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A Matter of Stamina

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2001 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; fist; bond; wrap; bandage; resin; encased; paint; display; objectify; stuck; sex; anal; climax; cons/nc; XX

Have you ever wished for that super male you know the one the rare bread that does not seem to exist, that can keep going above and beyond the normal bounds of physical endurance, The odd one in a million that can out perform a women, Perhaps you should not wish for what you cannot control

Kim and Jenny had decided it was time to find a male to torment, the thing was every time a suitable male appeared on the scene, all he wanted to do was to lay one of them or both that's if he had the stamina and then go to sleep leaving the girls to amuse themselves for the rest of the evening! So surly it was time we got a male with an in-exhaustible supply of stamina, a sort of steam engine on legs in for our own enjoyment and entertainment, one that would want to carry on and on, a sort of mechanical stud! As we had always been used by males for their entertainment in the past we both agreed the time had come for a change, we were going to be in charge of the next one.

In order to find a suitable male the pair decided to venture down to the local sports centre, after all if you are going to find a male you might as well find a fit one rather than the beer, bingo and chip type! After a tour of the establishment the two women spotted a really good looking fit male, as they looked on admiring his ample physique he was having a row with what appeared to be his girlfriend, who was yelling at him, telling him she could take no more and it was all over! His girl friend then departed the building in a huff, Jenny decided as he had just been rejected he would probably be a easy target.

The two girls wandered over to the table were he was sitting looking a little dejected and down, Jenny asked if he minded them sharing the same table?

“No problem!” he replied in a strong Australian ascent. He was soon chatting away telling the girls how great he was and he was training as an athlete and that he was over from Australia, as he was a schoolteacher by profession he had quite long holidays so a tour of the old country seemed like a good idea. He introduced himself as Shane. After a while Kim suggested we all get a few tinnies in and wander back to our place and get smashed, you could tell instantly Shane must have thought it was his birthday the way his eyes lit up!

The three wandered out of the sports centre across the road to the liquor store, they stocked up with can's and soon they entered Abby road, Jenny's house was at the far end of the road and in no time at all the three were drinking away the cares of the world.  Shane never stopped talking. All three were a little worse for wear after the amount they had drunk, Shane was getting quite brave and he suggested all three go upstairs, strip off and have a good old fashioned Aussie sex session! 

They all staggered upstairs striping off and leaving a trail of clothes as they went, by the time they managed to enter Jenny's room all three were naked as the day they were born. As Shane crashed on to the extra large double bed the two girls decided they now had a man they could take charge of and do as they wanted with. They now started pawing at his body and very soon a giant erection had appeared, but first Jenny had decided they needed a good work up first themselves before he was allowed to deliver that weapon inside them.

The two girls were kneeling either side of Shane, Kim directed him to fist both of them at the same time and soon his fingers were venturing into their waiting pussies, pushing upwards deep into them. Both girls thought to themselves his penis would be a little bit of a disappointment after this, Jenny was now about to explode as her orgasm built up, Shane sensing this now closed his fingers into a fist ramming deep into her till she was gasping. The same fate now overtook Kim; it was the pain into pleasure feeling that both girls craved for. Both girls were now in need of a rest as men in this country rarely satisfied them to this point and anyway they were supposed to be in charge! 

Shane now lifted himself up laying both girls on the bed side by side, he first mounted Kim thrusting hard and fast and deep till tears ran down her cheeks then coming deep inside her, instantly pulling from her and plunging straight into Jenny, thrusting deeper and deeper and faster, hurting Jenny as he rammed into her, who now tried to push him off all to no avail! He was like a machine possessed as he thrust away until he came a second time. Now turning his attention back to Kim, biting her ample breast dragging his teeth across her until they closed around her nipple, biting and twisting the small bud and sucking hard till traces of blood appeared due to the harsh treatment. 

Jenny started to rise onto her elbows only to be slapped down by Shane he then lay half across Kim with his head on Jenny's boobs opening his mouth wide he completely swallowed her small boob and then closing his jaw till the teeth started to bite down behind the breast against the chest wall, threatening to separate the breast from her chest. At the same time he was reaching down his body that was now across Kim's face, he held his penis forcing it into Kim's mouth, pushing into her he started to thrust, she was almost at the point of choking as the hot sperm came yet again flooding down her throat choking her. Tears were now streaming from her eyes as he forced his penis into her throat, at the same time he was biting Jenny's breast with his free hand he clamped it over her mouth to stop her screaming with the pain.

It must have been well over two hours before he had finished with the two girls, who now lay completely shattered and worn out on the bed, teeth marks with traces of blood completely surrounded Jenny's right boob, Kim let her head roll towards Jenny. “I thought we were supposed to be in control of this animal?” 

Jenny staring at the ceiling commented, “I think we are going to have a little trouble wearing him down!”

The next morning over breakfast all three agreed it had been a good session as Shane had again set about the women during the night indulging in yet another sex session, Kim commented to Shane that they were going to mummify him after the next session, but first he had to fuck the life out of them again! Shane looked up as if surprised, “So you two are into mummification as well! I think before the day is out we will have to have a session as that its one of my favourite hobbies, mummifying people. Perhaps you can show me what gear you have available?”

