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The Machine

by NaughtyLittleGirl

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© Copyright 2001 - NaughtyLittleGirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; straitjacket; mc; tape; wrap; encase; entomb; cons; X

It had arrived by truck that morning. The delivery men had struggled to lift the crate off the truck and get it onto the moving trolley. After considerable effort they managed to move it into the space provided in the garage. After the movers had left, she looked at it and opened the attached envelope. It read:  

"Dear new owner.
Take care of me and I will do likewise.
But do not open until one week after I
have arrived.
From Master X"

How mysterious, she thought. A mystery package arrives from a mystery man with a mysterious message. Too many mysteries! The package itself was huge. She could see by the effort the movers had used, that it was very heavy. But size wise it was enormous. It had the height of an upturned car and the width of three fridges. When she had been called that morning to alert her as to the arrival of such a package and prepare a space, she didn't believe that it was as big as they said. But now she did.

Why do I have to wait a week? What is so important about waiting. No sense in busting my brain on it. She walked up to the box and pressed her ear to it straining to listen to whatever was inside. All the could hear was a faint whirring noise.

At this point though, it would be wise to introduce the woman. Her name is Sharon and she is 23. She is submissive and single, living alone in a large house on the fore shore. Sharon is a member of the exclusive club for Submissives and Dominants called S.L.A.P (Submissives, Lesbians and Prisoners). That's right, there were three divisions to the club and Sharon was a member of the first division. Submissives.

Sharon decided it was time to go about her daily errands, and try to forget the mystery box. Although she did circle the date as it would be in one week's time on her calendar.

Slowly, the week dragged on. Day after day seemed to crawl almost as if to spite her but eventually the day arrived. Sharon opened the door to the garage and walked down the stairs to the concrete floor. The first thing she noticed, was that the box had acquired a fine coating of beach dust, common in the area. This was first to go. Now she had to work out how to open the box. To her surprise, there was a handle at the back which was simply labeled: "Pull and stand back." So clearing the area around the box, unsure as to what was going to happen, Sharon prepared to try the handle.

When the area was article free, she reached behind the box, leaning over to hold the handle, ready to run, and pulled it. Sharon bolted as she heard a faint rapid clicking, and five seconds later.... BOOM!

The four upper corners of the box, simultaneously exploded, sending the four wall panels of the box flying in four directions and sending the roof up and across the room about a meter and a half.

'Well that was fun!' thought Sharon. 'Almost like being a bomb expert'. But more than anything else was the machine itself which absorbed Sharon's attention.

It was tall and heavily built. To best describe it would be to call it a largish coffin mounted on a pedestal with devices coming from all parts of the machine and connecting to the coffin which was the centre of the machine. The coffin itself was not a coffin but rather a large human shaped box with no openings of any kind. It stood two metres tall but with all the machinery added to it, it stood about three. There was also a step plate in front of the "coffin" that had a red circle painted on it.

There was a small engraved metal square riveted to the front of the coffin that read:  

"Congratulations new owner.
You will find an instruction manual in the small drawer at the rear of this machine.
It will begin you on a journey that only this device can take you on."

Sharon walked around behind the machine, and sure enough there was the drawer. Opening it, she found a small yellow book that was only four pages thick! Some manual she thought. Sharon sat down on a stack of newspapers and read it. The first page contained a photo of the machine, calling it the X-FANTASY VII. The second page contained a schematic of the machine with several points highlighted in red. The third page was written text but it was in japanese or something. The final page was in english. It basically explained that the machine was a doorway to all her hidden fantasies, and could be used any time the "traveler" felt like exploring themselves. It outlined three things that Sharon would need and it told her how to get started.

Sharon walked over to the machine, still carrying the booklet and quickly found the heart-beat detector. Then she found the respiration regulator. And finally she spotted the "on" switch, although that was a crude name for the little button. It did so much more.

There were also directions on how to prepare for the "journey". Firstly, she would have to take a shower, then shave all lower body hair and underarm hair. Head hair was optional. Following this she would have to approach the machine naked, then stand on the red circle plate, close her eyes and press the activator button.

So Sharon, eager to begin, ran upstairs and jumped in the shower. The hot water was luxurious against her skin, being that this was her first shower for the day. She lathered the soap up on the flannel and gently rubbed it all over her body, paying careful attention to her perky breasts. She was proud of them, entirely natural and with the shape and physique of a 16 year olds. They were un-pierced, and she vowed they would stay that way. Down below, in her mons, Sharon spread her outer lips and carefully rubbed them with the flannel tip. This turned her on, but Sharon was too busy to pleasure herself. The machine beckoned her from below.

Now came the difficult part. Sharon loved her soft blonde pubic hair. She didn't want to part with it but the book said so. She grabbed a lady's razor and began to remove it, in long slow passes until it was all gone. She looked like a kid again, she thought although she was five foot eight. Then came the underarm hair. There wasn't much, Sharon shaved it off every three days. But she did it again to be sure. Sharon allowed herself on final soak in the water, turning round in a full circle to effectively cover herself in the water. Now she was ready.

Sharon padded down towards the garage, with a towel around herself. She had locked the front door, taken the phone off the hook and had let the cat out to play. Now she stood before the colossal machine and looked it over. The one thing that constantly played in her mind, was; what does it do? She would soon find out, she reasoned. Sharon walked to the wall and hung up her towel. Then, naked as a newborn, she stood on the plate with the red circle, faced the machine and took a breath. Wait! Sharon had almost forgotten the two devices she had removed from the machine earlier.

Sharon attached the heart reader to her chest, just above her breast, and wound the respiration thingy around her midriff. It was like a belt but it had small bumps in it. Presumably hidden machinery. Now she was ready. Sharon collected her thoughts and took a deep breath. Placing her finger on the small button, she waited. Finally when she had stopped shaking, she closed her eyes and pressed the button. Nothing happened. Yet.

