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The Medic Class 1: Basic Training

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2010 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; tape; bandage; wrap; bond; oral; sex; cons; X

Part 1: Basic Training

The Saturday EMT class started as a regular session. The instructor, Carol and her assistant Wendy, had gathered all the items for the practical training that was to take place for the next several hours. The session would be primarily to practice the various types of splinting and spinal immobilization. Pretty routine stuff, splints, backboards and some role gauze would be the primary tools of the trade.

I was selected the victim, excuse me, patient, to practice the Hare Traction Splint. This medieval looking device is used to maintain traction on a serious leg fracture of the femur. Generally, used only a few times a year, refresher training on this device is crucial to proper use. After measuring the length of the splint to match the leg, the metal frame splint is pushed firmly under the buttocks with a “pubic strap” fitting securely around the leg.

The term “pubic strap” should give a hint of the location of this uncomfortable webbing. The narrow strap rises to the crotch area and across the top of the leg to secure the splint in place. The strap can also be misplaced and cause great discomfort. Our instructor, Carol, wanted to make sure the strap was correctly placed for both comfort and safety. She got on her knees beside me and placed her fingers below the strap. But as she did, a special maneuver to clandestinely stroke my penis caught me by surprise.

With a gleam in her eye and devious smirk, she knew I was very ready for a personal training session. I tried not to display my hardened manhood from the rest of the class by leaning up to loosen the strap. But, Carol insisted I remain in a prone position until she completed the rest of the practical session.

Little did I realize that while I was being used as a patient for splinting, her well endowed assistant Wendy had volunteered to be the patient to demonstrate the use of a full back board. A backboard is used to fully immobilize the neck and back, especially after an auto accident, to prevent any movement. Thus, the patient must be tightly secured.

Lying flat on the board, Wendy was tightly secured by use of several straps placed in multi-X shapes across her body. The straps ran from her shoulders across the chest between the mammoth mounds and tightened along the side. This placement of the top straps only served to accentuate the already obvious size of her breasts. The sight of her bound to the board with her boobs rising to the ceiling only served to heighten the blood flow to my manhood.

But to excite me even more, Carol directed the class to pick up the back board holding Wendy and turn it upside down, directly over top of me! She then proceeded to have the class shake the board to assure Wendy was strapped securely. The vision of her massive breasts hanging directly over me, wobbling like jell-o molds, nearly caused me to explode my load. Her nipples were outlined like the two bullets and directed right at me. As she levitated over me, she began to smile and moisten her lips, as if to tease my harden state.

As Wendy was being lowered on the other side of the room, Carol leaned over and whispered, “Wendy and I have a practical training session at my house this Saturday. We would love to have you come over and participate in extending your knowledge of the various uses of the medical equipment and supplies we use in class.” A personal training session, this certainly sounded inviting. How could I refuse?

As I rang the doorbell at Carol’s house, I was definitely curious about the type of personal training Carol would provide. She welcomed me into the living room of the classic Victorian home with a pleasant purr. “We are so glad you decided to come and join us.” But, Wendy was nowhere to be seen. “Let’s go downstairs and concentrate on your bandaging skills.”

As we slowly walked down the stairs, my heart stopped, and penis hardened. There was  Wendy taped head to toe in 3” medical tape .She stood like a white plaster statue with two cream orbs jutting for light. Her legs solidly taped together fully enclosing her body all the way to her chest. There, tape was circled around each breast, forcing her bare boobs to project out like gun barrels off a battleship deck. Her erect nipples were held in place by small butterfly bandage strips circling around each hard Good and Plenty snack morsel. 

The tape over her lips forced her cheeks to bulge, leaving me to wonder how much packing was inside her mouth. Her eyes were covered by individual pads that were tightly taped in place with double wrapped tape. She was denied the right to even hear as safety ear plugs used protect the ear drums from loud sirens were in place and secured with an abundance of the tape that extended from her eyes.

Carol grinned as she turned to me. “You need to be as adept at removing bandages as placing them on your patient. But, there is a specific order that the tape needs to be removed to provide the most comfort and pleasure for both the patient and the caregiver.” This molded masterpiece of femininity was truly a thing of beauty. Why would I even consider removing the tape and ruining such a marvelously erotic sight?

It was like looking at a beautiful new car in an automobile show room. You just want to stare and admire. But, after the initial beauty is absorbed, you want to open the door and get in. It was time to start opening doors. “Your first assignment is to remove the small butterfly tapes from each nipple”, commanded Carol. These small tapes were around each nipple and needed to be removed gently. As I slowly peeled off each strip, I lowered my lips around the nipple and sucked and moistened the knob.

