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A Matter of Preservation

by Sean Malone

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© Copyright 2001 - Sean Malone - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; resin; enclosed; embalmed; cons; XX

His obsession with the encapsulation of insects had started it off. Beautiful butterflies were preserved in all of their glory, as only a privileged few could have enjoyed their living beauty in the wild. Transparent resin preserved every detail, without damaging or hiding anything. Preserved butterflies were easy to handle because the resin was robust and protective. Preserved insects could also be examined under the microscope, because the resin was perfectly transparent. An attachment was used to extend the focus.

Quite apart from his secret interests, the professor need help with his work as a lepidopterist. He had interviewed a lot of candidates before he met Amanda. She was fascinated by the butterflies, and curiously excited by the idea that such beauty could be preserved for ever. He employed her immediately. In the next few weeks she made marvellous progress, and she obviously enjoyed the work.

The professor enjoyed Amanda too. She was as perfect a specimen of human beauty as he had encountered in years. She had the quickness of youth, the physique of an athlete, and the figure of a goddess. With her blond hair and natural sensuality, she was an exciting girl to work with. She was enough of a distraction to compete even with the butterflies she was preserving, but he kept that thought to himself.

"You know, Professor," she began, "I am a little jealous of these lovely creatures. Their beauty will last for ever."

"Well, Amanda," he replied, "That is a beautiful thought, and you are a beautiful woman."

"It is just a pity that a woman can't be preserved for ever, like a butterfly," she continued.

"But she can," he surprised her with a laugh. "Of course she can. I have studied how to do that for years. It is just so hard to persuade a suitable young woman to volunteer for the privilege."

Amanda looked at him. He seemed serious. Suddenly she became aware that she was aroused. She had never felt so excited.

"You can't be serious," she challenged.

"Just follow me," he said.

The professor led her to a large store room in the basement of the building. The university had so many buildings that were partly used, that nobody would miss even a large store room. It was locked, and he opened it with a complicated looking key that disappeared into a very ordinary looking keyhole. The door clicked open. It was a thick door that would have done quite well for a bank vault. He locked it again behind them.

The room was filled with equipment, most of which meant nothing to Amanda, but there seemed to be a lot of tubes and pipes. To one side was a modern computer console, with a lot of leads running to various pieces of equipment. There was a large box-like tank, in the shape of a cube about six feet across, open at the top. The professor pointed out an overhead rail carrying a mobile hoist. At the other end of the rail was a curious object on a platform.

It was made from a resin as clear as glass, and curiously sculpted, like some strange piece of exercise apparatus. Above and below there were two thick, square plates supported by thick adjustable columns. In between was a series of curved supports, with rods and cylinders that seemed to fit together like a Chinese puzzle. The base had two large parallel grooves set deep and wide apart, while rods crossed the grooves from one side to the other. Amanda could not quite work out how it worked, but it looked as if it might be some kind of frame to keep something from moving. With a thrill she realised what that something must be. She felt an incredible urge to try it for herself.

"So, what do you think of all this?" the professor asked her.

"It's incredible," she replied. "I can't believe this is real." She tingled all over as the thought tempted her even more.

"Do you think I could try it?" That has done it, she thought.

"There is a small bathroom on the other side. Why don't you relieve yourself, and have a bath. When you have finished, you will find some skin cream in the bathroom. Be sure to apply it carefully all over.

The professor could not believe his luck, but sometimes you had to take things one small step at a time. He could hear water filling the bath. He hoped Amanda would not change her mind in there. Meanwhile he dismantled the frame. It would not do to keep her waiting while he fiddled with the equipment. She might change her mind.

"Well, here I am."

Amanda was spectacularly nude. His wildest dreams had not prepared him for her stunning beauty. She seemed quite unconcerned, and walked casually up to the platform. He could not help staring at the golden rings which hung prettily from each of her lovely pink nipples.

"I thought you would prefer me naked," she said.

"Of course," he replied. "And what a beautiful woman you are. Here, let me look at you." He was astonished at the sight of her rings. She had never give the slightest hint of an interest in such things.

"I like your rings," he said, unnecessarily. She noticed a certain discomfort. He was shy about having a visible erection. How sweet! He was obviously enjoying himself. What was wrong with that! She watched him turn his attention to the delights between her parted legs; plump lips with their sparse forest of golden curly hair, barely concealing the shadowy crevice in between. He was quite taken with the childish dimple at the top of her slit. Between her lips peeped the prominent tube of her clitoral ridge, betraying a very unchildlike maturity.

Her breasts were large, firm, round and evidently in no need of support. Her nipples were delicate pink morsels, swollen into spheres so taut that her rings swung free without even touching her breasts. The rings were at least 3 mm thick, and to his delight she lifted her breasts, and jiggled her rings at him with a smile.

