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The Machine: Model-2A

by [email protected]

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The Machine: Model-2A or Marie's LONG STAY at the Boss's Mansion

Prologue:    I read the story of "The Machine" written by NaughtyLittleGirl here on this website about a girl name Sharon that got a huge mysterious package from a Master X. Which turns out to be a device called the X-FANTASY-VII which to her surprise when she tries it out is a specialized self-mummification computerized unit that puts a person in total mummification for the submissive and sealing inside a metal casket for a week unable to move or do anything. I figured that there should be some more stories of this X-FANTASY-VII Unit and I sure there would be people that would order special modifications for their usage or whatever. This is a story of one that I created based on the original story of "The Machine" . 


Last week of May in St. Louis. Marie had finished working on the final paperwork for the company and she was expecting to go on an extended vacation for the entire Summer. She would not be back until the middle of September. Of course she did not know exactly what to do with all her free time she was getting. Her boss of the multi-billion dollars company, Mr. Brackton walked into her office and asked what she had planned for her entire Summer vacation. Marie explained that she would be taking it easy probably take a cross country train trip or visit sites around the country, etc. 

Mr. Brackton mentioned she could stay at his private mansion up in Maine if she wanted to which is isolated near a lake miles away from the nearest town. Saying it was peaceful had food stocked in the rooms, satellite TV, private lake dock, etc. 

Marie said she was interested. 

Mr. Brackton said, "Okay, just before you leave on your extended holiday just go to my office & my personal secretary will give you the key to the place and a detailed map how to get there. As well on how to turn on the power of the house, etc. I and my wife seldom used the place ourselves. However, it peaceful & nice. Haven't been there for a year. There would not be anyone there you would be the only one there." 

Friday came and Marie got the key and map from her boss's secretary to his isolated mansion in Maine. 

Second week in June on the road. 

After Marie was traveling in her car after visiting Boston, Mass. She decided to go to her boss's place up in Maine. After, she left the Motel 7 she stayed in Portland. Maine where she stayed that evening she went off the main highway to several farm roads following the map and came to a large metal gate  with a large sign saying: 

 "Private Property - Keep Out!!" 

There was smaller sign next to it saying: "I WOULD NOT ENTER IF I WERE YOU" 

Well, Marie had no fear after all she had the key and permission to be on the property. 

After driving 20 minutes up a dirt type gravel road she saw the lake and then the mansion next to it. It was huge like a castle there must be at least 30 rooms in that place. After parking the car in the back she got the key and went through the back kitchen, and following the directions turning on the power. 

Large spacious, and roomy and expensive. She explored around a bit and noticed that some rooms were locked but did not think too much of those locked rooms. Those were probably private anyway. 

After three days there relaxing, having some wine from the wine cellar her supper of the canned Chinese food she cooked she needed some soy sauce for the rice. While, getting the sauce from the cupboard she then noticed a large set of keys behind them she was curious. Then she thought, maybe these are extra keys to those locked rooms. 

Well, curiosity got the better of Marie after she ate her dinner she tried the keys to see what was in those other locked rooms. She got a flashlight since it was night and those locked rooms would be of course dark. 

One was a private office, one was a large empty closet, another was a type of storeroom  piled with furniture and junk, and another was type of bedroom. 

When she looked inside the closet of that bedroom she saw a door down the far end of it. Of course, curiosity got Marie and opened the door thinking it would connect to another bedroom. Instead, it was a flight of stairs leading down, she found a light switch and the inside went down the staircase which wound down & down. She figured it might lead to the basement and ended at a hallway & went along for some 30 feet to a closed door. 

When Marie opened it was black inside and felt for a light switch an the inside around the door when the light came on she was shocked. 

The room was filled with all sorts of bondage equipment. There was a rack, handcuffs and restraints on the shelves, a whip, and other equipment. 

"Oh, it looks like Mr. Brackton & his wife cornered the BDSM market.", she said jokingly.  Of course, Marie had somewhat of an interest in bondage and was thrilled she found something that really interest her. She looked around and saw a door looked inside, it was a padded cell. Another was a huge closet filled with every type of leather & latex clothing she could imagined. She opened another door that had a picture of a pyramid painted in gold on it. 

