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The Machine Part 4

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

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It's probably a good idea to read the previous machine stories, to get an idea of how the device works (which is not covered here). And in case you're wondering, this story does not feature permenant encasment. 

The Machine 4 by Darkraptor1 
Based off an original idea by Naughtylittlegirl 

It was a dark and stormy Friday night. The dark clouds covered the night sky, sending down torrents of rain upon the earth below. 

There was a building, not far away from town, that was getting most of the downpour. 

It was an old house, quaint and charming, built in the Victorian style made popular in gothic novels. Lights shone through the windows, giving the double story house the impression of a safe haven. 

But only a select few could enter this haven. Ten-foot tall concrete walls topped with barbed wire surrounded the entire house. A great steel gate, made of the highest quality steel, barred the entrance to those who wished to enter. 

For those who knew the passwords required for entry, they would pleasure beyond all imagining inside. 

If they were a woman of course. 

The living room of the house was cozy and warm, safely insulated from the pounding thunderstorm outside. There were three attractive women sitting in soft and cushy leather chairs, colored a sexy shiny black. 

One of the women fidgeted anxiously, not sure if she should speak. Finally, her curiosity got the better of her. 

“Mistress Maria?” She asked. “Why have you called us here? The suspense is killing me!” 

Mistress Maria, an incredibly beautiful woman of thirty years, smiled at Marsha’s inquiry. “Well, I was going to tell you in a few seconds, but since you talked out of line, a punishment is in order.” 

Marsha grinned. “Oh goody.” She giggled. “What will it be? A time out in the straightjacket cage? An hour or two in the coffin?” 

“No.” Maria said, smiling at her slave’s eagerness to be punished. “Because I’m in a good mood, I’ll go easy on you.” 

Pressing a button on a remote control she carried, a small hole appeared in the ceiling. A chain was lowered until it was above Marsha’s chair. 

Maria got up and took out a pair of black colored handcuffs. Marsha let out a little squeal and instantly thrust her arms forward, offering them to her Mistress. 

Maria came over and quickly clasped the cuffs around Marsha’s wrists, making sure the locks were done tightly. With Marsha grinning ear to ear, Mistress Maria took the cuffs and attached them to the dangling chain. With a press of the button, the chain went up slowly, forcing Marsha’s arms above her head. 

When her arms were straight up, Mistress Maria pressed the button and the chain stopped, so that Marsha was still sitting in the chair, but with her arms above her head. 

“Now no talking, or I’ll be forced to gag you.” Mistress Maria warned. Marsha nodded and let out a contented sigh, listening to the clinking chain that held her arms up. 

“Now,” Mistress Maria said as she picked up a cup of tea. “Let’s get down to business. Thank you both for coming on such short notice.” Marsha nodded and her fellow slave Anne did the same. 

“I assure you that this weekend will be well worth your while. I found an item recently in my monthly bondage catalog that I found quite intriguing. I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I think both of you will love it.” 

With that, she walked over to the closet door nearby and opened it. Reaching inside, she took hold of something and wheeled it out. 

There was a loud clap of thunder as the device came into view. It was a large silver cylinder shaped contraption, tall and wide enough to hold three fully grown men within it. There was a computer terminal attached to one of the sides, and there was a sliding door that was currently closed. 

Anne raised her hand. “Yes slave Anne?” Mistress Maria asked. 

“Mistress,” Anne asked curiously. “What is that? 

Mistress Maria smiled. “It is simply called…The machine.” 

There was another loud clasp of thunder as the devices name was spoken. “This machine is a bondage enthusiasts dream.” Mistress Maria continued. “It is capable of binding and containing a living human being for a selectable amount of time. You can select for someone or something to be bound a day, a week, a year, or…” She grinned devilishly. “…For the rest of their lives.” 

Mistress Maria snapped her fingers. There was the sound of a bell ringing as a small dog walked into the room, wearing what appeared to be a miniature latex suit. “I will demonstrate for you.” 

Mistress Maria kneeled before her dog. “Come on Mr. Jinx.” She smiled. “Go on inside!” The dog smiled and quickly trotted over to the door. Mistress Maria opened it and the dog went inside. The door was closed. 

Mistress Maria turned her attention to the computer terminal in front of her. “Mr. Jinx has tried this already,” she said as she pressed some buttons. “So he will be fine.” 

Pressing a large red button, Mistress Maria stepped a few steps away from the machine. It didn’t move, but Slaves Marsha and Anne could her a steady humming noise. There was a viewscreen set into the cylinder, but it was off. 