"Yes, I quite enjoy them too. If you like them, I will wear them at work, in future. Usually I wear those little bars that don't notice so much under my clothes, but I thought I would put them in after my bath, since we are alone in here."

If he had his way, this would be her last day at work, permanently! She turned, stood with her legs wide apart, and touched her toes for a delightful moment. She peeped cheekily through her parted thighs. The sight was an erotic vision, as she had obviously intended, but it lasted only a moment before she straightened and turned to him.

"How's that!" she said, with a saucy grin.

She was certainly game, he thought.

"My dear, do you mind?" He reached out and lifted one of her rings. It rested heavily in his hand. The piercing through her nipple would take a nice thick locking pin later on. She could have no idea ....

Amanda fidgeted a little when he gripped both of her rings firmly. She felt his strength. It was exciting to feel so helpless. This was going to be an interesting day all right!

"You know, I can think of some very nice things to do with pierced nipples," he said with a smile.

"Yes," Amanda laughed. "There are probably quite a few recipes!"

He wondered how she would feel if she knew he was sizing her up for a pair of locking pins, but her mind was on other things.

She had picked up a locking pin to look at. It looked like glass, but a lot lighter. It seemed very strong. She wondered if it was made from the same resin that they used to preserve the butterflies.

"Spectacular!" he answered conspiratorially, as he gripped her arm firmly above the elbow, and turned her towards the dais.

"Let me help you," he said. He was surprisingly strong for an older man, and Amanda found herself almost lifted up onto the platform.

There were oddly curved pieces of resin everywhere. In the middle of the platform was a raised, squarish block, with a number of tubes emerging from its base. The block had a raised hump, between two deep grooves, but she had little time to examine it closely.

The professor helped her to kneel over the hump, with her knees in the grooves. The hump separated her thighs in an awkward stretch, but she managed to settle her legs into the grooves. He inserted the rods transversely through the block behind her knees and over her ankles. Amanda suddenly discovered that she could not move her legs.

"How does it feel?" he enquired, helpfully, enjoying her struggles.

"Fine," she replied, gasping.

"Good," he said, patting her bottom approvingly.

He was busy retrieving several other large pieces of the apparatus, ignoring Amanda. He knew it was impossible for a girl to remove those locking pins on her own. He assembled the vertical columns in their recesses in each corner of the block, and picked up the top section.

"This piece goes over here," he said, as he fitted the squarish top block onto the four thick columns. There were some peculiar holes and grooves underneath.

"Now your arms go like this," he said, stretching Amanda's arms up over her head. They fitted into deep recesses in the resin block, and two more locking pins secured them neatly. Amanda was bent back in a bow, her breasts thrust forward like the figurehead of a ship.

He was busy fitting something between the columns behind her back. A smooth cylinder nudged forward. He adjusted the pressure until she was stretched taut. Her nipples projected beautifully. The tension of her body held the top block securely in place. A final pin held the cylinder in position against her back. She was a lovely fixture.

Amanda gasped as he tickled the tender soles of her feet, suddenly aware that her sexual parts were exposed to his caresses. Her breasts hardly quivered as she wriggled in response to his teasing fingers.

"How does it feel now?" he asked mischievously, while his fingers explored her delights. She quivered like a highly tuned string. She felt him caressing her soft silky lips. He smiled when he discovered how juicy she was, and his moistened fingers slipped easily into her swollen vulva. She was hardly in any position to object.

"Oooooh! Please don't stop!"

She was obviously enjoying herself. He felt her clitoris stirring, as he tugged gently at her nipple rings. Her breasts were marvellous. It seemed almost a shame to continue her preparations.

"Let me show you what comes next. This is a special gag, that helps you to breathe, and there is also a feeding tube."

He tilted her head up and carefully inserted the gag through a hole in the top block and into her mouth. The ball stretched her jaws wide and he pushed the tubes deeper until she was forced to swallow one of them. Two half rings secured the gag in position. She could only look upwards. She suddenly realised her utter dependence on the professor.

His fingers stroked her again, and she tingled all over. Something large, round and greasy touched her anus.

"I am sorry about this, but I am sure you understand that you will need certain arrangements after a while. Just relax, and it shouldn't be too uncomfortable." There was not much she could do to stop him, even if she had wanted to object.

Her tight passage was unaccustomed to such rude intrusions. It took some effort, and a lot of patient cajoling before he had manoeuvred the slippery cylinder deep into her back passage. It felt enormous, but she knew that it was better to relax than fight it.

Feeding tubes, and a shitting tube. That left another obvious need. He was busy between her legs and she felt the slight discomfort as he inserted a colourless, well-greased catheter into her bladder.

"Well, now you know how it feels to be an astronaut!" He joked. She could barely move, and she was certainly in no position to respond.

