I walked. Lydia was stirring a bit on the bed, but still slept. I stood at the door admiring her, thinking I should pinch myself to make sure this was all real. She had a slight smile on her face as she rolled over in bed, still asleep but obviously not for much longer. 

I broke my reverie and got an evil grin that those who know me means mischief is afoot and went to the kitchen. I was starving and I was sure she would be too. I grabbed oranges, berries, the chocolate sauce, juice, and some ice cubes and put them on a tray. Then I rummaged through my cupboards until I’d found the plastic wrap and the duct tape that was under the sink. They joined the food and I headed for the kitchen. 

It was my turn to have a captive audience.


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