Kim staggered upstairs with Shane bounding up behind her still full of energy, she began showing him all the bandages that they had and the body boards they used to tie each other to. Shane had to admit he was impressed! About 6 O’clock Shane suggested we have yet another sex session with a bit of bondage thrown in, the two girls still worn out from the night before begrudgingly agreed as they mounted and staggered up the stairs. Kim thought to herself she will not moan ever again about the quiet guys who lack stamina who live in the village ever again!

All three stripped off, Shane now asked the girls to lean across the table and hold hands with each other, he then tied their hands together in the centre of the table, then bending down he spread their legs apart tying them to the legs of the table, both girls were stretched across the table with their legs bound tight to the table legs and unable to move. Jenny noticed to her dismay as Shane moved around the table his erection seemed larger and angrier than ever.

He now gagged both girls smiling as he commented it was just to stop them squealing too loud! He produced a jar of Vaseline and began greasing his hairy arm to the elbow and stood behind Kim and greased around her rosebud, he then proceeded to press his hand into her, soon he was deep into her backside pushing and squeezing her, her eyes were rolling in her head as she thought he was about to grab her heart and yank it out because he was so deep! Just as she thought she was about to die he withdrew and now started on Jenny.

Jenny had never liked anal play but she had a good idea what was coming, she tried shouting behind the gag to no avail as his fingers venture into her, soon he was squeezing and pushing within her. He was pulling her by the shoulder as he pushed in with his other hand, she then felt his other hand entering her vagina, she could feel him pressing one finger against the thin membrane that separated her arse from her pussy, he had formed his fingers into a sort of hole in her pussy and the hand in her arse was now trying to push a finger through the membrane. The pain was intense she could feel his fingers as if they were knives, she was screaming into the gag as he withdrew his hands, then plunged his penis deep into her backside. After about ten minutes she could feel the cum pumping in her, Jenny thought to herself ‘well things can surly only get better from here on, surly he cannot keep cumin and cumin, even Australians must get tired!’

Shane now undid the girls instantly retying their hands and feet then dragging both girls out of the bedroom by their feet into the small back bedroom were all the mummification gear was stored. The girls were now being treated like pieces of meat, deep down Jenny had a bad feeling about this.

He now picked Kim up, placing her on one of the body boards he first tied her feet then bound her waist to the board, Shane now warned her if she struggled or moved it would be worse for Jenny. Kim nodded and lay there letting him tie her down to the board. He now reached down and picked up Jenny making her stand in the centre of the room he told her he was going to mummify her and she must comply or else Kim would be in trouble! 

He looked her in the eyes, “Do you understand?”

Jenny nodded, standing there in the nude not daring to move but thinking to herself, ‘well at least she would get a rest from this sex machine!’ 

Shane now emptied a gallon of resin he had spotted earlier into a bucket mixing in the hardener. He now soaked a bandage in the resin and starting at the feet he started to wrap upwards, soon he had reached the top of her legs. He pressed a full roll of resin soaked bandage into her, them proceeded to bandage her up to her waist, he untied her hands and told her to place them by her sides. He now bound over the hands with the resin soaked bandages. He stood back to admire his handiwork Jenny was beginning to take on the shape of a mummy.

By the time he started on the second half of her body the bandages around the legs had dried rock hard, he stopped just before reaching the breasts, he now went over and untied Kim from the body board making her stand upright up in front of Jenny, who by now was by now encased in rigid rock hard resin soaked bindings that had now hardened beyond her wildest dreams!

He now started on Kim binding her up to the breasts, Kim had good solid breasts that held their shape well, he pasted cut pieces of bandage around her breasts till he had captured the shape he required.

He now returned to Jenny looking at her he said he would have to make her breasts seem a bit bigger. He left the room and went into the bedroom returning with a hair dryer, he now dipped a paintbrush into the resin and then pulling on Jenny's nipple to distend the boob outwards he painted all around the breast with the resin, still holding the nipple and pulling away from the body to make the shape he wanted he turned on the hairdryer directing the warm air over the resin coated breast, within a minute the resin hardened holding the boob to the required shape, he then applied several more coats drying them with the hair dryer. Soon Jenny had a new shape much more Egyptian than she was use to, he now bound on up the body until reaching the neck.

He now returned to Kim, covering the breasts and working up to the neck. Both girls were now standing completely wrapped up to the neck facing each other, the resin had dried and while there was no movement in their bodies at all they were still able to turn their heads but that was all. Shane now went back to the bedroom picking up Jenny's lady shave razor and a pair of scissors returning to the room he started to cut all the girls hair off, when it was trimmed as low as he could get it he then used the razor until no trace of hair remained. He then continued with the bandaging till their heads were covered leaving just two holes where the nostrils were for them to breath through at the moment or till he decided otherwise.

The two figures stood there totally encased in their new outfits, totally incapable of any movement what so ever! Shane now sprayed them with gold paint and then painted the usual pictures you would expect to see on a mummy. The girls were now one at a time brought downstairs and mounted on a stone plinth each side of the hall. Shane admired his handiwork thinking to himself if only these girls had had a bit more stamina we could still be playing upstairs, with that he left the house closing the door behind him leaving the girls to their eternal rest. 



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