Sensuous muffled moans of pleasure began to be heard from behind the mounds of packing and tape. Wendy was beginning to really enjoy this experience. The next assignment was to remove the larger tape that orbited the bottom of each breast. As I slowly turned and twisted the tape off the skin, a pink ring developed around the base of each mound outlining the placement of the tape. After the tape was removed from each breast, I took my tongue and licked each breast in a slow and passionate motion.

Taking her orbs into my hands, I began to message each mound, gently squeezing so the nipples peaked at my mouth.  I increased the sucking until I was able to absorb nearly half of the marshmallow fluffs into my mouth. By now, Wendy’s moans and groans were becoming louder and more frequent. She was trying desperately to make sexual motions but the prison of tape held her almost motionless.

“Michael, you are an excellent student, but now you must remove the tape below her breasts to the top of her knees.” Though this sounded easy, but exactly where should I begin and how much tape should be removed at one time? I elected to begin just under each breast, slowly unwinding the tape as I moved around her encased body.  I was reliving Christmas morning slowly opening the package as not to damage the treasure inside.

But instead of just tape, I was actually removing tape over another cloth or bandage. Now, I understood what was done and why. All of this tape directly on the body would be extremely uncomfortable and irritating to the skin. Wide Kling bandages were applied first to help keep the tape from reddening and pulling the skin. But as I continued to below the navel I began to encounter a large soft, pillow like cover.

“There is a large padded trauma dressing over her crotch.” purred Carol. Even with the Kling bandaging below the tape, Carol did not want to take a chance of the tape pulling out pubic hair. “Pain can be pleasure” explained Carol, “but I do not want pain to ruin pleasure, and there is so much pleasure below the padding.” After I removed the tape and bandaging from the padding, Wendy began to subtly moan as her vagina was again exposed.

“Stop for just a minute” called Carol. I was soon to realize Carol did not want any pain to ruin Wendy’s pleasure. Carol reached down and slowly inserted two fingers into the lips of the void. With a gently twisting motion, she began to message Wendy’s G-spot, causing the moistening of the inner sanctum. Wendy’s knees began to bend and hips started to rotate as she tried to force even further entrance into her canal.

“Not too much pleasure too soon,’ Carol said as she removed her fingers. As Carol stood up, I continued to remove the rest of the tape and bandaging all the way to Wendy’s toes. As I looked towards Carol, she shook her head in approval for me to remove the tape from her upper torso. I stood up to remove the remaining seal from her chest to her shoulders.

“That’s far enough” commanded Carol. “Leave the head totally covered, no sight, no sound, no hearing.” This perplexing command was followed by an order to help Wendy to begin to walk to another room. As Carol opened the door to our left, I was amazed at the sight of various types of bondage gear hanging from the walls and ceiling. A large poster bed with leather straps on all four corners was centered in the room.

As I guided Wendy into the room, Carol directed me to have her lay on the bed. Carol instructed me to anchor her legs into the leather shackles on the lower bed posts as she attached the leather bonds to Wendy’s arms at the top. “Now, we all can really enjoy adventure.” With that gleeful announcement, Carol climbed on to the bed and lowered her face into the moistened cavern of Wendy’s pleasure.

As Carol tactfully employed her tongue deep inside the pelvis, Wendy shrieked and thrashed about, not to get free, but as an explosion of sexual pleasure. Carol rose up and eased back off the bed. “Wendy now expects a cold, hard plastic dildo to enter her pussy” Carol explained. “That is why I sealed her mouth, eyes and ears to give her a totally unexpected surprise. She has no idea you are here, and certainly would not expect a penis to enter.”  With that simple entrée, I stripped and slowly climbed on to the bed.

I was so excited I was praying I would not ejaculate before I even entered. As I slowly lowered myself, Wendy tried to raise her hips to allow an even quicker entry. When the tip end of my hard, hot cock entered her body, a loud squeal, followed by a deep moan could be heard from beneath the packing and tape over her mouth. My rhythmic motions reached steam engine proportions as I slammed forward and erupted inside her. 

The loud groans were accompanied by shivering, shaking and tremors as Wendy and I both experienced monumental orgasms. Her breasts slapped back and forth, swinging sweat beads into the air. I finally reached my limit and fell onto her massive chest, pinching and kissing her nipples as I dropped.

“Well Michael, how did you enjoy this personal lesson in bandaging?” laughed Carol. I had to admit, this instruction certainly helped a positive attitude in student/teacher relationship. “If you so desire, we can plan another session that could involve a more personal practical experience” she commented as she climbed back on the bed.

“Now everyone has had a most pleasurable experience but me,” she said, “but now, it’s my turn.” As Carol removed the tape off of Wendy’s mouth, and the wad of packing was removed, it became obvious Carol was about to receive her pleasure from Wendy’s tongue. As Carol’s legs surrounded Wendy’s cheeks, she looked around to me with a satanic smile. “Time for you to leave, Michael. Some things are very personal.”  




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