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Maria in Chains

by Leviticus

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© Copyright 2002 - Leviticus - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; chain; mum; cons; X

Hi Gromet

I thought I'd drop you a line and tell you about a little session my girlfriend Maria and I had recently.

From time to time, Maria will help me out with research for my stories by volunteering to test certain bondage situations.  She doesn't test every one (Wow!  That would be great!)  but she will help me out when I need her input as to what a certain bondage feels like. I couldn't tell you the number of times that a bondage situation I had created for my characters had been changed or simply eliminated due to this research.

Anyway, I needed her help and she gladly gave me one of her days off to help out. In the story, this was supposed to be an all day bondage, so I got Maria to agree to try it for as long as she could, with hopes that she would do a full 24 hours. This bondage would involve nothing but chains and cable ties, done up in a way that hoped would be unique.  I was hoping to mummify her somewhat using just chain.  I had bought a 100' of 1" steel chain for this, and I hoped to use it all.

We started out with her naked.  Anyone who has read my stuff will see that I have a fondness for nude bondage, and Maria, bless her, usually indulges me. I began with her standing.  I wrapped one end of the chain around her neck, and used a cable tie to lock it there.  Then I started draping the chain over her shoulders and around her upper torso.  I would frequently stop to use another cable tie to hold the links where I wanted them, shaping the chain around her body and crossing it between her breasts.  After a while I had many turns of the chain covering her entire upper body except for her head, breasts and lower arms.  The chain was snug but not tight, and the cable ties helped to keep it in place so that she couldn't shake any slack out of it.

By this time she had begun telling me how heavy it was, and I believed her. But I still had a lot of chain to go. I continued wrapping her, adding cable ties as I went, this time leaving her lower arms free. I wound around her stomach and Maria would shiver a little as the cold metal was pushed against her. I worked down over her hips and down her thighs, keeping the chain snug and making sure that I had enough cable ties added that the chain didn't sag anywhere.  At this point I was using four ties for each turn around her body, and I felt a little like those guys that used to make chain mail (now that has interesting bondage possibilities).

I continued in this manor until reaching her ankles where I stopped. I had used over half the chain, but there was still plenty left, so I got my trusty bolt cutter and cut the chain at her ankles. Maria thought I was done, when I asked her to see how much movement she had.  She took a few very short steps and waved her forearms, but that was about it.  She told me that it was pretty heavy.

She was very surprised when I used the chain to bind her hands together in front of her.  The other end I managed to squeeze through the chain I had already wrapped her with, by cutting a couple of the ties.  The place I chose to do this was right over her groin, and I had a little fun pulling the chain between her legs, one cold link at a time.

Once through I replaced the cut cable ties and began wrapping her again, binding her lower arms to her front. I kept this up, wrapping up and down her body, adding more cable ties as I went, until all the chain was used up. By now Maria was having a hard time standing.  It had taken us an hour to get this far.  She told be that all this chain was very heavy. It was.  A hundred feet of this stuff weighs about 75 pounds.  I won't tell you how much she weighs, for I want to keep on seeing her, but the chain made a big difference in how much she weighed. I have to tell you, she looked great.  All dark and shiny at the same time.

All that was visible was her head, breasts, hands and feet. I had her shuffle her way to the couch and helped her sit down.  She wasn't able to bend very well, so I used a bunch of pillows to give her some support. We spent several hours with her alternately on her feet or lying down. I wanted her to move as much as possible, but the weight of the chain discouraged her.

When it came time for bed, I carried her upstairs (never again!) and helped her with her bedtime routine (Don't ask about the bathroom, lets just say that I'm glad I had some towels to wipe up with). She didn't sleep well. She told me that she would dose on and off but the links she were lying on would dig into her body until she couldn't stand it and she would have to move.
Eventually she woke me up, and asked me to take the chain off.  She had had enough.

After making sure that she was really done, I did as she asked, snipping away at the cable ties until the chain lay in a big pile on the floor. There were plenty of places on her skin where the links had pinched together and caused raw spots. Her back, buttocks and calves had dozens of little bruises, especially where her bones were close to the skin. Maria was otherwise okay though, and wasn't resentful about having been put through it all.  She was just glad I hadn't made her go through the whole 24 hours.

Whether or not I include this in the next "Valley" story or not I'm not sure. But I'm glad I tried it out before just writing it.  At the very least I got to see Maria mummified in something different.
Have you heard of anything like this before?



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