Suddenly, a voice came from the machine. It was soft and peaceful. It instructed her to keep her eyes closed, turn around and raise her arms. Sharon did this. Then the machine began to play a soft melody. Sharon felt that she wanted to listen to this music forever. It felt like nothing else mattered. She found herself, drawn into the song. When in reality something else was happening, that maybe if she was aware of, she might care to stop.

After the music had begun, two mechanical arms came down from above. Suspended between them was a modified version of a straitjacket. Using some form of sensors, the arms found Sharon's arms and pulled the jacket onto her. At the back of the jacket, special catches closed and tightened instantly sealing Sharon inside the restraint. The arms which she still held out were grabbed by the mechanical ones and were folded around herself. Similar catches were used to secure her arms. After these were locked, the jacket seemed to detect that that there was slack between itself and Sharon. It remedied this by tightening the back closures and pulling the arms further around. It also had adjustable belts built into the waist, breast and neck. These were all tightened up so as to be tight but not uncomfortable. Sharon meanwhile was totally unaware of anything but the music.

At ankle level, two arms came out from the machine and proceeded to wind a strap around her ankles, effectively stopping her from walking. At the same time, at head level, an arm came out carrying a gag with a tube attached. This was inserted into Sharon's mouth and the two mechanical arms held the straps whilst the automatic catches closed and tightened. Now Sharon was a picture of restraint. Strapped tightly into a Straitjacket, bound at the ankles and gagged. But the machine did not stop there. From the base of the machine came a peculiar arm that was equipped with a roll of special tape. It attached the end of the roll to Sharon's ankle, over the strap and proceeded to wind the tape around her body at high speed. The arm was based at the edge of the circular plate that Sharon stood on, so it could spin around the circumference of the plate and be able to bind someone without getting tangled up.

The wrapping arm worked fast and hard. It wrapped her as tightly as it could from the ankles right upwards. It didn't stop when it got to the Straitjacket, it just wrapped over it. Compressing Sharon until she was mummified in silver tape from the ankles to her neck. The wrapping arm then stopped, detached the tape from the roll and retreated to it's hole. From the top, another arm came out, carrying a latex hood. The no-zipper type. It held the hood whilst the two mechanical arms from before, grabbed the neck opening and stretched it out. Then they lowered it onto Sharon's head and released the neck, so it snapped into place. The tube which Sharon was breathing though came through a reinforced hole in the front of the mask but apart from that, there was no other holes in the mask.

Then the wrapping arm came up again and continued where it left off. It started at the neck and wound itself, considerably slower now, around Sharon's masked head. It avoided the tube sticking out but from there, went all the way up to the top of the head and started going down again. Once again it avoided the tube and once clear of the neck, it geared up to high speed and shot down her body length, wrapping her even tighter than before.

Once this was finished and the wrapper had retreated, the two mechanical arms retreated also and for the first time, the coffin box opened. However, Sharon was not put in yet. Two heavy duty arms lifted her upwards by the waist until she was suspended six inches above the plate. They held her there, whilst two little arms came from the plate, carrying white socks. These arms slid the socks onto her feet and retreated. Then the wrapping arm was called forward once more and proceeded to wrap her feet tightly in the silver tape. It wrapped her from ankles to the tips of her toes and back again, ensuring that now the mummification was complete.

Sharon was still listening to the music, so was at present unaware of her predicament. The machine didn't care. It wasn't even half finished with Sharon. Whilst she was suspended, an arm with a spray bottle came out and proceeded to spray Sharon all over with a thin clear liquid. The instant it hit the tape wrapped all over her, it turned into a tacky film which began to turn opaque. Sharon looked quite unusual now. She looked like a silver mummy but she was covered in a shiny semi-transparent liquid. Although it didn't stay liquid for long. Within three minutes, it had hardened into a tough plastic that was stiff and smooth. Effectively, it acted like a plaster cast, locking her in place, eliminating all movement.

The suspension arms lowered her down and once she was on the plate, two arms from within the coffin box, picked her up and brought her inside. The inside of the box was smooth metal and well polished. Once Sharon's tightly mummified form was inside, the coffin box closed and sealed. From inside the music that hypnotized Sharon, still played whilst four jets started filling the inside of the coffin with a white liquid. As this was happening, A special tube/arm came down and attached itself to the tube protruding from Sharon's gag and mask. The liquid level rose inside the coffin until it was three quarters full. The jets stopped and retreated. But the liquid didn't stop rising. Because this liquid was special. It was a chemical liquid compound that once it cooled down, it expanded and hardened a bit like styrofoam except much harder.

To cut through this material you would need to use a chisel or maybe an ice pick. Meanwhile, the liquid began to set as it expanded, filling the every last little space inside the coffin. Ten minutes later it had set and the machine was finished.

As quickly as it had started, the music stopped, and Sharon's brain came out of the hazy world it had been living in. She instinctively tried to move but could not. She was absolutely rigid. She struggled as hard as she could but couldn't even wriggle a toe. Sharon started to cry but the voice started to talk to her. It was not listening to her so it said it's message then repeated it to ensure she had heard it. It explained in detail what had happened to her, step by step, then it went on to explain that the air she was breathing was laced with four chemicals. None of which were harmful. The first chemical was meant to stop her bowels from producing any more waste. The second chemical stopped her kidneys producing urine. The third chemical was an air-based food supplement and the fourth was water vapour that through continual consumption, would stop her getting thirsty. Naturally, she would not receive all these chemicals at once but instead when they were needed.

The message ended by saying how pleased the machine was that you had tried it.

It's last words were, see you in a week.



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