Finally, after five minutes, the machine stopped humming. The door was slowly opened, and Mistress Maria went over. She bent down and picked up something. Turning around, she displayed Mr. Jinx to her slaves. 

But Mr. Jinx could not be seen. In Mistress Maria’s arms, there was a tightly wrapped bundle about the size of a basketball, but vaguely dog shaped. It was as if Mr. Jinx had been wrapped up as an Egyptian mummy. 

“This is Mr. Jinx, after a ride in the machine.” Mistress Maria said, grinning as she looked at Marsha and Anne’s startled faces. “He is cocooned in these wrappings, mummified if you will. He is unharmed, simply immobilized and unable to move.” 

Mistress Maria glanced at the computer display. “Because I set for him to be mummified for five minutes, he should pop out any time now.” 

Indeed, after four minutes had passed, the bandages imprisoning Mr. Jinx began to disintegrate. After thirty seconds, the body of Mr. Jinx was revealed as the last remains of the bandages slid off his form. 

The dog instantly looked up at his mistress and licked her face happily. 
“There we are.” Mistress Maria said as she cuddled her pet. “None the worst for wear. He’s fine.” 

Slave Anne raised her hand again. “Yes?” Mistress Maria said. 

“Mistress, how did the bandages come off like that?” 

“These bandages contain smart chips.” Mistress Maria explained. “The very latest technology. After the selected time has passed, they will begin to self-distruct, destroying the bindings around them, but leaving the trapped being unharmed.” 

“If a being is contained for longer periods of time.” Mistress Maria continued, “then we simply hook up the additional life support system. The subject is placed into specially constructed coffins and connected to a gas feeding system.” 

Mistress Maria pointed to several silver coffins propped up in the closet. Slaves Marsha and Anne began to tremble with excitement as they began to image what was going to happen. 

Mistress Maria put Mr. Jinx down, who instantly went and sat in a vacant chair. “I have used this device on Mr. Jinx.” She said. “But I have not yet used it on a human.” 

She grinned. “Who want’s to guess what the two of you are here for?” Her two slaves let out a huge smile. 

There was a particularly large thunderclap an hour later, loud even from the basement of the house, where slave Marsha was finishing up on getting prepared for her bondage. 

Slave Anne finished putting the zipper in place on Marsha’s suit. Because no body hair could be exposed while in the machine, Marsha had to wear a full body latex cat suit. Slave Anne and Mistress Maria each wore a suit as well. The black material shined under the symbolic candles that had been lit in the room. 

“You will be imprisoned until Monday morning.” Mistress Maria said as she pulled the latex hood of the suit over Marsha’s head, leaving her face exposed. “You will not be able to move, squirm, or escape. But you will be free to explore yourself while mummified.” 

The hood was placed down and zipped up. “Your freedom will be taken away from you, but in exchange you will find peace and rest, along with self-contemplation while you serve your time.” 

Slave Marsha said nothing as she was attended to. But she did smile, and her heartbeat had skyrocketed as she thought about her upcoming imprisonment. 

At last, it was time to begin. Mistress Maria stood in front of her slave. “My beloved slave Marsha.” She said quietly. “You are about to embark on a journey of self discovery. During this time you will be helpless, totally dependent on me and your fellow slave Anne. Do you want to continue?” 

Marsha nodded her head, her smile never dimming. Mistress Maria smiled, knowing that she was making her slave happy. “We will now restrain you, and take you to your destination.”

With a snap of her fingers, slave Anne instantly went up to Marsha and produced a pair of silver ankle manacles. She kneeled and placed one large cuff around her latexed right ankle, snapping it shut and locking it with a key. 

As Anne applied the second cuff to her other ankle, Marsha’s heartbeat skyrocketed. It took all her self-control not to reach down and come. 

Mistress Maria saw that coming. She quickly pulled out a pair of gold colored handcuffs. “I am going to cuff your arms behind your back.” She said. “Once I put these cuffs on, nothing you say or do will change the fact that you will be locked up. Is that clear?” 

Marsha had no thoughts about trying to escape. The thought was inconceivable. For all the pleasure and self-discovery that she was about to go through, she wouldn’t trade this for the world. 

Mistress Maria went behind Marsha and pulled her left arm behind her. She put one cuff around her wrist and locked it down tightly, the cuff snapping into place. A shiver of excitement went through the woman in the suit. 

Taking Marsha’s right arm, Mistress Maria carefully pulled it behind her back and put the wrist next to the cuffed left one. Taking the remaining cuff, she gently placed it around the wrist, and slowly slid the cuff in. With a final, irreversible click, the cuff was locked in place. 