Something smooth, round and cold pressed up into the soft hollow of her vulva. Her slippery entrance opened easily as the pressure grew, and she felt the shaft sliding smoothly, excitingly up into her tight vagina, stretching her elastic passage. It was incredibly thick, and it seemed to reach right up into her belly. She could not imagine how she could take anything so large. Her vagina was elastic, but it felt tight enough when she inserted something as small as her finger!

The vibrator embedded in the glass-like shaft began to throb gently and the movement excited her. The tiny nodule of her clitoris swelled until it pressed against the vibrating shaft. She squirmed as intense sensations began to build from the centre of her pleasure. No visible wires powered the vibrator. A special liquid, conductive but quite invisible, filled hollow tubes, that ran up through the cylinder like the optic fibres that carried close-up images from within her pulsing pink vagina. The sensations had become so distracting that Amanda was in another world when the professor removed her nipple rings. She was aroused by the suction as he fitted transparent cups over her pretty nipples, and inserted the locking pins neatly through her piercings.

Before he started the computer there was one more chore to perform. The plastic plugs fitted neatly into her ears and nostrils. Her eyes were a little more tricky. There were lenses specially prepared, with a tube fitted to a hole in the outer corner of each lens. Carefully he glued them in place over her eyes. The tubes ran down to join the others which seemed to emerge from every orifice of her body, each to a different corner of the frame. It looked as though she was ready.

It would be a pity to seal her in resin, before he had explored the feel of her soft smooth skin for the last time, and he knew she would enjoy it. He started at her toes, and gently stroked upwards until he reached her thighs, feeling delicately around the glassy column that stretched her vulva. He found the tender nub of her clitoris, stroked it carefully until she moaned with pleasure. He felt the tiny spasms, as it responded to his caresses. His fingers stroked up into the very tip of her crevice, tugging at her curly mound and then he stroked up over her belly. Her breasts were firm and tautly stretched. They were a work of living art, as beautiful as anything he had ever seen. They felt soft and smooth to his touch. He tested the nipple cups, tugging to make sure they were secure. She moaned a little. Her neck was as smooth as silk and his tongue explored the hotness of her ears before he was satisfied. It was time for the next phase.

"Well, darling, I am going to move you now," he said, smiling.

Amanda felt a jerk as the hoist lifted the frame off the dais, and trundled steadily down its rail before lowering her into the tank. He followed with the control box, making sure that the tubes were clear from any snags. He worked quickly to complete the connections, and he was soon finished. She could only see the mirrored ceiling above her.

The tube in her anus was warming, and she squirmed silently as hot soapy water filled her belly until she felt impossibly stretched, but as quickly it was flushed from her body as the machine reversed the pump. Twice more the high colonic irrigation was repeated until she felt as if she had been scrubbed clean from the inside out. She felt the food pulsing into her throat tube. A pulsing suction stretched her nipples, and the vibrator throbbed between her legs.

Above Amanda a screen came to life. It showed a beautiful captive, imprisoned in a frame of transparent resin. There were closups from every angle, including a tiny lens in the column that penetrated deep into her vagina. Meanwhile the vibrator continued to purr softly against her tenderly exposed clitoris. The rigid tubes that projected through her gag held her head in a fixed position.

A message appeared on the screen.

'My dear Amanda,' she read, as he typed quickly from the keyboard.

'Your lovely body is ready to be encapsulated, and the computer is ready to fill the tank. You will have another chance to change your mind, but once you are encapsulated it will be painful, and a little dangerous to break you free. So now you must choose if you wish to proceed. If you are sure, just clench your left hand three times.'

Amanda thought carefully for a moment. It felt incredibly exciting. The idea of being sealed completely in resin, just like a butterfly, was a temptation she could not resist. Before she could change her mind she clenched her left hand quickly, three times.

Warm syrupy resin poured into the tank, and soon she was completely submerged. The syrupy liquid penetrated every crevice of her body and she felt it cover every inch of her skin. As it hardened it gradually became more and more difficult to move, until she was encapsulated in a hard transparent block. Movement was impossible, but she could feel the gentle suction and vibrations that continued to arouse her.

The professor busily dismantled the tank, leaving only the block of resin containing her imprisoned body. There was no sign of the resin supports that had immobilised her. There was only the erotic image of a naked girl, frozen in a single solid block of glass-like material. He hoisted the block into a square gallery, surrounded by mirrors, where she could see infinite reflections of herself from every angle. She looked just like a beautiful model, caught in an erotic pose by a photographic camera, with her hair flowing marvellously free as if it was blowing in the wind. The curls of her blond pubic hair looked too natural to be set into solid resin, and the tubes that connected her to the machines were barely visible. It seemed as though nothing could possibly have held her before she was instantly frozen in a beautifully erotic pose, so free and yet so perfectly encapsulated.