She looked inside and there was another room which was done in Ancient Egypt with all sorts of reproduction idols, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writings, wall hangings of Ancient Egypt , etc. However, she noticed there was this large type of machine equipment at one side. Which had dials, switches on it and large pile of boxes on one side marked with CATSUITS Type 5T and there was a type of roller conveyor on the floor which leads to a small square type hole on the wall separated by a black plastic curtain. She looked behind the curtain and could see another room. In that room lined against a wall looked like Ancient Egyptian Caskets some elaborately decorated, some looking cheap. And also a series of what appeared to be metal coffins smaller in size than the Egyptian one. She saw on the other room what looked like a bunch of large computer looking devices lines against which reminder her of that scene from Star Wars where the Jawas creature had all those robots in their moving rolling garage. There also appeared to be industrial robots along the conveyor track in that other room. Interesting she thought as she quit looking in there and looked around some more. Also, there was a large metal garage type door that probably lead to either another room or somewhere or maybe the outside. 

Marie then noticed something on a table that appeared to be a yellow booklet, a receipt, and a written letter sticking out of a envelope. Of course, she was curious what written. As Marie read the letter:   

Dear Mr. Brackton, 

As requested to your wife's detailed instructions we have made the modifications to our X-FANTASY-VII-Model 2A Unit as requested. We have also, enclosed the specialized latex Catsuits Type 5T also requested of about 8 to 10 of each size each which is well from size triple small to size double XX. 
I know the order for 5 catsuits each was stated however since you are one of our favorite customers and recommended others people to our products in the past. We have decided to reward you with THE FEW EXTRAS. 
Please enjoy this customized and modified  X-FANTASY-VII Unit of yours. Instructions are the same as with other with slight different as per your wife's instructions. 

Master X   

Well, now Marie was more than interested than ever. She read the booklet, the first page had a colored photo of a machine with a title the picture of X-FANTASY-VII. The next page was another photo of the different looking machine called X-FANTASY-VII - MODEL 2A, The next few pages showed schematics of the unit and items marked in red. One page was written in Japanese or some foreign language. One page had stapled about 12 pages of a computer printed titled:- 

As she read the printout, she became more & more fascinated. 

This modified unit can take you on a journey to your desires only this device can take you. Marie was so interested she kept reading. It told how to turn it on, etc. She skipped a few pages to read the last page on how to prepare for your journey.. 

1)  Please take a shower first. 
2)  Shave excess hair underarm & lower body hair. 
3)  Put one on of our specialize LATEX Type 4 CATSUITS, be sure of correct smooth tight 
     fitting size. And be sure to put the 2 small batteries on the suits located on end of 
     rear zippers near neck to operate the heart & respirator monitors. 
4)  Set desired effect on control panel. Carefully read section on 
     "Desired Effects Settings and Explanation of such." 
5)  Then stand on round red metal plate stand. Place feet exactly on marked area. 
6)  Press activator button on front. 
7)  Watch center viewing screen. 
8)  You will then begin your journey and follow the voice instructions. 

Now Marie was so interested and excited, that she just had to try this thing out. She looked in one of the many boxes there and searched for one of those latex catsuits to use. She found one that was her size opened up the plastic package of the catsuit and unfolded it. Looks like my size she thought to herself. She also saw a small box that was marked batteries and it was those that are used in hearing aids. She put those in the snap areas in the suit. 

Marie realized that the instructions said to take a shower first and shave extra body hair. She went up to the upstairs and took a shower and prepared herself. 

Marie carefully put on the latex catsuit, this outfit covered her entire feet, her arms. The only thing that was flesh was her head and her hands. She was wondering what the two little things that looked like pressure tire valves found near the battery clips in the back near her neck of that latex catsuit she was wearing. Well she ignored  that and looked at herself in the full length mirror and marveled, "Oh, I could get used to this." 

She quickly went down to the hidden room downstairs to try the X-FANTASY-VII Machine on whatever it did. Marie turned on the on switch. As she did the unit hummed. She, looked at the panel board. She saw a switch that had two settings one said male and other said female. She flipped it to female. Then there was a dial that had the lettering of:   D, W, and "THE ULTIMATE", She decided well I will set it with the letter D and as she did this one of the panels on the console slid open to and several dials were there with numbers above there was a small sight saying "SELECT LEVEL FOR DESIRED EFFECT". 

"I'll set it to 10", Marie exclaimed, "My dates in the past said I'm perfect." 

After she had set the controls, Marie thought for a second and decided, "I set it to the setting THE ULTIMATE, what the heck." 

She went to the control panel and turned the dial to "THE ULTIMATE". After she did the LEVEL dials went to zero and the small panel slid shut and another panel slid opened up. There was lighted dotted word panel that said, "Do you want THE ULTIMATE Level?", press button 1 for YES and button 2 for NO."

Marie pressed the 1 button without question. And the lighted panel now said, "Do you REALLY want THE ULTIMATE Level, CONFIRM", press button 1 for YES and button 2 for NO. 