With Marsha’s hands safely locked behind her back, and her ankles locked in shackles, there was only one more piece of equipment to add. 

Taking a heavy steel collar, Mistress Maria went up to Marsha and gently placed the heavy item around her slave’s neck. The heavy steel was placed together, and the lock tightened. 

With the device sealed around Marsha’s neck, Mistress Maria then took the long chain attached to the collar and began to lead Marsha like a dog on a collar. Mistress Maria noticed that Anne looked like a sad puppy dog, saddened that she was not the one locked up. 

Smiling, Mistress Maria went to her second, beloved slave. She opened her purse and pulled out a few items. 

With slave Anne cuffed and chained behind slave Marsha, Mistress Maria lead the two of them upstairs, going past the glowing candles in the darkened house. The bound women cheerfully followed their Mistress, obediently walking along as fast as their ankle cuffs would allow. 

It was all an act, put on simply for show. But all three women loved doing it, being both the locked one, and a participant. 

At last the three of them reached the machine, which stood ready for an occupant. 

Marsha was lead up to the device, right to its sliding door. Still holding her slave’s chain, Mistress Maria went to the computer terminal. She pressed many buttons and the display panel lit up a bright green. 

Mistress Maria walked over to slave Anne and unchained her from Marsha. But in return, she led the cuffed woman to the floor and chained her collar to the floor, to force Anne to assume a sitting position, or a lying down position. Mistress Maria sometimes allowed her slaves to choose what position they wished to lie down on. 

With one slave safely locked up, Mistress Maria turned her attention back to Marsha. Taking out her Master key, Mistress Maria unlocked all of Marsha’s bindings, letting them drop to the floor. 

“Walk inside.” She said. “Stand on the red panel, and listen to the music that plays.” 

“Yes Mistress.” Marsha calmly said, her excitement clearly registering on her face. 

Mistress Maria pressed a button, and the door opened. Slave Marsha obidently walked in and stood on the red panel embedded in the floor. With a silent hiss, the door closed. The last thing Mistress Maria saw was a wildly smiling Marsha. 

Mistress Maria walked over to her slave chained to the floor. Sitting next to her, she took Anne in her arms, holding her close as the machine went to work, humming quietly as it began the process of mummifying and encasing the woman inside it. 

Mistress and slave watched quietly, content to be with each other as the third member of their special family was prepared. 

Finally, after fifteen minutes, the process was complete. A loud cheery “Ding” was heard. Mistress Maria got up from the floor and went over to the machine. 

Opening the door, she couldn’t help but give out a surprised gasp. 

Where a latex clothed woman had walked into the machine fifteen minutes earlier, there was now a perfectly wrapped, fully enclosed mummy standing inside the cylinder, its arms folded in a self hug, the face sealed behind multiple layers of wrappings, with a gag set into the mouth, complete with a tube for life supporting gasses. No skin showed from under the tightly wrapped white bandages that encased the living woman within. The machine had done its job perfectly. 

Taking the mummy in her arms, Mistress Maria pulled the mummified Marsha out of the machine and gently lay her on the carpeted floor. She had to make sure that Marsha was alive. “Can you hear me my love?” She asked. 

There was no movement from the mummy that lay on the floor. No sign of a response or reply. As slave Anne gaped at the sight of her mummified friend, Mistress Maria checked the vital signs displayed on the computer. 

Marsha was alive and well, with her heart beating (faster then normal, Mistress Maria noticed), and her breathing was unblocked. Brain wave patterns showed that she was conscious and fully aware of what was going on around her. 

Marsha went back to her mummified slave and gently scooped her arms around the mummies upper body. She held the mummy close to her chest. “Oh my love.” She whispered as she held her slave, “You must be having a wonderful time in there. I hope you’re happy.” 

Again, there was no response from the mummy in her arms. It must be very cozy in there, Mistress Maria thought. It’s raining and pouring, and my lovely slave is cocooned safely in these protective wrappings. Still holding Marsha close, Mistress Maria turned to her other slave, still chained to the floor. “Come here you.” Mistress Maria crooned. She pressed a button from a nearby remote, and the lock on Anne’s collar was undone. Released from the floor, slave Anne wiggled her way to her Mistress, snuggling up against her body. 

Mistress Maria happily took Anne under one of her arms. She held both of her precious, lovely slaves close to her, comforting them both with her warmth and gentle hold. 

They stayed that way for a while, not caring how long they remained there. The rain calmly fell outside, creating a lullaby with it’s sound. 

