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The Machine 2a - Encased

by Christy

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© Copyright 2005 - Christy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/f; shave; box; vacuum; bodymod; plastic; encased; object; cons/nc; XX

This story is obviously an extension, a sequel of sorts, to "The Machine 2A" which has it's origin in "The Machine" and also a nod to Chryslermans now missing "Machine 2A part 2" It's a quick story, stemmimg from an idea I had earlier this week.. I banged it out in an hour, so please forgive lapses in story, content, and character developement.


It had been months since I last saw Marie. She'd returned to work, only briefly, to clear out her desk, and then clean up her life. She'd gone on to become the private secretary, and live in confidant of the Bracktons. Before she'd left however, she'd teased me with some stories about her weeks of captivity, being buried alive in a self imposed tomb. Later being found, and rescued by Mr. Brackton and heading off to become a mere toy for their pleasure. I must admit, I was envious...

I'd never considered myself very dominant in life, or business. I'd always been a meek girl. But my fantasies and fetishes bordered on the intense. I secretly longed for Marie's experiences. They were my dream. Being sworn to secrecy about the affair made it difficult to approach Mr. Brackton.. How would he react to this breach of his lifestyle? To me wanting to be a part of it? 

I had made up my mind, I would drive up to their country house under the pretense of visiting Marie. If it didn't work, the worst they could do is ask me to leave. So on Friday after work, I headed out. Taking only the bare essensials. The drive was extensive, and I was quite tired when I arrived, I didn't expect it to take so long. The House was dark as I knocked on the door, and no one answered my call, were they out for the night? Surely they'd return soon. I walked towards the side of the house, and saw the open garage. No Car. "damn"... they were out. The garage door into the house was open, and since it had gotten quite chilly, and I figured no one would mind if I stepped inside to keep warm. The house looked eerie, the low lighting I hadn't observed outside was enough to see, but kind of scary nonetheless. I forgot decorum, and wandered the rooms aimlessly, and found myself in a downstairs main room. Looking around I noticed a door slightly ajar, with a light emanating from within... BINGO!!! 

I'd found the Dungeon/playroom.. WOW. More equipment than I had ever seen. The Bracktons had obviously invested serious thought and money into the bondage lifestyle. I touched, felt, and gasped at the objects that were scattered everywhere. And I found myself over in a corner, with a strange machine. 

Oh my... This must be the Machine Marie mentioned. My heart was bursting out of my chest, as I remembered her tale of being wrapped, and sealed up in a sarcophagus, entombed in Plastic, and buried deep on the grounds. The thought of those menacing arms handling me, the robots burying me, and seeing my own entombment, thrilled me no end... A Dangerous thought entered my mind. Could I? Should ??? Nooooo.. well... Why not?? 

Looking over my shoulder, and hoping someone would come in and stop me, before I could carry out such foolishness, I stripped down completely. I stopped for a second, as reason came over me. I would not repeat Marie's mistake. Going over to an end table, I picked up a pad and pen and wrote the Bracktons a note, explaining who I was, and what I was doing or because they'd find this note later, what I had done. I left it in a very prominent place (On the fireplace mantle) and stepped up to the control panel of the Machine.

Marie hadn't been too specific about the machine itself. Only that the setting had to be Ultimate. I turned it on, and a voice asked me for settings.. kewl.. this will be amazing. I immediately felt like a thing, as it asked for parameters, sizing and tolerances. It even asked me for my measurements, before asking me to stand in a scan. I ignored all the safety warnings, knowing I wouldn't be entombed so long. I even found the settings for Hypnotic effect, and visual aid, turning them both off, I wanted to be awake and enjoy this. I got a little annoyed as the machine asked me several times for final clearance, and it beeped its acceptance of my choice.... I was thrilled. 


I stood up on the raised disc and waited for the straight jacket.... it never came. 

Instead, what happened took me completely off guard. A form box came down around me, and I was blasted with water. Scrubbing brushes attacked me from every side, and I was scoured and scrubbed within an inch of my life. I cried out to the machine to stop. My skin was bright red, and the brushes still commenced their programmed assault. Just as quick as it started, the brushes retracted, and the box wall receded into the machine top. I stood there like a drown rat. I looked down at my pelvis, and noticed I had no pubic hair. 