Amanda thought she made an awesome picture, more artistic than she had thought possible. She could imagine people in centuries to come, viewing her beauty in a gallery somewhere, and enjoying the eroticism of her pose from every side. But still she was connected to the tubes that kept her very much alive. The vibrations intensified, and Amanda knew that her pleasure would soon reach its inevitable crescendo.

Above her a monitor blinked into life, showing the pulsing pinkness of her inner flesh from within the column that distended her vagina. Her tender clitoris protruded, twitching as the vibrations continued. The sight made her twitch even more. Amanda was excited as she viewed the rigid form of her beautifully imprisoned body, as a visitor might appraise a work of lifelike art. There were few other signs that she was a living model. Liquid pumped into her stomach. It contained a secret component to preserve the smooth softness of her skin, but she was unaware that the embalming process had already begun.

A message appeared on the screen.

'Dear Amanda, you have seen the beautifully erotic picture you make encapsulated in a perfectly transparent block, a picture of beauty to be admired by countless future generations. You are already enjoying the pleasure that will reach a final crescendo, if you decide to make that supreme sacrifice. Your last memories will be of pleasure fading into a sweet painless sleep, and then the computer will preserve your body exactly as you see it now. I am leaving the room now, and if you blink your eyes together three times, the computer will complete your preparation while the door is electronically locked. I can enter only when its work is finished. If you want to be released, blink one eye only. The door will be unlocked, and a light will flash to alert me.'

Amanda felt the pleasure coursing through her helplessly imprisoned body. It was a powerful distraction, but it was rapidly becoming even more intense as she realised how easily she could decide her future.

Release would be painful. The cream might help to release most of her skin, but every individual hair was imprisoned permanently in the resin. At best she would finish up hairless from top to toe. She knew the professor would never give her another chance, but if he released her no serious harm would have been done. Still, she knew it would be very dangerous for him if she talked. She could not help wondering if the signals really meant what he had told her.

In the end, only one thing mattered. The pleasure was enticing, and she desperately wanted to experience a crescendo, an ultimate climax, heightened by the immobility of her imprisonment. But that was only a transient temptation. Nothing she could imagine was more exciting to Amanda than the idea of being preserved like a beautiful butterfly.

Deliberately Amanda blinked both of her eyes together, three times. The screen flashed:

'Dear Amanda, you have chosen to complete the process of preserving your beautiful body. Before I continue, please blink both eyes twice, to confirm your choice.'

Amanda blinked both eyes twice, and the screen flashed again.

'My dear, you are a beautiful and courageous young woman. Goodbye.'

She knew that there was no chance of release now. Her destiny was to be a perfectly preserved work of living art for future generations to admire. They would have decades to study her encapsulated figure, preserved in the full erotic beauty of her youth.

The screen returned to images of her erotically posed body, while the intensity of the vibrations increased. The pleasure was intense as her nipples were tugged gently, and then stretched by the suction. The vibrator continued relentlessly, bringing her closer to a violent crescendo, like the strings of a violin playing an exquisite harmony on her helpless body. She knew she could not control that crescendo, and finally it brought sweet convulsions, as her air was dosed with a heady mixture to sedate and calm her twitching body, before she could tear a single hair free from its prison. Nothing could be allowed to spoil her beauty, not even the sweet throes of her last climax.

Her body was motionless. She could not see or feel the slender hose that was fed up through her anus, or the spinning jet that liquidised the contents of her body, leaving it an empty shell. She did not miss the unsightly effluent that ran from her anal tube. Her beauty was as tranquil as her final conscious moments. Embalming liquids preserved her skin as soft and smooth as it had ever been, while the cream she had so carefully applied maintained a lifelike colouring.

Optic fibres emerged from her eyes, with lifelike covers that had unfolded like an umbrella. Her new eyes were connected to a vivid computer display. The monitor saw her beautiful body as she had last seen herself, reflected in the mirrors that surrounded her.

Resin was pumped quickly until it filled her body cavity. The cups over her nipples, and every tube that led into her body were filled with resin, and the ends cut off. The optic fibres remained, so that every intimate opening could be viewed in delightful closeup. Cameras captured each perspective of the cube, as if it was rotated.

When the professor returned to the store room, her lovely body was a masterpiece of erotic beauty, a human butterfly in a silent, secret room. 'Amanda, born 1976, at the happy moment of her last orgasm.'

It was time for some Champagne. He raised it in a toast to Amanda.

She would remain alone until he found another beautiful specimen, also young and excited by the idea that her beauty could be preserved for ever. Once she was helplessly secured in the frame and aroused by those carefully contrived vibrations and caresses, the temptation to continue would be impossible to resist, as it had been for Amanda who made such a perfect start to his unique erotic collection. His method would work again. Amanda would not be alone for long!


Sean Malone, May 1998 (from an idea by Gord)


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