Eventually, Mistress Maria sensed something. When you had slaves for a while, even if it was only one weekend a month, you soon become attuned to their needs and desires. 

She looked down at Anne, who was resting her head on Mistress Maria’s latex clothed leg. “You want to be wrapped to, don’t you?” Mistress Maria asked lovingly. 

Anne sleepily opened her eyes and looked up at her Mistress. A big smile crossed her lips. 

“Well, if that’s going to happen, then let’s do it!” Gently placing Marsha on the floor, Mistress Maria unlocked all of slave Anne’s cuffs and bindings. 

When they were off, Mistress Maria gently helped Anne to her feet, and gently led her to the machine, which waited patiently for it’s next occupant. 

“You know the drill.” Mistress Maria said. “Stand on the red panel, and listen to the music.” 

“Yes, my Mistress.” Anne replied. As she slowly began her steps into the chamber, she paused and turned towards her Mistress. 

Anne held out her arms, silently asking for a hug. Mistress Maria granted her wish, coming forward into her slave’s passionate embrace. 

“I love you, my Mistress.” Anne said quietly, overcome with emotion at this monumental moment. 

“I know.” Mistress Maria said lovingly as she hugged her latex slave. “And I love you. You are my precious, my beloved slave. I love you.” 

With that, Anne quietly let go and stood straight up in the chamber. Mistress Maria pushed the big button, and the door silently closed. The two looked at each other lovingly, before the door cut them off. 

Mistress Maria stood as the machine began to hum, beginning the mummification of slave Anne. 

Letting the machine do its work, Mistress Maria went back to the mummy of Marsha. She took the mummy and rested its head on her lap. She hummed a quiet lullaby as she stroked the mummies head. 

This was a favorite pastime of hers. As she had never had children, Mistress Maria treated her slaves as her own children, hugging and cradling them to her, feeling the powerful nurturing instincts that ran through her, the desire to hold and love. 

Her slaves loved the treatment. That was why they came back, month after month, year after year, for play and rest from the hectic world. Theirs was a world all to themselves. 

The quiet “ding” interrupted her attention. Gently and tenderly laying her mummified slave on the carpet, she went to this wonderful machine and carefully opened the door. And again, a large smile went across her face. 

As with Marsha, there was now a fully wrapped mummy inside the machine, containing the body of a living human being, her beloved slave Anne. The mummy stood fully upright, it’s skin consisting of white bandages wrapped super tight around the body. Anne’s arms were forced into a self hug, no doubt formed by the straightjacket that had been placed on her. 

Reaching into the cylinder, Mistress Maria carefully took her newest mummy in her arms and gently pulled her out of the machine that had mummified her while she was still alive. 

Mistress Maria carried this mummy over to the carpet, and laid her down next to the mummified Marsha. 

“My slaves.” She cooed as she took each of them under an arm. “I love you both so much. You are my beloved children, always obeying me. I take great pleasure in taking care of you.” She leaned close to their heads. “Just let me take care of all the work. The two of you rest.” 

The two mummies lying in her arms gave no reply to her kind and loving words. They lay there, completely motionless. Alive yes, and completely conscious, but completely motionless. 

Mistress Maria smiled. There was one thing she hadn’t told her two slaves before they had been wrapped and sealed. An individual being could be kept alive in a coffin, yes. But there was one coffin she had purchased that could keep up to three alive within it. 

But there was time for that later. Now, all Mistress Maria wanted was to be with her loved ones. She lay down on the carpet and held her two mummies close to her body, hugging them with her own, feeling their soft skin of bandages rubbing her flesh. 

With her two living pillows supporting her, Mistress Maria drifted off into a quiet sleep, a brief nap before the hibernation. Her breathing was the only sound in the entire house. The two mummies that lay with her were silent, though a very well trained eye would see an ever-so-slight movement of the chests. 

The two imprisoned slaves were happy to be with their Mistress, whom they loved deeply, and who loved them deeply. They knew that no matter what happened, they would be taken care of. 

After roughly an hour, Mistress Maria awoke. Midnight had come and gone, and she was still drowsy. 

“But sleep will be soon.” She thought. Before she could rest, there were things she had to do. 

Placing her two mummies side by side, she took a large comforter and placed it over the two of them, keeping them warm. 
Walking to the machine, Mistress Maria went deep into the options menu, searching, and pressing many buttons. This was crucial. The preparations had to be very good and very accurate. Otherwise, a good event could become a disastrous one. 

After triple-checking the options she had selected, she went into the closet and pulled out a very large silver coffin. The inside was padded and very comfy, perfect for long-term entombment. 

