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The Medic Class 3: The Final Exam

by Lancer175

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© Copyright 2010 - Lancer175 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; FF/m; bandage; wrap; encase; tease; toys; mast; sex; cons; X

continued from part 2

Part 3: The Final Exam

Another Saturday arrived, and I anxiously looked forward to another session with my two erotic instructors. When I arrived at Carol’s house, I was surprised to be met at the door by Wendy. She was an absolute knock out with a white tank top that accentuated her massive boobs and opened a wide valley of cleavage. Her tight Daisy Dukes only heightened my desire to have her in bondage.

But, it was Wendy, not Carol that led me down the stairs to the room used for our earlier sessions. As we walked down the steps Carol was already in the room, bound and gagged awaiting my arrival. Carol wore a velvet red bra and matching bikini panties. Silver duct tape bound her tightly to the chair, her arms stretched behind her back and legs fastened to each leg.

“As her assistant instructor, Carol was nice to give me an opportunity to share in the enjoyment and asked me to prepare her for you.” It was indeed a nice gesture, but I had an alternative plan that would involve both of my instructors. But, I could not miss an opportunity to have Carol bound and gagged awaiting my next move. I reached over to gently touch her, taking the top of each bra cup and slowly lowering them down exposing two beautiful and well formed pleasure domes. Though not quite as large as Wendy’s breasts, they were very nicely shaped with hardened and pointed nipples.

After a slow message of each tit, I reached out with my tongue and sucked each nipple until Carol moaned with pleasure. As I continued sucking, I placed two fingers under her panties and slowly eased into her already moistened cave. Her movements expressed her pleasure as she nearly caused the chair to tilt over as I messaged her G spot. Wendy stood across the room watching every move with anticipation of a school girl in the back seat of her boyfriend’s car on prom night. Not knowing what was in store for her was getting her very excited.

“But Wendy, you know better than use duct tape. You have violated a cardinal rule by not using sterile tape.” And with that warning, I instructed Wendy to loosen Carol’s bindings. Of course, Wendy took advantage of this opportunity be playing with Carol’s boobs and finger fucking her as she slowly removed the tape from her captive.

With both women now in front of me, I ordered both of them to stand at attention while I took the pleasure of removing their clothes.  Since I had just played with Carol, I chose Wendy to be the first to be stripped naked. I had her lift her arms high in the air while I slowly, and most pleasurably, lifted the tank top over her head. Of course, I could not resist burying my face between her inviting tits. I moved my mouth back and forth over her nipples, licking, kissing and sucking with every move. She continued to stand still as I unzipped her short-shorts and lowered them to the ground. Her moist pink panties were very inviting as I removed them to display her dripping bush. I was tempted to enter her like a rabbit, but restraint prevailed as I only used my fingers to provide her some momentary pleasure.

As Wendy stood watching, I proceeded to remove the fancy bra from Carol, also exploring her chest with my tongue and lips. I also took my hands, squeezing and kneading each mound while Carol moaned with pleasure. As she stepped out of her skimpy panties, I rotated each of my fingers at the entrance to her, flicking he lips of her vulva with each movement.

With two amazingly beautiful, naked women standing before me, I was ready to personally demonstrate my final practical capabilities to them. I ordered them to stand back to back with their arms to their side, slightly leaning on each other. Carol couldn’t help but play as she reached all the way around Wendy to grab each of her breasts causing Wendy to give a momentary surprised yelp.

But as frisky as each of my beauties seemed, they would soon be bound together so tightly they would not be able to move even a finger. My final exam was about to begin. In my personal back pack were several sections of Ace bandages. These bandages are used to tighten around a strain or sprain to provide support. As they are applied, a slight stretching allows the bandage to squeeze the affected area providing strong support and prohibiting any movement. My two lovely instructors were about to see if my abilities to wrap the Ace bandages to secure and support would meet their approval, their personal approval.

Each naked instructor stood erect, back to back, with legs parallel to each other.  I took my hands and squeezed them even closer. My next move was to assure neither could speak during my next adventure. I took Carol’s wet panties and shoved them into Wendy’s mouth. Likewise, the moistened fabric of Wendy’s panties was placed firmly in Carol’s mouth. I used wide medical tape to assure silence during the final exam.