Shocked, I reached up and grabbed my head "NOOOOO".. I was totally bald. My long chestnut brown hair was gone. I started to cry, and figured I had had just about enough of this... I was wrong. The machine seemed determined to complete its mission. Arms grabbed my wrists, and folded them tightly across my chest, similar ones secured my ankles tightly together. I was trapped. A Nozzle from somewhere up above started to spray me with some sort of sticky soapy fluid. It covered me completely, head to toe, and made my skin glisten. I wondered what it was for... Marie never mentioned this. I began to wonder if in fact I had pushed the wrong buttons. 

Instantly the thought crossed my mind that may be there was more than one form of The Ultimate. 

Of course, it made no sense to go to this level of technology, this expense, just to have a Machine that does one thing? I began to worry that maybe I was right, when doors opened up on the far side of the room and a series of what looked like fiberglass cases came into view. I began to struggle violently, as the robot arms selected the first case, and opened it up. Twisting in my bonds, I screamed as the case was snapped shut around me. I settled down a tad, as I realized I wasn't going to be crushed. There was ample room in the case. I even had a little room to move my head around.. The diffused light creeping in through the thin fiberglass. Before I could react, a tube came rushing through the mouth area of the case, and shot down my throat. I instinctively closed my mouth around it, and heard a strange sound... the sound of a pump. 

It didn't take long to realize that all the air in the case was being vacuumed out, and my body was forced to expand slightly to fill in the negative area of the case. I felt my slick coating allowing my body to slip and slide into the negate places very easily and it wasn't long after that, that I heard the pump shut down. I then felt tiny pin pricks all over me... "Now what?" I thought to myself.. The pricks got more painful and I started to scream again. I had a thousand needles sticking in me. 

Unbeknownst to me, I was being injected with a polymer substance, a slow setting plastic resin material. It filled me up until my body retained the shape of the inside of the case, without aid of the vacuum. When it had reached that point, the needles retracted, and the case opened. The arms didn't wait a second the next case was selected, and the process repeated itself. Over the next 10 minutes, I was repeatedly encased, and injected, over and over. I started to feel bloated, and tight. Lord knows what this machine is doing to me, I cried and cried and hoped the Bracktons would come in, and stop this torment. But the machine continued. 

The cases got larger inside, as my legs were injected and reformed. They took on the look of a single trunk, two legs formed into one tapering cylinder, my arms were flat on the chest side and more of less were sunk into my torso. My face... oh, my face was so injected, it felt like I had a solid plastic mask glued to it.. 

When the last case opened, the breathing tube was pulled out, and a smaller mold was clamped onto my head. I felt a warm liquid pouring down, surrounding my head, and filling my ears solid. But a rubber moldline kept it from covering my face. When it opened a few minutes later, the plastic had set solid, and I couldn't move my head, the liquid was poured around me, and secured to my shoulders. A final mold snapped shut on my face, I felt the familiar pull of a vacuum, more needles and my face was formed one final time. 

It opened up... Just in time for me to take a long needed breath. I could only breathe through my nose, my lips long since injected up solid, and formed by the mold into a slight smile. My Shock was disturbed by the movement and sounds of nozzles spraying, and my nose detected the smell of enamel paints. I was quickly sprayed, and robotic arms held stencils, and brushes, and decorated me up in intricate patterns. As the mist from the paints settled, I could see my reflection in the wall mirror on the far side of the room... "Oh my God!!".. I'd been transformed into a mummy case... a Living sarcophagus. It hadn't sealed me into one, it has MADE me into one... My Legs, solid and pushed together, my arms squeezed into my chest, and my head and shoulders, long since solidified into an elaborate Egyptian headdress of plastic, now painted in gold and blues. 

My reverie was broken, as the hated arms came down again, this time holding objects of decoration. My hands were grafted with curved sticks, my neck was shod with a huge necklace, and my breasts and vagina were covered with an ornate golden garb. More arms came down and started to spray me again.. Several coats of shellac, binding these new additions to my body and sealing in the painted covering. The arms retracted, and heat lamps backed me for several hours before shutting off, and retracting.

The Machine, for the first time in hours,.. Spoke. 


The arms then lifted me up, and put me against the wall... 

.......that was where the Bracktons found me.........


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