Now for the tricky part. Inspecting a large box near the sliding entrance of the machine, she saw two large claws, capable of taking hold of a human. Good. 

Next, she moved the coffin up to the machine, and attached it to the side, making sure the lid was locked open. It would be automatically closed later. 

Going back to her two mummies, Mistress Maria removed the comforter and put it aside. She picked up the mummy of Anne and gently carried her over to the machine. She took one of the claws and very gently attached it around the mummies waist. 

The process was repeated with Marsha, who did not give any sign of objection to what was happening. Both slaves trusted their Mistress completely. 

With the preparations ready, there was one more part that Mistress Maria had to complete. 

Pulling her latex hood on, Mistress Maria calmly stepped into the machine. It had mummified her slaves. Now, it would mummify her. 

She stood on the red block set into the floor. She looked at a panel in front of her. The door quietly closed and locked itself. She was sealed in. Mistress Maria let out a smile. 

A computer voice spoke. “Please relax, and listen to the music.” 

As the most beautiful and relaxing music Mistress Maria had ever heard began to play, she gave a big grin. “Here goes nothing.” 

For fifteen minutes, the machine hummed quietly, working hard at mummifying it’s captive entrusted to its care. The mummies of Marsha and Anne stood outside the machine, silently awaiting whatever was going to happen to them. 

Finally, the machine slowly came to a halt. The motors quietly fizzled out. The door slid open. 

There was another mummy standing inside the machine. Mistress Maria was entombed within the mummy, locked up in cuffs, a gag, and a straightjacket that forced her arms into a self-hug. Where she had so often locked her slaves up, so now she had been locked up. 

No movement was possible from within her private prison, one that she had gone to willingly. Buried deep inside her wrappings, she relished in the tightness and the snugness. She was also anxious. The next step would begin in a few seconds. 

Outside the machine, the two claws holding Anne and Marsha began to move. The arms moved the two mummies into the machine, until they were right next to their Mistress, who was now mummified as they were. The three were completely helpless now, dependent upon the machine for care. 

The machine reviewed its commands that had been inputted. This next step would take time and be difficult, but the end result would be impressive. 

Internal arms moved the three mummies until all of them were together. Straps of duct tape were wound around the three, tying them together. The bindings were rough, but would do for the moment. 

The door closed. Inside, the wrapping apparatus of the device went to work. 

Moving at great speed, the small mechanical arm that wound the bandages around each mummy earlier now began to wrap bandages around all three. 

It worked up speed, going faster and faster, spinning more bandages around the three mummies, wrapping them all together, to create one big mummy. 

Up and up and up. The bandages wove around the wrapped buttocks, backs, shoulders, and necks. The device was smart enough to be gently around the necks. The breathing tubes that protruded from the women’s gags were taken and hoisted upwards, to ensure that the gagged women would still be able to breathe. 

The first layer was complete. But that did not satisfy the machine. It wanted to continue. And it did. 

Layer after layer after layer was applied to the three mummies, binding them ever tighter and ever more securely, until an inch of bandages enclosed all three of them. 

It was finished. The three individual mummies, Mistress and slaves, were now wrapped together, bound to each other. From the outside they resembled a gigantic, fat, sausage. 

There was one more step to complete. The machine opened the door. Using wireless signals, the large coffin rolled itself up to the door. Its lid was opened, revealing the padded interior, large enough to hold a particularly fat mummy. 

The machine continued it’s work, and using mechanical arms, gently moved the fat mummy until it was on the edge of the doorway. Using great caution, the machine tilted the fat mummy until it fell into the coffin. 

More smart arms went to work, taking the three mummies breathing tubes and connecting them to individual boxes that continued life supporting gases, more then enough to keep them alive and stop all bowel movement. 

From within their private, inescapable prisons, Mistress Maria, Marsha, and Anne thought to themselves what a wonderful trip this was going to be. An entire weekend wrapped up and bound to each other. What a wonderful treat! 

Mistress Maria tried to yawn, failed. She was drowsy. Held completely immobilized, wrapped completely within warm bandages, she wanted to sleep. 

Yes, she decided, as did her slaves. Sleep would be good… 

The coffin lid closed and locked itself. Locks snapped into place. The gas boxes turned on. The machine itself shut down, leaving the care of the three wrapped humans in the mechanical arms of the coffin. 

And so the three mummies began their journey. The rain continued to pour outside the house, soaking everything it touched. 

But safe and snug within their cocoons, the three women were safe and dry. 

It was going to be a long (but very enjoyable) weekend.


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