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Maid Service

by Jsmith7471

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© Copyright 2003 - Jsmith7471 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; mum; cocoon; cons; X

The kids playing in the hallway went running past Rm. 501. They were playing a game, trying to see who could collect the most "Do Not Disturb" signs, off of hotel room doors. Grabbing the one off of Rm. 501, they added it to their collection as they ran past.

About a half hour later, Chelsie finished up in Rm. 503 and pushed her cleaning cart down the hall, stopping in front of Rm. 501.

This is a strange crew in here, she thought to herself. Every day she comes in and finds odd things in the trash. Dozens of plastic wrappers labeled Co-Flex and Co-Ban. Huge pieces and strips of what look like sticky bandages. Yesterday, she almost had a heart attack as she came in the door. She saw what she thought was a person, sitting on the trashcan, behind the door in the kitchenette. It turned out to be a cocoon, made up of the sticky bandages. It looked like someone had been cut out of it and it was complete from the tips of the toes to the top of the head. It almost appeared that the arms and legs had been wrapped separately, before an all-covering wrap was applied.

She knocked on the door twice. "Maid Service!" she yelled. After a moment passed with no response, she inserted her card key and walked in.

Though it was 2:00PM in the afternoon, the room was in total darkness. The sheers and curtains were drawn at the balcony doors. She noted how cold it was. The air conditioning was running and the room was almost chilly. She turned on the light in the entryway, leaving the rest of the room in darkness. Walking over to the thermostat, she turned the air conditioning off.

Apprehensively, she glanced around the door into the trash to see what sort of surprises it might yield today. She saw a large amount of the plastic wrappers again, but nothing else. Deciding that she would do the kitchenette and the bathroom first, she immediately got down to work. About 30 minutes later, she finished those two areas. 

Deciding to take a break, she walked past the beds, pulled the sheers and drapes aside and opened the sliding glass door. She stepped out onto the balcony and took in the beautiful view and sounds of the ocean and beach. She always enjoyed working down here on her summer breaks from school. After a few moments on the balcony, she walked back into the room.

With the curtains open, the room was now flooded with sunlight. Chelsie suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. She stifled a scream of surprise and fright, as she looked to her right on the bed. Before her lay a mummy, wrapped in black bandages from the tips of its toes to the top of its head.

She stood amazed, just staring for a moment.

The wrapping looked tight enough that the body was thoroughly compressed and compacted under the wrap. She could see a very shallow rising and falling of the chest. The only opening in the wrap was on the head, at the nostrils. She put the back of her hand below the nostrils. The slow respiration rate was verified as she felt the exhalations tickle the fine hairs on the back of her hand.

After her initial surprise, Chelsie noticed that the mummy was a male. Tied flat to his stomach was his penis and scrotum. Hard and erect. Laced tightly into what appeared to be a black leather sheath and pouch for his testicles. Only the head of the penis was exposed. The shiny fluid dripping out the end, had puddled on his stomach, soaking into the bandages, confirming his level of arousal.

She noticed that the mummy had a nice chest, shoulders and a flat stomach. His arms were wrapped to his sides, palms and hands flat against his upper thighs.

His muscles were rippling under the wrap as he occasionally flexed and squirmed in his cocoon. Again she marveled at how tight the bandages looked. Finally, she noticed that his nipples were exposed by holes, the size of dimes that were neatly cut around each one.

She was still stunned, as she stepped over to the writing desk and sat down. 

After a few moments, she noticed more tiny, almost imperceptible squirmings of the mummy, as if struggling were going on inside the tightly wound cocoon. If she watched closely enough, she saw the pulsing of his cock, every once in a while.

With the excitement,(she assumed excitement) he was experiencing, and the snug sheath on his cock maintaining his erection, she knew he must be experiencing a dose of pure sensual torture. Who would leave someone like this? More importantly, who would want to be left like this?

She continued to sit and watch him for a while, amazed at what she had stumbled on. Obviously, this is what all the debris she had been finding in the kitchen trash, on a daily basis, was from. This would explain why only the wrappers were in the trash so far. This mummy was still using his bandages! A faint smile crossed her face. She found herself touching her mound. The heat and moistness building between her thighs was growing and surprised her! It wasn't often that a woman was presented with a totally helpless male, packaged like this, ready to use. 