The lighted word panel said, "LEVEL of THE ULTIMATE CONFIRMED". Please go to RED ROUND CENTER PLATE as instructed and press activator button. 

Marie immediately, stepped on the red plate and pressed activator button. A soft voice came from the machine and said, "You have selected LEVEL SETTING of THE ULTIMATE, if this is what you want please press activator button again THREE TIMES, if not reset your control panel on console to start over." 

Well, Marie press the activator button THREE TIMES. And the soft voice came again and asked "Please confirm, for THE ULTIMATE SETTING, press activator button again THREE TIMES." Again, she pressed it three times and the soft voice coming from the machine said, "This is last time will be asked on your desire setting, do you confirm THE ULTIMATE LEVEL press activator button three times." Marie did hoping it would be the last time it asked. 

The soft voice said, "You have selected and confirmed THE ULTIMATE LEVEL, enjoy yourself". 

Again the soft voice came from the machine which instructed her to watch the video screen and raise her arms. Which she did and music began to play as she was watching the screen she was being hypnotized after a minute that voice instructed Marie to close her eyes and relax. The round panel turned 180 Degrees around, Marie was unaware for what was to come next and maybe she should have read that entire booklet carefully because she would them know what the setting of THE ULTIMATE really was. She was so relaxed and hypnotized listening the music she didn't care. 

The two mechanical arms came from behind her out of the machine and had a modified version of a straitjacket. Using some form of sensors, the arms found Marie's arms and pulled the jacket on her. At the back of the jacket, special catches closed and locking & tightening and sealing Marie in the restraint. The mechanical arms then pulled Marie's arms down and folded around her waist & then locking with special catches securing her arms tightly. This jacket had special adjustable belts built into the waist, breast & neck making sure that Marie was locked in securely. Of course Marie was unaware what was happening to her. 

Another arm came out with a padded ankle cuffs and locked her ankles together, another mechanical arm came out and put some kind of a long padded restraint cuff and locking it around her knees. Two of the other mechanical arms came out with a type of gag with a tube attached and inserted it into Marie's mouth and with automatic catches closed and locked tight on her. Then another arm came out carrying a no zipper type latex hood. The mechanical arms stretched the hood around Marie's head and carefully and quickly snapping it covering her head. The tube which Marie was breathing through came through a reinforced hole in front of the mask but apart from that, there were not other holes in the latex hood. 

Next a mechanical arm came out with a device that looked like a pair of Walkman earphones except it put each end on the side of her head behind her eyes. It snapped in smoothly & tightly in place with the clip part running along the back of her head. Now Marie look like a picture of restraint strapped in a straitjacket, her ankles & knees locked in padded cuffs, and gagged. 

At this moment some mechanical noise was heard in the background and a human shaped coffin type metal box rolled out on the conveyor track from behind the wall and stopped. The mechanical arms lifted the coffin box and put it behind Marie. The arms then attached wiring & tubes into it and stopped after it was completed. 

Next, from the round plate where Marie was standing on a type of mechanical arm came out with roll of special silver tape. It attached one end to Marie's ankle, and proceeded to wind the tape around her body at high speed. That mechanical arm at the edge of the round plate that Marie stood on, it could spin around the circumference of the plate and able to bind someone without getting tangled up. The wrapping arm worked fast and hard & when it came to the straitjacket it wrapped over it compressing Marie even more. When it came to the neck it carefully wrapped around her head avoiding the breathing tube & the two valve looking devices on her neck completed to the top of her head. Then the taping arm detached itself from Marie. A moment later it started up again starting at her head and repeating the process from top to ankle wrapping her even more. 

The wrapping arm stopped and retreated into it's slot. The other mechanical arms then raised Marie a foot above the plate. The wrapping arm came out again proceed to wrap Marie from her ankles to the tips of her toes and back again, ensuring that the mummification was complete. The mechanical arms placed Marie on the plate, one arm stayed so she would not fall over.  Again Marie was still unaware what was happening to her, she was hypnotized and listening to the music playing. 

At this point another mechanical sound was heard and down the roller conveyor a highly decorated large Egyptian mummy casket came out. It was highly decorated in metallic gold and looked exactly like the type that King Tut was buried in except it has a woman's face on it with red lips. It stopped at the end of the conveyor. 

While Marie was standing there an arm with a spray bottle began spraying all over her body with a clear tacky liquid film. The film did not stay liquid long it began to dry & harden in three minutes. After about 7 minutes the spray bottle proceeded to give her a second coat that also dried and harden. Now Marie was now a silver mummy encased in a tough plastic coat that acted like a plaster cast locking her in place and eliminating all her movements. 