I began to slowly roll the first Ace bandage around the ankles of each of my lovely “patients”. I took the first roll and wrapped around each ankle, pulling the bandage tighter as the four ankles were forced closer together with each wrap. I continued up the smooth legs, causing each calve muscle to tighten as the pressed against each other. I was sure to strictly secure the binding over the knees to assure absolutely no motion was possible and each leg would be firmly secured to each other.

As I continued to move up the venerable bodies, I tightened the wrap securely around the hips of each woman, but decided against covering the openings to the exciting entrance of their sex. Thinking ahead to the rest of my plan, the openings would be covered last, but certainly not least. As I tightened more and more bandage around the women, I decided to also leave the twin tits open to allow me some personal pleasures during my test completion. I placed the Ace bandages in a cross shoulder X that reached around the shoulders of both of my patients and stretched tightly above and below each massive mound. The bandages only served to make their oversize melons even more ripe for the pickings. Two women, tightly bound and gagged, with their beautiful breasts stretched out with an inviting glow.

As I finished placing tightening the last bandage, I focused my final bandages to enclose the moist pussies. Much to the surprise, and soon delight, of my captives, I had purchased two vibrators with unique accessories. Each vibrator has a remote control with a timing mechanism. This would allow me the opportunity to adjust how long each of my captives could enjoy the pleasures of the invasive buzzers.

I chose Carol first. The insertion of the vibrator nearly caused her to lose her balance. Her body was already wired for sexual excitement, and the vibrator only enhanced her need for an orgasm. Wendy was also nearing the edge of a massive orgasm. The placement of her vibrator only enhanced Carol’s pleading to cum. The final placement of the stringent Ace bandage around the women secured each vibrator tightly in place.

But, standing erect posed a problem, as they already nearly lost their balance and fell to the floor just be inserting the vibrators. I checked around the house and found a two wheeled hand truck in the garage, perfect for moving my hot tamales onto a more comfortable setting. I was able to place the bottom of the hand truck below each of the feet of my beauties and my package of pleasure into the bedroom with the four poster bed.

I wheeled into the room, parking the hand truck next to the bed so I could ease my wrapped pleasures onto a more comfortable setting than the hardwood floor in the other room. Since I was concerned they would lose their balance and fall, placing them on the bed would allow for spastic movement without fear of injury.

With the instructors sealed tightly together, each vibrator position for maximum pleasure, and each breast jutting out between the wrappings, the final exam was about to begin. I set each vibrator on alternating five second intervals of action. As the first five seconds struck Carol, she tried in vain to gyrate, but the bandages were so tight she could hardly move. Just as her vibration stopped, Wendy began. She also realized the wrappings would not allow much movement. However, as the alternating pussies were messaged, a rhythmic movement began to cause the four breasts to flip flop back and forth in unison.

It was truly a magnificent site of two bound beauties, coming to a full orgasm, with their only movements being side to side. As I slowly increased the amount of internal vibrator action, the four tits began a faster action back and forth like massive windshield wipers. Suddenly, both women reached the pinnacle of excitement as the screams through their taped mouths. Rigid motions causing each body to slightly curve against the other, signaled each of my captives had just completed the orgasm of their life. I had obviously passed my final exam. Or so I thought.

A naked Carol and Wendy walked back into the room with the four poster bed. As they moved forward, they approached what appeared to be a large Yule log with two unlit white candles. But, upon further examination, the form was actually human, with arms outstretched and gray wrappings from fingers to feet. The cocoon shaped figure was fully encased with the exception of small air holes for the nose.

The top of the form was tied directly to the bottom of the bed while the hands were tied off to the headboard brass rail. The two white “candles” were actually two penises, one human and one plastic, that stood erect in the midst of the wrappings.  The strict wrappings prohibited any movement. It was evident the human form encased inside could not hear, see or make a sound.

Carol and Wendy each climbed on to the bed to place their inviting bush directly over one of the “candles.” As the senior instructor, Carol chose the actual human form, while Wendy positioned herself over the plastic manhood. They reached out, placing their hands on each other’s shoulders. In unison, they began the gentle descent, wrapping their internal muscles around each respective cock. “Now Michael, you will receive YOUR final exam.”





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