The tingling she experienced, was slowly spreading thru her crotch.

After a few more moments, her decision was made. She stood up and walked over to the door. Opening it, she quickly scanned the hall. Seeing no one in site, she pulled her cart of cleaning supplies, sheets and towels closer to the door. She hung the "Maid Service in Progress" sign on the door.

Ducking back into the room, she double locked the door. In a moment, her uniform had been removed and was folded over the kitchen chair. She stepped out of her panties and stood there thinking. About 5' 6", light, coffee colored complexion, dark hair tinted and streaked a lighter blonde. Firm 34C's, slender waist, round, firm ass, flaring hips tapering down to a nice set of legs.

She padded over to the bed and looked down on the cocooned form, studying him more closely.

Obviously the mummy was a male and well endowed. He was tightly secured and unable to move at all. His arms were secured at his sides, unlike photos of Egyptian mummies she had seen, where they crossed their arms across the chest. His nipples and cock were exposed for stimulation (She assumed.) and he seemed to be resting in a very relaxed and quiet manner.

"Can you hear me?" she asked. No response, after a moment.
"Can you hear?" she asked louder. Still no response.
She moved closer and gently touched the area where his ears were and explored there. She felt the outline of a round pad there, on each side. She decided there must be earplugs of some sort under the pads. His ears must be completely shut off to any outside sounds. He was deaf to the world.

The area over his eyes looked flat, though slightly raised, indicating some sort of a round pad was also present there. With the pads and bandages, he was prevented from even sensing changes in light. He was in total darkness.

She then explored the area over his mouth. She touched the faint outline of each lip and felt a bump protruding between them. The lips were spaced a bit apart. Obviously his mouth had been stuffed and or packed with something, since it looked like his cheeks were ever so slightly bulging. Her hand caressed his cheek lightly.

She touched his lips again and jerked back with a start. His entire body jolted from the unexpected touch of her fingers. He immediately began squirming frantically. (With the limited movement that he had. His head twisting from side to side. "Hmmmm! Hmmmmm!" the only sounds escaping his heavily gagged and wrapped mouth. 

He had been mummified in his cocoon for a long time. (You quickly loose track of time.) His drifting and imagination had long since taken over. Initially, he was frightened, not knowing who was out there and had complete access to him.

 She sat down beside his head and shoulders. Gently caressing his head, she shshhh'd him, trying to quiet him down. (Knowing he probably couldn't hear her anyway.) 

After a moment he quieted down. She realized that her touch must have startled him more than her reaction to him. He may have been in some sort of trance, being deprived of all his senses as he was. She once had read an article on sensory deprivation. This must be it.

For a moment, she wondered what that trance must have felt like, as she continued caressing his head. "I wonder how being a mummy, tight and helpless feels?" she mused out loud. After a few moments of thought, she decided that there was no sense in looking a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak. The tingling in her had spread down to her toes and up to her breasts. Her nipples tingled.  Chelsie was very wet and aroused. Her fingers parted her labia and rubbed her clit. She stifled a loud moan.

She slid down the bed a bit and reached out with both hands. Her left hand gripped his leather-covered shaft and her right hand pinched and traced circles around each nipple. With the leather sheath encasing his cock, the stiffness of the leather and the tight lacing made stroking it difficult, so she began gently squeezing and releasing it in a slow rhythm. "Hmmmmm. Unghnnnn." were the only sounds coming out of the mummified head. Those sounds were mixed with an occasional long moan and a lot of whimpering, when she slowed down her pace. After a few more moments of this teasing and play, she stopped and got up.

As soon as she stopped, he immediately began whimpering and whining in earnest. His struggles almost bouncing him on the bed. His hips humping the air futilely. Obviously, he wanted her to continue.

She smiled and laughed out loud at how helpless he was. She now began to realize that he was totally in her power. He was her toy to do with, as she desired. She was only used to being the submissive in her lovemaking. This was a different situation, a new situation to explore. After a few more moments, he had quieted down. She began working on unlacing the sheath from his cock and balls.

He realized what was happening and lay still as she worked it off. When she pulled it off, his cock was as hard as a rock. The veins were bulging as it pulsed in the air.