At this point the metal coffin box behind her opened to place her inside. But before it did one of the mechanical arms came out and placed some kind of an Ancient Egyptian looking collar placing it on her shoulders and around her neck. Next two of the arms placed small plastic tubes from the metal coffin to the valve looking items on her neck. Then the mechanical arms picked her up & placed her in the metal coffin box. The inside of the metal coffin box was smooth & shiny and polished to a mirror finished except it was in gold. One arm placed another tube from inside the casket to Marie's breathing tube/gag in front of her. Once this was done the metal coffin closed and sealed shut.  Next a white liquid began to fill the inside of the coffin and filled it three-fourths filled. The white liquid which was a type of Styrofoam compound that expanded and harden and sealing Marie like in a block of cement. Now Marie was completely restrained solidly inside, but the next was yet to come. 

Next one of the arms came out with a device it came to the metal coffin an a laser beam came out and was now welding the metal coffin box shut. Next the mechanical arms began attaching what appeared to be some metal cylinders to the back of the metal coffin and also attached some kind of a electrical unit to the metal coffin as well. The mechanical arms with types of power tools bolted those items on the coffin box. 

Again, Marie still was unaware on what was happening to her she would later find out what the setting of THE ULTIMATE was. 

Next, a small device came down the conveyor it popped off the conveyor it looked like a small toy 4x4 truck except it had a small TV camera on it. It left the room for it pre-programmed purpose and moved through the garage type door that opened a few feet to let it out. 

Next the metal arms of THE MACHINE began lifting the Egyptian Mummy Casket off the roller conveyor belt. The arms then lifted the top decorated lid of it off. After, it did this the mechanical arms began to lift and placed the metal coffin box with the straitjacketed, mummified, encased, sealed Marie into the lower part of the Mummy Casket. After this was done, the mechanical arms began to put the upper portion of the decorative Egyptian Mummy Casket back on. Once this was done then another mechanical arm came out and with a type of nail gun then began to hammer shut the Mummy Casket with the metal coffin enclosed Marie inside. 

Then, other devices began to roll down the roller conveyor belt. They looked like little robots that you would see in a Star Wars or science fiction movie or those seen on television robot war shows contests. The robot type units began to move and run around began clicking, etc. All had mechanical arm type devices on them. 

The mechanical arms then began to lift the Egyptian Mummy Casket upright. And after this was done the music stopped and Marie came out of her hypnotic trance.  Marie began to move but could not. She was rigid. She couldn't do anything or even speak. "What's going on here, What's happening??" Marie thought to herself. 

Then the soft voice came on, "Dear owner and user of our X-FANTASY-VII - Model 2A Special Order Unit, we will explain to you as required with our product on what happened to you. Although, you may already know what our X-FANTASY-VII-Model 2A does we will show you on what occurred with the ALPHA-BETA Brain Transmitter that is placed next to your head to see what was recorded and explained what happened to you."   The soft voice began explain to Marie and she began to see images with the Walkman unit that was placed on her head it was like "virtual reality" except the images were going straight into Marie brain cortex area for sight. 

Marie heard what the voice was saying and she saw images of her being straitjacketed, mummified, encased, sealed and sealed in a beautiful Gold Mummy Case. The voice explained that her breathing tube attached would have four air laced chemicals which were not harmful. First to keep her body from producing any waste, the 2nd to keep her kidneys from producing urine, 3rd for food nourishment and the 4th water based to keep her from getting thirsty. She would not, get these chemicals all at once only when as needed as her monitoring units built in the latex catsuit she was wearing would indicated as needed. The LATEX CATSUIT 

The voice continued, "Usually people using the X-FANTASY-VII or modificated versions of such have spent a few days to a week in total isolation to explore themselves. Some choose to spend a few weeks that they desired." 

Marie thought to herself, "Oh, great I get to use a self-bondage machine and get stuck for a week." 

Then the soft voice said, "Since you have decided to choose the level of THE ULTIMATE which very, very, very few go to this level of LEVEL- THE ULTIMATE as explained in our booklet and hope you made the right choice. As your new environment you have decided on your long extended journey you have decided." 

"I wonder what he means new environment?", Marie thought with a puzzlement, "Am I to spend more than a week inside here? Wish I read that whole booklet on what this ULTIMATE LEVEL is." Marie keep seeing the image brain of the TV camera showing the uprighted MUMMY CASE which she was now in. 

