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Maria Wrapped

by Leviticus

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© Copyright 2001 - Leviticus - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; saran; wrap; public; tape; cocoon; tickle; cons; X

I promised you another scene between me and Maria, and I think you will find this one entertaining, as it has a definite Mummy theme. It didn't start out that way though.  It started out with dinner. Maria and I went out celebrating her moving in with me, a big step for both of us.  It signals a new point in our relationship, one that I hope will last for a long time.

Anyway, we were going out to dinner and Maria was feeling playful, not to mention the two wine coolers she had already had.  She said I could pick her outfit for the night, so, since we hadn't done anything BD related for a while, I decided to indulge myself. I went to the kitchen and took out a brand new roll of green saran wrap. It took a little convincing, but I got her to agree to wear it for me to the restaurant. So, looking rather nervous, yet smiling at the same time, Maria took her clothes off and I began to prepare her.

Now, public bondage is not a new game to us, and neither is Maria a stranger to a little exhibitionism, but this was a little farther than she had ever gone before. I started by creating a skirt. I had her stand with her knees about three inches apart and began wrapping her legs at mid thigh.  Up to her waist and back down I kept going, until in the strong light of the kitchen you could barely see she was naked under the plastic.  Where we were going it would be a lot darker, and I was confident that she would be sufficiently covered, although she would feel as though everyone could see everything. She did.  Standing in the kitchen she looked long and hard at her plastic skirt, convinced that it wasn't enough. I assured her it was though, and finished smoothing it out so it looked good. Then I started on her top.

I began about a couple of inches above her waistline, leaving some bare flesh visible and wrapped her chest a number of times without covering her breasts. Then I continued up, wrapping under her breasts, creating a sling for them to sit in.  This forced them up and together, creating a great deal of cleavage. Maria was amused by this, but I had yet to actually cover them up.

Now all this wrapping I had done as tightly as I could pull it, and Maria told me she could feel the tightness in her lack of being able to take a full breath.  But I needed to change my style now.  I began wrapping over the front of her breasts, but lightly. I wanted to cover, but not compress. I didn't want to destroy the nice cleavage I had built.

I ended up using the rest of the roll here in an effort to hide her nipples, and when I was done they weren't as well hidden as her lower half, but again, you would only notice if you were standing really close in good light. Maria was very nervous, but I could tell she was ready to do this. So, wearing nothing else but shoes, and a jacket, she left the house with me. In the car, she kept fiddling with the plastic until I told her to stop.  She said that when she sat down the plastic around her thighs tightened up, clamping her legs together.
I liked that.

Getting out at the restaurant was hard for her, but she did it. However, the plastic had wrinkled badly in the front of her skirt, and we spent a couple of minutes standing by the car while we smoothed it out.  I wanted her to leave her jacket in the car, but she wouldn't, so she wore it over her shoulders as we went into the restaurant. It was a dark place, an Italian restaurant with a 1930's theme.  I asked for and got a corner booth. We were there after the busy supper crowd, and as we sat we looked around at the sparsely populated room.  This made Maria feel better and, with a deep breath she slipped off the jacket and put in on the seat beside her.

I have to say she looked great, sitting there in nothing but plastic wrap.  Her face was flushed with excitement, and her chest moved quickly as she was forced to take shorter breaths than normal.  Her breasts were a sight, all held out and the light above the table was strong enough to show her nipples to me under the plastic. Maria kept asking if I could see anything, and of course I lied. 

The waiter came over and picked up right away that this meal would be a different one  than his usual customers.  He stood to one side of Maria, where she couldn't look at him without turning her head, that way he could see down her front.  He actually winked at me after he took our order. A different waiter asked about our drink order, and yet a different one brought us our meal.  It seemed word had spread rather quickly through the kitchen, for the three tables closest to us were cleared by three different bus boys.

Maria must have noticed the attention because she kept asking if anything was showing. She also kept tugging at the front of her top, for, as time passed, she of course began to sweat. And, as anyone who has spent time in plastic wrap can tell you, when you sweat in it, it becomes slippery. The wrap around her upper body began to slide down and she had to keep tugging it back up. All three waiters kept coming to see if the meal was okay, and I was almost laughing at the absurdity of it all. The meal ended, I left the money for the meal on the table, and as we got up I grabbed her jacket and headed for the door.

Maria was not amused, but she didn't do anything to attract any more attention to herself, so she followed me out.  I could see all three waiters standing by the bar watching her as she walked.  I hope they enjoyed themselves. Outside, Maria began to laugh.  Her breasts, only supported from below, were threatening to pop out the top.  She also couldn't walk very fast, for her skirt was tight enough to limit her stride. I got to the car well ahead of her and opened the trunk, locking her jacket in it. She looked worried again when she saw me do that, and asked for it back. We playfully argued for a moment about it until the side door of the restaurant opened and out came one of the kitchen help with some trash.
We both got in the car and drove off.

On the drive I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk. She looked at me like I had sprouted another head and said no. I asked her how she planned on stopping me  from taking her on one.  She sat quietly for a minute, then began picking at the plastic skirt.  In seconds she had found the end and began unwrapping it. I drove along completely amazed as she unwound the entire skirt and then tossed the ball of plastic out the window. She figured right, there was no way I  could take her out now!
She sat close to me for the rest of the drive home.

At home we talked a little more about a project we are starting (more on that in a few months perhaps), and then she asked if I would bind her up nice and tight for the night, since it had been a while. I said sure, and had her go use the bathroom for the last time. I decided to stick with the plastic motif and dug in my kitchen cabinets for supplies. 

In our bedroom I had Maria stand, some padding between her knees and ankles, while I wrapped her from neck to ankle in one complete roll of plastic wrap.  Then I took a blind fold and put it on her, followed by a plastic bag that covered everything but her nose and mouth. Using duct tape I wrapped her head tightly and continued on down her body. I followed this with another complete roll of plastic wrap and some bright red electricians tape I had found.

She wanted tight, I gave her tight.

In the end, all that was visible was her lips and her feet. I didn't gag her because she was going to stay this way while we slept, and I didn't cover her feet because I wanted to play with them. I turned on the TV in the bedroom and found something to watch while I caressed and tickled her feet. I was never mean, that is, I didn't tickle her until she couldn't breath. I just kept up a steady stimulation that drove her nuts. She kept squealing and gabbing, but never asked to be released, and when I got tired I just settled in beside her.

Early the next afternoon (we're both night people)  I woke up to find her still with me, of course, sleeping like a baby. I woke her up and cut away all her wrapping from the waist down, but otherwise left the rest intact for a few more hours.

With her in that condition we had a lot of fun!


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