She began by leaning forward, licking his nipples gently. Giving them playful nips with her teeth, tugging and stretching them. He hummed into his gag, obviously enjoying her technique. She continued this for a few minutes and stopped

She began stroking his cock. Long, slow strokes. Periodically, she would speed up and then slow down again. She listened, as his breathing would increase. It seemed that he could barely pull enough air in thru his nose during his peak arousal. While still stroking him and licking his nipples, she parted her labia with a finger and dipped into her hot, wet hole. She withdrew her dripping digit and rubbed her moisture on his nostrils. Her scent seemed to excite him even more.

She stopped his stimulation and listened to his moaning and watched his struggles. She enjoyed watching and hearing his frustration as he squirmed. She found that she enjoyed being in control. Handing out his pleasure, as she saw fit.

 Bending down, she licked the tip of his cock, tasting his salty juices. Her warm moist mouth slid down, ever so slowly over his cock. His moan was long, low and almost guttural, as his hips thrust up to meet her tantalizing mouth.

Her tongue flicked and dragged over the underside of his pulsing member. Her tongue then traced circles around and around his engorged shaft. After a moment, she began to withdraw her mouth slowly, stopping when only his head was still in her hot, moist mouth. Her tongue worked the underside of his cock in earnest. His body stiffened and he moaned loudly as she increased the stimulation......and then stopped.

He screamed into his gag. He knew he couldn't do anything about it, or take anymore. All she heard was a muffled whine penetrating his encased head. She sensed that his frustration now bordered on rage, with his desire to cum. She watched his entire body, his muscles flexing and contracting in the wrap. Seeking an escape, that just wasn't there. He knew he was helpless in the tightly wrapped mummification. did she!

Chelsie climbed up on the bed and stood over him, straddling him. She looked down on him, with a gentle smile, knowing how helpless he was. Almost like a tiny baby, waiting to be held, taken care of. Totally dependent on her for his care, pleasure, everything.  Then the smile changed a bit. He was also a sex toy to be used any way she saw fit. She was intoxicated with the power that she held over him.

She knelt down, straddling his mummified form, over his crotch. She reached down and slid two fingers into her wet pussy. Reaching up, she wiped her wetness under his nose again. Insuring that he got a good scent. Though his member was already slick with his own juices, she dipped back into her pussy and wiped her juices on his cock. He moaned and his cock squirmed at her slippery caresses.

She steadied it at the base as she lowered her pussy to meet it. Very slowly, teasingly, she slipped her self down and impaled herself on his surging shaft. His hips flexed upward to meet her. 

She began a slow pumping rhythm that took her breath away. The sensations radiating outward from her pussy moved at the speed of light to every nerve in her body.

Her hot, moist pussy gripped his shaft, squeezing every ounce of sensual contact out of it. Gagged as tightly as he was, his pleasurable moans came out as squeaks and whimpers of pleasure. While toying with his nipples, she pinched and twisted them, drawing out "Unnngh's" and grunts from him.

Now, she understood the power she held over him for pleasure or pain. She was flush with this newfound power.

She sped up her pumping, sensing that his orgasm was on the verge of exploding into her. His chest was rising and falling rapidly as his level of excitement forced him to draw every bit of breath he could manage, thru his nostrils. He was becoming light headed and thought he might actually black out from lack of oxygen, as she increased the pace. Pumping him harder and harder. Though limited in his movement, his hips moved up and down as he prepared to cum in her.

She screamed as they both erupted together. Her pussy squeezed his cock as he exploded into her. She milked every drop of cum from him. Her grip on his cock felt so good, he wished it would never let go. It completed his mummification. Now every square inch of him was being tightly compressed. 

She looked down and watched him thru an orgasm induced haze. Suddenly, she realized that she was jealous of him. Totally isolated from the world and all that pleasure coursing thru his mummified form. They were both quivering and shaking as the aftershocks of pleasure bounced back and forth thru his tightly mummified body. The movements of his pulsing cock in turn, continued to send aftershocks thru her pussy as they both came down.