The soft voice continued, "Since you choose the ULTIMATE LEVEL we hope you will enjoy yourself and what our pre-programmed scouting unit will find the desired and isolated location on where you will be placed from now on." 

Now Marie was confused, "What's he mean isolated location?" 

The voice continued, "The brain transmitter will allow you to view where our robotics units and you will be placed and to be sealed further for your final location". 

"Final Location?", Marie was now getting a bit worried. 

The voice continued, "We added the extra canisters and monitoring units as you have viewed were added to the container unit you are now in which should supply you with support for the rest of your entire life". 

Marie panicked, "What?" 

"The scouting unit will locate an isolated area where your MUMMY CASKET", the voice continued, "which is your new home. You will be able to view the excavation, final sealing, and placement, and your burial by our robotic units which you will see thru the brain transmitter unit." 

Now Marie was shocked and wanted to scream, but could not all she could do is make a make a faint muffling noise with her mouth. 

The scouting unit returned then it made electronic noises with the other robots and with the X-FANTASY-VII Machine. 

The robotic machines then began to lift and placed the MUMMY CASKET where Marie was now inside and laid it on a trolley. And the garage type door opened up and now Marie was on her for her final interment. 

The robot units moved from the mansion and moved into the wooded area after a two hundred yards towing the trolley with EGYPTIAN MUMMY CASKET with Marie encased inside it. 

Some of the robots began to dig a rectangular hole and dug down about 2 & half meters deep. Marie was watching the whole thing with the ALPHA-BETA brain transmitter place in her head through the camera of the robots. She wanted to escape but realized she can't, she hoped that Mr. Brackton would suddenly show up or a hiker going thru the woods would see the strange going ons and report it to the local police. 

After the hole was dug some of the other robotic units came put with some spray bottles and began spraying the entire MUMMY CASKET to cover it with a coating of tacky film which it dried & harden. It did this several more times until the MUMMY CASKET was now cover with a quarter of an inch of a hard plastic shiny shell. But, the robotic units were not finished yet. They the began to put panels around the MUMMY CASKET and covering it in an assembled box. Next a hose unit was attached to the top and began pumping something in after a few minutes it stopped and detached. About 30 minutes later the robots removed the panels and the MUMMY CASKET was now sealed inside a clear solid piece of plastic. 

The robotic units now began to lift and raise the plastic encased MUMMY CASKET and moved it off  the trolley to the hole they dug earlier. And carefully, lowering it down. Marie, was watching the whole thing thru the brain transmitter device going to her brain. She prayed for a miracle or something but to no avail. 

The robotic units now began to cover up the hole with dirt covering it up completely. Some of the units began to move leaves & branches over the area where the now buried Marie wearing a latex catsuit, strapped in a straitjacket, mummified, sealed in a hard plastic shell, encased in Styrofoam material, welded shut in a metal human form coffin, sealed in a DECORATIVE EGYPTIAN MUMMY CASKET that is encase in solid clear plastic, and buried in the woods. 

Marie was watching the whole thing thru the images being sent straight to her brain by the ALPHA-BETA Brain Transmitter unit attached to her now mummified encased body. The cameras of the robots gave her a good view of her internment and burial. 

Then the soft voice came on once more, "Dear user of the X-FANTASY-VII - Model 2A. We hope that you have enjoyed using our product.  We hope that the choice you made of using THE ULTIMATE LEVEL is the right one as you can realize there is no going back unless you had made prior arrangements outside of our unit's programming. We will continue to transmit for the next 90 minutes the image of your final resting place. We hope that whatever, you had decided on whatever  you were seeking on to explore yourself by taking THE ULTIMATE LEVEL is to you satisfaction." 

Marie wanted to tell the voice or THE MACHINE called the X-FANTASY-VII a few nasty words and things. She wanted to scream but being gagged this was not even possible. All Marie could do is just lay there and watch the image being sent to her brain cortex of the area where she was now interned in the forest area under the ground. After over a hour the image began to fade to black and now Marie knew she was totally alone. 

The robotic units went back to the room in the mansion where THE MACHINE was located and began go back to their places and began to shut themselves down. The last thing the X-FANTASY-VII - Model 2A machine shut itself off. 

Back, in the forest area where Marie was now interned all she could do was lie there unable to move, speak, or scream. Thinking to herself wishing she read the entire instruction booklet to let herself know what she had gotten herself into.  The only thing Marie could hear was the muffle sound of her heart beating. She would no longer have any sense of time, or how long she would be there or if she would go insane or what. 

Marie didn't know if she might be rescued or not. She realized for her now it was: 





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