As she sat back on his thighs, still impaled on his cock, she heard a noise behind her. Before she could turn to see what it was, a cloth was clamped over her nose. A sickly sweet smell crept into her nose as she inhaled to take a deep breath, intending to struggle. Her head began to spin briefly, and then everything went black.

When she woke up, everything was still black. As she attempted to speak, she found her mouth was tightly packed. Only a low "mmmmphhh!" was able to escape.

She quickly found that her arms and legs were immobilized. She felt a pressure over her entire body, arms, legs, torso, everywhere. She struggled trying to free herself. This went on for a few moments, but she knew it was useless. She suspected that she was mummified equally as tightly as her earlier male companion. She heard a noise, a voice, and then the blindfold was removed.

Becky smiled down on her. "Well hi! How are you doing? Did you have a good nap?"
"You probably have lots of questions. Let me start answering them." Chelsie nodded her head up and down, while flexing her legs and feet. Becky noted to herself what a sexy wiggle she had.

"I hope you had fun with Bob, my husband. We always enjoy our games when we're on vacation. We're always interested in meeting new playmates." she chuckled quietly. 
"I certainly enjoyed watching you." Chelsie's eyes widened in shock. Becky burst out laughing. "Oh yes. I enjoyed the show! Got it all on tape. After I'm done with you, you'll not be saying anything to anyone. It will be our little secret."  She smiled as she touched Chelsie gently, on the very tip of her nose. Chelsie briefly wrinkled up her nose to show her displeasure. " The hotel or any future employers of yours probably wouldn't approve of your taking advantage of a helpless customer, without their consent."

Chelsie's eyes narrowed and shot invisible daggers at Becky. Becky laughed at her anger.
"I've taken the liberty of moving your cleaning cart back up to the store room, near the elevators. I cleaned up everything and locked up for you. No one will miss you for the afternoon!"

Becky sat down on the edge of the bed. "Your now mummified exactly as Bob." She picked up Chelsie's head and shoulders and slid them onto her lap. Chelsie could now see herself in the mirror on the opposite wall. She was securely mummified in white bandages, from the tips of her toes up to right under her nose. Tightly wound in bandages and totally helpless. She found herself loving the tight feeling of the bandages. " I thought the white bandages contrasted nicely with your complexion." commented Becky. "Your shaved mound was exquisite. Your labia are almost perfect!"

"Earlier in the day, you said you wondered what it would be like to be mummified. You're very lucky. Now you'll get to find out, firsthand! I'll be finishing you up in a few minutes." 

Becky caressed her head and face as Chelsie closed her eyes and laid her head back on Becky. Her caresses felt exquisite and she reveled in the feeling of snugness and security as the bandages squeezed her and hugged her all over.

After a few moments, Chelsie turned her head to look at Bob. He had been cleaned up and his penis was resheathed and restrained. He was lying quietly. She now understood a bit more about the responsibility that comes with being in control of someone else. Accepting their trust as the gift it is and calming their fears. Chelsie came back to reality and looked down her mummified body. She noticed that her nipples were exposed and connected to Bob's nipples with some clamps and thin chains. She hadn't even noticed this, originally.

She felt a tingle between her legs as Becky switched on the vibrator. She hadn't noticed that mass up inside her pussy either. So many new sensations were overwhelming her.

Becky reached over and grabbed a roll of bandages, with a few other items. A panicked look swept over her face. Becky smiled down at her. "It's ok. I'm finishing you up so you can lay here with Bob and enjoy yourself." She felt Becky inserting the earplugs. Then she started wrapping over her already plugged mouth, working the bandages smoothly and tightly over her head. Pads were placed over Chelsie's eyes and ears and bandaged in place. She felt more and more layers enveloping her head. Winding around and over. Her mouth was clamped securely shut.

She sensed a second roll being applied over her head until only her nostrils were open peeking out. She slowed her breathing as she relaxed on the bed. She found comfort in lying in Becky's lap. Knowing someone was there.

She felt the vibrator speed up and she Hmmmmm'ed in response. She whimpered as she felt cool fingers playing with her clamped nipples. She felt some movement as her head was gently laid down onto the bed. Then everything was still. Only her breathing, her heartbeat and the vibrator. It was going to be a long afternoon. She made a mental note for next summer. Reapply at this hotel, not the competition next door!


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